Usagi discovers a little more about the Constellation Knights after their encounter with one of the Princess of Disaster's flunkies, Nebula.


This thread starts off with the princess of disaster or Takako in her evil form in her room of the faculty dorm at Tsukuba Academy sitting in the middle of her bed meditating, the energy that’d been collected so far being absorbed into the gem that she wears around her neck. Inwardly she’s fuming at the fact that one of her ‘precious’ creatures have been defeated, not only because of the Constellation Knights and Carla but also because they’d decided to invoke the help of the other Senshi that live in this town. She knows that she’s made her movements way too obvious and that she might have to migrate and go to another town but thinks she’s evaded the Knights long enough and that it’s time to finally get rid of them once and for all. Just then a shadowy figure rises up out of the ground of her dorm room floor and forms into a woman that is kneeling on the floor to show her respect to Takako. She addresses herself as Nebula to Takako and asks her if there is anything that she wishes of her to do.

Takako responds in telling her that there is something that she can do. Kill the Senshi that the Knights have asked of help from and to also collect energy from the following students that will be arriving tomorrow at Tsukuba as new students. She holds her hand out and uses her powers to create an image of a young boy and his little sister appear in the palm of her hand. She says she used the power of the stars and they told her that these two have a lot of energy that will be graciously useful to her. Takako tells Nebula that she wants that energy and to do whatever she has to, to get it. Nebula stands up, bows while smirking evilly as she tells Takako that she will not fail her and that she will gather the energy for her and kill the Sailor Senshi and as a plus she’ll try and kill the Constellation Knights as well. She teleports off to put a plan into motion while Takako continues to sit in her room, the expression on her face forming into an evil one as she thinks that she will make everyone suffer at her hands.

The scene skips from there to the weekend at the Hinata Girls dorm and Usagi’s in her dorm room, lying on the couch in the living room as she continues to replay the events of what’d happened last week in her head. She feels more confused than she normally did and doesn’t know what to do and she isn’t quite sure what the others will do or say. But there is a meeting between them all that will be held and like Makoto had told her, she did inform Setsuna about what’d happened. Even down to Michiru appearing out of the blue and attacking them, feeling that the Knights and Carla can’t be trusted but Usagi thinks that’s crazy. They’re all on the same side, fighting the same enemy and therefore should work together. She understood that it was the job of the Outer Senshi to keep outside forces from coming in and attacking the Earth but Carla was a Senshi and she knew the Knights so they couldn’t have been bad people. But of course, we all know Usagi’s naive and is easily trusting when it comes to meeting new people. And there will be disagreements at the meeting but we’re going to try our best not to let it turn into an argument. Now, you can involve all the Senshi you have or some of them and the others can be informed through word of mouth from the others that attended the meeting. That’s completely up to you so long as the meeting gets done and it is not dragged out.

Now, I guess we can throw Luna in here as she hung out in Usagi’s room for part of yesterday and the rest of today and comes bopping out of the kitchen and sees what she believes is a depressed Usagi on the couch. She walks that way and sits down, asking if she’s okay and Usagi tells her no and that she feels that this new enemy will once again cause everyone to break apart like when Queen Ria was around and she tried to do the same thing. Luna tells her that that’s not going to happen and that whatever’s discussed and decided at the meeting today will determine what they should do in regards to a course of action on handling this matter. Usagi asks the feline if she’d ever heard of the Constellation Knights before and Luna tells her not specifically but every planetary kingdom has a group of Knights that exist to protect Sailor Senshi so it is not that it isn’t unheard of. She does believes these Knights are from far away kingdoms and if that is the case, they they’re probably not dangerous. They’re probably their allies. Usagi nods and says that she hopes they are because she would be sad if it turns out that they weren’t.

It cuts from there to the common room of the girls dorm where Setsuna and Jasmine already are, Makoto included, followed by Airi, Nutmeg, Mizuki, Eishoin and Sen. Diana’s there two but not in cat girl form but in her form as a small gray kitten and is perched up on the coffee table while everyone else is silent, a few of them sipping tea. The others haven’t arrived yet but will be there after awhile. In the meantime, Makoto is the one that breaks the silence by asking the others straight out what do they want to do and Jasmine response with an honest answer of not being sure. She was enjoying the three years of not having to fight evil and now a new evil is in town stirring up trouble. Setsuna nods in agreement and says that this situation has to be taken seriously. Granted, because she is an Outer Senshi and that they don’t usually work with those that come from the outskirts of the planetary kingdoms but considering times have changed for the Senshi and also given that she’s the head of the Crystal Tokyo Council, this matter has to be taken into account and looked into thoroughly.

As such, she feels that the ‘Constellation Knights’ and the woman that works with them may know more than they’re letting on and Makoto comments that she felt the same way about that too but didn’t want to say anything to cause alarm to Usagi. She tells Setsuna that Usagi had agreed to work with them but that Makoto herself only agreed to keep the fact that she was still a bit suspicious of them hidden. Of course, it didn’t help when Michiru showed up and ratted out the fact that she was still wary of them. Jasmine then states that, that sounds just like something both Michiru AND Haruka would do. The two have worked along together for so long that it doesn’t come as a surprise that they would not trust the Constellation Knights or the Carla woman. Eishoin is leaning up against the entrance frame of the common room and says in her usual monotone that the evil princess is attacking students from Tsukuba Academy it seems so she will keep a look out there. The two girls they attacked, while she didn’t know them, she knew of them because she’d seen them around the campus a lot. Sen states that she’s surprised that her sister pays attention to stuff like that since she’s such a reclusive bookworm.

But then Eishoin throws out that unlike Sen, she actually pays attention to her surroundings and that there are other things to observe besides a guy’s wallet, crotch and butt and then walks off with Sen screaming ‘HEY! That’s so not true! I do not do that!’ and she runs off to catch up with her sister. Jasmine just sighs and shakes her head at those two and says they’re a handful now that they’ve come back from the future as teenagers. Makoto laughs and says that in a way, they remind her of Jasmine and Usagi despite being Jasmine’s daughters. Then sweat drops and says that she might want to keep Sen away from Usagi whenever she does have her because two of them would be a complete catastrophe. Jasmine snorts and leans back in the sofa chair and agrees with that.

Setsuna comes back into the conversation and says that they need to focus. There’s no time for joking around. Looking around, she notices Usagi isn’t there and asks if she’s still in her room. Makoto says she doesn’t know but more than likely she is if she hasn’t come downstairs yet. It’s generally like Usagi to be late for everything, even something as important as this meeting. Makoto tells Setsuna that while she is wary of them, she is willing to put those feelings aside to stop this new enemy. They’ve already attacked and they can’t ignore that fact that they will do so again. Setsuna smiles at Makoto saying that she’s proud of her and that she is right. The fact that there’s a new enemy cannot be ignored since they’ve attacked and they’ve already attacked two students at Tsukuba Academy so she feels that at least Eishoin would have that covered and Diana too whom she looks down at on the table.

Diana meows and sits up and informs them all there have been some strange things happening at Tsukuba but nothing that relates to what’s going on now. But since this issue has risen, no doubt that what’s already been going on will more than likely have some sort of link but she has yet to figure it out yet. Setsuna pets Diana on the head and tells her that she will and if she does is to inform them immediately. Jasmine sighs and crosses one leg over the other as she throws in her opinion that she really didn’t want to send her girls to that school but she wanted them to receive a really good education, even if it is crushing their budget to let them attend. Makoto asks why not transfer them to another school that’s less expensive or doesn’t require any cost at all and Jasmine replies saying that she tried that but none of them wanted to go to any other school but Tsukuba and believes that there’s something about that school that just rubs her the wrong way. She then looks in Makoto’s direction and mentions that Usagi told her she’s been hanging around the campus lately and asks why. Makoto jumps in surprise at that question and tries her best to dodge it but knows she can’t and just gives a vague answer that she has another job that requires her to be there.

Setsuna asks if she’s a teacher there and Makoto says no and more or less she’s been patrolling the school for any suspicious activity. Both women accept this answer and do not question her anymore. In the meantime, Nutmeg and Mizuki are leaning up against the wall next to the entrance of the common room, opposite of where Eishoin was earlier and Nutmeg asks Mizuki quietly if they should inform Judai and Chazz about what is going on and that Judai’s friends Rei and her sister Rina were the ones that were attacked last week. They should at least warn them that they or either their friends might be in danger. Mizuki agrees that they should say something but at the same time wonders if it is a good idea to get them involved. But considering they’ve been training Judai both in physical and magical combat, he’s no choice but to be ready for anything. There’s no telling what this new enemy’s going to do but she can be happy for one thing and that knows the fact that Lolita doesn’t have her hands in controlling everyone’s decisions and actions. Nutmeg nods her head to that and says that she’s right about that but they have to tell Judai something sometime soon before things get out of hand. Airi overhears the conversation the two girls are having but says nothing as she’s actually thinking that she’s not particularly strong enough to partake in this fight even though she’s evolved. She feels her help serves no point and doesn’t offer any input. In fact, she feels she’d be better off as a mediator if things should get out of hand. Not so much with the enemy but with the Senshi themselves since they’ve been known to stray off course when things hit the fan.

Nina comes from down stairs through the elevator holding a notepad against her chest and a pen in one hand and enters the common room of the girls’ dorm to join the others. She knows she missed part of the meeting already, which was fine because she had to study a little bit more but as long as she made it, she's fine. This would be her first official Senshi meeting she's ever been to so she is quite nervous and enters the room shyly and says hello to everyone. Setsuna looks back with a smile and greets Nina, telling her to join them. Not every one of them was there yet but they're still discussing the matter of what to do. That’s when Haruka shows up wearing a pair of sunglasses while smiling after Nina mentions that she’s glad she hadn’t missed anything. Nina becomes confused as to whom she is and although she says hello to the woman, Haruka tells her, her name and her Senshi identity. While also stating that she must be Nina for she’s heard so much about her from Setsuna. Haruka then goes over to greet Setsuna, giving the woman a hug while saying how good it was to see her and that she should visit more often. She also states that the other two are on the way.

As she says that, Michiru and Hotaru show up not too long after Haruka and Michiru greets them all while speaking up in a gracious tone of voice saying that she hoped they haven’t missed much of anything. Hotaru pouts about not being the first to hug Setsuna but eventually does so and says to the woman how nice it is to see her again. In which case, Michiru agrees while stating that they all need to start back catching up with one another. In the meantime, Setsuna feels odd at the idea of Haruka hugging her because she normally never does but is used to the idea of Hotaru doing so and greets them both while stating that she is busy but tries to call to check up on them since she can’t see them every day. At the same time, she says that she’s surprised that they showed up, hinting that she wasn’t expecting them to do so. Jasmine agrees on that but assuring them that it’s not bad that they came to the meeting while also stating that she doesn’t believe that Usagi would be bursting with joy of any kind today.

That’s when Michiru starts looking around the room for Usagi once her name is mentioned. So far, she only saw the girls outside which were Airi, Mizuki and Nutmeg and the girls in the common room but no Usagi in sight. She asks where she is and if she’s in the dorms at all. Then Hotaru comments that she was hoping to see Usagi today since it’s been awhile since she had. Makoto speaks up and says that Usagi’s still upstairs they she believes and isn’t sure what she’s doing. Haruka chuckles, leaning up against the wall and saying that she isn’t surprised that ‘neko-chan’ as she calls her by affectionately is late but with something as important as this, she will probably attend later. Because it’s not like her to avoid an important meeting when it pertains to a new enemy and they all nod in agreement. Nina raises her hand and asks that while it's probably not the best suggestion but if they don't know much about this new enemy, shouldn't they wait until they have more information. Haruka crosses her arms casually and agrees while putting it out there that they all need to be careful with these knights and the woman who’s with them. Until they know more about them, she isn’t going to trust them right away. Michiru replies with a laugh saying that she’ll be surprised if she trusts them at all in a teasing way.

Setsuna sips some more tea and while thinking that it’s never a dull moment when those Michiru and Haruka did attend meetings. But she refocuses the topic back onto the matter of the Princess of Disaster and asks Haruka and Michiru what they think about the ordeal. Makoto is the one to speak informing the two women that when she and Usagi met the Knights and Carla, they seem to know a lot of information about their new enemy that they call the 'Princess of Disaster'. But they didn't divulge much but they seemed to be willing to tell them anything in exchange for their help defeating this princess. That’s when Michiru throws in that she’s been doing a little research on them herself and so far has only been able to determine that they come from further out the solar kingdoms. And Haruka also adds that because of that, they aren’t aware of whether or not if they’re a threat. But they can’t just stand by and do nothing so they are all willing to help in any way possible while continuing to find our more information on their own without having to rely on the Knights and that woman for it.

Setsuna and Jasmine both agree that standing by and doing nothing wouldn’t be a way to solve it so of course they were all in for helping. Makoto wasn’t entirely sure, especially after the way Michiru acted that day when they asked of Usagi and her to help them. Nina also isn’t sure because she doubts that they will tell them EVERYTHING right off the bat. But at the same time feels she doesn't have much to contribute seeing as how she wasn't involved in so many battles like the others were more experienced than her. She starts thinking this sort of thing would be a lot easier if Euphemia was around. She would definitely speak up in this group and be the first one to agree that they all should help these Constellation Knights and probably save this Princess of Disaster too. It was just like her to be that kindhearted to think of the needs and feelings of others over her own. Nina starts momentarily missing Euphemia. Setsuna notices that Nina's gone quiet and asks if she's okay. Nina snaps out of her own thoughts and assures Setsuna that she's fine and is just listening and taking notes as this is her first official Senshi meeting so she wanted to learn all there is to know in hopes of being of some help. Then she starts thinking that the only thing she's good at is science and computers and well, they already had a brain for that, which was Ami Mizuno.

Usagi finally enters the room and from there she states her peace about what she wishes to do in regards to the Constellation Knights and Carla, letting everyone know that she's agreed to help them along with everyone stating that they'll support her always so long as she comes to them and tell them what's on her mind rather than keep it bottled up inside. Usagi herself knows that she can be a flake and isn't always the most reliable person when it comes to decision making but she does what she can in hopes that it benefits everyone. The meeting ends and it becomes nighttime and it's also raining outside. Usagi's in her room once again staring up at the ceiling thinking about today and becomes worried about some of the things the Knights have said, mainly that they become the sword and shield for a Senshi whenever they merge with one. She states to herself that this is the fate that she has accepted but becomes annoyed when her mind wanders onto Hayate and sets up in her bed in frustration while yelling in annoyance why him. She then decides to get up and go to the window, looking out it and at the rain. She has her fist balled up to it while her thoughts wander once again.

The next day comes and there's uproar at Tsukuba Academy campus where the Headmistress and Vice Headmaster of the school have decided upon a standard uniform policy and a lot of the students aren't happy about it. Mainly a lot of the females because they can't wear their own uniforms from former schools unless Tsukuba isn't able to provide them a uniform based on their measurements. Takako has had to deal with students complaining all day while telling them that overall, there is nothing that can be done it is not out of the norm for a school to have a standard uniform policy. It's like that with all schools. At the same time, she is annoyed and bothered by the entire constant complaining, not understanding why the girls find it so appealing to wear short skirts. When not in class maybe but during class, they need to wear something a little more appropriate. However, she states aloud that Nebula better not fail her today.

Meanwhile, Nira is waiting for Nina at the park to tell her the good news that she might have a possible job working at her old school. She wanted to share it with her in person rather than over the phone. Nira herself is also excited about this opportunity and starts thinking about Euphoria and how she may not be able to see her on the campus anymore but there was always nothing wrong with admiring her from afar. She also thinks about the woman she's with, Kurumu whom she considers to be nothing more than a blue haired bimbo with no sense of subtly with the way she presents herself in public. She sighs, focusing her mind on her happiness while looking at her watch, wondering where Nina was. She says she hopes that nothing has happened but if there was, she would've called her to let her know. Nira continues to wait by the water fountain for Nina to arrive. Eventually, Nina does arrive and spots Nira by the water fountain, runs over and apologizes for being late. She had something important to handle but things are fine and that she made it. She first asks Nira how she's been since it's been awhile since they last hung out together. Nira smiles at Nina and tells her that she's been doing fine. Just been focusing on her studies and trying to find work. It's not as if she wants to live with her parents forever.

She starts thinking that she could still house sit every once in a while but she would like a place to call her own. Of course she knows that she won't be able to do those naughty things that she often does in her room in her own home if she were to live in somewhere, where the neighbors are nosy and the walls were paper thin. That would be embarrassing for anyone to hear her making sexual sounds and getting random stares from the neighborhood people who believe that there's something going on in the house when there's not. The very idea of it Nira shook from her mind. For the most part, she has changed and has been focusing her mind more on her studies and less on Euphoria and masturbating to her. She breaks the moment of silence to speak up saying that she's glad that Nina came and how glad she was to see her as well. That it has been awhile and they have so much to catch up on. Nina agrees and suggests they start taking a walk and talk for a bit. She then asks Nira what was so important that she wanted to tell her that she couldn't say over the phone. Nira looks to Nina and smiles while telling her that she got some wonderful news on a job offer at her old school. She has a meeting with the Headmistress of Tsukuba Academy about an offer and hopes that it's a teaching job. If she keeps her grades up at Todai and maintain a high GPA, she could be a student teacher earning extra credit points. She tells Nina that she would really enjoy working with the science department since that was more her area.

Nina becomes excited as well as happy for Nira and congratulates her on the job offer and will be praying that she gets it. At the same time, she says that she wished some job offers would come for her. She really didn't want to be working at a dead end job but like everyone, you have to start somewhere. Nira suggests to Nina to try being a student teacher to earn extra credit. She doesn't necessarily have to start at the bottom of the barrel in the workforce. She can always work at her old school but then states that Tsukuba offers better opportunities more than the other schools around her. But it was up to her to decide what she wanted to do she wasn't going to tell her what she should do, just suggesting. Basically, Nira’s wants to avoid trying to offend Nina. But all Nina does is laugh a bit and says that she's good and that does sound like a good idea. She hadn't really explored the campus of Tsukuba Academy thoroughly and well, she knew the ins and outs of Juuban and honestly found it to be a boring school but she made some friends while she was there and was happy for that. She just wished that she could've graduated with Euphie-chan as she calls Euphemia all the time. Nira becomes silent, not really sure how to ask Nina how she's doing since Euphemia's death but takes a subtle approach and ask how she's been holding up since then. Nina tells her that she's fine and from time to time she does think about Euphie but it was only natural since she was her first official friend and first love.

She misses her very much but knows that she's watching her every day. And know that, she's able to get up every morning to start the day without breaking down in tears like she used to when she was finding it hard to accept Euphie's death. But she has finally come to terms with it. It was a little lonely but she's been doing fine since then. And also tells her that she got a kitten. Which makes Nira go 'Awww' and tells her that she wants to see this new kitten when she gets a chance. For now she settles with asking her what she named her new companion. Nina tells her Katarina. Nira says what a cute name that is for a kitten and Nina thanks her for the compliment. She pulls out her phone and shows her the pictures she took of the little kitten and how she can be a little kleptomaniac from time to time but overall, she's a peach. Nira looks at the pictures and us fawning over how adorable Nina's new kitten is. At the same time, Nina looks away momentarily, blushing a bit as she came up with an idea that might solve Nira's living arrangement problems. She suggests to Nira to move into the Hinata Girls Dorm where she stays. Maybe they could even roommate together. She could always upgrade to a two-bedroom dorm. She's saved up a lot of money she would get from her parents and she still communicates with them and they feel the need to send her money still just to make sure she's taking care of herself.

But if it's something she would like, she's more than welcome to jump on the idea. This distracts Nira from the pictures as she looks over at Nina, thinking on the suggestion that she'd made. She honestly admits that she doesn't want to move out of her parents’ home without first having a secure job and lord knows they wouldn't let her leave without worrying that she wouldn't be able to fend for herself. It's a nice idea but she didn't want to intrude on Nina's space. Nina assures her that she wouldn't be doing anything of the sort and insists that she at least think about it. Nira tells Nina that she will but part of her isn't entirely sure about the idea. Nina was a good friend and she hoped that she wasn't looking for anything more than just friendship. Nira wasn't entirely over Euphoria and was trying to wean herself from obsessing over the woman so much. It's not that the idea would be bad but right now, she wasn't looking for a relationship and it wouldn't be fair to Nina to use her as a rebound. Nira promises that she'll think about the idea and get back to her on it. Nina was glad for that at least. She really worried about Nira a lot, especially since her crush, well, is still alive but unfortunately is with someone with large boobs. She'd yet to tell Nira that Euphoria comes over to the dorms from time to time but she mostly visits and hangs out in the boys’ dorm visiting her old friend Joshua who was another Tsukuba brainac. Nina then asks Nira when her job interview is.

Nira tells her that her interview is tomorrow but she wanted but she was so excited about it that she had to tell the only person that she finds to be a very close friend, which is Nina. Nina laughs and is happy to know that Nira thinks of her as a good friend and she feels the same about her, but thinks inside of her head that she thinks of her as more than a friend but doesn't believe that Nira feels the same way. Maybe she was reading too far in-between the lines and assumed that Nira might've been developing feelings for her. She's known for being wrong before and starts to feel bad for possibly pushing Nira into a corner in regards to her feelings without realizing it. Nira asks Nina if she's okay since she got quiet on her and Nina assures her that she's fine. She was just thinking. She then suggests that the two of them go get something to eat since they're not all that far from the local restaurants in the area. Nira agrees to that and the two of them leave the park to go and find something to eat.

The day doesn't end there. Since colleges are closed for the week since its spring break, she decides to use the free time she has to visit her father and his family. It's rare that she does and felt that she needed to start making more of an effort to do so. She thought that by spending the day there and the night would do her some good. Clear her head at least from all her worries. She greeted her stepmother Elizabeth when she stopped by who was surprised to get a visit from Usagi as she's just about the only one who actually bothers to talk to them. Elizabeth also wishes that she could be more close with her other siblings but Usagi tries to assure her that it'll take a while for them to come around. Even though it's been so many years, they're still not used to the idea of their father being remarried to another woman, especially the mistress. She then realizes what she said and apologizes repeatedly for it. Elizabeth tells Usagi that she's fine and not to worry. She isn't upset at all. She was never upset that her mother didn't want to become friends with her even though she would still like to. After all, they were family now and family should keep in touch with one another. Usagi agrees with that but throws in that her family is quite … a difficult bunch of people. That's when she asks would it be possible for her to stay the night over. It has been awhile since she's had a chance to visit with her step siblings and she has yet to see the twins since they've been born.

Elizabeth becomes excited about that and says that it is more than fine with her if she stays the night. They have plenty of room for her in the mansion and Usagi thanks her for the hospitality. From there, Usagi decides to take her time and explore the mansion a little bit since it'd been years since the last time she was here. She was younger when she used to spend the night at their old place but when their family got bigger, well, they needed the room, which was understandable. Plus, her stepmother was rich and owned a lingerie company that her father worked at or something like that, Usagi thinks on how she never paid much attention to what her father does for work but is just happy that he has a job. After about an hour of exploring the place, she'd come across one of the mansion staff that'd kindly greeted her and ask if there was anything that she needed, just ask. Usagi tells the maid that she didn't really need anything major at the moment but she would like something to drink, a soda perhaps and the maid smiles, bows and tells Usagi that she will kindly get it for her.

Usagi giggles and thanks the maid, telling her that she'll be outside in the courtyard waiting for her in about ten minutes. Usagi uses those ten minutes to continue exploring, being nosy before retiring to the courtyard where the maid was waiting with a cup of orange juice. She apologizes that they didn't have any soda for her to drink but felt that this might be better. Usagi tells her that orange juice is fine and not to worry and happily gulps it down while stating that a cup of orange juice is always a good way to start off a good day. The maid laughs a bit and expresses her concerns about Usagi when she first arrived today. She is aware that she is the daughter of Kenshin and states that she will be most happy to see her when he gets home. And to see that happy expression on her face would be such a relief to him for she knows deep down that he doesn't like it when his children are sad. She apologizes again for overstepping her boundaries as staff but she didn't appear to be herself when she came today. Usagi just laughs and tells the maid that it's all good and such an attitude of being sad doesn't suit her in a cheerful tone of voice. With that she tells the maid that she's off. The maid calls out to her addressing her as 'Miss Usagi' while doing so, stating that it will be dinnertime pretty soon. Usagi calls back to her and says that she doesn't need any tonight. That's when her stepsister Fancy peeks from down the courtyard stairs while whispering to herself in regards to Usagi's presence in the mansion. First she comes in all depressed and now all of a sudden she's strangely high-spirited, wondering what's up with her.

Usagi had ran off to the mansion rose garden, admiring the beauty of the roses that have been planted while thinking that they remind so much of the rose garden on the Moon Kingdom. It was just like this. She didn't know why bit roses seemed to have a calming and relaxing feel whenever one was near them and takes a seat on the small stone bench nearby heaving a sigh while stating that allowed to herself that being here is much better. She didn't think she wanted to go back to the dorms, while swinging her feet back and forth. Being here at her father's and step-mother's home allowed her to be able to think more clearly, especially when it came to the whole Constellation Knights situation. Right then, she stands up and remembers that she was supposed to find them and tell them the meeting. Unfortunately, it was over but she could still tell them of the good news that she and the others have agreed to help them but she starts wondering how to get in contact with them. There was always Carla but Tsukuba Academy just seemed so far away to get in contact with them. There had to be another way. Just for kicks, Usagi thought that by shouting 'Constellation Knights' out loud, they would all appear. But nothing happens when she tries. Then sighs and says that this is hopeless but out of nowhere, Sasame appears on her left side, asking did she call.

Usagi jumps in surprise at Sasame's random appearance and sprints comically three feet from him. Sasame asks if he should not have come but Usagi says that it's fine. Once calmed down, she starts walking along the fountain path in the garden, stating how funny it is that he appeared so suddenly. She really didn't think calling out to them but work but it had. Sasame laughs a bit and tells her that is the simplest way for any of them to come when called and that he didn't mind and believed that it was important otherwise she wouldn't have tried to call for them. Usagi takes another step along the fountain, holding her arms out as she tried to balance herself on the concrete while telling Sasame that it was important. She wanted to let him and the others know that she and her friends were going to help them fight the Princess of Disaster once and for all. She thought it better to tell them now rather than later. Sasame smiles and says that he appreciates that and knows that the others will as well. Although, he can't help but feel there's another reason she called him for which case Usagi tries to dodge it by getting all spacey but turns to face him and admits that there was another reason. She wanted to practice the whole merging thing and being able to understand and use the powers of each Knight better. Sasame becomes surprised at this and asks what brought this on. Usagi states that Hayate got hurt because she couldn't use his powers very well. She's not used to having any other elemental powers besides her own. She hops off the fountain ledge and onto the ground while adding that if she were to practice with each Knight using their powers, she could merge with any of them without hurt.

Sasame tells her that's right. And Usagi says that's why she wants to practice. She's not the best fighter in the world and her powers are only strong when she puts her heart into each attack that she has. To merge with a Knight and gain a whole new variety of powers is different and it's better to learn them ahead of time rather than later. Besides, she didn't want any of them to get hurt the next time they have to fight a youma seed. Sasame says her name as he stares at her in surprise. Not too far from where they are, the other Knights, minus Hayate are hanging out in one of the trees. Kei has his arms crossed and says that it seems like she's got some real backbone, at least for now. Goro adds in that it looks like they didn't need to worry after all. Mannen jumps in and says of course not because he knew it with just one look and that he said to himself that Usagi would be able to do it. Goro scoffs and calls Mannen a cocky punk in a slightly insulting tone, which makes Mannen glare at him in anger. Hajime then asks Shin isn't this great and the young boy nods his head in agreement.

Meanwhile, Sasame consents to the idea of practices, holds out his hand and asks of Usagi to take it. Usagi becomes surprised as well as slightly embarrassed at this, stating 'With you?' to Sasame. He says yes in a confident and cool tone and Usagi's face becomes red as she gulps nervously. Sasame then states that with her power and his power, a new power will be born and asks of her to now become one. At the same time, Usagi's face becomes even redder than it already is as her mind practically explodes in embarrassment while repeating the world 'one' inside of her head, which hints that her mind went into the gutter unintentionally. Sasame just smiles and asks does she not want to with him. And she somewhat regains her composure to tell him that that's not it but that she's not emotionally prepared while steady blushing. Sasame asks prepared but Usagi tells him to not mind her while trying to shake off her embarrassment. Her composure is regained fully as she coughs into her fist, and says that she is ready. She places her hand in the palm of Sasame's as it triggers both of their powers and the two of them merge together as one, transforming Usagi into an entirely new outfit due to merging with Sasame. The outfit's coloring consisted of purple, violet and black, along with her wings being of the same colors, instead of wearing a skirt or a dress, her outfit was more or less a pair of glittering pants and top and her hair had reformed itself into the odango style she originally wore but the ends of her hair that hung were braided.

Usagi is amazed and asks that with Sasame, her outfit turn out like this while also adding that she didn't think she'd be able to merge while untransformed. This was something that she could get used to. Telepathically, Sasame tells her that this is sound and she gasps in surprise, forgetting that she could communicate with him this way without him being physically in front of her. Sasame asks worriedly if she's okay and tells him that it's nothing and not to worry. He says I see and tells her that right now, she is Princess Sailor Moon of Sound and that she has the command over sound. He tells her to try listening carefully with her ears. Usagi tries doing so while asking if she's doing it right while thinking that listening to things carefully wasn't really her area of expertise. This was more of her sister Kayla's area since she has no choice but to use sound to be able to listen to her surroundings because of her sight. But she does as Sasame commands her and tries using the power of sound with her hearing. Sasame asks if she can hear and partially becomes annoyed stating that it sounds like a bunch of noises jumped together. Sasame then tells her to try focusing her attention on the direction she wants to listen for where she asks focus her attention and Sasame suggest that she throws her consciousness in that direction. Usagi tries doing so by closing her eyes. From there, a visual forms and becomes clearer, showing her stepmother's driver Mr. Tenka singing while washing the limo and smiles, stating that he likes old Japanese ballads. Sasame tells her very good and to now try listening from farther away.

She does so and visuals of people walking across the streets, pausing at stop lights and from that point on, she becomes able to visualize herself floating above them as if she was really there watching the people from a distance. She becomes amazed at all the things she can see. Sasame tells her that she's not seeing them but feeling them through the power of sound. What she is seeing are images created by sound for where she repeats what he says in the form of a question by asking Images of sound. Usagi is amazed yet again at the power of sound and states how interesting it is. All the while, her stepsister Fancy has wandered into the rose garden herself looking for Usagi to try and be nosy at what she was doing and her purpose for being here today. When she hears her sister's jeers of excitement, she's able to locate her, saying her name softly while peering from behind a mantle in the garden. There she sees Usagi jumping up and down happily asking what else, what else can she do. Fancy blinks in confusion wondering was Usagi wearing such a strange outfit earlier. At the same time she calls it a boring outfit despite the flashiness of it. She makes an attempt to try and confront her but a strand of her hair gets caught in the mantle, causing her to shout oh no.

While that's going on, Sasame suggest that they try and attack next by attempting to try firing the Sonic Arrow. Usagi asks what the Sonic Arrow is and is that his weapon that she has access to. He says yes and assures her that she doesn't need to try and do it well but just believe in him. She says alright and closes her eyes to prepare herself to launch the Sonic Arrow attack. Sasame tries to get her to calm down by telling her to stop being tense and relax, take a few deep breaths. All the while, Fancy's still trying to get her hair from being unstuck, being a melodramatic drama queen by going on about what's with this, her beautiful hair is going to be ruined in an annoyed tone of voice as she tries to pry the strand of hair from off the part of the mantle it got hooked onto. Usagi isn't even aware that Fancy's in the garden and is too busy relaxing her mind and body in order to fire the sonic arrow, Sasame telling her that feels right. Now he instructs her to put two fingers on her lips, blow her breath between them strongly. She inhales and then does so, blowing as hard as she can, releasing the power of the Sonic Arrow. At the same time, Fancy is clueless to this, being focused on her hair that she managed to finally get free, unaware of the attack coming her way. And because of that, she ends up being blown head first into a nearby bush.

Usagi opens her eyes at the sound of that scream and wonders if that were Fancy's voice nearby, hoping that nothing is wrong. That's when Sasame tells her that, which was a little bit too strong. This causes Usagi to realize the destruction the attack caused in the rose garden. But Sasame tells her that was very good though. If she remembers how that one went, she’d be able to get a better balance next time and Usagi just laughs in a sheepish manner. Inside the mansion, dinner has been served and everyone else has finished up eating. Ryuubi, Jun and Hisoka are all present at the dinner table along with the twins Bella and Ella as well as Kenshin and Elizabeth who wonders what happened to Fancy and Usagi. Kenshin comments that it's Spring Break for college students right now so they're probably out having some fun for a while. Elizabeth had already informed him that Usagi was there and would be spending the night. Ryuubi is the one that gets up from the table first, wiping her mouth before getting up from the table. Elizabeth tells Ryuubi that before she goes back to her room, could she go and find her sister and Usagi but Ryuubi tells her mother that she's going out immediately. Elizabeth says I see and then looks to her other two oldest children, Jun and Hisoka.

Jun is the next one to get up states that he too is going out and that he won't be back home until tomorrow. He was invited to stay the night over at a friend's house and apologizes for not being able to sit with the family for tonight. Elizabeth just smiles and says that's fine and asks Hisoka if he has any plans as well. For which he states that he doesn't and actually planned to go down to call up some friends to see if they wanted to hit the shoku strip to pick up some chicks and is automatically hit in the face with a rolled up napkin with two forks, two spoons and two bother knives inside of it that his mother had thrown. Hisoka cries out in pain and asks what that was for and Elizabeth simply tells him in a stern voice that she doesn't approve of such behavior from him and that he should be more respectful like his siblings. Hisoka just simply rubs his face and grumbles to himself as he gets up from the table. The thread then cuts to the park in Ikebukuro where Sasame and Usagi have gone and of course Usagi is hungry, regretting having told the maid that she didn’t need any dinner. Once more she begins to think to herself but these thoughts are soon interrupted when Sasame presents to her a crepe he’d bought for her as a treat for her good work today in the training session that they had. Usagi, being someone who loves food of course falls in love with the sight of the sugary treat and starts chowing down on it. Sasame tells her good work and she responds by telling him that the training was hardly work at all and how easy it seemed because he was such a good teacher. Sasame then says that the key and principle are how well two people work together closely matched up and that once she gets used to it, she’ll have a better command of things. Usagi says that she notices how Sasame is so much different from the people over the years that she has trained with.

She then goes into storytelling mode on down the list of people who’d trained her up to now. She starts with Luna and how she tried to tell her how to go about things when she first became Sailor Moon and how she basically criticized how she went about things, then mentioned Rei when all the Senshi were finally together as a fighting team and how she’d always yell at her every time she did something wrong. Though she also says that Rei means well and that she was only doing things the way she was because she was trying to push her to do better, however, she could’ve found another way to go about it without all the yelling. She mentions Setsuna but didn’t go into much detail about how she trains. She mostly tells Sasame how hard it was to try and evolve like the others during the events that involved Queen Ria when she was terrorizing them. She believed it to be a mere fluke that she managed to evolve but also states that the others didn’t really need her since they managed to defeat Queen Ria all on their own without her help. She starts getting sad about her conflictions between wanting to be needed and wanting her life as a normal person like she always wanted but this lasts for at least a brief moment until she starts becoming annoyed when Hayate enters her mind and balls up her fist in annoyance.

She admits that for the first time she felt as if she could really improve when Sasame coached her through their training today but with Hayate, he reminded her too much of how Rei was attempting to train and how like her, he was quick to call her an idiot which pisses her off. Sasame only chuckles a bit and tells Usagi to not be so hard on him for in Hayate’s on way, he is struggling. Usagi says yeah but guys like his type she didn’t like no matter how good looking he is and how he reminds her of her ex-boyfriend Mamoru Chiba. Then again, just about every guy that wasn’t nice to her reminded her of how she and Mamoru met. Usagi then throws in that a man should always be nice to a lady, like how Sasame is and eats the rest of her crepe. Sasame basically gets up close and personal while saying I see, that’s good, violating all laws of personal space. Usagi realizes then and starts scooting away from him to keep people from staring at them and assuming that there’s something between them when there isn’t. She gets up and tells him that she’s going to get something to drink and proceeds to head to the water fountain. Sasame says her name in a worried tone but becomes distracted when he starts to sense something that he thought might’ve been a youma seed nearby but wonders if it was just his imagination since he didn’t see anything.

He calls out to Usagi who hadn’t made it to the water fountain yet and tripped over a trashcan out, startled at her name being called. Sasame asks her if she’s all right and runs over to aid her. She struggles a bit but assures Sasame that she’s all right and then proceeds to get up and brush herself off. She apologizes, saying that she’s always been a bit of a klutz and decides that she needs to head back to the mansion before it gets too late outside. She doesn’t want her father and stepmother worrying about her. She thanks him for today and says that what she learned today will be useful to her in future battles. Sasame smiles, saying that he’s glad she’s okay and that it wasn’t a problem. She was excellent in training and tells her that she is a great person. He also says that if her friends wish to train with them, they would be more than happy to do so, all they need to know is when and where they would be most comfortable.

Usagi says that she will do that and believes that once she tells the others how easier it is to train with him, they would be more than eager to train with him and the rest of the knights. She also throws in that Setsuna would be more than happy to have some extra help during her training sessions. She thanks Sasame again before heading off but not before tripping over the same trashcan again but she gets back up on her feet while telling Sasame goodnight before finally officially leaving to head back to the mansion. Sasame says good night as well, waving good-bye to her. He believes that with her level of confidence there isn’t any doubt that the Princess of Disaster will be defeated, however, he’s conflicted with his own emotions in regards to that, whether he wanted her to be defeated or to be saved. The scene cuts to Tsukuba Academy where Nira is standing outside at the front gate nervous about her interview with the headmistress. After thinking to herself for a while, she gathers up the courage to open the gate and walks onto the campus. Before that, she starts thinking that she wishes that Nina was there but knows that she'll see her later and there's no sense in trying to run away from the most important opportunity of her life. From there, she heads to the main office building. On the other side of the school, Carla is in the athletics building in the hallway looking out the window and down at the students below that are basically going on about their day without being remotely aware of what's going on around them.

That the school itself is shrouded around darkness but it isn't the usual darkness that she senses on a regular basis. No, what she's sensing is something in regards to the Princess of Disaster. This causes Carla to believe that something is about to go down on Tsukuba grounds and she starts running while grabbing out her cellphone to call one of the Constellation Knights to let them know so they can be prepared. This part can go either way where she goes to look for Makoto or not. If she does then a part will be written in for it. A small part but a part nonetheless but other than that, it moves on from there to Nina. Nina shows up at Tsukuba Academy a little bit after Nira had already gone in to head to the main office. Since its spring break, she really has no homework or anything to do from Todai University so her day is pretty much clear and is able to meet up with Nira later whenever she finishes with her interview with the headmistress. She first sends her a text saying where she’ll be when she’s done and to find her there. In the meantime, she decides to go exploring around the campus to get more familiar with the place since as far as she’s ever gone is the courtyard whenever she was there to see how Nira was doing when she was a student. She starts thinking about how she couldn’t help but worry about Nira and her obsessive crush on Euphoria who has obviously moved on and paid no attention to her.

Thinking that the least she could’ve done is that and finds Euphoria to be stupid for not realizing that Nira had feelings for her. It was obvious with the way she’d follow her around all the time, much like herself and how she was close with Euphemia. Deep down, she believed that Euphemia did notice her feelings for her but felt bad that she couldn’t return them because she was one straight and two had fallen in love with Suzaku. Speaking of Suzaku, she at the very least thinks she should see how he’s doing. Last she heard, he was dating Minako and wanted to know how that was going. She’d ask Minako but was kind of fearful of how forward the woman can be when it comes to such a topic and thinks that Suzaku might be a little bit more subtle so she thinks about planning to meet up with him at the Hinata Café sometime when he’s not busy. Just to catch up on old times. She then sighs, finding it hard to go a day without thinking about Euphemia but is glad she doesn’t break down in tears every time like she used to. She does believe that she’d want her to be happy and not walk around sad all the time because that’s just the type of person Euphemia was. In a lot of ways, many people were right about her and Usagi being alike. Then she starts jokingly thinking about how it sucks that Usagi’s not into women. In a way she was cute too but that’s a line she’s not going to cross, dating anyone in Euphemia’s family. It wouldn’t be appropriate. Besides, from what she could tell, majority of Euphemia’s sisters were straight anyway and well it just wouldn’t be right or so she thinks anyway.

She starts walking some more around the Tsukuba campus taking in how large it was and how many new students has enrolled since the last time she was here. None of them were recognizable as all the senior students with Nira included have graduated. As she looks around, she starts to spot a familiar face. The face belonging to Usagi, which causes her to sweat drop and wonder just what, she was doing at Tsukuba Academy. Nina sees her hiding behind a tree and looking at someone which is a young female student with long blonde hair and sea blue green colored eyes. Something about her seemed familiar but Nina isn’t able to put a finger on it and decides to walk on over to where Usagi is, taps her on the shoulder to get her attention only to scare the woman half out of her wits. Nina apologizes for scaring her but wonders what she’s doing here. Usagi sweat drops as well, rubbing the back of her head in a sheepish manner knowing that she is unable to get out of this situation with a lie. At the very least she states that she’s checking up on someone. This causes Nina to laugh a bit and joke that she never picked Usagi for being a stalker or someone who’s into women no less. Usagi blushes and frantically assures her that it’s neither the case nor the reason why she’s here. She keeps herself hidden behind the tree but points at the girl that she was looking at. She tells Nina that, that’s Lolita sitting there and that she’s been here at Tsukuba for a while now. She explains that it’s where she ended up after the whole Moon Kingdom takeover of the throne involving her and her daughter Kaoru. The moment Lolita’s name is mentioned, Nina’s left eye begins to twitch and she states to Usagi that she’s fully aware of whom Lolita is and if it hadn’t been for her, Euphemia wouldn’t have always been away for so long.

Usagi looks to Nina, becoming curious about that as to why Euphemia was hanging around Lolita. Nina tells her that as far as she knew, Lolita lied to Euphemia about a lot of things and often had her forced to stay in the Venus Kingdom hiding out and sometimes training. Of course, neither her nor herself had evolved in their powers so whatever training Lolita was having her do wasn’t working. They both stayed stuck at the weakest level in their powers and that deep down she believed the woman was doing that on purpose for whatever reason. That’s when Usagi tells her that she always did things out of jealousy in regards to Queen Serenity. She frowns and apologizes for not being there when she should’ve been but at the very least, she’s trying to do her best to make up for it. Nina just crossed her arms and says she’d like to give that bitch a piece of her mind but knows doing so will cause a scene. Usagi tells her that she watches over Lolita from time to time because she never really believed the woman to be evil like everyone thought of her as. Like everyone, she just wanted to be happy but all she does now is blame her and the others for how her life turned out. That and she has some boy watching over her who’s devoted to making sure that she is happy and because Lolita hates her, he hates her too. Nina raises a brow and says that doesn’t make sense to hate someone without getting to know them. And that if that boy is so devoted to her then he should be the one to make her understand that she is the one to blame for her own screw ups and not no one else. She tells Usagi it's not her job to watch over Lolita and to not blame herself for anything pertaining the woman. If she wants happiness, she'll have to find it the hard way just like the rest of them had to. She may not deserve it but that's not something for the two of them or anyone else to decide. Usagi just shakes her head and says it really doesn’t matter though because it seems like no matter what she says or does, she’ll always be the one blamed for someone else’s misfortunes.

Nina tilts her head to the side and smiles, placing a comforting hand on Usagi’s shoulder. She tells her to cheer up because she knows that’s not true as it is human nature for people to blame someone other than themselves for the things that happen in their lives. She tells her that she did nothing to Lolita for her to end up where she is and as for the kid that’s following her around being all devoted to her, that’s his problem to deal with Lolita, not Usagi’s. She shouldn’t have to do anything to prove to someone else that she’s a good person. And she definitely doesn’t need to prove anything to someone like Lolita and states that whatever misfortunes the woman had they were caused by her own faults and no one else’s. Usagi smiles wearily and thanks Nina for saying such kind words but then she blinks and points at her asking what she’s doing there. To which case, Nina laughs a bit, rubbing her cheek lightly with her index finger and says that she’s waiting on a friend who’s doing an interview with the headmistress of the school. Usagi because excited and says wow how awesome is that and asks if she knows if her friend got the job or not. Nina says she just got here not to long ago so she doesn’t know yet but she sent her a text telling her where to meet her on campus so until that time, she figured she’d go an explore the campus a little bit. She says that as far as she’d ever been on this campus is the courtyard so she thought it’d be interesting to take a look around. Usagi nods, saying that makes sense and tells her that she’s been here off and own so she’s somewhat familiar with the place but laughs saying that she still has a habit of getting lost because it’s so big around here.

Nina agrees and suggests that Usagi take a walk with her while waiting for her friend to finish up in her interview. Usagi agrees to the while walk thinking about how her emotions seemed to be amplified while she was on the campus grounds. She hadn't felt that way in a while but brushed it off, thinking that it didn't matter where she was, she'd get depressed regardless. But just in case, she didn't want to worry Nina about it and agreed to take a walk with her, pulling her away from where they stood and towards another side of the school while saying for her to lets go in excitement and thinking with her stomach she hopes they may find the cafeteria on the way. All the while, they don’t realize that they’re being watched by one of the Princess of Disaster’s minions, Nebula under the guise of a student listening in on their conversation. She smirks, holding a youma seed in her hand and states that it’s time to put the plan into motion and that she doesn’t want to keep her master waiting and teleports off to the main office since the intended target had already arrived and there was no use in dawdling around any longer. Meanwhile inside the main office, Nira was in the elevator, riding it up to the second floor where the headmistress and vice headmaster’s offices were. She was told that Headmistress Izanami would be with her soon but she could go on ahead up to her office and wait on her and so Nira does that. She checks her phone, realizing she has a text from Nina telling her where to meet her when she’s done with her interview and says to herself that she’ll send a reply back once she’s done. Once it reaches the elevator reaches the second floor, she steps out and tries to find Izanami's office that is in the opposite direction if Aizen's office but before she goes in, she is greeted by a Tsukuba official faculty member, when it is really Nebula in disguise, having used her powers to change her appearance in order to get close to Nira so that no one would be suspicious of her.

Putting on a front of kindness, she holds her hand out in a friendly manner to Nira and asks her if she's the one that Izanami was interviewing today for a possible teaching position, addressing herself as Naoko. Nira had jumped in surprise at meeting someone else on this floor that wasn't the headmistress or vice headmaster but she doesn't act rude toward the woman and bows respectfully before shaking her hand and introducing herself to her while also nodding her head and confirming that she is indeed the one that Izanami is interviewing today. Nira has no idea that this is a trap and starts to speak to the woman in hopes of calming her nerves a bit before she goes in to be interviewed. Nebula, as Naoko tells Nira not to be so nervous. Izanami may be a strict woman when it comes to interviewing people that wish to work for the school but she does well at picking the best ones for the job. She has never made a mistake unless she was drunk, which she says this jokingly and laughs, causing Nira to sweat drop but also laugh a little as well at that. She asks Naoko what she does since she's never seen her before at the school when she used to attend. Naoko states that she recently became an assistant of Izanami's and helps her sort out her paperwork so she won't have so much of it to do herself. She openly states that she was the one that handpicked her file and recommended her to be interviewed. Nira becomes surprised at this and thanks Naoko for her recommendation while promising to do her best should she get the job.

Naoko says she doesn't doubt that she will since having read her file she saw how academically intelligent she was, having scored the highest in all of her classes along with graduating with a high GPA and a scholarship from the school to pay for her first two years at Todai University. She believes that as a teacher she will do quite well. At the same time as Nebula, she's thinking that having read her information beforehand, there was no doubt in her mind that Nira possessed high levels of energy that her master was looking for. Most of the smart ones do when they put their time and effort into something that they dedicate their whole lives to doing. Nira notices that Naoko becomes quiet and asks is everything alright to which Naoko assures that everything is fine and walks to Izanami's office, opening the door for Nira to go inside and tells her that she can wait for Izanami in her office but while she is there, if Nira had any questions before she took her leave, she was more than welcome to answer any as she didn't mind. Nira went inside Izanami's office, looking around, thinking that this was the first time that she'd actually been in the woman's office. When she used to be a student here, she made sure to avoid it by staying out of trouble, not getting into trouble. Turning around, she faced Naoko and smiled, holding her hand out again for the woman to shake it while shaking her head, telling the woman that she didn't have any immediately questions to ask right now but some would probably come about in her interview with the headmistress and thanks her for being so helpful in getting her this interview. She wanted very much to work at her old school and was grateful for the chance to be able to do so.

Chuckling inwardly, Naoko smirks, sticking her hand out to shakes her hand, gripping it tightly as she uses her other one to slam the door closed, using her powers to flip the lock so that no one from downstairs that heard anything could get in. Nira at first jumps in slight fright at what's going on and tries to pull her hand away from the woman's grip but finds it hard to be able to do so because of how tightly she's holding onto it. Nebula gets rid of her disguise as Naoko and her smirk turns into a wide creepy grin as she states how stupid and naive humans were to fall for such parlor tricks and through using her hand she begins draining Nira of her energy. Nira, losing more of her energy starts to fall to her knees with Nebula still gripping a hold of her hand tightly, at the same time, Nira's pleading for the woman to let her go to which case she merely laughs, although doing so, she levitates her into the air and starts electrocuting her with her powers, causing poor Nira to scream out loud in pain, loud enough for anyone to hear her.

Meanwhile outside of Headmistress Izanami's office, Usagi and Nina are still walking around exploring the school, though they're making their way towards the main office building and before going inside, Usagi feels a slight pang in her chest, while sensing a shroud of darkness coming from within the building itself. She clutches her chest, causing Nina to ask in worry if anything is wrong. Before Usagi is able to answer, Nira's screams are heard outside of the building, making Nina unintentionally forget all about Usagi as she charges into the building to find her, knowing that from her screams, she is in trouble. Usagi tells her to wait, that it's much too dangerous to go charge in but Nina already beat her to the elevator in order to figure out which floor Nira was on. At the same time, she's thinking to herself for Nira to hang in there and that she'll be there soon. As for Usagi, with no one currently at the front desk at the moment, she repeatedly keeps pushing the elevator button for it to come back down so she could get on. But out of frustration, she bangs on the doors with both of her fists that Nina left without her while putting herself in harm's wait. She knows of Nina's current level in her powers and that she's not strong enough to take on this new enemy on her own. No more did she want anyone, especially her friends to get hurt. Removing her fists from the elevator doors, she took a step back from it, looking around to make sure no one was watching and took out her transformation broach and started to transform.

Nina makes it to the second floor where Nira is, trying to figure out which direction to go in order to find her but doesn't have to do much thinking when she hears Nira scream again, following the sound of her voice in the direction in which it was coming from. From there she finds Headmistress Izanami's office and tries to go in but unable to do so because the door is locked. She swears angrily and takes out her Gaea Henshin Pen, shouting 'Gaea Star Power, Make Up!' and transforms into her Sailor Fuku. She then holds out her hand, summoning her Gaea Sword at will and performs the 'Gaea Sword Slash' attack on the door to break it down, succeeding in doing so while revealing Nebula on the other side holding Nira up in the air. Nebula looks behind her at the newcomer and scoffs, thinking that it's a joke that such a weak Sailor Senshi such as herself actually came to save such a pathetic human being. She releases Nira but not before tossing her in Nina's direction which allows her to catch her unconscious friend. At the same time, Nebula floats into the air while tossing out a youma seed from her hand, using her powers to awaken it and orders it to kill the both of them. And while it's dealing with them, she leaps out of the window in order to escape, another youma seed present in her hand in order to cause some more trouble as well as drain more energy from the students of this school, believing that Nira didn't have enough energy that would satisfy her master. Plus, she wanted to avoid contact with the Sailor Senshi as much as possible.

However, this is not possible when Usagi appears as Sailor Moon outside of the building in the courtyard where Nebula had fled to and stops in her tracks. She smirks, placing her hands on her hips as she laughs, stating that she finally has a chance to meet the famous and useless champion of justice who calls herself Sailor Moon, mocking her abilities before having seen them in a sense. She also throws out that killing her so that she could no longer stand in the way of her master's plans will be a breeze. Usagi declares that she will not be intimidated by the likes of her and that she will bring an end to her master's plans as the protector of this world and the people that inhabit it. Nebula merely laughs at Usagi's pacifist beliefs, calling her a naive fool before dashing forward with quick speed, saving the youma seed in her hand for later and decides that here and now she will kill Sailor Moon and proceeds to use hand to hand combat on her, which Usagi manages to dodge a few times from being hit, remembering being in a similar situation when fighting against Haruka and Michiru years ago when she believed they turned against her and the others but unlike that time, being lucky enough to dodge blows, she wasn't this time and is knocked off her feet by a sweep kick that causes her to fall back, not giving her much time to use her wings to fly and is then kicked hard in the stomach and sent flying back across the courtyard.

She laughs at this accomplishment, placing her hands on her hips at how weak of a fighter Sailor Moon is and how she doesn't understand how or why her master is so worried about someone such as her getting in the way. That's when Carla in her Sailor Fuku appears, firing one of her own attacks at Nebula while at the same time shouting for Usagi to get up and fight. Usagi struggles to stand back up on her feet despite being insanely bruised from being kicked across the courtyard like she had, coughing up just a small bit of blood on the back of her hand as she holds her other hand over her stomach in slight pain. Nebula merely raises her brow at the fact that Usagi is even standing at all and then ignores her, focusing her attention on Carla who she throws a comment at that not even she is strong enough to defeat her. That's when Carla takes a battle stance while glaring at her with a serious demeanor as she says for her to fight her and see before charging towards the evil villainess, fighting on the same terms as she'd used with Usagi. Both Nebula and Carla appear to be evenly matched in power as Carla managed to fend off Nebula's attacks while in the process of being able to defend herself. She expects Usagi to back her up whenever an opening for her to use her own powers is given. However, there is no chance because of the blast created by Nebula's and Carla's attacks that caused them all to be unable to see temporarily, which Nebula uses to her advantage by gearing up her lightning powers while she was able to finally see the two Senshi.

At first, it appears as if she's going to attack Carla for which case Carla immediately assumes and is prepared to throw more of her own attacks at her, however, she realizes that she was not the intended target of the lightning attack, but a distracted Usagi was and immediately flies to her aid and allowing herself to be hit by the attack which causes her body to be temporarily paralyzed. Usagi cries out Carla's name but is unlikely that she'll hear her, given her current state that her entire body was in but she manages to force her arms to move in an attempt to look as if she was going to attack. Though she is stopped by Usagi who tells her that's enough. That's she'd already gotten hurt because of her and that she didn't need to put herself in anymore danger. At the same time, she turns to faces Nebula, shouting at her as she asks her why is she doing what she's doing? And what does the Princess of Disaster hope to accomplish by hurting others. Instead of answering her, Nebula attempts to finish the both of them off since Usagi had yet done anything in regards to an attack and Carla was pretty much out of it but still trying to force her body to move to still try and fight. Which Nebula finds completely amusing by the way. She then decides to speak, declare to kill them both so that she won't have to worry about them anymore and she'd only have the rest of the other weakling Senshi left to deal with. Plus, the Constellation Knights will lose their Ace in being able to stop the Princess of Disaster, which she merely enjoys the thought of them still struggle to stop her without a strong Sailor Senshi to converge with.

However, before she could even remotely attack, Nina appears, shouting 'Hey' loud enough for Nebula to hear her. She appears before the group bruised and tired looking, having escaped the youma creature and defeated it despite not being converged with a Constellation Knight or being evolved into her final form for that matter. Nina points her finger at Nebula as she tells her that she isn't someone that can be defeated easily and not to underestimate her intelligence. And because of what she'd done to Nira, she declares with much anger behind her voice that she will kill Nebula her Gaea Sword present in her left hand. Nebula laughs once more at Nina who has her sword planted threateningly under her neck, thinking of her as more of a joke than Sailor Moon but if it's a fight that she wants, she'll more than gladly give it to her. So she conducts lightning around the blade of Nina's sword and sends a large charge of electricity through it to shock her. She temporarily lets go of the blade end of the sword to focus her attention on Usagi and Carla to keep them from interfering in her fight with Nina, she summons the second youma seed she'd had earlier and threw it in their direction. She summons the second youma seed she had present in her hand earlier that she was going to use, awakening it with her powers and tosses it on the ground by Carla and Usagi which it turns forms and turns into a vine monsters that entangles both women in its grasp. The point of that was to keep them from interfering while Nebula fought Nina.

In the meantime, Nina had been shocked by the electricity poured into her sword from Nebula's powers and screams out in pain and falls to her knees but she thinks to herself that she refuses to be beaten here. For Nira's sake, she has to get up and fight. And so, she pushes herself back up on her feet even though she's basically staggering just to do that, her body already in bad shape from fighting one youma creature, now she had to figure out how to deal with the new one Nebula created just now in order to free Usagi and Carla. Focusing her attention back on Nina, she now says where were we while holding up her hands, summoning fire in the palms of both of them and charges toward her, the two of the fighting one another. Nina being able to hold her own against Nebula despite knowing that she is clearly much stronger than her, especially with her being a controller of fire. She fires a few blasts of fire at Nina after having grabbed her sword by the blade again and pulled her forward. However, despite being hit with the attacks, this doesn't stop Nina from moving forward to fight as she tiredly thrashes forward in her attempt to kill Nebula. All the while, tears are falling down the sides of her face as she fights. At the same time, she's thinking to herself that no more will anyone that she loves get hurt. She would try her hardest to protect them and keep them out of harm’s way. No more will she walk around afraid to show the world the person that she truly is on the inside. Even if she is defeated in this fight, she'll know deep down that she fought with truth strength and love. It becomes apparent that Nina has fallen in love with Nira but knows that there will not be a chance for her feelings to return. Even so, that doesn't mean that she will allow such evil to hurt her and if she had to die trying to protect her, then so be it.

Nebula becomes annoyed with fighting Nina and summons two large spheres of blue fire at her. The attacks hit upon immediate contact, knocking Nina down to the ground while thinking as she falls and tears flying behind her, that she failed and apologizes saying Euphemia and Nira's names as she makes contact with the ground. Nebula shouts in irritation that such a weakling like Nina had no chance in the first place in fighting her. Despite being tangled up, Usagi struggles to try and get free from the vines while shouting out Nina's name when she's struck by Nebula's attack. Once free, she'd grabbed a hold of Carla and lowers them both to the ground. She appears sadden by Carla's bruises and at the same time looks in Nina's direction who is now unconscious due to having been blasted by Nebula's fire. She rises to her feet and faces Nebula, calling her cruel while telling her that causing pain to others and mocking their strength isn't funny. Usagi tells her that Nina is stronger than she could ever hope to be or claims to be and that if it was her mission to destroy them all then that was fine. But not to expect to be allowed to do it. While also throwing in that if Nina and Carla can stand up to her and fight her then so will she and that the battle will end right here and now. Usagi then summons her Tiare at will after saying this. Nebula does nothing more than shakes her head and mocks all of their strength. She finds it amusing that Carla and Nina lasted as long as they had but even more amusing that Usagi claims she's going to take her on.

And if that's what she wants she'll be more than happy to give it to her. Now that the other two are out of the way, she can focus her attention more on finishing off Sailor Moon. Nebula states she'll make it as quick and painless as possible so she won't have to hear her whining anymore and lifts up her right hand and the palm of it has flames summoned that she was going to throw at Usagi but doesn't get the chance to do so when she's struck from behind by one of Goro's fire attacks, causing her to scream out in pain as she is sent skidding across the courtyard. Goro and the rest of the Constellation Knights have finally arrived. Nebula swears angrily as she stands back up, knowing that they're the main target of the Princess of Disaster's hatred and wishes for them all to be destroyed, just like the Sailor Senshi. But even Nebula knew that trying to do it all at once was an impossible task, even for her but isn't someone that is willing to admit defeat when all of her options are lost. As for the plant monster, it is still roaring about and Sasame tells Shin to summon the containment field so it won't start running amuck around the school grounds. Shin does so, saying the command 'Beyondios' and the containment field has now separated them all from the school so nothing will be destroyed or anyone getting hurt. Usagi thanks Sasame for coming to the rescue while being glad that with the containment field up, she wouldn't have to focus her mind on worrying about anyone getting hurt until the plant youma was destroyed. Sasame tells to think nothing of it and asks if she's okay. Usagi nods and tells him that she's fine but is concerned for Carla and Nina who are currently out of commission and are gravely injured more than she is, because she was too weak to do anything to help out.

Sasame assures her that she is not weak and holds his hand out to her, asking for her to merge with him and become Princess Sailor Moon of Sound. Usagi is hesitant at first in doing so. She feels that it wouldn't help but she also didn't want to be the only one not contributing to the battle. Plus, the youma plant monster had to be destroyed and could only be done with her help in being able to find its core and destroy it. So she merges with Sasame, becoming the Princess of Sound, wearing the same outfit from the training session she had with him, still amazed at how it looks. Then Hayate shows up, also being present within this battle as well, throwing in his own sarcastic comment towards Usagi to not stand there like a dumb ass and fight, addressing her as 'odango' and goes off to join the others in trying to subdue the plant youma. At the same time, Goro is fighting Nebula but also having a hard time because her powers are much stronger than his even though the both of them wield the same element.

While dodging attacks from the vine youma, Sasame asks Usagi telepathically can she see the monster's core. She flies around trying to find it, by then it having formed into a vine monster with multiple heads having grown from it but Usagi finds the core in the mouths of one of the heads and says she sees it. Sasame then says alright and to just relax and do what they practiced in training. Usagi does so, relaxing her breathing and concentrating as she holds her fingers to her mouth, blowing through them performing the Sonic Arrow attack that is aimed at the youma's core which destroys it. Usagi smiles that she managed to destroy it without anyone else getting hurt and Sasame says that they did it in a triumphant tone which causes Usagi to blush, having forgotten that the two of them were still merged with one another. The containment field disappears as the youma creature is destroyed, Hajime and Mannen staying by Carla's side along with Hayate and Kei joining them a moment later. Nebula and Goro have stopped fighting momentarily as the containment field disappeared, Goro panting tiredly but still not wanting to stop, which Nebula doesn't mind using to her advantage to be able to kill at least one of the Constellation Knights.

That's when Nina finally awakes after the real commotion is over, standing and staggering as if she's half dead with her hands at her side. It is Nina's own will that forced her body to move on its own. At the same time, her tiara on her forehead starts glowing and flashing a few times before completely disappearing and her planetary symbol on her forehead is revealed. Nebula becomes surprised at this since she thought that Nina was down for the count after the last two attacks she'd received from her.  Goro and the other Constellation Knights and Usagi all noticed this, especially Hayate who finds Nina’s strength to be incredibly while noticing that it is this strength that she has, that Usagi, as Sailor Moon lacks and thinks to himself that he’s starting to understand why many do not see her as a Princess of the Moon Kingdom, much less fit to be Queen over it. Sasame also notices the change in Nina’s powers and starts to tell Usagi this. While she might have already been aware of the fact that to achieve final evolution, a Sailor Senshi must perform an act of selflessness to do so but it seems that Nina has managed to skip her other evolutions through her own willpower to protect something that she holds close to her heart.

Usagi senses the change and her crescent moon on her forehead starts to glow just as Nina’s planetary symbol does. Carla eventually regains consciousness although healed, her body is still sore all over and notices that the fight with the monster is gone while worrying and making sure that no one was around to get caught up in what was happening. At the same time, she states that it is amazing how ones willpower gives them the strength that they need in the very end. Usagi sees this and while happy that Carla’s okay and awake, she’s saddened and bothered by the fact that the woman still looks as if to be in pain. However, she becomes distracted by Sasame’s voice, having forgotten the two of them were merged together as he’d begun speaking to her. She nods her head in response to what he said while being a bit envious of Nina’s strength. Strength that she wished she had but knew deep down she didn’t have it in her. Nina then starts to transform and evolve into her final evolution form as Princess Sailor Gaea, marking her as the first Sailor Senshi to skip super upgrade and go straight to final upgrade. Her own will and love for Nira is what allowed her to evolve, her mind no longer revolved around the notion of killing, but wanting to protect her loved ones. She may have failed in protecting Euphemia, allowing her anger getting the best of her to where she was unable to think rationally but never again she wanted to allow herself to be down to such a low point in her life. All of her wounds and injuries are healed as she is in her new form, sprouting wings and a new outfit as Usagi does and turns to face Nebula with a more confident yet serious expression on her face while declaring that this fight ends here. Nebula scoffs and says that this changes nothing and launches fire at them all, knowing the Constellation Knights are strong on their own without being merged with a Sailor Senshi and attempts to kill them all. Nina stops her by using her newly enhanced Gaea sword to cut the blast of fire in half to save everyone from being harmed, all of them shocked, including Nebula that Nina was able to counter her fire.

Sailor Moon had attempted to help Gaea fight Nebula out of worry that she might get herself killed but she is stopped by Orion who tells her that this fight has become Gaea's and she wouldn't be forgiven if she ended up interfering in a battle that was not her own. Despite her objections to it, Sailor Moon holds back and doesn't interfere, allowing Gaea to face off against Nebula on her own but she thinks to herself for Gaea to not get hurt. In the meantime, Gaea declares the fight to be over as she repeatedly slashes her sword while yelling at Nebula at the same time that her attacks are in retaliation of hurting Sailor Moon and Nira, two people that she held quite dear to her and on top of her slashing, she punched Nebula, causing her to slide across the courtyard to where Nebula retorts in calling her a bitch, realizing then she'd been backed into a corner with no way out. She weighs her options but they are slim so she agrees that the fight is over and that all of them will be seeing her again real soon. She leaves but not without knocking Gaea off her feet in the process. As Nebula leaves, Goro states that he finds the evil woman to be cocky but Mannen assures him that they'll get her next time. However Kei tells the boy to not get overly confident as without the help of the Sailor Senshi, they are hardly a match for Nebula on their own. Hayate is again quiet during the entire thing as he agrees only in silence with Kei but he'd still never admit that Usagi is strong.

Sasame separates from Usagi while congratulating her on a job well done in effectively using his powers with her own. He also congratulates Nina as well and Shin and Mannen start arguing over who gets to merge with Nina next time. Usagi assures Sasame that the ones he should congratulate are Carla and Nina who did majority of the fighting as she felt inadequate compared to the two of them in terms of fighting head on against Nebula using brute force. Carla on the one had tries to get Shin to stop crying while asking Mannen why must he be so mean to the poor boy. She congratulates Nina on evolving to her final form while introducing herself to her at the same time. Nina acknowledges this while introducing herself in return. She then admits that her strength came from wanting to protect Nira whom she hopes is okay as she doesn't want to lose anyone else that she cares about like she lost Euphemia. Carla tells her that it is her own willpower that allowed her to evolve and that she was never a weak Sailor Senshi to begin with. She was always strong. At the same time, Usagi turns to Hayate as he and the other Knights have joined the girls and asks if she were to ask to be told more about the Princess of Disaster and about the Knights themselves, would he tell them. Hayate responds with telling her that she'll find out in due time but until then, in his eyes, she'll always be weak as she's yet to prove her strength to him and with that he takes his leave.

Goro expresses his annoyance at Hayate's behavior and tells Usagi not to worry about him, he'll come around eventually. Kei also tells Usagi that there is someone amongst her group that can tell her more about them as it is not uncommon for Knights such as themselves to exist. He also says that in a matter of time they'll tell her about the Princess of Disaster but not right now and that it is a story that's hardly happy but serious. Sasame adds in that the Princess of Disaster is attacking everyone, not just them and this whole mess is bigger than all of them. With that being said, they all teleport away. Nina, on the one hand, isn't fond of Hayate's words in the slightest and scoffs. She disliked how he was disrespecting Usagi and knew that much like herself, Usagi was trying. And if the Princess of Disaster wasn't targeting everyone, Nina herself wouldn't get involved. But she was and had attacked someone that she was close to very much. She tells Usagi that Sasame is right and that her help is very much appreciated despite how Hayate feels about it and that no one is perfect. She then detransforms out of her sailor fuku and tells Usagi that she has to be going as she needs to make sure that Nira is alright and takes her leave of Usagi and Carla to go and check on Nira. Carla and Usagi wave goodbye to Nina while Carla tells her that Nina's right. Everything that Usagi does is appreciated by many people. Not everyone will feel the same but regardless of that, she does do good for the sake of others. Carla herself takes her leave but not before telling Usagi that her guardian cat Luna might be able to shed some light on who the Constellation Knights are.

Usagi was left on her own while she still felt down about being called weak and useless by Hayate, his words were reminding her of how it was trying to work with Haruka and Michiru who's views differed from her own. It was also then she'd managed to realized she was still in her fuku and quickly detransforms before attracting any unwanted attention as students had been released from their classes, unaware of what'd happened outside in the courtyard. As for Nira, she'd woken up in the main office of the school, feeling drained and weakened while wondering of what'd happened to her was a dream or was any of it real. This didn't last long though when she'd immediately thought about Nina, worrying about her and attempted to try and go find her. However Nina had found Nira first and hugged her out of worry and relief as she was glad that Nira was alright. She practically asks her twenty questions in regards to how she was feeling and if she was okay to which Nira responds assuring her that she is despite being a tad confused while wondering just how Nina knew that she was in danger. Nina tells Nira that she was the one that found out where she was but that was hardly the case as she was just glad that she was alright. Nira thanks Nina for saving her. Their conversation changes when Nira realizes that Nina's feelings lie more than just friendship and she asks the latter how she was able to get over Euphemia. Nina merely tells her that while it was not easy and it involved other embarrassing moments along down the line she had friends that helped her through it. On top of that, she was eventually able to move on because she found herself in love with someone else.

While it was an indirect confession, Nira admitted that she didn't feel comfortable with the idea of rebounding her own feelings for Euphoria onto Nina. It did hurt Nina to get the brush off by Nira in such a way but regardless, she would be Nira's friend no matter what and that is what she told her. The two of them eventually leave out of the main office of the school with Nina leading the way to the school entrance. Nira begins to worry that she may not have gotten the job that she interviewed for but at the same time she was rather optimistic about it. Even if she didn't get it, there were still other jobs out there. To which case Nina offers to help her find a job while telling Nira that she has connections. Nira seems rather interested and if the offer to roommate with her is still available, she'll take it when she is more financially stable. Nina laughs while telling her that it will because she loves her. Nira herself begins to realize at this moment that her own feelings, despite small, that she had for Euphoria were not only silly but wishful thinking. She knows that she would never having Euphoria in a manner in wish she desires and therefore she takes this day as the day to finally let go of her feelings for Euphoria and move on with Nina and the two of them share a heartwarming kiss as Nira thanks Nina mentally for being there for her when she needed someone the most and that someone who loves her more than anything in the world, was Nina.

Thread TriviaEdit

  • This thread is partially based off of the second episode of the Preter anime series with major differences and character interactions.
  • Nebula, as a follower of the Princess of Disaster, makes her first debut in this thread.
  • Nebula's character design was based off of Princess Azula of the Fire Nation from Avatar the Last Airbender. However instead of having the power of regular fire, blue fire and lightning, Nebula also displays the ability to change her appearance to fool her targets and drain energy from them even without having to summon a youma seed to do it for her.
  • This thread marks Nina Einstein being the first Sailor Senshi to skip other evolutions in her powers to achieve her final form as Princess Sailor Gaea through sheer willpower because she wanted to protect Nira Kouki and not lose her the same way that she did Euphemia.
  • Haruka and Michiru make their first appearances in awhile in this thread.
  • Luna and Diana make their appearance in this thread.
  • Airi makes only a brief appearance in this thread. It is unknown if she will be part of any others.
  • Makoto Kino makes an appearance for the second time but isn't part of the battle that goes on towards the end.
  • Jasmine Tsukino (Lawliet) also makes another appearance but has more of a speaking role in this thread more than anything. The same can be said for Setsuna who's role has for the time being become minor but there is a chance she may have more roles later on in the plot.
  • Nutmeg and Mizuki also appear in this thread but their role is minor.
  • The Tsukino step siblings make their appearance in this thread along with their stepmother Elizabeth who is married to their father, Kenshin Tsukino. It is safe to say that none of them are aware of the stuff that is going on and it is unknown at this point will any of them become involved in the future.

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