Yuugi Motou


Yuugi-san, Motou-san, Yuuge, King of Games






June 04th, 1990




Pro Duelist


Domino, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)



Yuugi's main hobby is dueling with solving games and puzzles coming in second. It was his grandfather Sugoroku Motou that had taught him how to play duel monsters as well as learning how to solve puzzles not just for the sake of curing his boredom but because he loved a challenge. The same goes for Yuugi as well. He is an exceptionally skilled duelist, able to beat the creator of Duel Monsters himself, earning him the title the 'King of Games'. He is also intrigued in learning more about ancient Egyptian history, especially when it concerns Yami Yuugi, the spirit within the Millennium Puzzle that he possesses and the history of the item itself.

He also likes to make friends rather than enemies even though he has quite a bit of dueling rivals from the time he spent on Duelist Kingdom. His friends from school, he is very protective of and grateful for having at the same time, wishing no harm to fall before them and will do what he can to keep them safe. He enjoys being around them to a point where it has become recognizable that he is friends with Honda, Jonouchi, Anzu and Miho, and Yami Yuugi included. He is very kind-hearted, not someone you would find to brag about anything, no matter how good he is at something. Instead, he would encourage others and give them helpful advice if need be. He is not one to hold life long grudges like most people would as he's forgiving when someone admit and apologize for their mistakes.

It is easy to get to Yuugi by threatening the safety of his friends which he will put them first before anything else. That includes dueling. He would rather throw away a duel than win it if it means keeping his friends alive and well. An example of this is when he was put to the test by Seto during Duelist Kingdom to attack his monster knowing the result would mean him being knocked off the ledge. He wouldn't go through with it and forfeited the duel. It was at that moment he'd also become scared of Yami Yuugi whom he felt would do anything to win so temporarily the two of them did not work together. There are times where he would even doubt his dueling skills but not something that he would constantly worry about on a regular basis.

Yuugi may not've been academically smart but he was smart in his own little way. In short, he basically put more of an effort into playing games than into his studies. Another thing is it is hard for some people to be able to tell the difference between the two of them sometimes with how they frequently switch places. Though they're both addressed by the name 'Yuugi', there is a major difference between the two of them with Yuugi being short, calm and timid and Yami Yuugi being the complete opposite.


Yuugi is 5'5 with extremely extravagant hair features multiple layers including long blond crooked, pointy locks for his fringe, the rest features a set of five large spikes and two smaller spikes colored black with a magenta sheen along the edges and round violet eyes. In the very beginning, he was almost always seen wearing the boys uniform for Domino High School that was basically just an all over blue jacket and pants suit and a closed buckled collar around his neck along with wearing the Millennium Puzzle around it as well. Later on he'd attached a chain to it. He's worn a variety of clothes such as when he'd dueled against Ryuji Otogi he sported a black long-sleeves shirt, a gray sleeve-less vest, dark blue pants and black shoes. When he hung out with Anzu one last time he wore a black linen shirt and several pieces of wrist-chains, along with a pair of leather pants. Much about his attire has not changed and he has been knowing to still wear his school uniform but it is a darker shade of blue from the original color.


Yuugi Motou, originally born and raised in Domino, Japan to parents Yuji Motou and Naomi Motou is not someone that is known for his smarts academically but has excellent gaming abilities, being taught under the influence of his grandfather Sugoroku Motou. He was born a happy child, but very lonely due to his father being away on business and his mother and grandfather left to take care of him. As such, he'd, like most kids, resorted to making friends within the neighborhood he lived in. That was when he'd met and gotten to know the Tsukino family children before his grandfather landed a good job, thus resulted into him having to move away to Domino. Before the move, he'd made friends with Usagi and Jasmine Tsukino, the daughters of a woman named Diane Tsukino. Yuugi had a difficult time befriending Jasmine because of her distrusting and violent personality but the two came to somewhat of a odd friendship (which later becomes a relationship). When he'd moved to Domino, he'd began attending Domino High school as a freshman where he'd met such friends as Anzu Mazaki, Jonouchi Katsuya, Miho Nosaka and Hiroto Honda, all the while solving a special item known as the Millennium Puzzle that Sugoroku had given to him.


Though this doesn't mean that his life as a high school student in Domino was anything but peachy. He was often bullied by Jonouchi and Honda, Jonouchi having swiped the puzzle from him and began teasing him. He'd managed to steal a piece of it without Yuugi being aware of it after Anzu had arrived and took the puzzle back from Jonouchi, returning it to Yuugi. That is when he'd told Anzu about the item and how he believed he would be granted a wish after solving it. Later, hall monitor Ushio Tetsu assumed Yuugi was being bullied by Jonouchi and Honda, which he denies but Ushio takes it upon himself to be his bodyguard and beats up the two boys the next day. Yuugi protested against this but Ushio jokes about Yuugi calling them his friends while also telling him that having a bodyguard doesn't come cheap and tries to sucker a large lump sum of money from him. That night, while trying to think of how to pay Ushio, Yuugi worked on the Puzzle, making fast progress. He noticed the last piece was missing and returned to school to see if he left it behind, but was confronted by Ushio. Since Yuugi was unable to pay Ushio, he got beaten-up. Honda and Jonouchi saw Yuugi being attacked and intervened. Jonouchi gave Yuugi the missing piece of the puzzle, while he and Honda tried to fight Ushio off, but got beaten-up again. Yuugi managed to finish the puzzle, while lying barely conscious.

Yuugi's body became host to Yami Yuugi who went after Ushio and defeated him in a Shadow Game. The next day at school, Yuugi had no memory of what happened after solving the Puzzle. He met Jonouchi, who answered Yuugi's riddle, something you can show, but can't see, saying it's friendship and tells Yuugi that they are friends. By, having solved the puzzle, Yuugi unknowingly became host to Yami Yuugi, the spirit within the puzzle. He shared his body with Yami, who occasionally takes control, typically to help Yuugi and his friends. Sometime later, Yuugi and Jonouchi notice starts to notice the odd behavior on her behalf. This leave Jonouchi to believe that she might be dating older men for money and of course Yuugi doubts this instantly because he knew that she would never follow in the footsteps of her mother. She was already being ridiculed enough within school grounds, he didn't want to believe she'd do anything to be subjected to cruelty outside of it. But Miho feared that Jonouchi might be right and was worried about Anzu and decided to follow her after school in hopes of saving her from making a big mistake. Of course, this resulted in Miho's behavior changing as well, causing Honda to think that Miho was also dating men for pay because she never said anything about what Anzu was doing after school the next day. Finally, Yuugi and Jonouchi just decided to follow their friends and it ended up with them being led to a new restaurant that opened up called Burger World. Having a job whether it was part time or full time was against school rules and so Anzu was in charge of delivering Yuugi and Jonouchi's food with a warning message written in ketchup that said 'Tell and you die!'.

That's when she'd told them her reasons for getting a job and Yuugi knew that it had something to do with trying to move her and her sister out of her mother's house along with trying to follow her dream of becoming a dancer someday. And Yuugi gave her the encouragement to follow her dreams as well as promised that they wouldn't tell anybody. Then later the police chief showed up, alerting the restaurant manager that there was an escaped convict in the area and he suspected that he might’ve been in Burger World. Yuugi and his friends were informed about details in regards to the convict, one being that he had an injury on his right calf, prompting Anzu to dump a bucket of toy cars so she, Yuugi, Honda and Jonouchi could secretly check the legs of every customer in the establishment while gathering the cars at the same time. Though one man made a fuss over the idea of being searched, causing the police chief to have no choice but to inform the customers of what was going on even though none of them wanted to cooperate. He then stated that the convict was allergic to eggs, making Anzu announce aloud (though she was lying), that the burger buns have traces of egg in them. One man panicked, stupidly exposing himself. The man in question was Tetsu Tasaki but he was shot in the back of his head by his partner, another man named Sato. Now that Sato had revealed himself, he holds up everyone at gunpoint, but takes Anzu as a hostage and blindfolds her.

That's when Yami Yuugi takes control of Yuugi's body and challenges the convict to what he called a 'Shadow Game'. Anzu thinks the voice sounds a lot like Yuugi but the actions and bravery were completely different from how Yuugi normally acts. In the end, Yami Yuugi defeats Jiro, saving both little Yuugi and Anzu. Weeks after that incident, Yuugi reads a newspaper article where there will be an Egyptian exhibition at the Domino Museum. Sugoroku knew the guy in charge of it, Professor Yoshimori, the archaeologist and his team had discovered a tomb, he decided it would be a good idea for them go and check it out. Yuugi and his friends were allowed to come for free, Anzu noting that Yuugi's Millennium Puzzle came from Egypt, reminding Yuugi that his grandfather had said all the archaeologists involved while discovering the puzzle had died mysterious deaths but he assures his friends that he isn't cursed but he does admit to suffering from occasional memory loss. Outside of the museum, Sugoroku introduces Professor Yoshimori to his grandson and friends and in turn they are introduced to a man named Kanekura who begs Yuugi to let him put the Millennium Puzzle on display for a day. During the exhibition, Yuugi feels a bit wary without having the puzzle. Though unbeknownst to him, a wandering spirit by the name of Shadi judges Kanekura's soul for disturbing the sacred soul of the God who lies asleep by using the Millennium Scale to play a game of darkness.

With no truth within his soul, he was eaten by the monster that dwells within his own soul's room. By then, Yuugi returns to collect the puzzle but is unable to find Kanekura, instead meeting Shadi, explaining to him what he was looking for. Shadi is amazed to learn that Yuugi is the one that solved the puzzle but to be sure, he used the Millennium Key to look into Yuugi's soul room. In the process of doing so, he ends up finding two rooms. One belonging to little Yuugi and the other to Yami Yuugi. Though he eventually leaves the boy's mind, having been defeated by Yami Yuugi and returns the puzzle to him, saying there is no need to tank him as he is in his debt, since Yuugi's other self saved him. Yuugi just laughs at the idea of another person being inside of him. Shadi then goes after Professor Yoshimori for the same reason he'd went after Kanekura but unlike Kanekura, Yoshimori submitted to the judgment before the eye of Anubis. Frightened, he backed away and ended up falling out of the window with Sugoroku having to come to his aid. Shadi went to find Yuugi and settle the score with his other side by entering Anzu's minds room and took control of her. The next day Shadi made Anzu try to make the other Yuugi appear by hurting Yuugi. When that didn't work he tried another way. By putting Anzu's life at stake. When Yami Yugi appeared, Shadi explained the rules of the game they were going to play. After he was able to defeat Shadi again he rescued Anzu.

Later on, Yuugi became targeted by a young rich new student named Seto Kaiba due to having defeated him in a duel. He wanted to get back at him and so he sent The Four Game Masters to do his dirty work for him to beat him at their own games on their turf. These Game Masters included Ledody Shelldal, Fuha Ryuuichi, Ailean Rao and Dimon. Ledody was the first game master that taught at Hosen Gakuen Academy as a homeroom teacher but he was also a duelist and lover of games that participated in various dueling tournaments just for fun. He runs a doll deck and is approached by Seto Kaiba to challenge Yuugi to a duel. He confronts Yuugi off of school grounds and invited him to his home where Yami Yuugi takes control, challenges Ledody to a Shadow Game and defeats him. Fuha Ryuuichi was the second game master who had a large amount of good luck with a television game show. When Fuha attends Domino High at the request of Seto to challenge Yuugi, he pretends to be friends with them at first glance but later starts pushing Yuugi and his friends around until Yami Yuugi appears, challenging him to a Shadow Game where Fuha ended up the loser. The third game master was Ailean Rao, who appeared to be a normal teenage girl up front but in reality was an android built by a woman named Vitani who specialized in robotics as well was a mage that'd given up her career as a fashion idol and dancer to settle down and have children but never found the right man so she built Ailean, her android daughter.

Ailean was allowed to attend school with regular students but many of the girls never liked her because of the tomboyish nature that she'd seem to develop on her own despite being what she was. It was Anzu that befriended her first without the knowledge of her being one of Seto's Game Masters. Originally, it was Vitani that was given the offer but she allowed Ailean to do it in her place. Her job was to get close to Yuugi and to do that, she became friends with Anzu. Though with Anzu being a fan of Vitani, Ailean invited, rather than lured, her and Yuugi both to a condominium with the promise of letting them meet the woman in person. This, however, being a lie and Anzu's life was put in danger and she challenged Yuugi to a game of Raijinhai (similar to chess but major differences) with something important on the line. That being Anzu as she threatens to kill her with a tiger were he to lose. Yami Yuugi ends up defeating Ailean in the end and saves Anzu. Ailean later became friends with them genuinely as well as developed a crush on Yuugi as well. Dimon was the fourth and last Game Master hired by Seto to duel Yuugi. He was lured to duel the old man (being a personal butler of Seto's), with refusal not being an option if he didn't want Anzu to be devoured by the mechanical dragon. During the duel, Dimon states his reasons for dueling for Seto is that he believes the boy's good side will come out again. Seto provides Dimon with a device that allows him to be able to see Yuugi's hand, but he refuses to use it. After he was defeated, Dimon takes Yuugi aside and asks of him to restore the innocence in which Seto had lost.

Though Seto had gone as far as kidnapping Sugoroku and forced him into a Duel for his "Blue-Eyes", as he refused to trade or sell it. Yugi and his friends caught up after Solomon had already been defeated, and witnessed Kaiba tear-up the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in front of them. Outraged by this, Yuugi challenges Seto to one last duel with Yuugi using his grandfather's deck. Yami Yuugi once again took control over Yuugi's body and dueled against Seto discovered Kaiba had the other three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" in his Deck but defeated him using "Exodia the Forbidden One", taking Kaiba's title as the Duel Monsters World Champion. He'd also used an ability known as 'Mind Crush' to remove the darkness that surrounded Seto's heart, telling him to recollect the scattered pieces of his heart. After that little event, things began to wind down and Jonouchi had been having trouble with winning in Duel Monsters, Yuugi asked his grandfather to help train his friend. The creator of Duel Monsters himself, Pegasus J. Crawford had heard of Yuugi's victory over Seto and sent him a videotape inviting him to participate in his Duelist Kingdom tournament. Pegasus appeared on the TV and dueled Yugi on the spot, while freezing everyone else in the room. Pegasus placed a time limit on the Duel and won because time ran out seconds before Yuugi could claim victory. As a penalty for Yuugi's defeat Pegasus stole Grandpa's soul.

Yuugi had no choice but to enter the Duelist Kingdom tournament in order to rescue his grandfather's sou. At the pier before boarding the ship, he gave Jonouchi one of his two star chip which allowed him to be able to participate and help him on his journey. While on the ship, Yuugi met Insector Haga, who up front acted friendly towards him, telling Yuugi he knew of the secret new rules that would be introduced in the tournament. After Haga left, Yuugi gave Jonouchi the “Time Wizard” card, telling him that it could be helpful in a tight spot. Yugi later, meets Haga again who wanted to see the legendary Exodia cards that defeated Seto. Yuugi nicely allowed him too which Haga took advantage of that and tossed him overboard to hinder Yuugi's deck, cheating. That's when Jonouchi jumped into the water to recover them but only managed to get two pieces before being hit by the strong current. Yuugi dove in to save him though both of them had been rescued by Anzu and Honda who'd secretly stowed away on the boat without them knowing.

When the tournament had officially began, Yuugi had tracked down Insector Haga for revenge but Haga fled, leading them into the forest which Yuugi had suspected it had something to do with the new rules he'd mentioned on the boat. Having been led to a meadow, he accepted Yuugi's challenge while mentioning monsters receive field power bonuses there. Yuugi switched to Yami Yuugi who be beat his deck as well as earned Haga's only two start chips after he'd won. Then came time for Jonouchi to duel with Yuugi cheering him on in his duel against a woman named Mai Kujaku, offering his friend abstract advice to help him win. Jonouchi defeated Mai using the “Time Wizard' card Yuugi had given him. While searching for food, Yuugi and his friends, found fish Ryota Kajiki had prepared. Unbeknownst to them, Ryota had set it as bait to lure opponents, to where his monsters greatly benefit from the field. Ryota then appeared, angered over them stealing his food. After Yuugi introduced himself, Ryota was happy to meet the duelists, who defeated Seto Kaiba and shared the food with them. Yuugi got up to leave, but Ryota stopped him by throwing a harpoon in front of him and demanded a duel. Yuugi switched to Yami and defeated Ryota, winning himself two more star chips.

Yuugi and his friends soon after see a contestant, being forced to leave the island as he was out of Star Chips. The boy claimed they had been stolen, along with his deck. He described the thief and where he met him. Yuugi promised to get his Star Chips back, before the boat left the island. Back at the scene of the crime, they met the thief, who was Mokuba Kaiba with his face disguised. He dueled Yuugi with five Star Chips on the line and Yami Yuugi soon realized that he was Mokuba. Mokuba explained how Yuugi humiliated his brother, causing him to leave, giving Pegasus an opportunity to take over Kaiba Corp. Mokuba sought revenge on Yuugi for this. Unable to win the duel, he made a grab for Yuugi's Star Chips, but Yami discouraged Mokuba and promised to help him and Seto. The group made their way back to the bay, but the boat had already left. Mokuba showed Kemo that Yuugi won back the Star Chips, but Kemo slapped them into the water, including some of Yuugi's. Kemo grabbed Mokuba to take him back to Pegasus, but Yuugi challenged Kemo to a Duel for Mokuba's freedom. Since Kemo wasn't a duelist, he told Yugi to come back in an hour and he'll have an opponent arranged for him.

Yuugi returned to the spot and faced Ghost Kaiba, who pretended to be the actual Seto Kaiba and used his Deck. With the help of the real Kaiba, who weakened Ghost Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragons", via a virus, Yami Yuugi won. Yuugi retrieved Kaiba's Deck, but Kemo had already disappeared with Mokuba. After that, it'd came time for Jonouchi to duel again and Yuugi was not allowed to help him in his duel with Dinosaur Ryuzaki. As the duel started Yuugi went to find Honda, who left in a huff with Jonouchi for accepting those conditions. Honda reminded Yuugi that he should still be at the duel to offer Jonouchi his friendship, so the two of them returned to watch. That night, Mai shared her food with Yuugi and his friends, although she promised that they would be enemies again tomorrow. Then a classmate of theirs, Ryou Bakura appeared at their campsite, shortly after Mai left for a walk. While the group talked about cards they own, that they an identify with, Yuugi encouraged Anzu to pick one for herself. Yuugi picked the "Dark Magician" as his. After everyone had exchanged, which cards they recognize with, Bakura suggested that they play a friendly duel, where Yuugi includes the cards Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu choose; "Flame Swordsman", "Cyber Commander" and "Magician of Faith" in his deck and he can show them how his card, "Change of Heart" works. Bakura changed to Yami Bakura, who trapped the group's souls in the cards they selected. He proceeded to take Yuugi's Millennium Puzzle, but Yami Yuugi emerged. Yami faced Yami Bakura, in a Shadow Game, to return his friends, but staking his Millennium Puzzle.

Yuugi's friends appeared in place of the monsters they selected as Yami Yuugi Summoned them. When the "Dark Magician", Yuugi was Summoned, the two of them agreeing now is not the time to keep secrets. Yuugi told his friends of Yami's existence, that he is the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle and apologized for not telling them before. Yami managed to win the duel of course, with the help of Ryou betraying Yami Bakura, returning everyone to normal. Although Anzu, Honda and Jonouchi believed the duel to have been a dream. Yuugi didn't take time to explain as they heard Mai scream. The group found the Eliminator, PaniK, who had just beaten Mai and taken all eight of her Star Chips. Yuugi accused PaniK of being a coward and dueled him as Yami Yuugi, winning back Mai's Star Chips. He offered them to Mai, who reluctantly took them back, remarking that she owed him one. Later that night Seto arrived on the island and Yuugi returned his Deck. The next day, Mai left a letter explaining she had left and owes Yuugi for winning back her Star Chips. Jonouchi ended up getting separated from his friends, who searched a cave after finding his wallet outside. After running from many traps, they found Jonouchi in a duel with Bonz. Jonouchi managed to win, but Bandit Keith's gang trapped Yuugi and his friends in the cave, by sealing the entrance with a boulder.

Using Bakura's Millennium Ring as a guide, the friends found the Paradox Brothers guarding an exit. Yuugi and Jonouchi faced them in a Tag Duel to gain passage. After winning Yuugi and Jonouchi, each had enough Star Chips to enter the finals and Yami Yugi passed the brothers riddle test in order to exit. At the stairs to Pegasus' castle, Anzu pondered on Yuugi's differing personalities and wondered if there could be two Yuugi's. Yugi admitted to feeling as though there is someone else living inside him, but hoped he wasn't going crazy. At the top of the stairs, Seto blocked the way and talked Yuugi into a Duel. Yami took control and faced Seto, using his Duel Disk technology. As Yami was about to win, Seto stood up on the edge of the castle, such that the shock waves from Yuugi's attack may cause him to fall to his death. Yami contemplated, but in the end decided to attack. Anzu ran to Yuugi insisting that this isn't like him and calls for the ordinary Yuugi to come out. Yuugi took control in time to cancel the move. He fell to his knees, horrified by what he'd almost done. Seto took his turn and won the duel, claiming five of Yuugi's Star Chips. Yuugi told his friends completely of the existence of Yami Yuugi while telling him that he is scaring him, consequently scared to duel again.

Seto called Yuugi weak, but Anzu protested arguing that Yuugi saved him and Seto is the real loser. After Seto left, Yuugi continued to mope. Jonouchi offered Yuugi to take his Star Chips, so he may enter the finals, but Yuugi ignored him. Frustrated Jonouchi grabbed Yuugi by the shirt, asking him if he cares about his Grandfather. Mai appeared and was briefed in on what just happened. She offered Yuugi her excessive Star Chips, as per her promise from earlier, but Yuugi didn't even acknowledge Mai's presence either. Annoyed Mai told him to grow up and hang on to the Star Chips. She accused him of being afraid to duel again and challenged him. Anzu instead accepted the duel, to win back Yuugi's Star Chips. Yuugi began to slowly snap out of his depression as he watched Anzu duel. After Mai surrendered, Yuugi approached her about the face-down card she didn't use. Mai denied that she lost for him. Inside the castle, the group were invited to watch Pegasus duel Seto. Seeing as Seto was dueling to save Mokuba, Yuugi opted support to him. Seto was trapped in Pegasus' "Soul Prison" card, after his defeat. Yuugi then shouted down to Pegasus' asking who he is to mess with people and their families like this.

The finalists along with Anzu, Honda and Bakura were treated to a meal that evening, where the finalists got paired-up. After the meal, Yuugi gave Joey his "The Glory of the King's Hand", as it is mandatory for each finalist to possess either it or "The Glory of the King's Opposite Hand". That night, Yuugi was woken by his grandfather's voice, calling him. He followed it and found a "Soul Prison" card, with his grandfather's soul inside. Solomon warned him about Pegasus and is accompanied by the cards containing Seto and Mokuba Kaiba's souls. Yuugi woke up afterwards, wondering if it was a dream. Yuugi faced Mai in the first duel of the finals. Yami Yuugi gives little effort to the duel, as he worried about facing Pegasus. This resulted in Yugi playing poorly. Encouraging words from Mai returned the Yuugi's to the top of their game and allowed them to turn the duel around and emerge with a win. Yuugi later cheered for Jonouchi in his duel against Bandit Keith. Then it came time for Yuugi and Jonouchi to face one another in the final round. Jonouchi used all he learned from Yuugi but was still defeated by Yami Yuugi. Afterwards, Jonouchi gives “The Glory of the King's Hand” back to Yuugi so that he could be able to claim the prize money. However Yuugi declined, as he had entered to tournament with the intent of saving his grandfather and now the Kaiba brothers. The money was not important to him, but Jonouchi needed it for his sister's eye operation.

Yuugi advanced to duel Pegasus. At the start of the duel, Yuugi requested that the Kaiba brothers' souls be released as well as his grandfather's, if he wins. Pegasus accepted but indicated that he plans on taking Yuugi's soul if he wins. Pegasus used his Millennium Eye to read Yami Yuugi's mind during the duel, but Yugi had an idea about countering Pegasus's powers by the risky strategy of having him and Yami switch minds each time they played a face-down card, thus preventing Pegasus from reading their strategy while running the risk that one of them would attempt something that would hinder the other's plans. After the Yuugi's destroyed Pegasus' "Toon World" card, Pegasus transported them all into the Shadow Realm. In the Shadow Realm, Yuugi lost his life energy while doing the mind shuffle strategy, lacking the spiritual strength to play on that level, and Pegasus continued successfully reading Yami's mind until Jonouchi, Anzu, and Honda blocked his Millennium Eye. Yami defeats Pegasus, returning them both back from the Shadow Realm. Pegasus disappeared after his duel with Yuugi. Determined to ensure the captive souls are returned, Yuugi and his friends searched for Pegasus. They found a number of Pegasus' men carrying him away after he was assaulted by Yami Bakura. Croquet explained that he was attacked. Yuugi and company headed to Pegasus' tower, where they found a diary entry addressed to new King of Duelists who defeats him, explaining why he created Duel Monsters. Yuugi then spotted the three "Soul Prison" cards, which are now blank, meaning the souls are no longer imprisoned.

After the group found Mokuba was back to normal, Croquet handed Yuugi the other prizes on behalf of Pegasus, who had been taken to hospital. Yuugi received the card "The Ties of Friendship", was crowned the King of Games and also received the 3 million dollar check, which he gave to Joey for Serenity's eye operation. Seto thanked Yuugi for saving Mokuba and insisted that they have a fair duel someday to determine who is the better duelist. Yami Yuugi congratulated Yugi on saving everyone. As Yuugi brought his grandfather home from the hospital, the group was confronted by a young girl named Rebecca Hopkins. She accused Sugoroku of stealing her grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and challenged him to a Duel. At Kaiba Land, Yugi faced Rebecca in the Duel, as his grandfather was unfit to play. The duel turned out to be an exact repeat of the duel their grandfathers played a long ago over a drink of water. Like how Sugoroku surrendered back then as Arthur needed the water more, Yuugi surrendered to teach Rebecca about the Heart of the Cards. Just then, Arthur arrived, showed that Yuugi could have won, and explained why he surrendered. After Rebecca apologized, Yugi gave her the card, "The Ties of Friendship" and they parted ways.

About a week after that, Mokuba arrived at Kame Game and informed Yuugi and his friends that his brother's mind had been trapped in the Virtual World by The Big Five, while testing out a virtual reality machine that he created. Upon agreeing to help, Yuugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Tristan and Mokuba snuck into Seto's laboratory at the Adventure Game. Yuugi, Jonouchi and Mokuba got into pods to transport their minds to the virtual world, while Anzu and Honda kept guard. The three of them while having managed to enter the virtual world, stumble upon Mai again who was prompted by Seto's former suits to test out the game and agreed to pay her handsomely for her cooperation. Instead, she ended up helping them when they told her of what was going on. Mokuba had gotten kidnapped in the process, taking the place of Princess Adina to be the offering but was really trying to rescue his brother. The two of them met back up with Yuugi, Jonouchi and Mai only to have to face the Big Five and their Five Headed Dragon. The others had been defeated and their minds disappearing into the virtual world but he final stage, Yuugi and Seto managed to summon "Dragon Master Knight". Shortly after Adina thanked them and revived Mai, Joey, Mokuba and Iru, the group returned to the real world.

Then later Sugoroku feared for his business, the Kame Game, when the new game store, the Black Clown opened in Domino. He ordered Yuugi to stay away from the new shop. However Yuugi and Anzu passed it on the way to school later. Yuugi received a flier for a new game Dungeon Dice Monsters, but Anzu dragged him away after he blushed at the lady handing out the flier. At school, they met the new student, Ryuji Otogi, the owner of the Black Clown. Jonouchi was jealous of Ryuji's popularity and challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters. Yuugi objected to the condition that Jonouchi and Ryuji both use Decks from packs they open on the spot. Jonouchi lost the televised duel and in keeping his end of the bargain had to do whatever Ryuji said. Yuugi became disgusted after Ryuji forced Jonouchi to wear a dog suit and behave like a dog, so he switched to Yami who challenged Ryuji to a duel. Ryuji accepted if they play Dungeon Dice Monsters instead of Duel Monsters and should Yuugi lose he must relinquish his title of "King of Games" and give-up playing Duel Monsters. Unfamiliar with the rules, Yami got off to a rough start. His chances did not improve as Ryuji revealed that he designed Dungeon Dice Monsters with Pegasus' aid. Ryuji blamed Yuugi for Pegasus' disappearance after Duelist Kingdom.

Yami used his innate gaming skills to turn the tables on Ryuji. Yami succeeded in calling "Dark Magician", which Pegasus had added to the game, and used it to defeat Ryuji. After the game, Duke, Yuugi and Yuugi's friends went to Ryuji office. Ryuji lamented that his dream has been crushed as nobody would want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters now. However Yuugi assured him that it was a great game and his friends agreed. Ryuji apologized for how he had treated them and they agreed to be friends. Soon after everything began to wind on down from the craziness revolving around the game, there were strange occurrences that had been going around the city in regards to people getting attacked by some unknown evil entity or person. The only person Yuugi knew to call with his then girlfriend Jasmine Tsukino and her sister and their friends whom he knew were Sailor Senshi and specialized in this sort of thing. Tagging along on the venture was Rei Hino, Ami Mizuno and for some stupid reason Usagi and Jasmine's cousin Ryoko Kajimotou. The girls immediately enrolled into Domino High, starting their investigation there while at the same time enjoying school life in a different setting as well as Yuugi and Jasmine trying to reconnect and build their relationship more having found out that they at the time had a future daughter together named Sakura who looked just like him but had a bit of Jasmine's personality.

Yuugi had even introduced the girls to his friends that he'd made while living in Domino. Well, they met Jonouchi, Honda and Miho but briefly met Anzu whom Rei could tell was tad jealous at the fact that Yuugi was dating Jasmine but kept her distance. While in Domino, Yuugi's girlfriend worked for Seto as his secretary to earn a bit of money to put through the house they could be able to afford to stay in but neither she nor Yuugi had been aware of the fact that Ami was in love with Seto and persistently tried to pursue him much to his annoyance. Eventually, being secretary was a little bit more than Jasmine had bargained for and her and Kaiba ended up sharing a drunk intimate night with one another. While she didn't remember it for awhile, it slowly came back to her and she immediately told Yuugi what had happened. She didn't plan on it but she felt it best that he knew because they were together and she would never betray or hurt him on purpose. Yuugi, sure was hurt by what happened but he knew that it wasn't Jasmine's fault. He didn't even blame Seto for what happened even though Jasmine did. Though while Yuugi was calm and forgiving about the incident, Ami was not, found out about it and the devastation caused her to turn evil. That's when the battle between good, evil and friendship and love all collided into one. Both girls turned evil, one to save the other, and one to kill the other.

Yuugi felt helpless during the entire ordeal, confiding in Yami on what he could do to help but Yami informed told him that he is helping by just being there whenever the girls need him. He still loved Jasmine after all and tried his best to save her but in the end, she was killed at the hands of an evil Seto, dying temporarily only to be reborn later with no memories of what happened or the fact that she was ever in love with Yuugi to begin with thanks to the Senshi Curse. When she was reborn, the two of them tried to once again reconnect with one another but it didn't work. While Yuugi still had feelings for Jasmine, she didn't share those feelings for him and didn't want to force them out of her. Then it also didn't help that Seto, who was also in love with her, kept pursuing her as well, even against her wishes. But at least things had returned to a since of normalcy somewhat. Jasmine and Ami were no longer evil but love was lost in the end and there was a friendship that needed to be rebuilt. Jasmine and Yuugi parted ways, she saying goodbye to him, telling him that they'll always be friends no matter how far apart or how close they were and that she was sorry that Sakura may not be born because of her. Yuugi told her that she didn't need to apologize and that they would always be friends but just don't forget about him and she promised that she wouldn't.

About a year later, the two had continued to keep in contact but at that time, Jasmine was pregnant with Sakura, her new father being a normal human man that she'd met while staying at the Hinata Sou Inn Girls Dormitory. Two years after that, he'd been contacted by Mokuba to come down to Tokyo for a visit and he would foot the bill for the trip for the New Year, last year. Yuugi was already aware of the fact that Anzu had been left Domino after about one year at attending Daruma University so it was actually nice to see her again after so long as well. To this day, Yuugi and Yami both still continue to duel as well as continue to support their friends in their life decisions as all of them had eventually decided to part ways but promised to meet up again someday together. Currently, Yuugi and his spirit partner are still in Tokyo but wandering, dueling occasionally as well as running into some more people that Yuugi's knows and hadn't seen in ages.


Jasmine TsukinoEdit

Yuugi's ex-girlfriend that he was actually deeply in love with. Even knowing that the two shared a past together, they still showed care for one another and often displayed their love and affection for each other, showing that there was an obvious difference between their relationship and Usagi's with Mamoru. After the event in Domino that caused Jasmine to lose her memories, Yuugi still loved her and wanted them to work things out but Jasmine showed no interest in wanting to do so. In fact, she no longer was in love with him. While she eventually regained her memories of everything that happened, even down to her love for him, she thought it best if they went their separate ways and the two of them decided to stay friends.

Anzu MazakiEdit

Yuugi showed great concern for Anzu only because of her situation before her move to Tokyo. She lived with her mother and was the one that had to take care of her younger sister while their mother slept with rich old men for money. It was because of her mother's well-known reputation that caused her to be ridiculed and Yuugi was the only one to look past the rumors and actually see that Anzu was a pretty amazing and caring person who stands up for her friends when they're in trouble. He knew she was no slut as many often kept calling her and Yuugi became even more worried when she finally told him and the others that she'd been raped by one of her mother's many men. Anzu is in love with Yuugi but no one knows if she loves Yuugi more than she does Yami Yuugi. The fact that the two of them are separate beings causes her confusion as to who she really loves. Though it seems her deepest feelings reside toward the original Yuugi, because she has a habit of getting jealous any time other females show their affection towards him though Yuugi is oblivious to this fact.

Yami YuugiEdit

After putting the Millennium Puzzle together, a "walk-in" spirit entered his mind and bonded with him. Yuugi was initially unaware of Yami's existence and control of Yuugi's body would involuntarily shift when Yuugi or his friends are wronged. After finding out about the spirit, he was afraid of him, but eventually grew to accept this revelation as well as Yami himself. The two develop a bond similar to that of brothers or a father and son, and Yuugi begins to grow, becoming stronger as he remains in Yami's shadow.

Jonouchi KatsuyaEdit

Jonouchi initially bullied Yuugi along with Honda but after he saw him stand up to Ushio, he became a close friend to him.

Honda HirotoEdit

Honda initially bullied Yuugi along with Jonouchi, but after he saw how Yuugi stood up to Ushio, he became a friend to him. While his friendship with Honda is not as strong as Jonouchi or Yami's, Honda is still a good friend of Yuugi who just like Jonouchi looks out for Yuugi and the gang. Honda has on occasion lent his cards to Yuugi to help in a duel such as Cyber Commander in his first Duel with Yami Bakura.

Seto KaibaEdit

After Seto Kaiba lost to Yuugi in their first duel he becomes determined to defeat Yuugi and becomes his rival. Their differing personalities often causes them to come into conflict with each other such as their initial meeting with Kaiba's belief in cards being meant for power over Yuugi/Yami's belief that cards have a heart. Despite their differences Yuugi bears no animosity towards Kaiba. He even cheered Kaiba on when the latter played a match against Pegasus even though Kaiba had taken Yuugi's starchips by threatening to jump off the edge of the castle unless Yuugi stopped an attack that would have won him the duel. When Kaiba ultimately lost to Pegasus he had his soul taken away. Yuugi became outraged at Pegasus for playing games with their lives. He and Yami made it their mission to free Kaiba along with Mokuba Kaiba and Yuugi's grandfather. Usually circumstances force Kaiba to work with or aid Yuugi. Yuugi respects Kaiba as a duelist, a sentiment that Kaiba seems to share. When Kaiba discovers that Yuugi and Yami Yugi are two different people he focuses his rivalry on the latter for past defeats. However, he still respects Yuugi as a duelist in his own right. Yuugi considers Kaiba to be a friend.

Rebecca HopkinsEdit

Initially, Rebecca was hostile to both Yuugi and his grandfather, accusing them of stealing her grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but this conflict is resolved very quickly.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Millennium PuzzleEdit

The Millennium Puzzle was originally named the Millennium Pendant before it was shattered and requiring assembly it came to be known as the Millennium Puzzle. This item was one among the seven items that were forged 3000 years ago in order to protect Egypt from attackers. However, the Pharaoh of Egypt had locked his spirit and memories in it, this spirit going by the name of Yami Yuugi and is able to take control over Yuugi Motou's body. The item has quite a bit of mysterious abilities such as fulfilling one wish of the person who had solved it and heighten its owner's chance of success in a game, judging by their skill as well as the importance of the game at hand. The hieroglyphics inscribed on the puzzle say, "The one who solves me shall gain the powers and knowledge of darkness..." It is also able to initiate Shadow Games and corresponding Penalty Games that Yami Yuugi used to punish those who harmed Yuugi or his friends. It is also shown to have the power to interfere with the powers of other Millennium Items; such as when Yami Bakura put Bakura's soul inside of Change of Heart but Yami Yuugi changed it to Yami Bakura's soul in the card.

Yuugi's Deck ListsEdit


Monsters Spells Traps
  • Battle Steer x2
  • Beaver Warrior x2
  • Blackland Fire Dragon x2
  • Celtic Guardian x2
  • Curse of Dragon x2
  • Dark Magician x1
  • Feral Imp x2
  • Gaia the Fierce Knight x2
  • Giant Soldier of Stone x2
  • Griffore x2
  • Horn Imp x2
  • Koumori Dragon x2
  • Left Arm of the Forbidden One x1
  • Left Leg of the Forbidden One x1
  • Mammoth Graveyard x2
  • Mystical Elf x1
  • Right Arm of the Forbidden One x1
  • Right Leg of the Forbidden One x1
  • Rude Kaiserx2
  • Silver Fang x2
  • Summoned Skull x1
  • Torike x1
  • Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 xx2
  • Zombie Warrior x2
  • Catapult Turtle x1
  • Dark Sage x1
  • Exodia the Forbidden One x1
  • Kuriboh x2
  • Sangan x2
  • Black Luster Soldier x1
  • Magician of Black Chaos x1
  • B. Skull Dragon x1
  • Dragon Master Knight x1
  • Gaia the Dragon Champion
  • Black Luster Ritual x1
  • Black Magic Ritual x1
  • Book of Secret Arts x2
  • Brain Control x1
  • Breath of Light x2
  • Burning Land x2
  • Dark Hole x1
  • De-Spell x2
  • Full Moon x2
  • Horn of the Unicorn x2
  • Living Arrow x2
  • Magical Hats x2
  • Makiu, the Magical Mist x2
  • Monster Reborn x1
  • Monster Recovery x2
  • Monster Replace x1
  • Multiply x2
  • Mystic Box x2
  • Polymerization x2
  • Soul Release x1
  • Swords of Revealing Light x2
  • The Eye of Truth x1
  • Mirror Force x1
  • Spellbinding Circle x2


Monsters Spells Traps
  • Anthrosaurus x2
  • Basic Insect x2
  • Claw Reacher x2
  • Cyber Commander x2
  • Dark Magician x1
  • Flame Swordsman x2
  • Happy Lover x2
  • Kagemusha of the Blue Flame x2
  • Kageningen x2
  • Meotoko x2
  • Rock Ogre Grotto #1 x2
  • Skull Stalker x2
  • The Furious Sea King x2
  • Magician of Faith
  • Breath of Light x2
  • Monster Reborn x1
  • Horn of Heaven x2


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