Usagi Serenity Tsukino
"In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!"


Usagi-chan (by her friends)
Usa-chan (by very few people)
Usako (by Mamoru)
Usagi-Hime-sama (Mizuki)


(Present-Day) Japanese American, (Past-Life) Lunarian




June 30th, 1990




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly) Izumi Junior College (formerly)
Kyoto University First Year (Currently)


Works as a maid at the Kaiba Mansion


Domino, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Usagi Tsukino is the civilian identity of Sailor Moon from both the original Sailor Moon series and the second anime reboot Sailor Moon Crystal series.


Usagi has always had a very trusting nature, believing that there is good in everyone no matter who they are. Personally, she never believed in physically fighting with someone and hated it when her twin sister Jasmine got into fights with people. Even to this day, she doesn’t care too much for confrontations and would try to avoid it as much as possible, even when she became Sailor Moon at the early age of fourteen years old. In appearance and power, she was considered the weakest of the Senshi but believed to be the leader of the Sailor Senshi group. While her powers were strong, Usagi herself was not as her attacks had a habit of failing quite a lot. But this never stopped her from wanting to protect those that she cared about from harm. But she still acts like your typical teenager despite being an adult. She loves eating and majority of the time it is sweets.

Usagi’s loves shopping but she’s learned to not blow ALL of her money on useless junk but she still buys it from time to time just to splurge a little bit on herself. Most of that stuff includes manga and video games, which she would play for so many hours straight. And of course she loves to have fun, whether it’s going to the movies or having a get together with friends and family. She’s become much closer with her family than she originally was for years, realizing that she’s taken them for granted by focusing so much on herself and what she wanted instead of being happy for everyone when something good happens for them. She does care about all of her friends, never truly doubting that they didn’t care for her or her well-being with the efforts they put into trying to help her get over what’d been bothering her for so long. In doing so, she’s managed to get herself into college but is quite behind her friends by two years since she started pretty late.

Usagi does have some strong points but she also had a lot of bad ones. She’s always been a selfish, spoiled, lazy and clumsy crybaby along with being an academic underachiever, making horrible grades in school as opposed to her other siblings who are all much smarter as well as focused, determined to obtain good grades while their sister was the opposite. Aside from being an uncoordinated academic underachiever, she was a terrible cook. No matter how hard she tried to cook something, it never came out tasting right. It came out looking good but the taste was atrocious. No one in the household would eat anything that she prepared and would rather starve than to eat anything she cooked. Another thing is her friends and family. At many points in her life, she’d been very distant with them, sometimes a bit cold towards them. But she was never as cold as Jasmine often was, feeling that her sister hated her because of how she was so the two of them were also not that close. Not until much later as they got older.

Thankfully, Usagi has grown out of that and tries to act like an adult but still acts very childish and immature. She’s pretty much like a big kid. Her battle skills are not as bad as they used to be. For the most part, Usagi can handle herself well enough not to get beaten into the dirt too bad but considering she’s still a bit clumsy at times, she still makes a lot of mistakes in battle. The only time she actually makes more mistakes is when she’s brooding and serious, not thinking with a clear and leveled head. She’s also not grown out of the mentality of caring about herself majority of the time while also getting occasionally jealous at the most random times, whether it be towards her sister or a few their friends because things are going well for them while they’re not for her. Usagi is trying her best to control her emotions with each day that passes. She isn’t rushing herself to feel entirely better about the things that have happened since her return to Tokyo but she won’t allow herself to sink into another deep depression to a point she’s unable to get herself out of it.


Even though Usagi and Jasmine were twins, Usagi was much shorter than her sister, making her the shortest teenage Sailor Senshi out of the others at the height of 5’3’’. She has blue eyes and wore her blonde hair in two pigtails topped with buns known as odangos. She has a peach skin complexion, is very skin weight at least 120lbs but of course, Usagi considers being at such a weight considers her to be someone who is fat when she’s not. She has a rounded face and eyes and has a B cup bust compared to Jasmine who is a size larger. As for her clothing, she'd always wear something more casual and non-revealing unlike most girls would that are her age. She prefers simple things like dresses, skirts, tennis shoes and sandals, occasional shorts, pants and Capri jeans. Now that Usagi has finally evolved, her new evolved Sailor Fuku is a light blue tank top that shows off her stomach entirely with a five-pointed star at the top that is connected to a light blue neck strap and she wears a light blue and pink mini skirt. Her gloves are translucent pink with different color polka dots on them that go to her upper arm. Her wings are large and butterfly-shaped, pink in color with an undertone of shades of blue, magenta, and pink with small gems that hang off the ends. Her hair has grew longer in length as well as thicker, with odangos styled on the sides of her head with a light blue highlights starting at the front and stopping at the back, she has braids styled in the front of her hair but mixed in with the rest of her hair that hangs down and goes all the way down to her feet and she bares a crescent moon in the center of her forehead. She long longer wears boots on her feet and instead dons strap barefoot sandals like coils going around her legs and connected by a sideways star button.


Early LifeEdit

Usagi Tsukino is not only Princess Sailor Moon, the proclaimed leader of the Sailor Senshi, but she’s also one of the shortest out of them all, with her twin sister Jasmine Tsukino whom is Princess Sailor Star Moon, being taller than her by a few inches while also being more fully developed in the bust area than Usagi as well, causing her to often be the target of perverted guys. As for Usagi, she had more crushes more than anything. From the time she was born up to the age of fourteen, she’d been a bit of a hopeless romantic crybaby. She cried about every little thing imaginable, whether it was school or homework. She was never much of a fighter either, even when others teased her, though she would always chastise Jasmine for getting into many disagreements with people, this advice always ignored of course. Mainly because Jasmine felt that Usagi should tell her what to do when at least he attended classes and passed them, whereas Usagi did not. Yes, Usagi is very lazy when it comes to her schoolwork, all the time making poor grades, eating, or sleeping in class, which causes her to be harassed by teachers on a daily basis.

There were plenty of times she’d been given after school detention or mop duty. Not to mention being a huge klutz. Practically anything she came into contact with, be an in object or a person, it was knocked over broken, she’d be tripping all over herself. Another flaw of hers was her being a terrible cook. If anything, her other siblings Adachi, Daichi, Shingo and Jasmine would all rather eat what they fix for themselves, starve or eat whatever their mother Diane or Jasmine cooks over anything Usagi attempts to make that never comes out tasting right but appearing normal. Growing up in a house full of people had been hard over the years, she’d always cared deeply for her family not letting any harm come before them, no matter the reason. However, she has a major flaw of always trusting others too easily, believing that everyone has a good nature about themselves no matter who they are or where they came from. She even felt this way towards any of the villains that she’s fought and defeated in the past. She didn’t understand why Jasmine felt different but never bothered to rack her brain on trying to figure it out. Usagi grew up well as well as lived with his family in the Azabu-Juuban district of Tokyo, Japan.


Her mother, an American woman, Diane Tsukino was the mother of six children, the sixth being an illegitimate child named Ruka Kaiba. Daichi is the eldest of the six that pretty much had to step up to help his mother when their father wasn’t around. He is very protective of his brother and sisters. Adachi is the second eldest child and always had a habit of bothering Jasmine about how much she acted more like a boy more than a girl. But she and Usagi loved playing dress up whenever they played together. Her little brother Shingo was nothing more than a pain in the ass that was just plain weird. He likes to reference anything related to the subject of sex. Then he had a habit of stealing Adachi and Usagi’s bras and they have to chase him around the house just to get them back. He never touched Jasmine’s stuff because she’d sooner kill him if he had.

She’s also the only one that’s closer to her father, despite the fact that all of her other siblings, including her mother, hate him. He is viewed as a terrible father who is an extreme pervert that hits on anything that walks. Kenshin Tsukino was previous, years ago a magazine editor but quit that job and started working for a lingerie company due to his new wife, Elizabeth Tenkai Tsukino’s family business. He and Diane are often getting into arguments with each other, resulting in him getting his ass beaten the crap out of and regardless of that, Usagi still addresses him as ‘otou-sama’. They also have cousins too, but the only ones that come around are Ryoko and Yoh Kajimotou, the children of Diane’s twin sister Dana, who are twins themselves. Ryoko is a lot like her mother, competitive and would always try to challenge Jasmine to a fight to prove that she is stronger and better than her, not backing down just because Jasmine might be stronger than her. Usagi would always stay out of it and hang out with Yoh whom was much calmer, nice and less assertive than his sister. The two of them got along great. Even Jasmine liked hanging around him more so than she did Ryoko.

It does not come as a surprise to anyone in this family that there are a lot of estranged children out there that are fathered by Kenshin or someone else. Many find it weird that Usagi got upset with her mother for hiding Ruka’s existence from her and the others but at the same time, it is also hypocritical since her father cheated on her mother and went from bed to bed with different women but see him as a father and a good person that could do no wrong. However, like any normal person, he is human and like all humans, mistakes will be made. But Usagi never saw it that way and because of this, a lot of her relationships that she established with others as friends as well as family began to slowly fall apart. From that point on, she began to take her mother and everyone around her for granted. Bickering with them all the time, especially when she was told to do something but would always bug Jasmine to do the things that were not in her nature to do or try to tell her what not to do and the ending result would be ‘pot meet kettle’, thrown in from time to time. There have been plenty of times Usagi felt like she had no one to talk to about her problems whenever things were going well with her family. Sibling wise, she shared a common bond with her sister Adachi and wished sometimes she could’ve done that more but Adachi majority of the time would always be busy doing something, making her inwardly want another sibling but knew her mother would not be having anymore children anytime soon and plus, everyone in her family that wasn’t older than her was just too young to understand what she was going through. Or so she believed.

Becoming Sailor MoonEdit

When life wasn’t giving her a hard time enough already, Usagi would hang out with her friends Minako Aino and Rei Hino, enjoying some quiet time reading comic books and manga with them. Minako had a habit of dragging them all to karaoke bars and sick them to join in and sing for hours on in. She loved it and it helped to keep her mind off her problems. But as much as she liked karaoke singing with Minako, she loved eating and sleeping all the time whenever she wanted to be lazy. Shopping is another pastime of Usagi’s, but she would always buy useless things she didn’t need like video games that she couldn’t afford with the allowance she received. But she couldn’t help but wanting to splurge anytime she got money.

If it wasn’t cute outfits, it was jewelry she found that went great with anything she already had in her closet. Cute guys were definitely something she couldn’t ignore. For she’s had many crushes from Motoki Furuhata to Haruka Tenou whom she thought was a boy when first meeting her but later found out that he was a she. But none of the crushes she’s had could compare to the love that she felt for an older man named Mamoru Chiba, a guy who she first came into contact with, insulting the grade she got on a test, then later developing into an attraction between the two. In the beginning, they hated each other. Usagi saw him to be nothing but a jerk and Mamoru saw her as an annoying blonde idiot. But the more the two of them crossed each others paths, the more they felt as if they couldn’t be apart from each other. Unbeknownst to them were each others identities, hers as Sailor Moon and Mamoru’s as Tuxedo Kamen. It wasn't until later after their first battle against the evil Queen Beryl that they realized that they loved each other.


Her Daughter, Her BreakupEdit

Not only that, they shared a past life as well as a future child named Chibi-Usa. But once Usagi made it to high school and Mamoru was going off to America to study abroad, she began to start feeling as if they were slowly drifting apart, mostly because Mamoru never bothered to call or write to her. The more she thought about their relationship, the more she realized that she wasn't really in love with him. Rather, she was in love with the idea of being in love. That she would have this perfect fairytale, dream come true life with a man that she assumed was in love with her, wanted to be with her, and have a family with her. It was then, she came to terms with this notion, finally figuring out that Mamoru didn't love her but tolerated her because she was Sailor Moon and Princess Usagi of the Moon Kingdom. In short, she was so fixated on romance that she’d been in a one-sided relationship the entire time. Mamoru did propose to Usagi when she entered her first year of high school, only being engaged up to her junior year as he promised to marry her when she graduated. But their relationship was doomed from the start. As soon as he came back from America, she broke off their relationship along with their engagement.

Senshi vs. Senshi: Domino CityEdit

By that time, Usagi had made it into her senior year at Juuban, she and Jasmine had gotten a call from an old friend of theirs, Yuugi Motou, telling them that there was an enemy attacking innocent people in Domino, Japan and he needed them to come down there and help. Both girls agreed, packing up to head for Domino to help Yuugi out. Before Usagi left town, she gave Mamoru his ring back and leaving things as they were. So, upon agreeing to stop whatever evil was trying to take over the world this time, the Tsukino twins along with their good friends and Senshi as well, Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno, Ryoko went as well to be a tag along, all went to Domino. As they arrived, they enrolled into Domino High School as a precaution of ruling out students in disguise as being the cause of the random attacks. It was then the lives of Usagi, Jasmine, Yuugi, and Ami took a downward turn. Ami had fallen in love with Yuugi Motou's dueling rival Seto Kaiba and Jasmine worked for him as his secretary.

Usagi didn't find out until later that the two of them had been intimate with each other through intoxication and having found out, that's when Ami had started acting out. Taking a turn for the worse, she stole Usagi's sister's broach, turning evil for she blamed everyone for the pain she was going through. Feeling that it was unfair that she couldn't have anyone to love and that Usagi and Jasmine had everything that she wanted. Both Ami and Jasmine turned evil and Usagi did her best to save both of them. In the end the girls did return to their normal selves but it'd hurt more because of the fact that Jasmine had lost her life in the process and had to later be reborn. Because of everything that'd happened in Domino City, making Usagi feel responsible for not being able to stop the events from happening, she sunk into a deep depression and while her friends knew it, she still masked her pain behind a fake smile. It wasn't until a few months later that she returned to Tokyo, managing to get a place of her own at the Azabu Court Apartments and going back to school to finish up her senior year. Even though she was way behind. She’d discovered that Jasmine had found someone in her life and was expecting a child, and like always, there was an enemy that came along. Surprised that even Setsuna, the Guardian of Time was getting involved instead of taking a backseat like she usually does.


Her sister had broke off her relationship with Yuugi, making the new guy in her life, Hideki Ryuuga, Sakura's father and on top of that, the both of them found out that they will later have twins by the names of Eishōin and Sen. She met them and found them to be adorable and deemed Hideki as a very nice man whom she believed made her sister happy. And in many ways, Usagi felt jealous that her twin sister was moving on with her life and that she was unable to do the same. Her friends around her were also doing the same, except Ami, of course. Their new enemy, Queen Ria played on the girl's feelings towards everyone and made her evil which caused a disturbance between all the Senshi. They doubted the bond of friendship that they had with one another and for a while they bickered with one another instead of banding and working together to save their friend from the dark side. On top of that, Usagi feels that she can no longer hide who she is anymore now that EVERYONE at the Hinata Sou Inn knows of her being Sailor Moon. She feels that with them knowing her true identity, that she would be putting them all in danger, for she doesn't want anymore innocent people to get hurt because of her. This resulted in her just not going around the inn very much. She hardly visited her sister Jasmine who was living there and if her friends wanted to see her, they had to meet her at her apartment because she didn't want to be around any of the tenants of Hinata Sou.

While the others that were involved in wanting to help stop Queen Ria's plans didn't say anything, only Jasmine and Minako found such a behavior of Usagi's to be selfish but neither of them were surprised because she was never one to talk about her feelings yet she expected everyone to spill their guts to her when they have a problem when it doesn't work both ways. All these built up emotional scars caused her to further build up a wall around herself to make sure that she herself wouldn't keep getting hurt. Usagi did make one step on her road to recovery and that was fixing things between her and Mamoru. They patched things up and are on good terms, friends no less, however, it still leaves the child she's supposed to have in the future, Chibi-Usa fatherless. Besides her older half sister Kayla, she has been able to talk about her feelings to a young woman she'd met at school by the name of Milly Ashford. At first, she was hesitant on telling the woman about her identity as Sailor Moon for she didn't know how she would handle it but after talking with her for a while, she finally opened up about it. Surprisingly, Milly took the news quite well but she was shocked. Usagi had managed to find a friend in her. But she didn't continue to build on that friendship when it came time for Jasmine to deliver her baby.

New Enemy: Queen RiaEdit

Usagi was unable to participate in the final battle because of the simple fact that she wasn't able to evolve into her final Senshi form. During this battle, she expected the same action to happen when she became Super Sailor Moon to occur when she kept crying out a different transformation phrase to be able to help. Though nothing happened. She didn't transform, she couldn't fight, and her powers as Eternal Sailor Moon were basically useless. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to try and use her willpower to try and transform to be able to help. With a few more attempts, she was able to do so and use a one-time power in an attempt to heal Queen Ria in hopes of turning her into a good person, which she believed her to be. But it didn’t work. Instead, Queen Ria destroyed her Tiare to pieces with her powers, causing Usagi to detransform and be rendered powerless once again. For the first time, the others had to fight without the need to rely on her to deliver the last blow to the enemy. It was all of them and their own powers. It was that moment, Usagi realized that the others were much stronger than her than she could ever imagine. Compared to them, her abilities were nothing. No amount of training could change that. After Sakura was born, Usagi relapsed, going back into her manic-depressive phase once again. He grades dropped some, she stopped going to the Student Council room around Milly and the others, avoiding her family and friends, everyone she knew had been graduated and working on getting themselves into college.

Moving on with LifeEdit

But over the course of two years, she’d slowly begun to get better on her own and with the help of Minako having to constantly trying to force her to kick her emo habit and be the fun Usagi that everyone knew and loved. From that point on, Usagi began looking for a job, landing one at The Oasis for about a year until she decided to look for something else with better pay. She originally lived in the Azabu Court Apartments on her own until it’d gotten to expensive for her to afford living there and she had no choice but to move into the Hinata Sou Inn, around the very people she’d begun avoiding. But the rent was cheap and she knew she couldn’t avoid everyone forever. She had been managed to graduate from high school thanks to the intensive classes that she took that helped pull her grades up a bit enough to pass and she was able to enter into a local junior college instead of in Todai University with her friends. Unfortunately, they are already year ahead of her already in college, while she is about five months behind but she wasn’t going to let that get her down, nor was she going to slack off. By then, she’d began reconnecting with her friends, keeping up on what was going on in their lives as well as making amends with her family, trying to be much closer to them than she ever was. She apologized to everyone for being selfish and wallowing in her own problems and taking them all for granted. They were all right about her. She needed to work on some things, grow up and act like an adult. While she still retains her childlike persona, she is a lot more responsible than she used to be but for the most part is the same goofy, clumsy, crybaby Usagi that everyone missed and is glad to have back.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up - Used her Transformation Brooch to transform into Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Power [disguise] ni nare ("ni nare" (になれ) means "being changed into") - Used the Disguise Pen to transform into whatever she wants.
  • Moon Crystal Power, Make Up - Used the Crystal Star to transform into Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up - Used the Cosmic Heart Compact to transform into Sailor Moon.
  • Crisis, Make Up - Used the Holy Grail to transform into Super Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Crisis, Make Up - Used the Crisis Moon Compact to transform into Super Sailor Moon, along with Chibiusa, who transformed into Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
  • Moon Eternal, Make Up - Used the Eternal Moon Article to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Princess, Make Up - Used the White Star Gem Broach to transform into Princess Sailor Moon.


  • Moon Twilight Flash – An old attack that originally required her to use the gem in her tiara to reflect moonlight at the enemy but now she is able to use the crescent moon on her forehead to reflect moonlight at her enemies. She’s also able to use her Tiare to perform this attack in a different fashion. In which case the Tiare begins to glow, and then lifts her leg and spins, appearing to briefly separate into three images. When the images reunited as one again, she points the Tiare at her opponent and it fires balls of glowing light.
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power – During the battle against Queen Ria, Usagi was able to willingly transform into her Eternal Senshi Fuku though only temporarily to be able to perform this attack that apparently had healing properties. She used it in an attempt to turn the evil woman back into a good person that she believed her to be and not someone really bent on taking over the world and trying to kill the Sailor Senshi like all of their previous enemies. When using this power, the Moon Power Tiare extended to become a staff, then released an intense golden light as she called out its name. The power seemed to affect Queen Ria at first, but she eventually recovered and shattered the Moon Power Tiare to pieces, causing her to be rendered powerless until her niece was born. Although her powers returned, the Tiare did not, at least not for a while, making Usagi unable to use any of her powers. It wasn’t until she’d overcome the depression that she’d allowed herself to be sunk into that enabled her to achieve her final Senshi form along with new powers as well as old and new weapons. That included the Moon Power Tiare.
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss – Usagi’s attack she’d gained when she evolved into Eternal Sailor Moon. When calling out the name of this attack, the Holy Moon Chalice appears, accompanied by swirling feathers. The base and the top of the object disappear leaving only a winged round compact. She would then attach it to the lower end of the Eternal Tiare, producing a stream of pink energy and feathers. She then holds her left hand by the lower end of the Tiare as her right hand moves it upwards, and the Tiare (now known as the Moon Power Tiare) extends to twice its length. Swinging it around, Usagi would strike a pose as she turns to each side, before finally taking hold of it in front of her with both hands. She then begins to call out the name of the attack as a storm of feathers began swirling around her, and spin around while the Tiare emits rays of golden light. When she reaches the final word she holds the Tiare above her head, and light radiates from the top of the Tiare in all directions and it would heal an enemy in an instant. Whether if it was someone turned into a phage or youma creature.
  • Telekinesis – Using the power of her mind and as long as she had complete concentration on an object in question, Usagi is able to lift objects according to her concentration and move them, hovering the items in any direction. She is able to throw objects of any kind at her enemies, however, because this power requires a lot of concentration, this can drain her if used frequently with failed efforts.
  • Senshi Dust – This ability is what evolved Sailor Senshi gain when they evolve. It is a special power in their wings in the form of fairy dust they’re able to use just by simply flapping them lightly but at a rapid pace to create the dust. This allows them to be able to remove any dark power from the body of another, return a person’s memories only if they request it, heal themselves and others of wounds as long as they’re not too severe, heal only certain types of disabilities like blindness and being unable to walk. Basically any illness that isn’t life threatening to where it violates the laws of letting nature takes its course. There are only a few Sailor Senshi that are forbidden to use this power along with any new ones they obtain, that requires certain conditions for them to be used. Usagi is not one of them; therefore she is exempt from punishment.

Weapons & ItemsEdit

  • Moon Power Tiare – An upgrade form of Usagi’s Eternal Tiare that was created when the Holy Moon Chalice attached itself to the Tiare. She uses it to perform her most powerful upgraded attack, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss as well as Silver Moon Crystal Power. This staff was originally destroyed by Queen Ria when Usagi attempted to heal her using one of her powers. It didn’t return until Usagi finally evolved. She’s now able to use it to perform some of her old attacks as well as a few new ones.
  • Moon Princess Sword – Usagi has the original Princess Sword that Queen Serenity had once used that enables her to deflect attacks, to absorb them and send them back at her opponent, or to perform a powerfully destructive attack. This sword also has the ability to transform into the Princess Harp that is used for healing.
  • Princess Harp – The Silver Imperial Crystal is attached to the harm that Usagi is able to use to heal people. This item can also be used to play music to express her sad feelings. The Princess Harp could transform into the Princess Sword, which was a very powerful weapon.
  • Disguise Pen – Luna gave Usagi the Disguise Pen so she could disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily. Usagi was, however, known to use it for more personal matters against Luna's wishes. In addition to changing her appearance, the Disguise Pen also seemed to give her knowledge that went with the assumed form. When using the Disguise Pen, Usagi held it up and shouted the transformation phrase: ‘Moon Power Ni Nare’, including the description of her wanted disguise. Multicolored streams of light shot out of the crystal atop the Pen, and then swooped around and back in with a flash of pink light. Thick bands of stars rushed by as the Pen spun rapidly in mid-air, then Usagi appeared silhouetted against a full moon, her hair ruffling in a breeze. In a flash of light, Usagi then appeared in her chosen disguise. This pen also worked for Minako Aino and Jasmine Tsukino but the two of them rarely use it.

Usagi Tsukino GalleryEdit

  • Princess Sailor Moon


Usagi over the years has had many love interests. From Motoki to Mamoru and even a crush on Haruka before she found out that 'he' was a 'she'.

Tuxedo Kamen & Mamoru ChibaEdit

For awhile, she had a major crush on Tuxedo Kamen and disliked Mamoru because she found him to be nothing more than a jerk who wasn't cool in the slightest. She often compared him to Tuxedo Kamen and how different the both of them were and why could he be more like him as he was such a gentleman. However, before Mamoru and Usagi dated, Mamoru briefly dated Rei Hino before all of the Senshi found out that he was the reincarnated Prince Mamoru of Earth and Usagi the Moon Princess, both of them destined lovers reunited once again to be together. It seemed to be perfect bliss since she believed she would have this fairytale family but as she got older, she realized that Mamoru only loved her because she was Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess. She returned the ring to him that he'd given her as a sign of his proposal and broke off their relationship for good. Since then, Usagi has not had any other relationships with anyone. Potential relationships maybe but they were not pursued on her part due to the simple fact that she stayed away from her friends, becoming jealous of the fact that they were finding happiness with others and she was not. To this day, she still feels that way but tries not to show it.

Chibiusa TsukinoEdit

Then later, the two discovered that in the future they would have a child together, this child being Chibiusa who was a total brat and didn't believe that someone like Usagi could be her mother because she was so irresponsible and unmotivated. Not ladylike and always butted into her life and fought over Mamoru constantly. 


  • Usagi dislikes carrots.
  • Usagi no longer sports the odnago hairstyle except when she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon.
  • Mamoru always called her by her nickname, 'Usako'.
  • For the first time, Usagi was not able to participate in a final battle because she did not have the ability or power to do so.
  • Usagi is closer to the following family members: Kenshin Tsukino, Daichi Tsukino and Adachi Tsukino.
  • Usagi is closer to the following friends: Milly Ashford, Yuugi Motou, Kye Guard, Minako Aino and the Circle of Sev.
  • Usagi has mistaken alcohol for punch and has gotten accidentaly drunk in the anime on two occasions.
  • Usagi does have some issues relating to Seto Kaiba because of the things she'd heard but never did see happen. She only dislikes the fact that he took advantage of her sister Jasmine and toying with her friend Ami Mizuno's emotions from the very moment he dated her.

Also SeeEdit

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