Vespers, like most other planets in the Magic Dimension, is a planet run by monarchy. King Nobuyuki, his wife Queen Suzume, and his daughters Princess Maura Kiyoko and her older sister Princess Momoka make up the current royal bloodline thought it is to be noted Vespers is the richest, most prosperous and most influential kingdom of the whole Magic Dimension.


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Vespers PalaceEdit

The Vespers Palace is the home and the castle of King Nobuyuki and Suzume and of course their daughters Princess Momoka and formerly Princess Maura Kiyoko. Palace is also inhabited by many servants. At palaces courtyard people gather every year to celebrate annual renewal ceremony in which Nobuyuki's blade is held in showcase.

Yellow ReefEdit

The Yellow Reef is the Ocean of Vespers it has a colored yellow under it. It is possibly called Yellow because of all sorts of yellow coral reefs surrounding the area. Ocean Gate between Earth and Vespers.


  • Vespers has many moons.
  • It is thought to be one the most beautiful planets in the entire magic dimension.
  • There is over 100 Yellow Reefs in magical Dimension, but only known one is in Vespers.

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