Samantha Shizuma
"I am the baddest bitch in the hiz-ouse!




Japanese American




February 09th, 1991




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly)
SOS Brigade Club Member (formerly)


Tokyo, Japan (formerly)
USA (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory (formerly)



Samantha enjoys being goofy pretty much everywhere she goes and doesn’t really give a shit about who the fuck is around watching. She can fight a little bit though it is not often but piss her off and let’s just say you will be eating your teeth. She also writes a little in her spare time, hangs out on the computer, learning some photo shop skills from Chan and what not. It is really obvious that Samantha can be totally absent minded and either forgets shit or does something incredibly stupid without meaning to. She also has a hot temper and doesn’t like people who are totally full of themselves, seek pity and attention from others, and act as if they’re always right. When in fact sometimes they could be wrong and just don’t want to admit it and don’t want to hear when someone corrects them or gives them advice for their benefit. Such things like this piss her off to no end. And recently, after meeting Mello last year, she’d begun crushing on him and also found out that her friend Mio likes him as well. She’s currently not talking to her right now because of it.


Samantha is your average crazy and wacky ass teenager that loves to be goofy and random just to make others laugh whenever she can to liven up any mood. She’s been staying at the Hinata Apartments for three years total now. Her birthday has just come and gone and so now that she knows next school term is going to be coming soon once summer has come and gone, she hasn’t decided much on what she really wanted to do after high school. She already knows she doesn’t want to go back living with her mother because the whole reason she’s staying at Hinata Sou is because she left home at the age of 16. Samantha couldn’t take the fact that her mother wouldn’t leave her boyfriend that she was dating. The bastard was not only hitting the girl’s mom but Samantha as well. You see, Sam used to be in a very bad rut for she cut herself a lot, arms, wrists, and often cried constantly. The young teenager barely had any friends at all, or at least someone to talk to when she needed them. 

But that’s all changed now and she’s been out of that hell hole and at Hinata, much happier than she used to be. Three years ago, she met a girl named Chantel Hasagawa who was two years older than her and on her way out of high school. Though Sam’s still going and Chantel is not anymore. Like everyone else, Chan calls Samantha, ‘SmiTTy’. Sam feels that if it wasn’t for Chantel becoming friends with her, she’d more than likely still be doing harm to herself and god knows what else. Because of one person, she’d made all kinds of other new friends as well as made friends with some of Chantel’s friends.

Samantha doesn’t really care too much for talking about her family a lot of the time. She’ll tell Chan and maybe a couple other people but that’s about it. She tries as much as she can to keep everyone out of her personal life and problems because she knows for a fact that Juuban Municipal Academy was known for its outrageous rumors being spread around the campus grounds. Both Sam and Chan have many of the same interests. It’s mostly same taste in music, writing, anime and manga, computers and partially the same weaknesses. Sam tends to spazz a lot of the time around cute guys and doesn’t know what to say to them. Most of her crushes she’s had the guys were either real jerks, perverts or gay.

Sucks for her considering she thinks that most guys don’t like girls that wear glasses so recently she’d bought herself some contact lenses for her birthday and even got her hair cut short. And as for crushing on cute guys, oh she’s got a new crush and his name is Mello. The only thing that’s sort of stopping her is her friend Mio. Or used to be friend, for she hasn’t talked to the girl much since Mokuba Kaiba’s mansion party. And since her last boyfriend, she’d also swear to herself that for this entire school year that she wouldn’t go out with a guy no matter how cute he was. Meaning she was steering clear from guys for an entire year. Though that’s been kind of hard for her since she’s friends with Mello and then angry at Mio too, who Sam had found out was a Sailor Senshi. She may be upset over a guy but she hasn’t spilled her friend’s secret to anyone.

Also, her grades had begun to drop before the holidays and so Samantha made a resolution to cut back on all the things she finds fun, and put some more time and work into her studies. If she doesn’t, she’s going to fail and have to repeat the same grade over again. She’s planning on trying to bring her grades up, take all the necessary exams and graduate early, hopefully anyway. And even though all this has been going on and Samantha hasn’t stayed with her mother in over three years, she sometimes would get a call from her aunt and uncle to baby sit her three cousins. Oh god she hates them so much because they’re evil little bastards. Well, so Samantha says anyway, because they don’t act normal. But all in all, if you want to have a good laugh at the end of the day, Sam’s your girl to make friends with!


The Attack of Queen RiaEdit

Samantha was only involved in the incident in which three cheerleaders and the school nurse had disappeared mysteriously but was later discovered to have been attacked by the Sailor Senshi's former enemy Queen Ria and turned into phages to gain power from their star seeds. This is how she discovered that Mio and Airi were Sailor Senshi along with Mio's cousin.


Samantha left before reconciling her differences with Mio in the events of finding out that both of them had a crush on Mello. She decided that she wasn't going to fight anybody over a guy and thought it best that she left, believing that Mello would choose Mio anyway over her. After some time being away, it was Samantha who made the move to call Mio and apologize for everything and the two of them eventually reconciled their differences over the matter and their friendship continued.



Samantha has crushes on guys that are cute, hot, and goth so it came as no surprise that she developed a crush on Mello but was unaware that Mio Aino had feelings for him as well. This was not apparent until a party thrown at Mokuba's place where she and Mio both became drunk and made out with Mello. Though they didn't talk for awhile because of it, they eventually started back speaking to one another and put the past behind them as their friendship was worth more than fighting over a boy.


  • Samantha's character design was based off of her creator who shares the same first name and similar history which would make her a partial Mary Sue because of the simple fact that she doesn't use her background to gain attention from others.
  • She is a former resident of the Hinata Sou Girls Dormitory.
  • There is no guarantee that Samantha will ever make a reappearance.

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