Shizuka Sendou
"Kawaii na~"


Shizuka-san, Shizu-chan, Sendou-sama, Shizuka-sama




¾ Human & ¼ Shinso Vampire




January 31st, 1968




Yokai Academy (formerly, graduated)


Works part time at Ichigo's Womens Dept Clothing Store


Yokai Realm (formerly)
Chubu, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)



Shizuka is a woman who strives her hardest to take care of her two children all on her own since her husband Yoshikazu, there father, left the picture. She remains cheerful and happy around the both of them so she wouldn't cause them to worry about her as well as putting her main focus on their needs above her own. She loves them dearly that should it come to a point where their lives are in danger or threatened by someone, she would not hesitate to kill that person. This sort of love, devotion and protection she displays for her children (although scary), she also transfers it to others that she becomes attached to in a family like manner. Examples of this would be how she views Akasha Bloodriver as a sister and how she treats Gin Ichimaru like a second son, much to his dismay.

If given an opportunity, she will playfully tease others for her own enjoyment. It is usually all in good harmless fun, though it is only Gin that she would actually hit while wearing a smile on her face. She is a very determined woman and when she says she will do something, she normally is seen doing it. She will not give up on anybody, no matter how difficult a situation has become. It is rare when Shizuka displays how she truly feels in front of others. As it is been known by a few that only Akasha's the only one to actually have seen Shizuka's true smile. Aside from all of this, she is a very kindhearted woman with a lot of love to give to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys a bit of light reading or changing the basement of her home into a large training room to keep up her skills in secret whether by herself or sparing with someone and that someone is normally, Gin.

Before having children, Shizuka met and befriended Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver, having assisted her through and during many dangerous situations that ended up with Shizuka getting herself injured severely in the process while trying to protect Akasha or someone else from being harmed. Already, Shizuka was a powerful witch but after being injected with the blood of a shinso vampire, she became more powerful than she already was. Being an S-Class Vampire Witch or higher as some have said. The injection caused her to develop a vampiric side that had to be sealed through the use of a spell because she was so powerful. This spell was done between Shizuka and Akasha together and while the two of them are aware of being the only ones that can reseal Shizuka's vampire side, they are not aware of the fact that anyone from their bloodline can do it as well or use the spell to their advantage to make Shizuka into a killing machine if they wanted to.

This is why very little people know about it because this could happen. As such, Shizuka refuses to break the seal and use her vampiric abilities unless absolutely necessary. This along with another reason was why Yoshikazu left her. The first being because she knew and associated herself with Akasha who was a vampire and the second allowing her to inject her blood inside of her, thus making her blood tainted in his eyes. Shizuka doesn't outwardly express her sadness about losing her husband, preferring to keep it to herself and not tell anyone. The only one besides herself and Akasha that know is Gin. Shizuka also feels guilty about not telling herself Aichi about their family history of being associated with witches and warlocks. It was because he was born entirely human and his sister Emi gained powers at an early age that she kept this a secret, to protect him. 

But seeing as how everything has gotten out of hand like it has, she feels regrettable in not doing so sooner in order to save Aichi from the pain and confusion that he was going through now. Believing that he would've at least had a better understanding of how to deal with certain people around him and situations that he may later get into had he'd been told at a much younger age. It is apparent that Shizuka doesn't care for the fact that her niece Yukari Sendou gave away their family secret the way she did but also knows that it wasn't her fault since no one told her that Aichi didn't know as well as nothing can be done about it now with practically everyone these days isn't human altogether. On some occasions, Shizuka does display her emotions but it is not all the time or always obvious.

She does express her worry for Aichi given that she is aware of the dark side created by Aizen Soto, the Vice Headmaster of Tsukuba Academy but she does display hints of annoyance and anger. At the same time, she purposely gives off this air of naivety that is known to be a facade. When annoyed or angry, she ends up changing the weather, causing it to become cloudy or rain, which is normally done in a comical sense when she doesn't realize she's doing it. Like anybody, she does have a weakness for liking things that are cute, in which case that would be Gin's fox ears, him transforming into a fox and transforming into a child version of himself with fox ears that causes her to be unable to resist wanting to hug him, again, much to his dismay and she becomes momentarily distracted.


Shizuka's original appearance is that of a woman at the normal height of 5'4 with long aquamarine colored hair (that sometimes appears blue) that stops just above her waist with aquamarine colored eyes (that also appears to be blue). She normally wears her hair in a downward ponytail. She has a peach skin complexion with her face both smooth and rounded with a small pointed chin and round eyes, much like her son in some ways. Her bust size normally ranges in that of a c-cup, average sized and curvy waist that is normally hidden behind the clothes she wears. She is normally seen wearing a light blue shirt and indigo colored skirt with white flats on her feet. When preparing meals and cleaning she can be also seen wearing an apron and it is not all the time the same colored apron. She overall, is a pretty attractive woman but does not make it a point to often state that unless of course she's teasing someone just for the sake of a good laugh. Other than that, she doesn't make an emphasis on her appearance to others.Now, her outer appearance takes on two changes, the first appearance being when she activates her pactio, her hair is shown to be cut short where it stops behind her neck and the clothing in question that comes with it is a little more revealing which shows off the true size of her breasts which are actually d-cups and not c-cups. Her hair is also more light blue than aquamarine. 

She seems to take on this appearance at will even without her pactio activate, so it is possible she can switch from long hair to short hair magically if she wanted to. Her second appearance is her vampiric one where her hair, though still relatively short, the way it is styled makes her look like a female version of her son Aichi, but in a darker sense. Her hair is more blue in this form along with a green fringe presented in the middle and her eyes are no longer blue but are blood red. Her outfit worn in this form is a black skintight leotard with short sleeves and pauldrons, matching fingerless gloves that extend to her biceps and thigh high boots that are all adorned with straps. She is sometimes presented wearing a white hooded cloak with gold and blue accents to hide herself until she decides to remove it. Another thing presented is on her body is a pair of black bat like wings that enable her to fly whenever necessary. In all of her appearances, she appears to be younger than her true age which is forty five but it is doubtful that Shizuka spells her appearance and just naturally looks the way she does.


Shizuka Sendou was actually born in the human world in Chubu, Japan to parents Natsuki Akiyama and Toshiro Akiyami, Shizuka being originally born as Shizuka Akiyami. Their family line coming from and existing of a line of witches, warlocks, mages, wizards, etc. In other words, Shizuka grew up already aware of her magical heritage as it was a requirement within her family to start a child of training to use their powers once they show signs of developing them. Shizuka herself was not born as an only child. In fact, she was born third out of six other siblings, making her the third oldest as she has two older sisters and three younger brothers. However, out of all of them, she and one of her younger brothers proved to be more efficient in using their powers as they got older and because of this, their parents paid more attention to them. Shizuka was someone who preferred at the time to stay to herself and was a relatively quiet person that took to learning how to use her powers and other magic as she went along, no matter how difficult it was. It is for this reason that Shizuka was shipped off to what was known to many 'monsters' as the Yokai Realm to the school known as Yokai Academy, a school for monsters, taught by monsters and the only rule is one isn't supposed to show their monster side while on school grounds. 

However, this rule was broken frequently by many students who to this day have graduated and have had children of their own. Though not intentional, Shizuka was considered to be pretty popular among her male peers, mostly because they found her to be beautiful and tried through many failed attempts to get her attention. However, at the same time, by other monsters, she was ridiculed because of what she was. Though she had powers and was in her own right very strong, many did not see this and saw her as nothing more than a disgusting human. This bothered her but she never showed it, keeping how she felt to herself as to avoid causing problems. But she'd been warned ahead of time that while attending such a school would be great for her, there would be some that would not agree with it. Preferably certain monster kind who didn't thinking witches were classified under the same category as them. Shizuka knew and understood this but wanted so much to change the opinions of monster kind, for them to see that even though witches and others who used magic were still who they were in the inside even if they didn't have a monster form. She lost a lot of friends she'd made because of this in an attempt to try and change everyone's views. The only person who seemed to take an interest, despite not being a student was an S-Class Shinso vampire named Akasha Bloodriver.

Being the cheerful friendly person that she was, she was not nor saw any reason to be afraid of her because of what she was. Though vampires of Akasha's kind were considered to be quite strong and those of the academy who were aware of this breed of vampire was strong. However, Akasha was older than just about every student at the academy but she had personal ties with the headmaster of the school that Shizuka wasn't yet aware of but because Akasha was a warmhearted person, the two of them became close friends. So close that some of Akasha's habits began to rub off on Shizuka who occasionally had a habit of lashing out when speaking her mind to someone and in the process, changing the weather along with her current mood. As an elemental witch who could manipulate water. Depending on her moon, she had a habit of constantly making it rain or causing rainstorms. Shizuka's time at Yokai Academy became a depressing one, especially when more and more students began shunning her. It didn't matter how pretty she was, other monsters just weren't accepting of her kind because they have no monster form, only a human form. She began getting teased and picked on, causing her to close herself off from others and eventually become a gloomy person. She'd overhear other students talking about the gloominess of the rain around her, making her feel increasingly depressed. Through it all though, she had Akasha as a friend, the only one that didn't treat her differently as everyone else had.

Sometime later, Shizuka did meet another student who shared similar abuse from their peers named Yoshikazu Sendou. He, much like herself, came from a family of witches, warlocks and other magical beings. It'd surprised her that out of everyone else, he bothered to talk to her. He didn't even mind the fact that whenever he was near her, it rained all the time because she was down in the dumps a lot. She may have had Akasha as a friend but not even she could change the opinions of everyone there about witches. Still, she somehow managed to survive through her school years at Yokai Academy but her friendship with Yoshikazu had began to have its breaking points. Mainly because of her friendship with Akasha. Unaware of it at the time, Yoshikazu had a dislike of vampires because vampires had killed his family. He basically grouped the entire race as a whole of being monstrous blood thirsty murders with no self respect for who they feed from. Shizuka tried countless times to reason with him that not all vampires were bad or the same for that matter. Some of them want to be treated just like regular people. He was prosecuting vampires much how people viewed and prosecuted those who practiced magic but had no monster form of any kind. She found this to be unfair and for awhile, the two of them didn't speak to one another. But she had come to care for him because he was the only one that had showed her kindness when others were being cruel to her. It was because of him that she strove to become stronger and did just that everyday, her magic and her abilities increasing as her skill level had grown. But despite wanting to get stronger, she also wanted to be happy too and so, she confronted Akasha about how she felt because she was conflicted about what to do.

Akasha told her not to be ashamed of how she was feeling and that she was use to people thinking so vilely of vampires. She hadn't expected to be liked by everyone. She promised that the two of them would always remain friends and to get stronger, no matter how far apart they are, their friendship would always remain. This had led Shizuka to the decision in temporarily separating herself from Akasha in order to be with Yoshikazu, whom she'd fallen in love with. Akasha knew how important it was for Shizuka to retain her happiness and did her best to encourage it so she was fine with her friend's decision. Shizuka and Yoshikazu reconciled though through a lie in which she'd told him that she wasn't going to hang around Akasha anymore. She'd given up her friendship with the woman to be with him. Shizuka hated lying to him but she did care about him very much. Yoshikazu had believed that she'd let her friendship with Akasha go and had asked of Shizuka to marry him not long after they'd graduated from Yokai Academy. Shizuka happily accepted it, having a new outlook on life for herself that she was finally going to have the happiness that she'd always wanted. However, she'd come to realize that happiness through lies doesn't always last forever. Their married life was bliss of course. They hadn't any problems, none that were obvious anyway, and the two enjoyed their lives together, just the two of them, before deciding to have children. When she did, their first child was a son that they'd named Aichi. Shizuka had expected that if she had children, they would eventually show signs of having magical abilities and would be prepare to explain everything to them.

Her family and their father's family. However, there was something quite off about her son. Though he grew as any normal child did, he displayed no signs of developing any magic abilities. She found this to be strange and so did Yoshikazu. But all the same, they raised him together but her husband began to doubt that she'd been faithful to him. Yoshikazu had expected of the children he had would immediately start showing signs of being able to use magic. Shizuka didn't like being accused of doing something she had not been doing and for the longest they fault about this. Shizuka had begun to resent her husband for his accusations but at the same time it'd also made her regret lying to him about Akasha as well, believing it to be punishment for keeping her friendship with the shinso vampire woman a secret for so many years. The frequent arguments with her husband had caused her to distance herself from him and she had decided that a break was necessary. So she went to her parents only to receive a visit from a friend of Akasha's about the woman's whereabouts and what was currently going on. She'd been told that Akasha needed her help in escaping from the powerful vampire lord known as Alucard, the oldest vampire in all creation, second to Dracula. This friend was one of Akasha's comrades named Touhou, the three of them being part of a group known as the Three Dark Lords.

It was befitting of Akasha to be the leader because of her vampire capable combatant skills when they need to be used but other than that, she was known to be a very gentle and serene kind of woman who cared a lot about her daughters, both real and by association. Shizuka immediately agreed to help rescue Akasha from Alucard, not caring at all that this would not only put her own life in danger but having lost the consideration for Yoshikazu's feelings towards vampires because she wanted to help her friend more. She knew vampires problems were not the problems of someone of herself but she did not think like her husband. She accepted everyone as an equal. She spared no hesitation in going off with Touhou to where Akasha was to help save her. Truth be told, this very vampire is the same one that The Three Dark Lords had been fighting for over two hundred years, Akasha included in the bunch, making her older than she really appeared to be. Shizuka and the Shuzen family had rescued Akasha though in the process of doing so, Shizuka had gotten herself gravely injured while trying to protect her. Akasha, not wanting to let her friend die had done the only thing she knew that would save her but also put her life in danger. She'd given Shizuka some of her blood through merely biting her and injecting her blood into the woman's bloodstream. This was extremely painful for Shizuka to endure and she spent about a month and a half recuperating in the Shuzen family home from the ordeal.

During that time, Shizuka and Akasha had begun playing catch up with one another and she told her that aside from being married to Yoshikazu and having a son with him, not much about her had changed. Though she admitted to having some small problems with him because he believed their son to not be his. Akasha merely thought that he was being pig-headed because she knew that Shizuka was more than faithful to him. She thanked her for being kind in listening but changed the subject to address the more serious matters of her condition. Her injuries, though gone, she now had to blood of Alucard residing in her veins, therefore, she knew her life would never truly be the same again. Akasha told her that there was a possibility that she may become a ghoul or a vampire side of her would develop, either way, she had to learn to keep it at bay and not lose control whenever she got angry. Shizuka mew of a way to stop this and thought that a binding sealing placed upon her would help with that. Akasha had more than agreed to this an the two performed a very difficult ritual that created a seal placed upon Shizuka's wrist that would keep her from losing control over herself. She was now considered the closest and second dangerous weapon that existed in the supernatural world. It would not be easy to control it but Shizuka would do her best in doing so. On top of that, this was something she had to keep from her husband whom she wasn't really on good terms with as of late. But she didn't want him resenting or hating her because of the decisions she made.

She made them in order to help a friend and nothing more. It was no quest for power or anything of the sort. She cared quite a lot about Akasha which could be hinted that she was possibly in love with her but never acted on the feelings because of her marriage to Yoshikazu. Eventually, Shizuka returned to her family, they keeping watch over Aichi while she'd been gone, the boy's father also staying at her parents' home while wondering where Shizuka had been. He knew she wasn't with her family the entire time she had been away so of course he would pry until he would get answers out of her. Though Shizuka, being a very clever liar had told him that she went to a beach to clear her head, needing some alone time to think but she assured him that she wasn't away having an affair because she knew he'd accuse her of having one. Not like he hadn't before with their son. However, she wanted to reconcile things between them and suggested they work out their problems like proper adults. Aichi was his son and it's possible that he would never develop powers at all or get them when he reached a certain age. Either way, she was in no rush to teach her him magic. Instead not minding the wait. Shizuka became pregnant over a year later with their second child, by then Aichi was five years old. Of course, by then, Shizuka's secrets had caught up with her. Yoshikazu had found out about everything. Her friendship she claimed she'd broken off with Akasha and that she'd went to help the woman, yelling at her that she had no right getting involved in vampire affairs. Their problems were their own and not hers. But that's not what caused him to leave. What made him leave Shizuka was the simple fact that she had vampire blood mixed with her own and he'd felt completely disgusted in having touched her.

Their second child, which was a girl would grow up not knowing who her father was as he thought that their daughter was tainted with bad blood. Shizuka knew that the blood Akasha had given her would have no effect on her children, especially not Aichi whom she'd already had before the incident involving the blood transfusion even occurred. But there was no convincing her now ex-husband that their daughter was fine. Shizuka gave birth to the child alone, naming her Emi and she'd cried, holding her in her arms because she looked so much like her father. From that point on, Shizuka raised her children on her own while training to perfect her own powers and her newfound vampiric abilities in secret. As luck would have it, Emi actually showed signs of being able to use magic at the age of five, thus she worked with her in secret since Aichi, for the most part still was human. Shizuka didn't understand it but figured it might've had something to do with their family's bloodline further back in the line which was why he didn't develop anything. So, she made Emi promise that whenever she couldn't be around was to watch over her brother and the child agreed to it. She hated lying to her own son but at the time, she felt it was the best option. But from afar she did her best to protect him from the supernatural world. As her children got older, this had proven to be difficult when Aichi had began hanging around a supernaturally involved school known as Tsukuba Academy.

Even she knew that it wasn't safe for him, let alone anyone else to be there but she wasn't going to deny her son the right to see the friends he'd made there in the summer of 2013. It was through the big mouth of her niece Yukari Sendou that Aichi had found out that their family came from a long line of magically endowed beings. Over time, she slowly began to explain more and more about their family to him the more involved he became being at Tsukuba and especially because of his involvement with a fox demon teacher there named Gin Ichimaru. Being a woman that hardly shows her true emotions in front of others, preferring to walk around wearing a smile majority of the time, it is hard to tell when she is actually upset with someone. The only way one could tell is through physical harm, much of it she'd displayed upon Gin after what her son had gone through, being used as a pawn in Vice Headmaster Aizen Soto's plans involving a dark being that's existed since the age of time by the name of Tutock. It'd been most stressful for her to deal with, especially keeping both of her children out of harms way. She feels now that they're experiencing what they're going through at early ages, they will know how to handle it in the future. Her opinion of Gin is a rather odd one. While she was immensely pissed at him taking her son to Aizen, having hurt him and crushed what bit of trust he had, she still treats him kindly that most have been doing it. It is possibly because she sees a lot of herself in him.

The mistakes he made, she'd made them as well, causing someone she cared about to be hurt in the process. She didn't want her children going through pain like that but Shizuka realized that she couldn't shield her children forever. She has forgiven Gin for what he did but that being a small price to be in being her sparring partner because of the pactio contract the two of them entered in. Or rather she offered him some of her power, thus making her more powerful in the process. More so than she needs to be. But she did it in order to help give Gin more power and to use that power to protect others from going through the same hell. Despite her mistakes, which she's clearly paying for, Shizuka is a very kind woman who cares about the well-beings of others. Those have been targeted by Tutock, she sympathizes with and if necessary, she extends her help and advice to them. She may not be strong enough to defeat him but that doesn't mean she won't fight anyone that fights on his side. By doing this, she hopes to make up for the mistakes she's made in the past.


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Yoshikazu SendouEdit

Yoshikazu is Shizuka's ex-husband who left her after finding out the truth about her still associating with Akasha who was a vampire. He had a strong hatred towards vampires because of the simple fact that they killed his parents when he was younger. Because of that, he wanted nothing to do with the race. As such when he'd met Shizuka, he'd expected her to stop associating herself with them, that included Akasha. For awhile, Shizuka had pretended to because her and Akasha were close friends but eventually Yoshikazu found out as well as the simple fact that Akasha had injected Shizuka with some of her blood in order to save her life from certain death. As such, he considered her blood to be tainted and that she betrayed him and his trust. So he left while she was still pregnant with their daughter Emi.

Aichi SendouEdit

Shizuka worries quite a lot about her first born son because he was born typically human, with no powers or showing signs of developing any. As such, she did not at the time tell him of their family's history about them coming from a line of witches, warlocks and other spellcasters. This she did to protect him, believing that if he didn't know, then he would be safe from all the dangers out there involving the supernatural world. For fifteen years, she kept this secret from him until her niece Yukari Sendou ended up blabbing about the fact that she was a witch and explaining that was the reason why she had to move away. After then, Aichi was frequently in danger unintentionally while hanging out at Tsukuba Academy, where he'd learned that a lot of the students there weren't all human. Just a small portion of them while the majority were of other species. She became more concerned for his well-being concerning his affections for Gin Ichimaru, a centuries old fox demon. Shizuka was aware before Gin knew that Aichi was in love with him. While she seems to approve of this since she isn't one to detour her children away from someone that they truly care for, she still cannot help, as a mother but worry because Aichi hasn't been able to emotionally deal with what's been going on but trusts Gin to watch over him when he can. She did apologize for having to lie to her son for as long as he had and while he forgave her, he still doesn't seem to be used to the fact that she has powers. Which Shizuka doesn't mind and finds it quite entertaining.

Emi SendouEdit

Shizuka's ten year old daughter who originally gave off the personality of being a second mother to her older brother by helping him getting ready for school as he has trouble doing it himself while also being worried for him because he is someone that isn't too big on violence and at best would prefer to avoid it. However, while Emi still shows concern for her brother and wants to protect him, because he know is aware of their family secret, she is more opinionated than she used to be. Which Shizuka has to get on her frequently about since Emi has a tendency to create moments of awkwardness without realizing it, especially where her brother is concerned. She does her best to give Emi proper guidance when it comes to her own powers and will if need be train her, herself but will not teach her anything she feels she doesn't need to know. Overall Shizuka adores her daughter just as much as she adores her son.

Gin IchimaruEdit

Shizuka's relationship with Gin is about as odd as her friendship with Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver. While their friendship was more along the lines of a bond between sisters, Shizuka's relationship with Gin is more like treating him as if he was a second son. Despite the mistakes he's made, she still seems to adore him and enjoys having him around. Whether that be smacking him around, the two of them actually sparring against one another or him being there for her son, Aichi. She has a habit of calling him adorable both in his human appearance and fox appearance, which she knows Gin finds frustrating but it is obvious that she lacks the ability to care. She may appear to be naive and absent minded but Shizuka is an incredibly smart woman. She can pick up on the fact that Gin is rather distant from her on purpose as he refrains from wanting her to get too close as little as possible. She seems to trust him a little more than her daughter Emi wishes for her to but even then she has her moments of when she disciplines Gin when he does or says anything she doesn't like. Despite his frustrations towards her odd and comical antics, Shizuka does show genuine care for him as she does for her own children. He is the only one that she's told of why her husband truly left her, a secret that she's kept to herself for many years.

Akasha BloodriverEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Advanced SpellcastingEdit

Shizuka has always been known to be formidable opponent when in the midst of battle or outside of it. Her spells are on point and flawless. While they may not all the time hit the intended target when she aims at them, at the very least, they do hit something that allows her to use that to her advantage to be at least one step ahead of her opponent. This doesn't mean that she is invincible to beat, this just means she's very difficult to be because of the simple fact that she is an S-Class witch that uses potent spells and attacks when she fights or ritualistic spells whenever the situation calls for it. It is not all the time she is required to do so and at best, she tries to refrain from using ritual spells as they normally require extra things to help the spell along. Normally the only ritual spell's Shizuka's known to use is blood rituals, whether it is her own blood or someone else's, it is quite draining to do so since it takes up a lot of her own energy. She can use advanced healing spells as well on herself and on others. She can do other spells but considering that Shizuka is someone who is fairly neutral, she would not be seen using her abilities all the time. As such, this makes it hard for anyone who knows her and finds out about her status as an S-Class which, to know where her true power lies.

Water ManipulationEdit

Shizuka is an extremely skilled user of water magic as she is able to produce control and manipulate water. She's able to use it in a variety of different ways, such as producing blades out of water that can slice through solid rock and metal, forming waves of tremendous power and force to damage her opponents and even trapping her opponents in mini-prisons made of her own water. Shizuka also possesses the ability to turn into water, seemingly without thought, thus allowing both physical and magical attacks to pass through her without harming her. Her magic is greatly amplified when in emotional state of rage, to a power where she becomes more powerful than she already is and overpower opponents of a much higher level of power and strength. Any part of her body can be turned into water and used however she chooses to, whether it is forming it into a weapon or creating clones of herself.

  • Water Body – Shizuka has the natural ability to transform her body into a mass of water, which could render any physical assault ineffective. However, this spell in which she uses appears to be consistent as during a sparring session with Gin Ichimaru, he sent her own attack back at her in the form of ice shards but the attack phased through Shizuka's body.
  • Aqua Slicer – Shizuka creates a single wave of multiple blades that resemble scythe that are used as projectiles. The enormous pressure emitting from the blades are strong enough to cut through water they may encounter, and example of this would be stone and metal. They've even been known to cut through a person's entire body, slicing it in half, although she has not had to do that in users and the 'people' in question were enemy vampires or other non human beings.
  • Flagellum Aqua – This is not a verbal command type spell since Shizuka can use it at any time by creating a whip-like weapon made entirely of water with the extension of it being her own hand. It has a tremendous range and is often used for long-distance attacks against a single opponent but it can be used for close range as well. It attacks with great speed, flexibility and pressure that when struck, the pain received from it makes one feel as if they're being whipped.
  • Aqua Jigsaw – Shizuka can transform her body into a rapidly spinning clone composed and surrounded by a swirling mass of blades. The blades themselves resemble her Aqua Slicer spell. It's a short range attack directed against a single opponent. If it unknown if this can be used against multiple opponents for she has not been seen using it in such a manner.
  • Aqua Nebula – Shizuka creates two columns of water that rotate around each other and forms a helix that pushes her opponents with huge force, causing massive damage. It is primarily used for long distances and against a single opponent.
  • Vis Aquae – Meaning Water Force in English. By facing the palm of her left hand towards her opponent, she swipes it back, making the water around her take the form of a circumference that pushes them away.
  • Aqua Punch – Shizuka accumulates water under high pressure that surrounds her fists and attacks her opponent with great force. This is a short range attack directed against a single opponent. This attack is both verbal and non verbal.
  • Unade Duplicem – Meaning Double Waves in English. Shizuka swipes both of her hands towards one another, right hand over her left hand, creating two waves that come at her opponent from both sides, engulfing them in water and restraining their movements. This can be used against multiple opponents and it is a verbal and non verbal attack.

Auquam PythonissamEdit

Auquam Pythonissam which means 'Aqua Witch' in English or 'Water Witch' is the name of Shizuka Sendou's pactio formed with the fox demon Gin Ichimaru. To activate it, she would simply say the verbal command 'Adeat' which would automatically activate her pactio along with the new abilities that come with it as well as a pactio outfit and appearance to fit which is that of a no sleeved blue and white dress, a blue and white hat and her hair is much shorter compared to her usual long haired appearance. The abilities gained with this new pactio enhanced her already water powers but at the same time she was given the ability to manipulate her water into ice as well, allowing her to be able to use ice magic. With her natural ability to use and manipulate water as her primary form of fighting and attacking, using ice magic is easy for her. Even without it, she could still learn it but it would take her at a much slower rate to do so without the pactio. In addition, her new ice abilities are incredible powerful and potent as her water abilities. She can still use them even without the pactio having to be activated. To deactivate her pactio she would recite the verbal command 'Abeat' which means to 'return'.

  • Ice Manipulation – Thanks to the pactio, Shizuka is now able to manipulate and use ice in a variety of different ways just as she can with water. She is known to also combine her water magic and ice magic together as known when she first sparred against Gin. She can shape inanimate things or weapons into ice and use it in battle for offensive and defensive purposes in and out of it. While she doesn't have complete mastery over it, that doesn't mean she isn't skilled at using it. She can, if she wanted to, create ice clones of herself to distract her opponents.
  • Lanceae Glácies – Meaning Ice Lance in English. This is a verbal command spell that requires Shizuka to extend her arms forward, creating long and curved ice lances that she fires towards her opponents to impale them. This makes for a powerful ranged attack.
  • Florem Glácies Clipeus – Meaning Flower Ice Shield in English. A non verbal spell that Shizuka uses to create a large shield made of ice in front of her that is shaped vaguely reminiscent of a flower, protecting everything and everyone behind it.
  • Gladius Glácies Excalibur – Meaning Ice Excalibur Sword in English. Shizuka creates a massive great sword out of ice for melee combat. The weapon itself is very strong and sharp and in addition, its slashes are capable of leaving behind large wakes of ice which can damage opponents.

Weather ManipulationEdit

Shizuka can manipulate the weather depending on her current emotional. If she is angry or upset for any reason, the weather itself can easily change from being bright and sunny to cloudy, rainy and thundering. She has been known to do this on numerous occasions though the most recent was in front of her children during the Fourth of July festival at the Hikawa Shrine. She seems to mainly have control over rain more than anything and is able to control it even when she is upset or depressed. That way it won't go raining out of the blue for any reason. She is also able to sense when it is about to rain or if someone else is controlling the weather through the use of their own powers during a day it was not suppose to rain.

Enhanced DurabilityEdit

Shizuka has also displayed tremendous durability during battle. One recent example of this is when she fight against Gin and during his first attempt to injure her, she felt pain but was still able to fight and hold her own against him without showing any signs of appearing to be rendered immobile. Even when struck with powerful attacks that can actually damage her water body spell enough to injure her, she has been known to still get back on her feet though temporarily appearing to be lifeless but somehow displays incredible strength to remain fighting.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Most witches do not display incredible bouts of actual physical strength as they normally depend on magic and spells to fight that are just as or equally powerful enough to be able to fight against someone that relies on physical strength alone. However, not every which is born the same. There are witches of all kinds with different arrays of magic. Shizuka is considered to be one of many powerful elemental witches which gained her the title of S-Class because she trained not only just to learn and perfect her magical abilities, but her strength as well. She doesn't spell herself nor does she require it as her enhanced strength is solely her own. She is able to fight on part with vampires and demons who display the same level of strength. She rarely uses it except against Gin whether it is out of pure entertainment or when she's being truthfully serious with him. The strength she has is not raw strength so she is able to control it, however the same is unable to be said when her second level of strength is released.

Hand to Hand CombatantEdit

Shizuka possesses great skill in hand to hand combat as she can fight on par with just about anyone, even if she is overpowered in the end. She is not someone who mainly relies on beating her opponents but if she can injure them to a point they can no longer fight, that is enough for her. She learned how to fight much more when not only attending Yokai Academy but when she'd met and trained under Akasha Bloodriver, Moka Akashiya's mother, the one person she was never actually able to beat. She is capable of packing powerful punches and kicks, and will sometimes incorporate her powers in conjunction with her fighting to gain the upper hand in battle.

Modified Human turned VampireEdit

After being injected with a vampire blood transfusion from Akasha Bloodriver, Shizuka gained powers and abilities that scarily exceed those of a human being and vampires. Because of this, the extra abilities gained from the transfusion had to be sealed with a spell incantation that only Shizuka herself and Akasha are able to remove which is indicated to be around both of her wrists where symbols resembling ancient text would appear around them. They usually appear when she is in a state of severe rage or near the brink of death in which case the markings will appear and if not stopped by Akasha or Shizuka's own will to not break the spell to avoid using the extra power she has, her vampiric side will be unleashed and her overall appearance changes. It is proven to be quite hard to force this side of herself to be resealed once awakened because of the dark and raw power within the blood injected into her body from Akasha that is known to be darker than darkness itself. But that doesn't mean it isn't hard to do. Normally, Shizuka can reseal herself on her own but there have been instances where Akasha had to do it for her. She is also able to use her magic to a greater degree in this unsealed state as well.

  • Super Human Strength & Speed – When in this form, Shizuka's original strength is enhanced beyond the standards of high level non human beings, that includes those that specialize in speed. Her punches and kicks become more potent and powerful for if she were to strike an opponent just one time, it could cause internal damage to them. Her strength and power in this form surpasses that of an ancient vampire from many decades ago that was created by the first vampire to ever exist and demons are no problem for her to fight along with werewolves and any other being that has enhanced strength of their own, depending on the breed of their own kind that they are. She is even strong enough to pick up objects larger than herself or catch them if thrown at her. It is hard to determine the actual limits of her power in this form, thus the need for the seal. It is unknown if Shizuka can use the extra strength from this form while unsealed. It is probably possible but unknown if she has actually tried. She can fight on par with Inner Moka if given the chance but since she was never able to overpower Akasha, there is probably no chance of her being able to do so with Inner Moka.
  • High Regeneration Properties – Being an S-Class Witch also helps as she has an incredibly regeneration factor since the blood injected into her was given to her directly from Akasha herself and not through Moka like with Tsukune Aono. Her magic plus the shinso blood inside of her causes her wounds to heal in a matter of moments. Meaning, even if she were physically stabbed repeatedly with a weapon through and through or with someone's hand and they removed it, it would heal automatically without much trouble. That goes for any other types of wounds as well. Akasha is the only know known to have high regeneration properties so it is not known if Shizuka were to be cut in half, would she heal from it.
  • Blood Transfusion – An unnatural ability that not even Tsukune gained through the repeated blood injections from Moka. However, Shizuka gained it through Akasha and it allows her to transfer the blood of a shinso vampire into another in order to save them from dying or increase their natural strength. It also processes drawbacks as well. The increased strength is temporary but the healing is not. If she were to inject a human with this blood, they would eventually start to experience physical changes whereas if she were to do the same to a demon or otherwise, they would gain temporary extra strength while any wounds they possess would be healed immediately because of the blood. Shizuka refuses to release herself into her vampiric state because it is the only way she is able to do so, thus, why she wasn't able to fully heal Gin when he was injured.
  • Yokai Detection – Shizuka possesses the same ability that Tsukune Aono does but at a much greater level. Thanks to the vampire blood insider of her, she is able to sense the demonic aura of other beings to a point that the aura itself could physical cause her to feel weakened depending on how strong it is. These are auras considered to be 'pitch black' as there as nothing good would come from being around them. She can use this ability in her sealed state and unsealed state.
  • Vampiric Seal – As per agreement with Akasha, Shizuka created a spell that would seal away her vampiric side and would only resort to doing so unless absolutely necessary. It was created in the form of a blood ritual that required her own blood and Akasha's blood to be able to do it. It creates ancient text around both of her wrists that forcibly seals her vampiric side and powers away while indicating within the spell that only she and Akasha are the only ones able to reseal her back to normal should she awaken this side. However, the only downside to this seal is it is failed to mention that anyone from the bloodline of either of them can also invoke the spell and seal her vampire side away. This spell is verbal as well as non verbal since it depends solely on the emotions of the party involved to do it. It won't work if Shizuka is unwilling to listen to reason. Both minds must become one and in sync for it to work in a non verbal manner.

Shizuka GalleryEdit

  • Shizuka's Vampiric form back view
  • Shizuka's Vampiric form frontal view
  • Auquam Pythonissam - Shizuka's Pactio


  • Shizuka is the canon mother of Emi and Aichi Sendou from Cardfight!! Vanguard who plays a much larger role in her children's lives than she did in the actual series. This version of Shizuka is also an S-Class Witch.
  • Similar to Tsukune Aono, Shizuka was injected with Shinso Vampire blood, however, she became an S-Class Vampire Witch instead of a ghoul but because this side of her is so powerful, it had to be sealed, which she did with a vampiric seal around her wrists that is only visible on her wrists when there is an attempt for the seal to break.
  • Shizuka had implied on several occasions that she is more powerful that she lets on but doesn't go into full detail as to how much powerful that she is. This could be a hint to her vampiric side, the powers that she refuses to use unless the risk of releasing it is absolutely necessary.
  • Shizuka's vampiric side bears a storng resemblence to her son Aichi Sendou. Whether Aichi's outlook was genetically based on this form seeing as how Shizuka had this side of her already present and sealed away is currently unknown.
  • There is a possibility that Shizuka could've been in love with Moka's mother, whether it was the same on Akasha's end for Shizuka is unknown.

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