Teivel Zahn


Teivel-san, Tevvy (by Aphrodite & Hecate)


Irish American


Pureblood Vampire




June 12th, 1998




Tsukuba Academy Tenth Grade
Kendo Club Member
The Lovers Club Member


Ireland (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)


Alive (or Undead)

Teivel Zahn is the third youngest pure blood vampire of the Zahn Family and is a student of Tsukuba Academy.


Teivel is an intelligent and organized individual who prefers to stay to himself and not allow himself to become distracted by things that aren’t of his concern. He’s a skilled swordsman and fighter when unarmed thanks to his vampiric abilities that allow him to defend himself against his enemies. In his spare time, he enjoys a bit of reading to pass the time by when he isn’t training or having to study, two things that actually keeps him more focused. It isn’t surprised that he is one of few pureblood vampires that refuse to have any ties with the council and anyone else on it because he is not considered someone that’s prejudice against those who wish to mate with the race of vampires and in fact finds the idea of humans and vampires living side by side as equals to be nice rather than worrying all the time if they would be betrayed and killed.

He refuses to kill unless it is necessary and if it isn’t, he can still damage his enemies with half the force with regular attacks, making the fact that he is strong fairly well-known. Since the incident involving the council and Kaoru, Teivel isn’t as anti-social as he used to be but that doesn’t mean he’s all chipper and happy either. He is able to tolerate the presence of others a lot more than he used to and is only half bothered by the antics of Aphrodite and Hecate, now just choosing to ignore them whenever they get on his nerves instead of yelling at them all the time. He’s become more mellow than he used to be and it is probably due to the incident involve Kaoru that is the cause behind it. He’s also a fairly good cooking which is a side he doesn’t show all that often but he can prepare decent dishes. It is rare when he is seen anything he fixes since he usually gives away anything he makes.

Teivel handles affection up to a certain degree. He’s gotten used to Hecate and Aphrodite’s warped versions of affection but he will lash out at them from time to time if he’s not in a mood to be bothered with them constantly feeling him up like the idiots he finds them to be. Nevertheless, he knows that deep down they mean well even if they aggravate him a lot. Overall, he feels no attraction towards either of them. Having lost his virginity, he isn’t bothered or start feeling uptight when the topics of a sexual nature are discussed. He doesn’t care that it’s being talked about so long as no one is trying to involve him in anything that he doesn’t agree with. He’s still a blunt person, not hesitating to point out someone’s faults if they make them obvious. Teivel still suffers from tiredness from being in the sun for extended periods of time but not as bad as it used to be to where he was anemic and would feel tired and irritable on a regular. With enough sleep, he can recover his strength so long as he’s drank enough blood. He’s still not considered the best socialite in the word as he tends to stay off to himself rather than hang around large crowds of people.

He tolerates those who aren’t purposely trying to be stupid by saying or doing stupid shit that a person with some sense can comprehend. In other words, he dislikes sheer incompetence. Occasional is fine but constant is just annoying. It is that reason why he found it difficult to form an opinion about Kaoru whom he classified as an annoying idiot. Concerning Kaoru, Teivel does regret the fact that for the hit to be taken off of him, the boy had to suffer so much in the process, on top of that his memories of him were removed. He never really admitted to having genuine feelings of love for him and has only admitted to himself that he used the boy to get out of his last engagement. His current marriage to a pureblood young girl from another family isn’t highly upsetting but it was something he had no choice in the matter to agree to, to settle things with the council.


Teivel originally was the height of 5’1’’ but has sense went through a growth spurt and is now at the height of 6’1’’. His once dark hair that was once somewhat long has now been cut short along with sporting natural blood red colored eyes. He no longer wears his glasses, not particularly needing them and goes around without them. His facial expressions don’t change all that much as he barely smiles or scowls. His Kairi and Yayoi have stated he looks almost like their father except their father’s hair was much longer while Teivel’s has remained ever short. It is quite rare when Teivel does smile as that normally means he has a reason for it like he’s having a good fight. He sports a part of twin katana whenever he’s in a real fight but other than that he’s normally seen carrying a bokken (wooden sword). He has been known to wear regular casual clothing like jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Unless he is attending a formal attire it is rare that he will be seen wearing a suit unless he’s attending a vampire society function or a school event that requires it. As for when he’s attending school, he wears the required uniform made of of a long sleeved white oxford shirt, long sleeve blue jacket, blue pleated plaid pants with the matching belt and black suede shoes.


Teivel was born to the parents of Recca and Donovan Zahn that were native born pureblood vampires of Ireland and the younger brother of Yayoi Zahn and Kairi Zahn. Recca and Donovan had been together for almost five thousand years and were siblings but unlike most purebloods who willingly breed within their own family, these two did not, least not at first. In fact, they had the mentality of thinking like humans where they found it to be wrong for siblings to be with one another but unlike humans, their offspring would not be born with any birth defects. Recca and Donovan loved each other in the manner that brother and sisters should but it was their parents that had forced them to marry and have children to keep the line of purebloods alive. They had their first child, which was a daughter they named Helena but she’d been kidnapped by a vampire gone made for the taste of blood and killed, leaving the two of them distraught about the death of their daughter. The two were scolded for being so careless in not watching their child but it is not as if the situation could have been avoided for she’d been taken right out of her own bed in the middle of the night.

The two proceeded to have more children, another girl that they’d named Yayoi and later came two more children which were sons Kairi and later Teivel, the youngest. Teivel lived in a castle with his family during half of his life until one fateful night claimed the lives of his parents by a group of vampire hunters who falsely accused them of going on sprees and killing humans. Recca and Donovan tried to convince the hunters that it was not them who were responsible for the killings but probably the rouge vampire that had claimed the life of one of their own, which is how Teivel and his siblings discovered that they had another sibling but she’d been killed long before they were born. The hunters did not believe their story and killed them, Recca managed to get away temporarily to hide her children and tell them that she loved them and that when the coast was clear, was to get away from here and not never come back. Keep their family lineage going but through their own choices and free will. She’d returned to join her husband in the battle but he’d been already killed and she, killed not too long after that.

It was this incident that caused Teivel’s distrust in others, especially hunters as well as distancing himself away from his siblings once they’d escaped and taken up residence in another country known as Asia. They settled in Tokyo, Japan in a mansion on the outskirts of town where their grandparents kept in regular contact with them as well as provided funding for their living situation. They did not approve of the siblings choice of residence but did not complain, at least not too much so long as there was still a chance that their family linage could still prosper despite the horrible incident that involved Recca and Donovan’s deaths. Teivel was only eight years old then and Yayoi and Kairi kept themselves busy with not only attending school at a place called ‘Cross Academy’ but they kept themselves heavily linked to their own society, they two distrusting hunters as well as humans but tolerated living alongside them just to be able to survive. They also became part of the Council of Vampires thanks to their grandparents inducting them into it but Teivel wanted no part of it. He found the very idea of the council to be pointless and boring and felt that just because he was of pureblood that he shouldn’t have to be bound to their society’s way of living.

For someone so young, Teivel was quiet the intelligent young boy though he wasn’t the most sociable one as he would focus more on training to be able to fully master his powers so that when he needed to fight, he’d be ready and staying to himself. He doesn’t handle being around those who often show their emotions and Yayoi is one of them who does so for there are times when she can be incredibly serious, strict and demanding and other times she can be happy, cheerful, easily flustered and random. She does care about her brothers very much and wants what’s best for them, especially Teivel whom she tries to make efforts in bonding with but to no avail. He is, however, somewhat close to his brother Kairi but they’re too much alike in personality as they’re both very serious but Kairi is much more strict and expects a lot of Teivel with him being the youngest as he and their sister already have positions on the council where they’re often out doing various jobs, holding meetings and hosting gatherings between many vampire families who come together to mingle and catch up, sometimes even looking to try and pawn their children off into the most suitable families.

This being what they’re doing to Teivel and since their grandparents were funding everything that they did, they didn’t expect to have too much difficulty with the older siblings but Teivel was different. He was not interesting in love and often stated that he would rather be alone than to be with someone he does not love. But they were not hearing it. He was excelling in his training as not only a vampire but as a swordsman and was able to use his powers through the use of the weapons he often carried around with such proficiency that they expected him to carry on the family bloodline when he reaches the age of eighteen. It’s too much work maintaining an image and Teivel doesn’t try and his rebellion further frustrates them, especially Kairi. When Teivel was the age of ten, his home had been attacked by a group of vampires that were skulking around in the wrong territory and proceeded to take half of them down on his own with no help from Yayoi or Kairi. They wanted to in a sense prove a point to their brother that he needed them when he in fact did not. It was then that the fight had been interrupted by a group of unknown travelers from another time that’d stepped in and finished off the rest of the vampires.

Teivel of course was annoyed by this but was nevertheless satisfied that the wandering vampires were gone. He learned the names of the travelers to be Daniel Nagisa, Hecate and Aphrodite, two anodites and a half-demon. The two women immediately attacked the boy with affection that he climbed up a tree to get away from them. Course there’s no getting away from someone like Aphrodite who literally defines the definition of ‘breaking the fourth wall’, if it ever existed. This was the first time that he’d interacted with outsiders that were other than normal humans and hunters. Daniel asked of Teivel to join them to help out with a mission that would require him to return in a matter of three years to Teivel’s present time. At first, he said no, mainly because of Hecate and Aphrodite but reluctantly agreed, feeling that it would just piss his family off so greatly that he was socializing and agreeing to help them. He along with Hecate and Aphrodite are the only ones that know the extensive details of the mission in which Daniel and his brother Kai are on and they do not reveal it to anyone else, keeping the information between them.

Of course, Yayoi and Kairi did not approve of what he’d just agreed to, although they didn’t know exactly what it was, they did not want him to be part of it and because their home had be discovered, which would more than likely attract the attention of hunters, they had to move again but in the city of Tokyo itself where they would really have to live alongside humans. It is not as if they would be bothered by it because all of the Zahn siblings were not harmed by the sun’s rays. In fact, they’re the only known pureblood family that is able to walk in direct sunlight without being burned or combusting into flames and it is because of this knowledge that other vampires from respective families wish to mate with them and why they’re trying to pawn off Teivel against his will. As such, he doesn’t like to drink blood to avoid feeling that way but he doesn’t care too much for the headaches from not feeding either. While Kairi and Yayoi are often away from home due to work, Teivel is the one that takes care of their new home in their three bedroom house. When he is not doing that, he does attending school, having been enrolled as a student at Tsukuba Academy (because he refused to attend Cross Academy, which was a secret school that vampires attended) for the past four years since he’d last seen Daniel and his female crew. The three of them had returned over a year ago to the present for, which case, Teivel keeps his promise in agreeing to help them in their mission. A mission to change the fate of the future of not only the school but the world itself and he still puts up with the society of his family and other vampires but unlike them, Daniel and the others don’t treat him like … well they treat him like a regular person despite that he didn’t trust them immediately and that he’s a vampire.


It was only a couple of months ago that he seemingly got involved with student Kaoru Yukimi though this supposed relationship the two of them had or lack there of one for that matter, Teivel’s feelings were not those of love as he has only admitted and realized this himself but has not told anyone else, though there are hints that his sister Yayoi may have realized already that he used Kaoru to get out of his engagement. While there were no plans made of marrying this human boy whom he’d found dreadfully annoying, especially when he’d attended Tsukuba briefly last summer and displayed large amounts of nothing but incompetence and incapability of taking care of himself, let alone thinking for himself, his tolerate for him was only by a small portion. Because of his intimate night he shared with Kaoru and the engagement being called off with his previous fiancee, this caused the vampire council to order a hit being put out on Teivel since they couldn’t kill Kaoru without starting a war between humans and vampires. Therefore targeting Teivel was the easiest option for them. Teivel had been attacked by lackeys from the council but they failed in succeeding to kill him like they had been ordered. If it had been for another fellow vampire by the name of Angela Tresor, a shinso vampire woman with the ability to have visions of the future, he probably would be dead. A fellow vampire from his school also helped out as well, Moka Akashiya. They all had agreed upon (with Kaoru present of course), that the best option would be to go forth toward the council and strike up a deal with them that involves Kaoru’s memories of Teivel being removed.

While the council agreed upon this, they didn’t it easy for them as they wanted to be the ones to erase the boy’s memories. They may have confronted the council but before anything could be set in motion as it should’ve been, the evil entity already causing problems in the city known as Tutock used that moment as an opportunity to force Teivel to turn on Kaoru against his will and take one of his katana and stab the boy with it. The point of doing that wasn’t to kill him but to remove the bit of blood that belonged to Thunder out of his body, therefore rendering him completely normal with no enhancements to his life span or gaining any powers, even if they were very little. Therefore Kaoru as left in a pool of his own blood and by the time Teivel had realized what’d happened, it was too late to fix what’d been done. This action performed surprised everyone but at the same time, the council approved of it as well as proceeded to erase Kaoru’s memories of Teivel and his involvement and knowledge of vampires and were replaced with new memories in the process. Teivel was not allowed to participate in disposing of Kaoru’s body (he was still half alive but severely injured and bruised) and was forced to stay within the council’s watch until the task had been done. That may have been over but Teivel was not able to escape some form of punishment. As a result of the council feeling as if the laws of vampires have been made a mockery out of, Teivel was forced into a marriage of inconvenience by bride of their choosing and they sought out Ringo White.

Teivel was not feeling the least bit happy about this but didn’t argue as he’d caused enough trouble as it is. On top of that, someone innocent had gotten involved into the world of vampires and almost died because of it. He is aware that Kaoru is still alive but has been ordered to not go anywhere near him and should Kaoru do so even with his memories removed, the council will have no choice but to take the next course of action and propose death for the boy. Teivel knew trying to socialize with him was foolish anyway and had accepted having to marry Ringo. He doesn’t find her obnoxious like he did the last time he’d been engaged and she seems to carry herself better. Also part of the marriage was an expectancy to eventually bear a child with Ringo. That’s a responsibility that he’s not ready for or even sure if he wants. There are still many things he needs to sort out but one thing is clear that he knows he has to eventually apologize to Kaoru, if and when that day eventually comes to allow him to do so. The whole ordeal changed Teivel’s personality some as he’s a lot more calmer than he used to be, not really yelling at the top of his longs at anybody and taking some things with a grain of salt. His patience isn’t as short as it used to be and though Hecate and Aphrodite still annoy the hell out of him even though he’s now married, he’s come to just accept the fact that the two of them are insane and isn’t bothered whenever they start talking about sexual referenced jokes and subjects. He socializes somewhat more but still stays to himself and remains focused on his studies and training. He’s also begun drinking blood more willingly now but through blood packets and tablets and the side effects of drinking blood that he had before are now gone.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Blood CravingsEdit

Teivel is the only one out of his older brother and sister that has a hard time with the idea of drinking blood from humans though he would never admit this to anybody because he feels it is not their business to know. Teivel’s taste in blood isn’t anything in particular, as once he gets a whiff of it, he has a tougher time suppressing his urges due to him not drinking as frequently as he should. He’s had to be forced by Aphrodite or Hecate to drink blood from either of them even if the blood itself doesn’t settle well with his stomach. Drinking the blood of an Anodite and a Demon causes him to become dizzy because they possess a large amount of energy combined one being of magic while the other of the same darkness as himself. He’s starved himself before to avoid hurting anybody but it doesn’t work in the end. When he does drink blood, he has the ability to absorb the power from those he drinks from should they have any powers. Teivel only does so if it is a necessity to him, otherwise, the only thing he’ll take is the blood only. Originally, the drawback for him drinking blood caused him to become extremely tired, intoxicated or aroused, not all of them happening in that order but at random when he drank blood, however, this no longer happens anymore. He can drink blood without the annoying side effects and his body has gotten used to the blood tablets as Layla was able to make some that are able to satisfy his urge to feed. Teivel retains his taste for human food.

Sunlight ImmunityEdit

Teivel is able to walk in the sunlight without being harmed by it. While not all pure blood vampires are capable of doing so, it is rare when some of them can and it is usually due to them having another vampiric ancestor in their lineage that mated with a much stronger vampire which would then drop off that trait into future offspring. The only downside with Teivel is, he’s the only one that experiences anemic tendencies from the sun where he becomes very tired if he stays in it for too long or if he doesn’t feed when he should and is constantly going out in the sun which is depleting his strength that would lead him to pass out. However, since he’s been able to keep down blood without any problems, his anemia has lessened some. He doesn’t become so extremely drained for being out for too long, only being just a little tired and would need to sleep to regain his strength.

Vampiric SensesEdit

As a pure blood vampire, Teivel’s senses are strong. He possesses incredible strength, speed and reflexes. He also possesses a heightened sense of hearing and smell. He can summon familiars in any for that he choices besides a bat but he never did this or was able to with his strength oftentimes halved from being in the sun for a long period of time. Now, he is able to without any problems and he chooses the form of a white ferret with red eyes to be his eyes and ears. He will occasionally summon a fox familiar but only when it has to physically carry someone as it is stronger than the ferret. On top of that, he can turn int o pure energy mixed with electricity to attack multiple enemies at the same time. He has the power to control weaker vampires against his will but has never done so, even if they were an enemy. Teivel can erase the memories of anyone he chooses to if it is deemed needed.


Before when Teivel was starving himself, Teivel would’ve been unable to withstand serious blows dealt to his body and it would cause him to have to recuperate much longer than normal. Now that he is drinking blood like he should through blood packets and blood tablets, he is able to taking blows to the heart and head from normal weapons that haven’t been spelled with the ability to kill anything that isn’t human. As long as he has enough blood in his system, he can heal quickly from serious and small wounds as well as reform missing limbs, though doing that takes a large amount of blood and his own strength to do so.

Fighting StyleEdit

Teivel’s specializes in fighting using standard swordsmanship skills and therefore possesses a pair of twin katana blades that allow him to fight efficiently in even the toughest of battles. He is able able to wield the power of lightning with his swords and without them. With his katana, the swords can produce electricity from the blades themselves and send a wave of electricity at his enemies that not only knock them off their feet with how powerful the blow itself is but it also electrocutes them to a state of unconsciousness and this effect is more devastating when he is at full power. When Teivel isn’t trying to actually kill someone, he is able to fight without the katana using the electricity that he can produce through his fists when he punches or his feet when he kicks. Teivel would also combine his strength and speed with his powerful hand-to-hand combat moves.


Aphrodite Ada & Hecate ReidEdit

Upon meeting Hecate and Aphrodite, the two of them frequently try to have sex with him to which case he manages to get away every time before they get any further. He's come to now just ignore their silly antics and stupidity to a certain extent if they start getting on his nerves but he won't immediately lash out at them like he used to. He still feels nothing for this women and realizes that no matter what he says, they'll do what they want.

Kaoru YukimiEdit

A boy in which Teivel really disliked because of how he carried himself when he attended Tsukuba Academy last summer. Even afterwards, he still felt indifferent towards the boy as he found him as someone who seeks attention in the wrong ways and probably still does now that he no longer has any memories of him as they were erased by the vampire council. Teivel, while he had been intimate with Kaoru, emotionally, he shared no romantic feelings towards him and only used him to get out of his engagement. How he feels now is unknown but he is aware that Kaoru is still alive and no longer is tailing him like a lost puppy dog.

Ringo WhiteEdit

Ringo is Teivel's new wife that surprisingly he doesn't find obnoxious or annoying. He doesn't have to wait on her hand and foot as he's pretty sure that would get annoying for the average married couple to spend that much time together. How he feels their relationship is more on a friends basis despite being married and he only accepted marrying her because it was what the vampire council required of him to do as part of his punishment aside from what was dealt to Kaoru. He takes notice to how protective of him she is and while that's fine, he hopes it's not on the same level as it was on Kaoru because only then he would start to find her annoying. But genuinely he does see that she cares for his well-being. Whether or not these two have been intimate or will be intimate is not yet known.


  • He shares a similar trait of not liking to be touched by certain people for certain reasons that he deems inappropriate with Daniel Nagisa and Ciel Phantomhive. Anissa Granville only partially shares this dislike of being touched but only when it comes to Aphrodite Ada.
  • He also shares an dislike for being people to feed as Ciel does but for different reasons. Teivel's reasons are because after he drinks blood, he is unaware of which affect he will be overwhelmed with. It could be hinted that it depends on the type of blood that he drinks that does him this way but it is for now uncertain.
  • He does not like being sexually harassed.
  • Teivel doesn't do much other than train, read, study and stay to himself.
  • Teivel is a domesticated vampire by choice.
  • Teivel doesn't live on the Tsukuba Academy campus but with his siblings Yayoi Zahn and Kairi Zahn.
  • He has an older sister that was kidnapped and murdered before he was born.
  • He refuses to attend Cross Academy along with his brother Kairi because it is a school that houses and teaches vampires.
  • It is unknown if the Cross Academy that Teivel's brother attends is the same Cross Academy from the Vampire Knight series. In which case, Teivel or at least his older siblings might know of Kaname Kuran and his family.

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