Subaru Anzai


"Suba-chan" - Net Idol & Host Club Name






May 01st, 1996




Tsukuba Academy Twelfth Grade
Tsukuba Host Club Hostess


Tokyo, Japan



Subaru Anzai is a student at Tsukuba Academy and a member of the Tsukuba Academy Host Club.


Subaru has no real special strengths other than his love for cosplaying, where he dresses up constantly in girls’ clothes, which makes it hard for others to be able to tell that he is a boy and not a girl. He is quite handy when it comes to computers though for he set up his own webpage across the net under the persona of ‘Suba-chan’ where he blogs about what he does through out an entire day as well as show off any new cosplaying outfits that he’s bought. He was able to expand on this by joining the Tsukuba Academy Host Club as a member. The club allows him to freely dress up in his Suba-chan persona as much as he pleases and in many different outfits that he chooses. Yes, it is quite odd for a young fifteen-year-old boy to love wearing girls’ clothes but he does so and he enjoys it. He especially enjoys flirting with really cute boys, not just for kicks but he really actually likes flirting with cute guys. Subaru is gay and only a handful of people know about it, whereas everyone else (male or female wise) does not. He likes using this to his advantage towards certain guys he thinks are idiots and the ones that pick on him, making them believe that they’re really flirting and feeling up on a girl. Yep, this is his daily life.

Subaru is constantly picked on by other guys because of the simple fact that he likes doing girly related things, more specifically dressing up as a girl and whether it is the guys he attends class with or their friends, they have a habit of verbally putting him down over what they consider to be strange habits. But it’s not just that, they also rag on him for being gay, thus any chance they get, they dunk his head into the campus toilet, grab him and shove him in a locker, throw stuff at him and call him names. And they’re not the only people who disapprove of Subaru’s lifestyle. His father also disapproves of his son’s lifestyle and has been known to take away all the cosplaying outfits he owns, forcing Subaru to dress as a male. He’s even kicked him out of the house plenty of times for this as well, because he can’t stand the idea of having a son who is gay and likes cross dressing.

He suffers through this abuse everyday to the point that the only friends he does have are the ones inside of the Host Club that don’t judge him for what he likes doing. He hates the fact that people are so discriminatory against gays but knows there’s nothing he can do about that, as homophobia is everywhere. Part of him has felt ashamed that he does and feels the way he does but to him, they just feel right but he does wish that his father would accept him for who he is not what he wants him to be. He also doesn’t respect women that have a tomboy like nature, as they are not ‘feminine’ enough, so to speak. And he dislikes girls who can’t make up their mind about what they want. They’re always second-guessing themselves, especially when it comes to love.


Subaru originally the height of 5'3" is now 5'5" with short dark purple hair and light purple gray eyes. Subaru has many features to him, one being that he has a girlish like appearance to where, even when he dresses like a boy, he still looks feminine. He has a small body build for a boy his age, rounded face that bears many expressions that very little see unless he is wearing girls clothes, rounded eyes and a peach skin complexion. And it comes as no surprise that he is short as a lot of young boys his age are until they become older. Now, concerning attire, Subaru is hardly ever seen wearing boys clothes but when he does (or rather forced to) it is usually an all over dark-blue boys uniform that consist of a long sleeved white oxford shirt, no neck tie, long sleeved jacket that is buttoned up, never open, pants, white socks and brown suede shoes. Other than that he is seen wearing many different girls clothes, his most famous outfit being a maids outfit that he constantly wears when he is under the persona as ‘Suba-chan’ where he puts on a blonde wig and cosplays in, either as Net Idol Suba-chan or Tsukuba Academy Host Club Suba-Chan.


Subaru Anzai was born in Tokyo, Japan and is the only son to Shuji Anzai and Suko Anzai who are the owners of a maid café downtown called ‘Maid Latte’ but allow their niece Sachiko run it. Shuji and Suko started the café business together during their college years,, continuing on after they graduated and they didn’t have their son Subaru until much later. The both of them came from rich family backgrounds but decided to do their own thing and not depend on their parents’ money. Once he was born, they’d left the business to their niece Sachiko Anzai, his older brother’s daughter, so they could focus on taking care of their child. Shuji worked, as a pastry chef at other restaurants while Suko was a stay at home mom. As a child, Subaru was a handful to deal with. Energetic, loved to play and always became excited to discover and learn new things. And that was fine except the only thing that was a problem is many people believing the boy to be a girl. This was due to the fact that he had a girlish like appearance, which neither of his parents picked up on until much later. But they would always correct others that Subaru was indeed a boy a not a girl. At first, Subaru didn’t mind being mistaken for a girl, being as naïve as he was, he thought this was something adults did all the time when it came to being around children.

Subaru’s habits of dressing up in women’s clothes began at the early age of six years old. For fun, he started grabbing clothes out of his mother’s closet and putting them on to show her how pretty he looked. Suko was more amused by this than horrified, at least at first. Whereas her husband was not in the least bit thrilled to see his son wearing women’s clothes, even if they were his mother’s, he didn’t like it one bit. He scolded the boy and told him to never do it again. Suko thought Shuji was just overreacting and would often try and tell him to calm down as kids always go through weird phases when they’re of a certain age. He did and so from that point on, he ignored it, figuring that Subaru would grow out of it the more he got older. But he was wrong. Subaru continued dressing up like a girl up to the age of ten. That was actually around the time that his mother began to fall ill with a severe case of pneumonia. She had to be rushed to the hospital where she later died. Subaru devastated by his mother’s death that he just kind of stayed in his own little world, confined to his room. Though Suko’s death hit Subaru’s father harder than anyone had expected. From that day forward, he’d become stricter with the boy instead of letting him just be a kid.

By then, Shuji had earned enough money to open up his own pastry business where his food was liked by many and it was enough income to be able to take care of not only himself but his disobedient son. No more did he want him dressing up in women’s clothes. He was a boy and he was going to start dressing like one even if he had to force him to. He didn’t want to be seen in public, much less want the public to know that his son liked crossing dressing. He had an image to maintain since his pastry business branched out from Japan to the US. Subaru hated the person his father had become and did things on purpose just to piss him off. Of course, he hadn’t expected that the things he did would be considered a problem to others, more specifically meaning children at school. In elementary school, he had no problems but junior high was a different story. The students very much cruel, especially the boys because oftentimes Subaru would come to school wearing the schools required girls’ uniform and not the boys, which ended up in him getting beat up a lot by them. They believed it wasn’t right for a boy to be wearing girls clothes, called him a freak and every other name they could think of, and beat the crap out of him. Sometimes they’d even shove him into a locker or dunk his head in the toilet. And his father only made things worse by telling him that he’d brought those things on himself by dressing the way he does. But Subaru stood up to him for the first time and told him that he was just like those kids, not accepting him for who he is no matter what he likes doing. However, this only made Shuji slap his son and told him to leave the house and to not come back until he learned some sense.

Subaru was more than glad to leave but unfortunately he had nowhere to go and no friends to call his own. Thankfully, one of his classmates, a young boy named Tomiji Koybayashi was kind enough to let him stay with them for a while. He was aware of how Subaru was being treated by some of the older male students from the other grade levels and thought their actions to be unfair, not to mention savage. Tomiji was the first person out of everyone who knew Subaru to ask him why did he dress up in girls clothes. Subaru’s answer was simple, it just felt natural and it didn’t bother him to dress like that but of course he was limited to what he already had and that alone wasn’t much as his father would throw or give away any feminine clothes to keep his son from putting them on. Tomiji accepted Subaru’s answer, as it was honest and didn’t lie. But he also shared with him that he too is occasionally mocked and bullied. Subaru asked why and the other boy told him it was because he was gay and that he was just surrounded by homophobia idiots who didn’t know how to keep their opinions to themselves. Just because he was the way he was, didn’t give others the right to talk and treat him any kind of way. He was lucky to have understanding parents that fought with the school board all the time about students’ behavior.

Subaru was shocked to hear this but given that he was being bullied for wearing girls clothes, he wasn’t surprised that those very same students that were bothering him, had been bothering Tomiji as well. Tomiji told him to not worry about what others thought about him and instead love himself and not to worry about trying to do things to please the opinions of others. It was just not worth it. Subaru had almost thought about giving up the whole cross dressing thing because he was tired of his father yelling at him and making him feel ashamed at the fact that he was doing it but after listening to what Tomiji told him, he decided against it. The two of them became good friends after that and Subaru was allowed to return home once his father had calmed down. But he still was strict and would steady chastise him about what he wore though Subaru just started ignoring him. Instead, he did what he liked doing and tried to save up some money to one day move out so he wouldn’t have to deal with the constant verbal abuse that he’d receive from his father on a daily basis. But finding a job that would actually hire a teenager (he was thirteen at the time) was hard. Most jobs only allowed teenagers that were at least sixteen or older to work for them to avoid being sued by having anyone younger than that working for them. Tomiji helped him to get a job at a café that he worked at. A maid café, THE very SAME café that his parents used to own and run together but was being run by his cousin Sachiko.

In the beginning, Sachiko didn’t think it was such a good idea that Subaru should work at the café because if his father found out, he would surely be pissed beyond belief. And since he liked wearing girls clothes, Sachiko came up with the idea to completely disguise her cousin by putting a blonde wig on him and a maid’s outfit that was just his size and then it would be hard for anyone to tell who he is. Subaru liked that idea and he’d gone for it. He’d also decided to change his name to ‘Suba-chan’ to avoid any suspicion. And it worked too and customers were coming in left and right (mainly guys) who actually believed Subaru to be Suba-chan. Even the guys that bullied both him and Tomiji came to the establishment, not aware of the fact that two of the employees were dressed as girls. Subaru decided to use this to his advantage, toying with the feelings of men as he thinks making them fall for him means he will be given more respect and be accepted for whom he really is. And the best part about it is that his father didn’t have to know about it. He’d decided to explore more with his new persona, possibly even bring in more customers and that’s when Tomiji suggested that he become a Net Idol by making a webpage for others to view. Sachiko didn’t think this was a bad idea and neither did Subaru.

So he did it with a few outfits lent to him from his cousin and his friend buying him some more since he had the money to do it as he’d been working at the café longer than Subaru. In the privacy of his own room (and with his father not being home and out working), Subaru transformed himself into the beautiful Suba-chan, the famous Net Idol who runs a webpage completely devoted to ‘herself’. The page is filled with pictures of him dressed under this new persona, cosplaying in various cute outfits depending on his mood and the interest of his audience. Although the pictures he took are essentially Subaru with a wig on and in different outfits, he doctors them through the editing program Adobe Photoshop to make himself look feminine and perfect more than he could do on his own. His cousin and friend thought the website was amazing and the idea of spreading the idea to the customers of checking the site out did wonders for the maid café business. He would even get Sachiko and Tomiji to dress up in various outfits and join him in some of the pictures. He’d become widely popular over the Internet as his alter ego than he did as himself. But at least he could do it without anyone judging him for it.

However, only one customer out of all of them was able to tell that Subaru or rather ‘Suba-chan’ was really a boy and not a girl. It was a high school level student that attended the same school that he and Tomiji did, which was Juuban Municipal Academy. His name was Yoshii Takasu and the two of them were surprised that he didn’t out them. Yes, he knew that Tomiji was a boy as well even if he was dressed in girls’ clothes. It was then that Subaru had begun experiencing feelings that he never had experienced before. He was confused as first as to what it’d meant but Tomiji told him that it was natural to start developing feelings towards someone that is the same sex as him. Subaru never really gave ‘being gay’ much thought but it would explain why he never showed any interests in girls and would even criticized them if they didn’t appear feminine enough in his eyes. So, he kind of made it a point to regularly serve Yoshii anytime he came to the café. This was mostly because of the simple fact that Yoshii not only knew who he really was but was also the only man who had not fallen for any of his charms and he didn’t bother to rat him out for it. No matter how much attention he gave to him, he treated him like a regular employee and spoke to him in a friendly like manner.

This was because his heart was already belonged to another girl that’d worked at the café alongside him. Her name was Miyako, also a high school grade level student at Juuban. But Miyako had no interest in Yoshii whatsoever or at least she was denying it consistently anytime she was questioned about it. Subaru didn’t understand what could a handsome guy like Yoshii seen in a tomboyish looking girl like Miyako who often complained about the work dress code, saying that people might mistake Maid Latte as a cosplay rental store of sorts. The girl had become an employee of the establishment a few months after Subaru had been expelled from Juuban because the school had found out about him being a net idol and his father finding out about this and had kicked him out of the house again, forcing him to have to stay with Tomiji again. So he basically decided to spend his free time that wasn’t being spent in school just working at the café and updating his website. He also tried persistently in getting Yoshii’s attention, thinking that a man of such a ‘high level’ would fall for him must feel good, thus he tried to seduce him. However, this backfired as Yoshii was totally devoted to only Miyako and rejected Subaru’s many confrontations bluntly.

Subaru was bursting with jealousy to the point he’d begun mocking Miyako in the staff room. He later caught her changing accidentally and blushed. Seeing her in her usual tattered and boyish clothing, he sternly gave her a lecture on how she should be more feminine before asking her how she seduced Yoshii. Miyako only smiled and lifted him up, and it was then she found out about Subaru’s true gender (she only knew Tomiji was a boy and not Subaru’s). A few days later, Subaru was waiting for Yoshii, and to get the young boy off his back, he decided to teach him a lesson. Thus he pinned him down to the floor only to have Miyako come upon them and punch Yoshii in the face. She thought he was trying to rape Subaru and for a moment there, Subaru thought the same thing. But it was all a misunderstanding. The boy was just thankful that neither him nor Miyako got fired over the whole ordeal. After awhile, Sachiko became worried about her cousin’s education and would occasionally suggest that he should try attending school again and it didn’t necessarily have to be at Juuban. It could be anywhere else in town, so long as he went to school and got some sort of education. But Subaru would brush it off or try to change the subject. He was glad that he wasn’t in school anymore because he didn’t have to worry about being beat up all the time and he didn’t want to be judge for having begun experiencing feelings towards guys.

Sachiko’s efforts to get him back into school didn’t work, so she turned to her mother, Shizuka Anzai, Subaru’s aunt for help. Shizuka lived out on the beach in her newly renovated beach house. She too worked as a café owner as well but had her business established on the beach where she lived and it was only open whenever the students were just coming into town to start school or it was spring break or summer vacation. That’s when she’d gotten the most business. When customers aren’t coming in like clockwork, she works part time at an all girls private academy and didn’t mind offering the time she had to tutor her nephew since he didn’t want to go to school. Subaru didn’t want to do this, mostly because of the simple fact that his aunt refused to tutor him while dressed like a girl and the sight of his dresses make people look hot at the sight of them, especially when living on a beach. He reluctantly agreed and was forced to start dressing like a male while in her presence. And whenever he was finished with his studies (only on the days he didn’t have to work at the café), he was forced to do cleaning jobs under the sun, complaining about how the ultraviolet rays were at their strongest when Miyako, Tomiji and Sachiko came to aid him. Even though he in a sense, allowed Miyako to help, he threw an insult toward her that left her speechless. And that following night, while Subaru was returning from the convenience store, he found Miyako and Yoshii (who had come later to hang with Miyako) hugging just at the precise moment. He became annoyed, accusing them of making out in the middle of the street but the real truth was that Miyako was fearful of ghosts and Sachiko’s ghost story earlier from the barbeque party added onto her fear. And she hadn’t expected Yoshii’s sudden appearance behind her and accidentally fell into his arms.

Subaru grew tired of Miyako’s denial in her feelings towards Yoshii and insulted her one final time, calling her a stupid girl who needs to make up her mind in what she wants. It was mean yes, but he was only doing this because he was trying to make an effort to not continue pursuing Yoshii since it was obvious that he loved Miyako and never denied those feelings towards her not once. He believed Miyako didn’t deserve a great guy like that but he told her that if she doesn’t tell him how she feels soon that some other girl was going to come along and snatch him up. He apologized for yelling at her and eventually she does confess her feelings to Yoshii. Tomiji commented that Subaru had in his own way did a good thing, even if it was hard for him to do it. He’d also stopped allowing his aunt to tutor him because he got tired of wearing boys’ clothes and decided to go back to school. Sachiko had suggested that he attend Tsukuba Academy. The school might’ve been expensive, but she felt he’d have a better chance of getting the education he deserves. He agrees to it so long as he could dress any way he wanted without being told otherwise. He’s been attending Tsukuba Academy since winter of last year where had had to take classes during the break to be able to catch up to where he needed to be so he could be placed in his right grade.

He isn’t the best when it comes to doing schoolwork but he does try his hardest to excel as best he can. He became an official ninth year student at the start of the second semester. Subaru didn’t believe he was going to fit in very well at such a large prestigious school but somehow he managed. He became a member of the popular Tsukuba Academy Host Club where he convinced the President of the club, Shizuku Sango to let him become a member by showing her what he could do to attract customers. After all, he saw this as an opportunity to expand more in different areas as his alter ego Suba-chan and he even showed her his website where he was a famous Net Idol that he’d did all on his own but he’d occasionally have some friends help him as well. Shizuku gave the boy a chance and allowed him to become a Host for the club so long as his identity as a boy remained secret from the customers that came in. As for anyone else that was a member of the club already, they knew Subaru was a boy and had no problem with him cross-dressing as they have done it themselves at some point or another. Mostly theme or contest wise but they did what they felt would bring more people to their club. Subaru still works at Maid Latte café but part time as to not have work interfere with school. And he still finds time to work on his webpage, as he doesn’t want to let his audience down. He also still lives with Tomiji, permanently, not having decided on returning to live with his father.

Since he’s been at Tsukuba, he’s quite open about his sexuality as well, not afraid to admit that he’s gay and uses his Suba-chan charm to attract cute desperate guys to the club. So he has had no problem in regards to being gay but things people who have something against homosexuals are closed-minded. He knows he probably won’t be able to attract anyone with how he looks without all the feminine outfits and wigs on but he doesn’t worry about it. He’s found friends in the Tsukuba Host Club members and he won’t hesitate to lash out at any of the girls if he doesn’t feel that they look feminine enough. Subaru is generally nice overall, but he does have a mouth on him when he gets angry. The only ting he has to deal with is guys in the club becoming too handsy as he doesn’t want his secret to get out that he is not really a girl which would kill the club’s reputation more than likely and he doesn’t want to do that.


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Ciel PhantomhiveEdit

Subaru is in love with the young earl known as Ciel Phantomhive. He doesn't care about the fact that he is a vampire and wishes nothing more than to help Ciel return to being human so he doesn't have to continue living an eternal life as a vampire. He will go out of his way to try and get Ciel's attention, much to the latter's dislike of it such as eating magic candies to turn himself into a female, wearing female clothing as a male and constantly flirting with him or trying to keep him away from a young demon girl by the name of Rosanna that Subaru doesn't like because he is aware of her obvious feelings for Ciel. That and she's insulted the fact that he dresses like a good which is another reason why he doesn't care much for her.

Rosanna EisenbergEdit

Subaru doesn't care much for Rosanna, mainly because she's not only in her own way insulted the fact that he wears female clothing but also because she too has feelings for Ciel. In a sense, the two of them could be rivals for Ciel's affections as they spend much of their own time trying to keep him company so he won't be alone but they also both share the same desire in wanting to help Ciel become human again.

Subaru GalleryEdit

  • Subaru as a female
  • Subaru as Suba-Chan


  • He is a skilled volleyball player.
  • He is specialized in girl cosplay.
  • Subaru's character design was based off of Aoi Hyodo from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!.
  • When changed into a female due to magic changing candies, he bears a great resemblance to Nodoka Miyazaki from the Negima series.
  • Subaru is in love with Ciel Phantomhive and dislikes the fact that he hangs around Rosanna Eisenberg all the time.

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