Tennoru Island


City of Magus

Tennoru Island on the coast of Magus and neighboring next to Crocos Village.

Climate & AreaEdit

Tennoru Island is located in blue water, far from the mainland's coast, is well-known for its summer-hot climate, not affected by other climates and weather systems on the mainland.


Tennoru Island is usually hidden by a strong barrier, which makes it impossible to find no matter what Magic is used; its purpose is said to be protecting this place from possible intruders.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

The Great Tennoru Tree is in the center of the island and its sinking roots bestows divine protection for those who are part of specific magic groups, making it so that they cannot die while on the island, while at the same time enhancing their Magic power. Such effects would be nullified in the unlikely case that the tree was destroyed.


Tennoru is a large rocky and steep island covered by lush vegetation, both bright blue and green in color. One side of the island is shown to be particular rocky, possessing large formations jutting outwards from the ground, one near the shore, protruding above the sea, and the other near the center of the island, overlooking it; the latter has a pair of waterfalls falling down from it in a small lake below. Topping such second rocky formation stands the most distinctive element of the island: the Great Tennoru Tree, a gigantic tree with a gnarled, mildly curved trunk, ending in a number of large branches crowded by a multitude of normal-sized trees. Such gargantuan plant possesses a multitude of similarly large, curved and twisted roots, which right below the trunk sustain massive lumps of earth; something which creates some sort of covered area right below the tree itself.


The island houses some ruins, seemingly the remains of ancient buildings, something which implies at past, consistent human presence on the island. Cracked sections of stone wall, column capitals and stone architraves seem to be scattered here and there in a certain area, all decorated by a series of intricate, tribal-looking motifs; a stone road, although largely covered by grass, is also present among the ruins, which also include almost intact buildings, still retaining arched windows with decorated frames and stone carvings on the walls. Some of such ruins, distinguished by large arches, are located along a rocky wall facing the sea and the coast, while a lighthouse-like structure, consisting of a tower flanked by some minor buildings near it, sits not far from the elevated platform of rock housing the Tennoru Tree.


Aside from the lush vegetation covering most of it, an extremely thick forest is also present on the island, crowded with large, gnarled and twisted trees with large roots, which are covered in moss, and whose branches almost create a natural roof preventing sunlight from lighting up the place, which as a result is darker than other parts of the island.

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