The Sohma family has been known throughout many generations of thirteen cursed family members who transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when they’re hugged by a member of the opposite sex, unless of course that member is also a zodiac member. The interpretation of the legend of the Chinese Zodiac is that God invited all of the animals for a banquet but the rat lied to the cat about when the banquet was to be held and so the cat missed the banquet and that is why the cat is always excluded from the official zodiac. Two original known members of the curse were Yuki Sohma (the rat) and Kyo Sohma (the cat) were always at odds with one another from the time they’d met up until they became adults because it is said that the rat and cat would never get along because of the zodiac story. However, this curse that possesses thirteen members of the Sohma family every generation had been broken when a young girl by the name of Tohru Honda had come into their lives and bestowed upon them immense kindness and determination to bring all of the reclusive cursed members out of their shells. No one seems to know how the curse came to be but there are now thirteen new Sohmas possessed with the curse of having to transform into the thirteen zodiac animals. How will the curse be broken this time around? The animals of the Chinese Zodiac and their corresponding Sohma are as follows. Please note that the cat is not traditionally a part of the Chinese Zodiac [hence the lack of a 'year of the cat']. Included is the tangible ‘God’ that all of the Sohmas feel obligated to defer to in honor of the original banquet.


Possessed Sohma Family MembesEdit

Amane Sohma – God & Head of Sohma Family [Female]
Zakura Sohma – Year of the Rabbit [Female]
Bridget Sohma – Year of the Rat [Female]
Yayoi Sohma – Year of the Snake [Female]
Salvia Sohma – Year of the Ox [Female]
Mei-Mei Sohma – Year of the Tiger [Female]
Mawata Sohma – Year of the Rooster [Female]
Nathan Sohma – The Cat [Male]
Autumn Sohma – Year of the Pig [Male]
Aoi Sohma – Year of the Horse [Male]
Fario Sohma – Year of the Dragon [Male]
Shinobu Sohma – Year of the Dog [Male]
Severus Sohma – Year of the Monkey [Male]
Kanu Sohma – Year of the Sheep [Male]

Other Sohma Members (Not Cursed)Edit

Mayune Sohma – Mawata's Older Sister [Female]
Brandy Sohma – Bridget's Younger Sister [Female]
Kima Sohma – Hanatoshi's Former Lover [Female]
Perri Sohma [Female]
Rider Sohma [Male]
Ichigo Sohma [Male]
Takano Sohma [Male]
Kitsu Sohma [Male]

Outsiders of the Sohma FamilyEdit

Hanatoshi Sugai – Sohma Family Doctor [Male] 
Ryoichi Marufuji – Hanatoshi’s Apprentice [Male] 

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