Tsunako Sawada
Tsunako sawada


Dame-Tsuna, Vongola Decima, Juudaime






October 14, 1997




Juuban Municipal Academy Tenth Grade
Art Club Member



Tsunako Sawada is a tenth grade student at Juuban Municipal Academy that has the ability to control the Dying Will of Flame.


First and foremost, Tsuna is a kind young woman who desires peace and who hates to fight, even though she understands the importance of combat when all else has failed. These traits are part of the reason why Timoteo thought that she would be the perfect successor; she would help lead the Vongola Famiglia into a new regime where the mafia would no longer be labeled as negatively as it always had been. She strives to do what is right and to protect her friends in any way that she can, even if she is at a terrible disadvantage. Though she is still not comfortable with being a leader she has her moments when she can muster the strength required to give orders to her subordinates and get them to act accordingly. This is in part to seeing how much her future self was admired and how much she managed to accomplish in only ten years’ time. Ever since visiting the future she has become much more mature. Though she is still a bit of a scaredy-cat she no longer cries and is much calmer during dangerous situations. She is now more than ever able to make decisions without rethinking them as soon as she comes to the decision in the first place.

This is because she realized that by being so indecisive she was only causing more trouble than anything else, and trouble was one thing she couldn’t afford any more of. Tsuna possesses hyper awareness which allows her to see when something more is happening than the obvious. While this power primarily shows itself when she is in the Hyper Dying Will Mode it does appear when she is her normal self as well. For instance, she was able to sense Lanchia’s true nature, as well as when Mukuro possessed her friends. She is most commonly able to sense danger, although the other thing she senses most of all is Mukuro; whenever he is near her she can feel his presence, even when he tries to mask it from her. Not that she thinks this is a particularly useful skill, even though it has saved her in the past. In addition she possesses a very forgiving nature that allows her to sympathize with her enemies, much to the annoyance of several of her friends who feel she is too forgiving. She would much rather forgive someone and give them a second chance than punish them for doing something wrong, as she feels that everyone deserves to have a second chance to do the right thing.

Tsuna has always been No-Good in one way or another, and no matter how much training she has received, this will probably never change completely. With a wimpy attitude, lack of athleticism, horrible luck and prone to being horrified at anything outrageous it was no wonder she had obtained a nickname like this. Her grades have always been terrible, usually twenty percent or less whenever she is tested. Thanks to Reborn and being able to study with her friends she managed to get her grades up a little during middle school so that they were between forty and fifty percent, sometimes a little higher. Nowadays her grades are again between thirty and fifty percent, despite her best attempts to raise them higher. On occasion she can get higher scores but for the most part she doesn’t even care enough to try anymore since grades stopped being that important as soon as she learned that she was in the mafia. It even took her until the fifth grade to be able to ride a bicycle without the use of training wheels. Because of this she doesn’t even want to try to drive since she knows it will just end very poorly for everyone around her. When ranked by Fuuta when she was younger she was always at the bottom of the ranking in terms of strength, intelligence, ambition, and just about everything else. The only things she ranked high on was her likeliness of having her foot stolen from her and the fact that she was the most easily-spooked person in the entire mafia; neither of which was remotely a good thing, although Fuuta seemed happy about both.

Even though Tsuna hasn’t been ranked in years she doubts very much has changed, and if it has she doesn’t really want to know out of fear that her scores are still remarkably low. This is because she has very low self-esteem and confidence. She is terribly afraid of failing, especially failing her friends. She’s afraid that her ‘dame’ status will end up causing those she loves to be hurt, or worse, killed because she is unable to do anything to help them no matter how hard she tries to. This fear has grown since Reborn and the others left for Italy because she has come to think that they all realized how useless she really is and that’s why they decided to just make a clean break from her. She is also very clumsy and is prone to having accidents like tripping when running and falling down stairs when she is going too quickly or simply not paying attention. As such she always had bruises growing up. It’s only thanks to the rigorous training she has been put through to strengthen her body that she no longer bruises as easily as she once did. A bit of a crybaby, there are a lot of things that scare her. The dark, an empty school or abandoned building, cemeteries, cockroaches, snakes, worms, and bats being only a few at the top of the list.


Note: Most of this is just summarizing the manga and anime and as it contains spoilers for both I'd recommend avoiding it and skipping down to the section below, detailing her time since the end of the future arcs.

Born to Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana, Sawada Tsunako has always been a somewhat clumsy girl of average intelligence with no particular skill. Unbeknownst to her she has been involved in the mafia from the day she was born; even before that really, as her father is a member of the Vongola Famiglia. Although she has only recently discovered this, she is in fact a descendent of Giotto, the founder of the Vongola. Thanks to her relative ineptness in school she was labeled ‘Dame-Tsuna’ early on in life and has carried the nickname ever since. Although she never liked the name, and wished that she could just fade into the sidelines without embarrassing herself, fate seemed to be against her. Thankfully, even with the nickname and the occasional embarrassing mishap she never drew too much attention so she was able to live in relative comfort that at least her life was pretty normal. To her normal was good since the unusual always made her feel unsure about herself. Her father, Iemitsu, was often away from home for long periods of time – sometimes years even – doing god only knew what. Because of this Tsuna was far closer to her mother than her father, despite the fact that she was not very girly and did not in fact like many of the frilly, girly things that her mother tried to get her interested in. The only one she really did enjoy was cooking, and would often volunteer to help mama in the kitchen when she had the time.

Tsuna’s life began to change drastically when she was fourteen. One day she woke up only to discover that her mother had hired a home tutor to help her to become a better student. That in and of itself was bad enough. The true problem was the tutor himself; an infant by the name of Reborn who declared himself to be a hitman who had come to train Tsuna to become the next mafia boss for the Vongola Famiglia. Naturally she did not believe him because really, who ever heard of a baby being a hitman for the mafia? After berating Tsuna for a while on the way to school Reborn suddenly transformed his lizard into a gun before shooting Tsuna. As she fell Tsuna felt regret; if she had been stronger she could have confessed to her classmate Sasegawa Kyoko how much she admired her. Though she was sure that she was done for, the next thing that the girl knew was that she was alive once more, filled with a burning energy that gave her new confidence and strength. Overcome by the trance provoked by her dying will Tsuna declared, “I will confess to Sasegawa Kyoko-chan with my dying will!” before taking off to find the other girl. On her quest she unknowingly ran into a truck, got bounced off it, and performed several acrobatic feats that there was no way she should have been capable of, in addition to knocking her upperclassman Mochida away. Now in front of Kyoko, Tsuna said, “Sasegawa Kyoko, please go out with me!” Though she merely intended it to be as friends everyone else who heard it took it differently. Kyoko, after noticing that Tsuna was in her underwear thanks to her clothes being destroyed by the dying will, ran away.

When she came to her senses Tsuna was horrified that she had not only confessed in such a weird way, she was also not wearing any clothes. Reborn appeared at that moment to explain what had happened to her. Later, Mochida challenged Tsuna to a match for Kyoko’s hand, still misunderstanding what Tsuna’s declaration had meant. Though all she wanted to do was run away, Reborn convinced her to go and face Mochida as it would only make things worse if she fled like a coward. After being knocked down, Tsuna was sure that she was done for since there was no way she could be a kendo captain, when she was hit with a second dying will bullet. Reborn with the dying will, Tsuna managed to defeat Mochida with ease. Kyoko apologized for acting like she did that morning, and asked to be friends. What’s more, Tsuna had somehow managed to impress not only her classmate Yamamoto Takeshi and her class, but also Sasegawa Ryohei, Kyoko’s older brother. Although Tsuna still refuses to accept that she is supposedly the heir to the Vongola she does accept that it seems she cannot escape from Reborn. A couple of days later she meets Smokin’ Bomb Hayato, a mafia boy who wants to kill Tsuna in order to take the position of Tenth Boss for himself. Thanks to Reborn and the dying will bullets Tsuna is able to stop him from hurting anyone with his bombs, and even rescues Gokudera from his own failed attack, thus winning Gokudera over to her side. From that moment on she became his “Juudaime” and he her “right-hand man” even though she wanted neither of those things to be true. Yamamoto, though he thought the mafia was a game they were playing, seemed to want to join in as well because it looked like fun to him.


From that moment on more and more strange mishaps and characters began to appear in her life. First there was Lambo, a little boy who wore a cow suit who was trying to kill Reborn. Then Bianchi, Gokudera’s elder sister and a master of an art called poison cooking. Before she knew what was happening to her, Tsuna was being followed by a strange girl named Miura Haru who thought that Tsuna was abusing Reborn. Though Haru tried to attack her the next day she ended up falling in the river and almost drowning. Though she couldn’t swim Tsuna was able to save her thanks to the dying will, gaining her another fan. Another strange character came in the form of Hibari Kyoya, the disciplinary committee chairman for Namimori Middle School. After Tsuna and her friends took over his committee’s clubroom he attacked them, easily knocking out Gokudera and Yamamoto. Although they managed to escape thanks to Reborn, Tsuna felt that her life was really getting dangerous when someone like Hibari got angry with them thanks to this mafia game. More misadventures took place when Tsuna met I-Pin, a little Chinese assassin girl who possessed deadly techniques, Kyoko’s boxing obsessed brother, and the Cavallone Famiglia’s boss Dino. Even a little boy who had the power to rank things and her school’s new doctor turned out to be involved with the mafia. With each passing day and new experience Tsuna was positive that her life was going to end at any time thanks to the stress of it all. Although Tsuna kept trying to get Yamamoto to believe that the mafia wasn’t a game and he should back out while he could he ignored her, eventually agreeing to have Reborn teach him. Thanks to this special training Yamamoto was able to turn a specialized bat into a sword. Even after seeing this he still seemed to believe that the mafia was just a game, much to Tsuna’s horror. The unwilling mafia boss learned quickly that even ordinary competitions became abnormal and deadly when the mafia was involved.

After students from Namimori are attacked, including Ryohei and a member of the disciplinary committee, Hibari disappears while investigating Kokuyo Land. Even the ranking boy Fuuta vanishes. Later, Gokudera is attacked and injured as well when he tries to protect Tsuna. Tsuna and Reborn, along with Gokudera, Yamamoto and Bianchi head to Kokuyo Land and are immediately placed into a series of battles. After Yamamoto wins his match Bianchi managed to win hers without too much difficulty, but when faced against a foe calling himself Birds they were all at a loss as he had assassins in place ready to kill Haru, Kyoko and Kyoko’s friend Hana. Tsuna submitted to Birds’s terms in order to save them. After Birds told her to kill herself she was prepared to do so, and would have if not for a scream on the monitor behind Birds. Thinking quickly, Reborn had been prepared for the possibility that the girls would be threatened, so he had put Doctor Shamal, I-Pin and Lambo on guard duty just in case. While Shamal rescued Kyoko, future I-Pin and Lambo saved Haru. Thus Gokudera and Yamamoto were able to easily defeat the weak Birds now that his leverage was out of play. Fuuta appears before the group, but after telling them that he plans on staying with the criminal Rokudo Mukuro he ran off. Tsuna chased after him, and though her friends tried to follow her they were stopped by a steel beam thrown by the insanely strong Mukuro. Or rather, a man posing as Mukuro. While they start fighting Tsuna finds herself growing lost in the forest, until she meets a strange boy wearing a Kokuyo uniform. The boy claimed that he was being held hostage as well, and though Tsuna got a bad feeling from him, she only cared about her friends’ safety so she left him, promising to return after she found them.

Tsuna manages to find them thanks solely to her clumsy nature. Although she is scared when she sees the man presumed to be Mukuro she puts her fears aside when she sees her injured friends. At least until she realizes what it is she is doing. While she is debating whether or not to actually come down there and fight Mukuro begins his attack on Bianchi. Reborn manages to get the weakened Leon to transform into the gun, shooting Tsuna just in time for her to protect Bianchi from certain demise. Thanks to the dying will Tsuna is able to catch the wrecking ball. She is also able to sense that Mukuro is not a bad person as he doesn’t want to see his enemy die ore defeat them with his bare hands. She tells him her opinion of him, that he is actually a warm and nice guy, and simply smiles after defeating him. The man reveals himself to be Lanchia and that he was only posing as Mukuro’s double. After Lanchia tells his story about how Mukuro destroyed the family Lanchia was a part of by controlling him, he is poisoned by Chikusa in order to keep him from saying any more on the real Mukuro. After Lanchia apparently dies Tsuna vows to get rid of Mukuro, even though Reborn reminds her that they can’t use the dying will bullet any more. Hearing this, Reborn tells them that Lanchia is not dead yet and so long as they can get the antidote quickly enough he may survive. The group heads into the main building where they find Hibari’s broken cellphone, proving that he never left. Tsuna comments that Hibari’s ringtone is their school song, which Gokudera finds lame. Though she doesn’t say anything she secretly agrees that it is strange how much he loves their school’s song.

When they find a way up to the next floor they walk into the yo-yo master Chikusa’s trap. Gokudera sets off a set of smoke bombs, allowing Tsuna and the others to head up the emergency ladder. Tsuna is reluctant to leave him by himself to fight since he is still recovering from being injured, but in the end is convinced to go without him by Gokudera and Bianchi. As the remaining three travel further into the building Tsuna notices that the dark presence seems to increase. Reborn tells her that it is in fact Mukuro, who they soon come across. Tsuna is surprised to learn that the boy she had met in the forest earlier is actually Rokudo Mukuro. Bianchi is stabbed by Fuuta, who is under the control of Mukuro. The boy attacks Tsuna next, though she is able to snap him out of the mind control by telling him that he didn’t do anything wrong and that he shouldn’t feel guilty or worry. Angered by his treatment of people Tsuna rushes at Mukuro, armed only with a whip she didn’t know how to use. Mukuro easily knocked her down as she was unused to fighting without the dying will bullet. When Mukuro uses his illusions on her she easily falls for them, forcing Reborn to literally slap her out of it when he sees she is losing control. Although Tsuna is afraid and doesn’t believe that she would be able to win against him, Reborn tells Mukuro that his student will defeat him. Right when Tsuna is about to be attacked by summoned snakes she is saved by Gokudera and Hibari who have finished their fight downstairs. Tsuna can only watch as the injured Hibari duels with Mukuro, who manages to win before collapsing from his injuries. However it is soon revealed that his win was not as apparent as it had seemed. Right before their eyes Mukuro kills himself, although Tsuna is overcome by a feeling that something is wrong.

The Vongola Decima is able to realize that something is off about Bianchi and that the poison master has in fact been taken over by Mukuro’s spirit. Mukuro begins to switch between bodies, going from Bianchi’s to Gokudera’s, and though he tries to use Hibari’s he is unable to since it is too badly damaged for him to move it. He eventually takes over several bodies at once including Ken and Chikusa’s as well. Reborn attempted to convince Tsuna to rise to the occasion in order to save everyone and defeat Mukuro, which finally succeeds when she realizes that there is no way she is willing to lose to such a terrible person as he. Tsuna’s determination allows the cocooned Leon to emerge and give Tsuna a new item that will help her win. The item is revealed to be a set of yarn mittens emblazoned with the number ‘27’. Though Tsuna has no idea why these would be useful to her she puts them on and is able to deflect a direct attack thanks to a bullet hidden in one of the gloves. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the bullet even though he didn’t know what its effect would be. Thanks to the bullet Tsuna was able to hear the rebukes of her loved ones and find her true strength, entering Hyper Dying Will Mode for the first time. With this newfound power she is able to defeat Mukuro without causing further damage to the bodies he is possessing. The Hyper Dying Will ended up being too much for her body to take and she became incapable of moving for several weeks afterwards as her muscles recovered.

After Mukuro was arrested and everyone recovered from their injuries they were given a brief respite from the fighting. This included going on a vacation that proved to be little more than a training exercise with the powerful infant Colonello. Tsuna even had a brief run-in with Giannini, a weapon tuner for the Vongola who did more harm than good when he accidentally broke Lambo’s Ten Year Bazooka. Her friends even try to help her learn how to swim, though not only does she not learn how to swim, she almost dies in the process. Eventually her father returns home after another long absence, and though her mama was happy to see him again, Tsuna was not. She didn’t have long to worry about seeing him again though because while she was out with the others a boy with a dying will flame on his forehead was attacked by a white haired swordsman right in front of her. The boy seemed to know who she was although she was sure that she had never met him before. The next thing she knew the boy was dragging her away, although they didn’t get far before the swordsman stopped them. He was about to attack Tsuna when Gokudera and Yamamoto cut in to save her. Both were defeated with ease. While watching the strange boy fight with the swordsman again Tsuna’s mittens were delivered to her by Reborn just in time as the boy fell. Tsuna entered her dying will mode but was unable to do anything against the swordsman. The strange boy, Basil, had to step in and save her, giving her a set of rings to protect. The appearance of Dino was the only thing that saved them from the dangerous Superbi Squalo, although he couldn’t prevent Squalo from stealing the Vongola rings. Reborn reveals that Squalo is actually a part of the Vongola as well, much to the girl’s shock.

At the hospital Tsuna was informed that the Vongola rings Squalo had taken were fakes and that Dino had brought the real ones with him. When Tsuna returned to her house she found out her father was there, unconscious after drinking too much. Stranger still was the fact that both Haru and Kyoko were there as well. They, along with Lambo, I-Pin, Fuuta and Bianchi were celebrating Iemitsu’s return with mama. Though everyone seemed happy to see Iemitsu, Tsuna still had mixed feelings about his return since, to her at least, he had always been a no-good father. After getting a Vongola Ring (the Sky ring) from Reborn she found out more about the Vongola and the Varia, of which Squalo is a member. She also found out that Gokudera and Yamamoto, among others, were given rings by Reborn and asked to be Tsuna’s guardians. Though Gokudera had no problem excepting his Ring of Storm, Yamamoto was a bit more hesitant about his Ring of Rain. Relieved, Tsuna told him that it was a good thing to refuse it since it would mean that the long-haired guy would come after them for having the ring. Though she had hoped this would deter the two further it instead had the opposite effect because it made Yamamoto change his mind and keep his ring. Though she asked who the other people were who were given rings Reborn only said that she knew them all. His outfit, however, revealed that the Sun Guardian was none other than Sasegawa Ryohei. Colonello soon arrived in order to take on Ryohei as a student. Though Tsuna hoped that her home tutor would be Dino she instead got Reborn, who didn’t hesitate to shoot her with a dying will bullet. When she finally regained control of herself she was clinging to a mountain, about halfway up, with no idea how she had gotten there. According to Reborn she had intuitively known that this would be a good place to train. In her mind she thought he had somehow conned her into climbing the mountain.

Thus Tsuna’s difficult training began. Although she had no desire to train or fight she knew she didn’t have a choice since the Varia was coming and would surely attack when they arrived. Her first exercise was to climb the cliff as Reborn planned on teaching her a technique that would be useful for her particular fighting style that so resembled the one used by the first Vongola. After passing the first phase of training Reborn moved straight into the second phase without giving her time to rest. The second phase proved even harder as it involved sparring with Basil, who had recovered from his wounds thanks to his mysterious master. While they were sparring for the first time Basil noted that she let herself be overcome by her dying will when she should instead only allow herself to be at it for a moment to allow the power to come to her. If she wanted to master herself and lengthen the time she could spend in dying will mode she had to learn how to better use her energy instead of releasing it all at once. The more the two sparred the longer she was able to remain in the dying will mode and the more intuitive a fighter she became even without entering the Hyper Dying Will mode. When she finally managed to defeat Basil the two moved onto the third phase of training which involved strengthening her mental power by doing exercises such as balancing on a small rock surrounded by mines. If she lost concentration for too long she would end up touching the mines and dying. The same night this phase of training started Tsuna discovered that her father was involved in the Vongola as well and was actually Basil’s secret master. Though she wanted to ask him more he only made her promise that she was not to tell mama about it. Iemitsu told Tsuna that the Guardian of Thunder needed to be protected since they were so immature. The guardian in question turned out to be Lambo who was thankfully saved in time.

As both Tsuna and the leader of the Varia, Xanxus, were potential candidates for the position as Vongola Decimo, it was decided that a ring conflict would take place. A series of matches between guardians that would decide who was the right person to be the next Vongola boss. The matches would be judged by the Cervello, an all-female organization loyal to the Vongola. Tsuna was terrified as just by being in the presence of the Varia she could sense their destructive power. Though she wanted nothing more than to run Gokudera and Yamamoto convinced her to stay and fight; that they were ready to fight and they were not afraid of the Varia. It turned out that the ring conflict would take place on Nami-Middle’s grounds and the first match would be between the Sun Guardians. Though the Varia’s candidate had a clear advantage Ryohei managed to win, reassuring Tsuna that her guardians weren’t going to just end up being killed by the Varia. This didn’t stop her from worrying about Lambo though, since he was still so young and immature. Her worry grew when she met with the future Lambo and he told her he had no memory of competing in any conflict like this. He warned her to not let his younger self compete. Her fears were realized when the young Lambo was easily overwhelmed, forced to use his Ten Year Bazooka for help. Although this Lambo fared better, he took was forced to retreat by entering the Bazooka. It was the Lambo from twenty years in the future who showed just how useful the Thunder Guardian could become as the Varia’s guardian, Leviathan, was not able to damage him. It was quite possible he would have won, had it not been for the five-minute time limit on the Bazooka running out, transforming him back to the regular young Lambo who was knocked out immediately. To save him Tsuna interfered in the fight, allowing the Varia to take both the Thunder and Sky rings.

The next fight between Belphegor and Gokudera was just as hard for Tsuna to watch. More so really, as Gokudera was ready to die if need be to ensure their victory in the conflict. However Tsuna convinced him that she cared more for his safety than the victory so he accepted defeat in order to save his own life. Thanks to the damage caused to the school, Hibari Kyoya appeared, showing himself to be the Cloud guardian. The next allowed Yamamoto to shine, showing the skills that he had picked up from his father and made his own. He was able to win against the powerful Squalo, giving Tsuna’s group another victory. The fifth fight was one that Tsuna never thought she would live through; the battle of the mist guardians Chrome Dokuro and Viper. While everyone was convinced that Chrome was really Rokudo Mukuro in disguise Tsuna had her doubts. She could tell that they two were not the same person, although Mukuro did step in once Chrome was mortally wounded to save the day. It was an amazing thing to watch as Mukuro was able to defeat an arcobaleno all on his own. In between fights Tsuna continued her relentless training under Reborn so that she could master a new technique that would allow her to stand up against Xanxus. While she was still afraid for her life the closer they got to the Sky battle the more she came to realize that this was something she had to do. Not for herself but for her guardians who were putting themselves in danger for her. It was her duty to live up to their expectations. Even Hibari’s, as he easily defeated Gola Mosca, the other cloud guardian.

One of the biggest shocks yet came in the form of learning the truth of Gola Mosca. Within its mechanical body was the captive Vongola Nono, Timoteo. Although he was seriously injured due to Tsuna’s Hyper Dying Will attack on the machine he did not blame her as she had no way of knowing anything was amiss. This was the very first time that Tsuna saw Reborn truly angry, and even though it has been quite some time since then, she has not completely forgiven herself for what she did to Timoteo. Finally it was time for the battle of the Sky between Xanxus and Tsuna. As an incentive each of the guardians on both side were injected with a poison that could only be cured by using their respective Vongola Rings on nearby poles to release them. Before the Cervello even had a chance to begin the match Xanxus attacked, his blow delivered a split second after the bullet shot by Reborn. As Tsuna knew she wouldn’t be able to save her guardians as well as fight Xanxus she vowed to defeat the other candidate and then rescue them all. This proved unnecessary as Hibari, determined person that he was, managed to free himself before freeing Gokudera who in turn helped the other guardians, allowing Tsuna to focus on defeating Xanxus. After a long and difficult battle Tsuna is finally able to freeze Xansus with her new ability. Although Xansus puts on the Sky Ring he starts coughing up blood, showing that the ring has rejected him since Tsuna defeated him. Though the Varia attacks they are defeated and forced to retreat by Tsuna’s team as well as the spectators and Lanchia who appeared to aid them. Tsuna is officially declared the successor before fainting from the strain of the fight.

Though Tsuna’s team had hoped to have a reprieve from the fighting after the Varia left fate decided otherwise. Shortly after the ring conflict Reborn suddenly disappeared. When Tsuna goes looking for her tutor she ends up being hit by the malfunctioning Ten Year Bazooka, traveling almost ten years into the future. A future that she never could have imagined. For one thing she wakes up in a coffin. The future version of Gokudera meets with her and tells her that she must kill someone named Shoichi Irie. However before he can explain further he is replaced with his past self who was also hit with the Bazooka. Much to both of their surprise neither one disappears after the five minute marker. While the two are looking through Future Gokudera’s belongings they are suddenly attacked by a strange woman. After a short fight to test their abilities she introduces herself as Lal Mirch, and tells them they have to hurry and leave. Following her leads them to the remnants of the Vongola Famiglia who are forced into hiding because they are slowly being killed off by the Millefiore Famiglia. They learn that the Future Tsuna destroyed the Vongola Rings, resulting in not only the Vongola Famiglia being placed at a disadvantage, but also leading to Tsuna’s ultimate death when she is tricked into attending a ‘peace talk’ by herself. In order to prevent this future Tsuna is convinced by Reborn to gather her guardians, starting with Hibari. In the process she and the others have numerous battles with the Millefiore, all the while several of the guardians end up being replaced by their younger selves. Even I-Pin, Haru and Kyoko fall prey to the Bazooka’s power. Unfortunately, the Millefiore learns of Tsuna’s existence in this time as well as the location of the Vongola Rings. Fortunately Tsuna along with her guardians still possess their Vongola Rings and learn how to use them to wield the powerful box weapons of this time. Hibari’s training almost kills Tsuna, as Hibari has no patience for weakness and does not cut corners. His training forces Tsuna to undergo the Vongola Trial of Succession, where her display of resolve convinces the former Bosses that she is ready. They give her the ability to combine her ring with her gloves in order to create a more powerful technique, the X-Burner.

During the invasion of the Millefiore’s Melone Base the group is separated and Tsuna is captured by the technician Spanner. Though she fears she is going to be killed the technician instead offers to help her by upgrading her X-Burner technique. He provides her with specialized contacts that will help her to improve her skill. Thanks to his help she is able to destroy many Millefiore agents, and further develop her techniques, as she and the now traitor Spanner move to confront Shoichi Irie. After learning about the real Six Funeral Wreaths and the plot created by Future Tsuna, Future Hibari and Future Irie, Tsuna convinces Spanner and Irie to join her family. Future Irie gives her the Sky Vongola Box, which she immediately starts training with, even though the weapon attacks her when she tries to open it. After Kyoko and Haru get fed up with being left out of the loop Tsuna is forced to tell them the truth about what was happening, and in return receives much needed help on how to open her box without being attacked. However, as something else is lacking, Tsuna and her guardians are forced to go into the past in order to receive the seven Arcobaleno Seals to help them open the uncooperative boxes. Though Tsuna manages to pass the first few trials, she is unable to pass Reborn’s trial because she isn’t willing to hurt her teacher. After defeating the rogue robot Verde and passing the real Verde’s trial she asks for another chance at passing Reborn’s. However he refuses to give it to her still, telling her instead that she had already passed it when she battled Verde. The group returns to the future with the seals and are all able to open their box weapons without further complications.

During the Choice battle Tsuna almost defeats the Mist Funeral Wreath, Torikabuto, but actually ends up being trapped in an illusion instead. However, she is able to break free and show just how far she has come as a boss by giving orders when the battle starts to turn grim. Unfortunately she was unable to prevent Shoichi from being attacked, allowing Vongola to lose the battle. Although Tsuna didn’t understand why winning was so important, Shoichi explained the nature of Byakuran’s power and why he needed to be stopped no matter what. Although Byakuran demands the Vongola Rings since he won, Shoichi refuses, asking instead for a rematch since the last time the two had played Choice, Byakuran had lost, offering Shoichi a condition for the next time they played. The Millefiore’s sky arcobaleno Yuni arrives and leaves the Millefiore, asking Tsuna to protect her instead, which the young boss agrees. The group plus Yuni leave, returning to the Vongola Base. Using Shoichi’s device the gang travels to the past where they meet the first Vongola boss. Each guardian underwent a trial where they had to prove that they were worthy to inherit the true Vongola power. The trials are grueling, as are the problems that arise as they try and pass them. Eventually Tsuna wins her inheritance, thanks to having passed Giotto’s test by always putting her guardians before herself. After resting the group returned to the future where they fought the final battle against Byakuran. Tsuna defeats Byakuran, though she is dismayed when both Yuni and Gamma are sacrificed in order to revive the arcobaleno. Once they have been fully revived they return Tsuna and her friends to the past where they belong.

After returning home from the future Tsuna and her guardians began to drift apart. In the beginning it was only little things, really. Missed phone calls, canceled plans; that type of thing. She didn’t think much of it, figuring that everyone was simply adjusting to being home again. It was a difficult change since they were no longer in any danger of being massacred on a daily basis. A welcome change to be sure, but one that even she was having some trouble making. One day she woke up to find a letter addressed to her on her desk waiting for her. “Tsuna,” it read. “We’ve been stuck in the same loop for too long now and it’s time to move onward. After all that’s happened I’m sure that you understand why this is so important. I’ve gone back to Italy and have taken the guardians with me for further training. When all is ready we will meet again. Until then, keep up with your training or else. Ciaossu! –Reborn”. She couldn’t believe that it was true, yet when she tried to reach any of her friends she couldn’t; not even Hibari or I-Pin. For days she did nothing more than stay in bed and cry, not able to bring herself to even leave the room. Mama tried to comfort the girl but was unable to do so since she didn’t understand everything that was going on well enough to be of much help. Even after leaving the room things just weren’t the same with her.

Tsuna was no longer the same friendly, cheerful girl she had been and as time went on she began to revert back into her dame-Tsuna self. Luckily for her and everyone around her this wasn’t a complete regression since she still retained some of the aspects of her newer, more self-assured self. Though she did do as Reborn ordered, she did so in an almost autopilot mode, doing no more or no less than he would no doubt expect of her. Despite their best attempts to get their friend back to herself, Haru and Kyoko eventually gave up, hoping that all that Tsuna needed was some time. After graduating from Namimori Middle School the Vongola Decima knew she needed a change. She couldn’t remain in Namimori, surrounded by all the memories of her friends. After talking it over with mama she got permission to go to school in a different district. Deep down she wanted to move out of the house she had grown up in and never look back, but she didn’t want to leave mama by herself so she never said anything. Thus began her new life at Juuban Municipal Academy. The school wasn’t her first choice since it was pretty far away from home, but out of the schools she applied to it was the only one to accept her so it wasn’t like she had much of a choice. At least at Juuban it was easier to relax; she didn’t have to worry about being attacked daily by the mafia, or about everyone knowing her sordid history. She could just blend into the background without having to worry.

Two years have passed since the last time that Tsuna saw any of her friends other than Haru, Kyoko and Hana. Though the two girls have never understood why Tsuna won’t talk about any of the others they have come to learn that asking about it is out of the question since it seems to shut Tsuna down faster than an off switch might. All three girls – though Tsuna would not so readily admit it as the other two would – wondered more and more if they would ever see any of the others again since it had been so long since any of them had been seen in Japan. Unbeknownst to those around her, Tsuna was making plans to travel to Italy after graduation to confront everyone who had left her behind. This is not because she wants to regain her position as Vongola Decima, but rather that she wants to know from each and every one of her so-called friends how they justified leaving her without a word. She wants to be able to tell them to their faces that she is renouncing her position and has no plans to ever return to the mafia. The full truth of the matter, one that she isn’t even fully willing to accept, is that she doesn’t want to give up her position since it is the only thing she has come to know. It isn’t like she has any other plans for her future since the mafia has taken up so much of her life that she has been unable to think too much about what else she might do instead. The real problem is only whether or not she would be able to trust any of them again after abandoning her like they did.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dying Will FlameEdit

Thanks to the use of special bullets Tsuna is able to use the Dying Will Flame. Though the flame varies person to person, hers is a brilliant combination of orange and yellow. She is able to enter the regular Dying Will Mode, which releases all of her body’s limiters, allowing her to access her true strength and confidence. She also has access to the Hyper Dying Will Mode, which removes internal limiters rather than physical. This allows her natural hyper intuition to come forth. Although she used to require being hit with a bullet to reach these modes she now uses a store of dying will pills. In a pinch she can even access these modes completely on her own without any outside interference.

  • Minus State – By inverting the positive and negative state of the dying will flame at the precisely right moment Tsuna is able to neutralize any damage she takes from a dying will flame. If she is off by even a split second it will be ineffective.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition – While in the Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna is capable of reversing the positive energy from the dying will flame and create ice that can seal away other flames. Alternatively she has a Revised version of it that lets her absorb her opponent’s flames, purify them, and then add them to her own power. As she can only take in a limited amount of flame this technique is most effective when she is nearly depleted of her own energy.
  • X-Burner and XX Burner – Using her X-Gloves that she obtained from Leon combined with her Dying Will she can create a powerful blast of flame. The XX Burner doubles the damage of the original X-Burner but it is more difficult to control and requires a lot more energy. Therefore it is dangerous to use when she is running low on energy. She has also managed a more condensed version of the X-Burner, which allows her to keep from damaging the surrounding areas without losing too much damage.
  • X-Stream and Hyper X-Stream – Diving down at her enemy Tsuna rapidly circles them from the bottom to top with her dying will flames forming around her feet. With this she can create a tornado of her flame surrounding them. Though the Hyper X-Stream is a more powerful version it is far more unruly and can easily go out of control.
  • Big Bang Axle and the Burning Axle – Using the Mitena di Vongola Primo, Tsuna is able to deliver a powerful punch surrounded by flame to her enemy. The Burning Axle can only be used when she is in possession of her Vongola Sky Ring.
  • X Cannon – After obtaining her Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear, Tsuna can shoot two X-shaped blasts of flame at her opponent using one hand. The other hand must be used to maintain her fire thrusters to keep the backlash from knocking her backwards.

X-Gloves, X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring, and X-Gloves Version Vongola GearEdit

These gloves were obtained from Reborn’s pet chameleon, Leon when she made up her mind to defeat Mukuro. Although they appear as ordinary white yarn mittens she can channel her dying will flame into them, allowing them to change into a pair of black, metal-covered gauntlets emblazoned with an X. The Vongola Ring version of the gloves obtain a crest that resembles the Sky Ring on their backs, and the Gear version becomes red. The Vongola Emblem changes so that it has a red cross with the words Vongola Famiglia written on it. This version is capable of defending her from weaker dying will flames but is relatively useless against stronger ones.

Sky Vongola Ring and the Vongola Box Ring (Natsu)Edit

The Sky ring was won during the ring conflict against the Varia. Though she normally keeps it around her neck to prevent anyone from knowing she has it, she will wear it on occasion; especially during a fight as it allows her to gain additional power. Using this ring she can open any type of box weapon, although the result is not as powerful as it would be if the box was opened using the correct attribute. Natsu’s box ring contains Tsuna’s box animal weapon as she was not able to take the weapon itself back with her to the past. Though it can no longer manifest as it once did it can still make noises as well as help her to access some of her other abilities and equipment.

Flame Resistant ClothingEdit

Tsuna possesses a set of black clothes that were spun by Leon. Though they are not entirely effective they can resist dying will flames to a certain extent which can protect her from immediate danger when she wears them.

Contact Lenses and X-HeadphonesEdit

Interfaced with one another, the contact lenses allow Tsuna to maximize the effectiveness of her X-Burner since it lets her see how strong exactly her flames are when she is wearing her X-Gloves. They also function as a targeting system of sorts, allowing her to aim her attacks more effectively. The headphones project holograms which allowed Reborn to help Tsuna from a distance, though now all they do is help her see how many flame volts she has for the X-Burner when she is charging it.


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