Yui Hinoka


Nutmeg (used more as her real name than her actual name)






October 23rd, 1997




Tsukuba Academy Graduate


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Yui's powers are amazing when she's at her full potential. She has to have complete and full concentration while having confidence in herself when using her powers. Since she's grown more confident in her abilities, she's shown to be actually a tad more proficient in battle against an enemy without bawling into complete tears. She's also good with computers and has her own personal PDA that she stores important information in when she's alone or around Meiling only. She also, if she has the time loves to play games of any kind. She is actually much better with spells than Meiling is which helps whenever they combine their attacks into one to do some serious damage to their opponents. Although still very shy, she has managed to make a few friends while attending Tsukuba.

Yui while proficient in spells is not in direct combat. She can fight and handle herself pretty well but she doesn't fight on the level like Meiling does which puts her at a disadvantage against those that do. She is a pacifist that is mostly against violence and tries to avoid it at all costs. She is very shy around others, feeling self-confident more so about her appearance than her abilities than she used to due to the fact that the school she attends, the male students seem to put a lot of emphasis when checking girls out. Yui already knows she's not as pretty as she would like to be but doesn't help much when surrounded by girls that are more well-endowed than she is. She becomes so easily embarrassed around guys when they shower her with simple compliments of how cute she looks or how sweet she is and she immediately starts blushing, even if she is not crushing on them. Yui's also shy around others that she doesn't know very well and has a little trouble opening up to others.


Yui at first glance would appear to be that of a fourteen year old but is in fact not. She is 5'6" with straight (originally curly) shoulder length brown hair and golden brown eyes that sometimes comes across as a darker shade when in different lighting. Given that she's sixteen, her body doesn't really match her frame for her age and thus she looks younger instead of older. She's quite thin, weighing at 110lbs. and while she has a bust, it is no larger than a B Cup. She has a small waist but wide hips and her skin complexion has always if not have been a very pale peach like color. For casual attire, Yui wears general clothes like skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, with long, short or no sleeved shirts, and for footwear she either wears tennis shoes or sandals. She wears a school uniform that consists of a cream colored blazer jacket with collar and wrist cuffs white and red with a dark blue skirt, white long sleeved oxford shirt, blue socks and brown suede shoes. When using her powers, her three outfits are related to the following elements of Earth, Wind and Fire. Her fire outfit consists of the following colors of red & coral, her wind outfit is pink & white and her earth one is green, each one of them providing her different abilities to use with each one she wears.


Yui Hinoka was a young girl born in the city of Kyoto, Japan with her parents Chiyoko Hinoka and Chokichi Hinoka. Yui's life is entirely different from Mei's. Yui grew up in a very open family that talked about pretty much anything while also harboring secrets as well. As soon as Yui was able to walk and talk, Chiyoko immediately told Yui that she was different from most girls her age. That she had spells powers that were a gift all her own and that one day when she was old enough, she would allow her to go off on her own and explore more into them. It was her own way of telling Yui that she was a Sailor Senshi while also being part Mage from her father's side of the family. Basically she grew up with parents that had magical related backgrounds.

It wasn't until Yui turned ten that she was picked by Queen Venus Lolita herself as one of many half breed Sailor Senshi destined to be something greater. Only thing is, Yui didn't develop Senshi powers, just mage powers but because someone in her family formerly used to be a Sailor Senshi in their day, makes Yui one in ... spirit if you want to put it. Personally Yui was trained on Crystal Tokyo how to use and perfect her powers even though she is not from the future per say. Her parents both approved of it for they felt that Yui needed to learn how to learn to use her powers more skillfully while also just try to have fun having them.

Yui trains hard along with another girl like her chosen by the name of Meiling Ogata who was also a half breed Sailor Senshi. Her powers solely focus on Earth, Wind and Fire which also comes along with three different outfits for her to transform into but she doesn't gain a staff/wand until later on. However, she doesn' start using her mage abilities until after she encountered a young Mage by the name of Shiro Hibikizaku who she ends up making a pactio or rather contract with him by just a simple kiss. Of course the kiss was accidental when she tripped on something and fell. Turns out her father knew the young Mage as being the son of a friend of his. But after their first encounter she never saw him again after that.

Because of her pactio with Shiro, she gained a staff/wand as her artifact which also improved her powers quite a lot. From time to time she and Mei have been known to combine their powers together to form an attack but this has only been seen by the Crystal Tokyo Council members only. It was then time for Yui to put her skills and training to the test. She and Meiling both had a mission to go back to Tokyo to help the other protect the unborn Senshi child. Yui's personality is a bit of a quiet yet shy type. She enjoys the company of others however she really spends most of her time around computers and other random technology she tends to tweak and toy with or playing a game of sorts. She's not hyperactive nor outspoken like Meiling is but will speak when spoken to. To play it safe both girls decided to use different names just in case they actually stumble upon who was actually out trying to take over the world or destroy it.


Yui went under the alias name Nutmeg and Meiling the alias Mizuki. Their first mission was given to them by former Queen Venus Lolita which ultimately failed with Yui and Meiling both being trapped by Setsuna's Garnet Shield power. It was Mei who freed them both by reversing it on Hideki Ryuuga, the man who Queen Lolita disapproves of Jasmine being with. But Yui didn't like what Meiling did and refused to go with her back to Crystal Tokyo. So she stayed behind but she still felt lonely without Meiling around since she was the only friend she'd ever made away from home. Jasmine and Hideki took her in and she stayed with them at the Hinata Sou Girls Dorm. On occasions she'd go off by herself and use her powers for they'd brought her some comfort since she didn't quite fit in with living with Jasmine and Hideki's family.

Eventually, Meiling returned along with Lolita who challenged Jasmine and at the same time had told Meiling to fight Yui who'd refused to join back on their side. Since Meiling refused, she and Yui went with the other Senshi that'd decided to go and finally rescue Setsuna. The mission ended in a success and Setsuna was brought back from Crystal Tokyo to present day Tokyo but she was without some of her memories from before she'd gotten held captive. Yui has decided to stay in Toky with Meiling and live at the dorms with Jasmine and Hideki. The battle between the Senshi and Queen Ria finally ended and Sakura was born a healthy and safe baby girl.

Everyone's powers who were unable to work returned to them once she was born. However, since Yui had the 'Ring of the Moon' on her finger, she was able to help fight. Things pretty much turned back to normal after that. Sakura was safe, Ami was returned back to her normal self even though for awhile she was in one of her depressive funks. As for Yui, she'd decided to continue staying at the dorms with Jasmine and Hideki's family along with Mei. She's changed a lot these past nine months. She's not so much a crybaby but she still kind of is. And she's also enrolled into Tsukuba Academy with Meiling. When they both have free time, they train together to help each other where they're weakest at in battle. In Yui's case, it is direct combat.

While not great at it, she is still learning but at least her spells have gotten better and since that was Meiling's weakest area, she'd begun teaching her friend how to do spells. Her spells are Earth, Wind and Fire based which in the very beginning, when she tried to do spells involving plants, they would always backfire and the plants for some reason would look like meat eaters but turned out to be clothes eaters, leaving Yui constantly exposed in her bra and panties quite often. She later learned how to do wind and fire spells by practicing small simple spells from Meiling's spell book.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Veneficus BaculusEdit

This is the name of Yui's wand that changes from red to green and to yellow whenever she switches to one of her three elemental outfits. Because she is part-mage, she is able to call upon this wand artifact to use in battle against her opponents. To summon this artifact she can either say ‘Yui Hinoka Artifact’ or ‘Adeat’ and it’ll instantly appear along with her changing into one of her three outfits. To return the artifact back to its original state, Yui has to say 'Abeat', another way of saying 'return'.

Yui’s Outfits: She had three different types of outfits she can change into depending on what powers she’s going to be using. However the wand only appears when she takes out her pactio card and summons it. One outfit is Earth which when she says ‘Yui Earth Transform’ she transforms into a yellow outfit, another would be Fire and when she shouts ‘Yui Fire Transform’ she transforms into a pink/white outfit and last would be Wind and when she shouts ‘Yui Wind Transform’ she transforms into a green outfit.

Earth AttacksEdit

Here is some attacks that Yui can do when she’s transformed into her Earth outfit:

  • Earth Blast- By pointing her staff at the enemy she is able to shoot out a huge blast of energy in just one shot. This attack takes longer to launch each time it’s being used.
  • Earth Shield- By moving her staff in an ‘L’ shape, it causes a wall of earth like rock or dirt to form a shield around her blocking almost all attacks. Of course a dirt shield is not as strong as a rock one would be so this is a weak/strong defensive attack.

Wind AttacksEdit

Here is some attacks that Yui can do when she’s transformed into her Wind outfit:

  • Whirlwind- A major whirlwind (such as a tornado) is formed when she raises her staff (sometimes wand) in the air creating the most powerful type of thunderstorm or other powerful storms. But if caught within the strong whirlwind, it can send her enemy flying at least three feet.
  • Air Sphere- This attack simply forms a huge sphere of wind that can be used in one of three ways: slowing down an enemy’s attack, weakening someone if hit directly, and as a method of saving someone when falling.

Fire AttacksEdit

Here is some attacks that Yui can do with she’s transformed into her Fire outfit:

  • Blinding Fire- By pointing her staff up she sends an attack of fire that’s in the shape of a small fire ball up at the sun causing the sun to give off very strong blinding rays. This helps when trying to make an escape or blind an enemy to go on the offensive.
  • Fire Ball Stunner- By moving her staff around in a circle she can form a ball of varying sizes. Thrown at opponents in order to stun them as the name suggests. Length of stunned state depends on size of stunner.
  • Fire Slash- This attack requires Yui to move her staff from left to right, creating a fire like crescent shaped moon which she then hits down on hit hard breaking it into smaller fire shaped crescents which immediately shoot directly at the enemy.

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