Willowton School of Magic is a  boarding school in Magus for magical beings, similar to the school in Valeria Kingdom ran by Celestia Solaria but hers is named after her.

Aerial view of Willowton


Willowton is supposedly an ancient school for magical beings and the students are mostly in training ages 16-19 (unless they have been held back a grade). Beings of magic come here to learn how to control their powers, fight evil and learn spells and wield weapons as well as become guardians of their home planets, or in other cases, learn to become proper rulers. It has been rumored that only students from families of royalty and high social standards are allowed to attend Willowton, however, this rumor is unfortunately untrue. The campus itself is large with beige/pink walls and dark roofs built around a courtyard itself having a well that leds to underground tunnels that link this school and other schools in Magus together. It is assumed that most staff are permanent residents of Willowton and the students live there during the school year may choose whether or not to return to their homes during the holidays. Classrooms, school hospital, kitchen and school hard are mostly located on the ground floor while rooms belonging to the staff members and dormitories for the students are on the first floor. The first floor is also where the library is located along with the office of the Headmistress and even the school archives.


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