1. Vent Central is only for blowing off some steam when you’re upset. Anything you post in this board will be viewed by everyone so if you don’t wish to be yelled at because you’ve offended someone, you have been warned.

2. You can discuss anything that’s bothering you: bad day, bad break up, bad anything.

3. Once you’ve released your anger within your first thread post, if members try and help you, don’t yell at them or curse them out just because they say something that might help you get over what you’re going through, but you don’t want to hear it. If you’re doing this, you’re automatically banned from the board.

4. Spamming is also allowed in the Vent Central area. I say this because I don’t want spam posting in the General Conversation area where everyone talks about pretty much anything that goes on in everyday life. Spam doesn’t go there so don’t put it in there.

5. If I think the thread is dead, a moderator or I will eventually decide to either lock the thread or delete it, depending on how far back the date of the thread goes.

6. Don't bring your personal problems onto the forum and in my cbox. I'm saying this because you guys seem to like to ignore the fact that I even have a vent board and you still yell at each other in my cbox even after it's stated in the cbox rules not to. If you want to complain about your life, post a thread about it in the vent central board. Do not talk about it in the cbox.

7. Might it be a helpful suggestion that if you're in a mood is to log off for awhile until you feel better and if that doesn't help you can always talk to one of us staff and/or members to see if we can help but please we're trying to be nice so don't yell at us. =D

8. Please don't post your vent threads in the cbox where people can read them. They can click onto the board and read it if they feel like they want to. Staff doesn't want problems to start because of that so please don't do it okay? ^^

Thank you! ^___^

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