Vampires of Nobility
Azula Gray - Noble Vampire


Unknown. Once turned they remain, appearance wise the same age. The longest recorded vampire was over 3,000 years old.


Super-strength, Super-speed, Telekinesis, Elemental Powers, Enhanced senses, etc.


Sunlight (must wear sunscreen if they go out in direct sun), Garlic (the taste and smell), Some are vulnerable to holy relics


Undead Human

History of Noble VampiresEdit

Vampires of Nobilty are elite vampires with specialized abilities beyond normal vampires.These are also very powerful vampires, but not as much so as Purebloods. They also have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry. When an aristocrat vampire is killed, they turn to dust, as do the other levels below them. These aristocratic vampires are still able to be compelled by Purebloods, but enjoy a much more independent lifestyle in general. The Council of Vampires is usually made up from their ranks. 

Common VampiresEdit

These are average vampires with no significant powers. They only have super speed and they heal faster than a normal human. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elite vampires, such as those of nobilty and Purebloods are known to have special powers. The following powers are as follows:

  • All vampires display an accelerated healing. The purer the vampire blood, the stronger the healing factor.
  • Decelerated aging: the purer the vampire blood, the longer the life of the vampire. Purebloods are not immortal. They age very slowly and they can only be killed if someone cuts off their head or pierces them in the heart. They die faster when someone uses an anti-vampire weapon. 
  • Ability to erase memories.
  • Ability to use animals as a familiar, to watch and listen.
  • Telekinetic powers, ability to use these highly destructively.
  • Arisocrats most commonly display the ability to control an individual element, such as fire, ice, lightning, etc.


  • Beheading - Beheading is the most commonly used method to kill vampires.
  • Sunlight - Noble vampires are still affected by the rays of the sun, as such they can end up being sevrely burned if they were to stay in it for two long. To avoid this, the most common solution is to either stay out of the sun, only come out when the sun is about to set or wear sunscreen. Other types of light doesn't bother them but it is sensitive on the eyes.
  • Angelic Touch - Angels can kill them without difficulty.

Known Noble VampiresEdit

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