Sen Tomoko Ryuuga Lawliet


Japanese American


Heterosexual possibly Bicurious


October 25th, 2014 (Possible Future)




Tsukuba Academy 10th Grade


Sailor Team


Tokyo, Japan (Present & Future)



In the future, Sen took up dancing and singing, much like how her mother did when she was her age. She enjoys listening to pop and dance music, not being able to help but sing and groove. Though she's not as good as her mother for if she goes on for hours doing nothing but singing with no breaks, her voice tends to crack and it takes awhile for it to get back right. She also loves eating for she's always seen with some kind of food item in her mouth. Very similar to her Aunt Usagi. Sen, in her own way is a good person, able to socialize with just about anyone so long as she trusts them. She is quite boy crazy like her aunt to an extent she would desperately pursue a specific guy that she likes in hopes that they would notice her. Just about the only thing other than singing and dancing that she puts a lot of her effort into doing. Sen is not exceptionally smart like Eishōin, thus she makes very poor grades in school on her assignments. Because of that, she is grounded a lot for not putting effort into making good grades.

She also doesn't care too much for being told what to do and when to do it. She'll whine and complain until the cows come home. Sen's is also very popular with boys at Tsukuba Academy but she tends to show no self respect in herself to wear trashy clothing, thinking that's what guys see in girls is good looks. And while Sen may be able to make friends easily, she focuses too much on certain things or the problems of others which causes her to immediately hate or not trust someone if others feel the same way. As such, Eishōin finds it to be a poor way of thinking which could be the cause behind Sen not getting any stronger. Not just physically but mentally as well. Yes, Sen's strong but not like her sister and she often butts heads with her because the two of them are so different, Eishōin being more popular with certain people without even trying whereas Sen's not as popular.


Sen and Eishōin may be twins but they do not look identical. Sen is 5'2 with blue eyes, just like her mothers, long black hair that goes all the way down to the middle of her back and a peach skin complexion. Her attire she usually wears is the Tsukuba Academy girls uniform, short skirts, dresses and shorts, tank tops and spaghetti strop shirts with either tennis shoes or sandals. Occasionally she'll wear pants but it's not very often. Most of the time she wears clothing that doesn't particularly cover her entire body up.


Sen Ryuuga Lawliet, is the twin sister of Eishōin Ryuuga Lawliet, little sister of Sakura and Airi Ryuuga Lawliet and the daughter of Jasmine and Hideki from the future. Originally she was sent to the present as a small child in order to get familiar with her future parents, much like what Sakura and Chibi-Usa did. Upon arriving, she appeared as a hyperactive little girl that loved to get into her devilment. Unlike her sister, she addressed Hideki and Jasmine as 'mommy' and 'daddy' while having the tendency of attaching herself to their legs or anyone else's sometimes. A few tenants that know Jasmine, commented that Sen is so much like her where she picked up anything that resembled a microphone and start trying to sing. Everyone found that to be just adorable. However, when by herself, random objects around the dorms either end up mysteriously breaking or she's going into peoples stuff. She was a very hard little girl to keep up with for when she wasn't running around hyper, she'd be playing with her toys like any other normal child does.

She'd even try and get Eishōin to play dolls with her but of course she refused to do it. And like her sister, she too had powers but she only had two and they were very weak because of the simple fact that she was young. But they pack a punch whenever she does use them which was only one time. Sen had used them to stop Mizuki and Nutmeg from attacking her older sisters. While they attacks didn't do much damage, they were still knocked off their feet. Now, Sen also LOVES to eat anything that she thinks tastes good. However vegetables … not so much. She prefers anything sweet most of the time and had a bad habit of putting things in her mouth that didn't belong in there for they could've been dangerous to her health. But she was indeed a very charming child that warmed the hearts of others she interacted with. Though if she wasn't kept a close eye on, she'll get into things she's not supposed to.

Since returning to the present as teenagers, Sen is still very much hyperactive, that hasn't changed at all. She addresses her parents as 'mom' and 'dad', not like how Eishōin does, who addresses them in a more formal manner. And she now has more fire power of her own just like her sister except instead of a reverse blade sword, Sen has a Naginata as her weapon which she rarely uses unless she has to. And as skilled as she is with this weapon, she is also careless with it. The reason for that is because she doesn't take fighting seriously. She would rather 'play' with her weapon and show off with it rather than being serious. For that, many trees have ended up being killed due to her twirling the Naginata around in a circular motion which she either ends up losing grip of it or, spinning it to much, creating a force of wind that knocks trees out from the roots. Yeah, sad I know.

As for why she's back in the present, she and her sister both were sent from the future to protect their older sister Sakura while she's still a baby, from any evil that might try to harm her. Even though Sen is all about protecting her family, she tends to be a bit naive majority of the time, which gets her into a whole lot of trouble. She may be happy a lot but there are times Sen can get angry. Especially when Eishōin is attacking their animal guardian ermine friend, Chojiro Arashima, but she nicknames him 'Cho-kun'. Sen doesn't try to attack Cho whenever he does perverted things but gets mad when her sister does. She will still be staying at the Hinata Sou Inn in the girls dorm with her parents, but unlike before, she goes to school at Tsukuba Academy in her spare time.

Although, she HATES school. She may be the daughter of Jasmine and Hideki but she is definitely not intelligent. She would rather be lazy, eat and sleep through class rather than actually doing some work. This causes her to be scolded a lot because she makes very poor grades. Much like how her Aunt Usagi Tsukino did when she was her age. Sen also doesn't handle rejection well either. When someone tells her 'no' when she can't have something or can't go anywhere, she whines and pouts about it, which gives Eishōin the leeway to call Sen a spoiled brat. Which she hates the most. She loves getting a lot of attention, especially from boys but doesn't understand why her sister gets more of it than she does because as she puts it, she's nothing more than a 'Gothic freak'.

So, to get their attention, she wears very revealing clothing which her father always tells her to take off and to put on something that doesn't make her look like 'jail bait'. And she still loves to sing, however Sen tends to go overboard and ends up running her voice out to where it sounds like it's breaking up. And her eating habits haven't changed. Chances are, you'll catch her with some kind of food item hanging out of her mouth and she's chewing on it while talking. Sen may get off track every once in awhile but she will keep a sharp eye out for any bad guys that might try to harm Sakura. However, she doesn’t like how Eishōin goes by protecting her, bribing someone that might be evil into giving her information that she’s looking for. Making her feel as if she cannot trust her twin and wonder what her true intentions are half of the time.


The Battle w/Queen RiaEdit

During the final battle between Queen Ria and the Sailor Senshi, she and her sister were sent back to the future to be kept out of harms way. They weren't allowed to return until after their older sister Sakura born and Ria defeated. Now that she has, Sen and Eishōin, came back from the future to the present but as teenagers.


Eishoin Ryuuga LawlietEdit

Despite being twins, Sen was born first, making her the oldest out of her and Eishoin, however, because Eishoin is much taller and more mature, Sen is always mistaken to be the younger one. Sen doesn't quite get along with her sister Eishoin because they're too different. Sen would rather have fun than to do homework of any kind or read a book. She would rather date boys and have sex than to be a responsible young adult. As such, this puts the two of them at odds on many different matters, causing their relationship as sisters to mimick that of their mother's and aunt's.

Hideki Ryuuga Lawliet & Jasmine Tsukino LawlietEdit

While Sen respects her parents, she doesn't necessarily abide by everything they tell her to do. In fact, she goes out of her way to defy them just to be able to do the things she wants to do. She loves her parents dearly but sometimes wishes they would let up and get a clue.

Airi Ryuuga Lawliet (Chibi-Chibi)Edit

Sen talks to Airi from time to time about her problems that in turn causes her adoptive older sister to give her helpful advice that makes sense in order to make Sen's life a little easier. However, she tends to comment on the fact that Airi sounds too much like their mother and doesn't always follow her advice.

Sakura Ryuuga LawlietEdit

In the future, Sen actually fears her older sister Sakura because of her strict personality and when she gets out of hand, it is always Sakura that manages to keep her in line when she is getting on the rest of the family's nerves. In the present, she doesn't fear her as much and is protective of her as is Eishoin because she is currently unable to do it herself.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Crystal SphereEdit

An attack that was once called 'Crystal Orb' is now been upgraded to a sphere of blue energy that obliterates a possessed human back to their original selves. To launch this attack, Sen would would hold her hands out in front of her, one placed on top of the other as a small ball of energy is formed. The harder she concentrate, the larger that ball becomes, which she in turn takes it with her left hand, holding it above her head for a few moments then throws it at her enemy. This attack can also be used to just knock a person off their feet when this attack is at 50% of its full power.

Power RemovalEdit

This power is an updated version of Sen's 'Crystal Magic' ability and instead of having one effect it has two. The first one allows her to remove any spells placed upon a person, be it a good or evil spell by just simply blowing a powdery substance from her right hand. Now the other effect is that she is able to disable her opponents powers by using the same technique but instead of using one hand, she uses both of them. However, disabling an opponent from using their power only lasts for ten minutes and it doesn't always work against the strongest of warriors.


It serves as a close range weapon, but Sen can take opponents by surprise with its long range capabilities, as the blade can extend into a chain-like extension, capable of tying someone up or crushing solid metal within its coils. She can attack long range by using the chain to slice through incoming attacks or to slash an opponent with her extended reach. She has once even used her extending blade to cut through the entire side of a cliff, causing part of it to collapse and crumble. As skilled as she is with this weapon, Sen is also careless with it.

Sen GalleryEdit

  • Sen as a little girl


  • Sen's character design bears similarity to her aunt Usagi Tsukino who was known for being lazy, unmotivated and didn't apply herself often.
  • In the future, Eishoin actually do become closer as sisters, forming a bond that their mother and aunt never had.
  • It can be known that in the future Sakura has a bit of Jasmine's personality and then some for Sen is actually afraid of her and she is the only one that keeps Sen in love when she's getting on everyone's nerves and not listening to them.
  • When not taking training seriously or just playing around in general, a running gag with Sen is that in the process of 'playing' with her nagitata, she ends up killing trees in the process, thus why Eishoin considers her a danger to trees.
  • There is a definite love interest possibility for Sen who is more flirtatious and open about what she wants which causes some guys to think of her as easy and don't want anything to do with her.

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