"Once I've served my purpose, I will die."






December 01st, 2021 (Possible Future)


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Tsukuba Academy 12th Grade
Book Club Member
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Tokyo, Japan


To chance the events involving her future and to die



Raine has a high degree of situational awareness. She is very alert and has a keen eye for details. This sort of trait helps her when spotting or detecting anything that’s hidden, concealed, when a trap and/or ambushes are being set up. It comes in handy, especially in her case, given that she has been to such places in time present, past and future to where she always has to constantly watch her back at all times. When it comes to fighting, Raine’s also able to physically fight someone in hand-to-hand combat and escape out of any situation she’s in. Even if it involves her life being taken from her, however, because she has the geass sigil on her back, she is permanently immortal due to the contract she’d made with another person, makes it so that she is allowed to live on this Earth at the very age she’d agreed to take another’s geass. In other words, she never ages but lives through many birthdays, past her life expectancy, grant the power of geass to others, can even continue to use her geass ability she obtained before becoming immortal and cannot die by human means of violence.

The only way she can only be killed is by someone who has a geass power, but has the desire to become immortal. That means, in order for them to be able to, she would have to die, allowing them to take her geass code in the process. Raine is also physically fit as she has the ability to run for extended periods of time, making it easier for her to make a quick getaway when necessary. She’s also good at manipulating people to do things for her through the use of her geass power majority of the time, however she can also do this even without it. Although Raine has been around other people for the majority of her life, two incidents within the time periods she came from tragically caused her to have a distrust of others. The only person she was able during her travels is a young man around her age named Ichiro Yamada whom she gave the power of geass to. He too is from the future just like her and he was also there with her during one of the two incidents and the rest of the time, they’ve just gone on journeys together where they would try and stop certain events that happened in the future from happening in the present.

This goes against the laws of time, which is why she doesn’t talk about it for it could get her into a lot of trouble. The majority of her time in the present has been spent being anti-social for she doesn’t like to get herself involved into others problems. She sees no need for it. She doesn’t mind bestowing others the gift of geass, but it comes with a risk of exposing herself if not careful. Raine has a slight melodramatic anger problem when provoked, annoyed, and/or backed into a corner that she isn’t able to get herself out of, which is rarely as she tries her best to get out of any situation she doesn’t want nor wish to be in. And there’s nothing worse than being told what to do. Raine hates that and smacks Ichiro for it a lot. Another thing, she is not really good at knowing how to love another and has only been near Ichiro. She doesn’t hate him but she refuse to admit whatever feelings she may have for him. And also, because of being immortal her true wish is to die but for the time being no matter how many ways she is killed, Raine stands back up on her feet, practically bleeding all over herself. She finds this to be a curse and wants to rid herself of being alive while everyone else ages.


Raine has lived a little bit over a hundred years; her appearance is that of a sixteen-year-old teenage girl. She is 5’4” with jagged blue hair which never grows and chocolate brown eyes. Her eyes around rounded, but covered over with a pair of oval shaped glasses, sometimes square ones that she uses whenever she is reading. She has a pale skin complexion, a fair bust with her size being a B at the most. She is usually seen around Tsukuba Academy wearing a girls uniform that consists of a long sleeved uniform shirt with a blue V-neck collar with one dark brown stripe going through it, light blue hair, dark brown sweater, dark blue socks and brown suede shoes. Raine wears a variety of casual outfits, most of them being worn for undercover basis only.


Raine is an immortal girl who outwardly appears to be a little more than 15 years old. She is willful almost to a fault, usually doing whatever she wants regardless of whether or not it inconveniences others. She likes to withhold information, usually telling people just enough to leave them wondering. Raine also has a strong penchant for eating pizza, especially Pizza Hut's which she constantly orders through a guy by the name of Ichiro Yamada's credit card. Now as for who Raine is, what she is and where she comes from, only Ichiro knows. Before becoming immortal, Raine obtained a mysterious power known as 'Geass' that she contracted from a nun back in the future where she is from. The geass granted her the power of 'Obedience' allowing her to command people do do what she tells them to (this power is weaker than that of Lelouch's).

Originally, the Geass symbol appeared in her right eye, but the more she used it, the power matured and eventually she developed another in her left eye and became unable to control it, causing everyone to do whatever she says all except the nun. After she became bored by the tranced society around her, the nun who had bound the Geass contract to her shifted her immortality into Raine, as signified by the Geass sigil on her right arm that most mistake for a bird shaped tattoo. However, the nun died in the process, and as part of the exchange, Raine became immune to the affects of Geass, allowing her to die and leaving Raine in the position of repeating the never ending cycle. As for Raine's own Geass power, she was still able to keep it, however, she wears special contacts which she calls 'Geass Contacts' to block her geass power so anytime she looks at someone she doesn't end up giving them an accidental command.

Raine is not from present day Tokyo City, she is in fact from the future version of it, traveling from Crystal Tokyo in order to avoid the fate that was chosen from her. She has also traveled to different planet kingdoms throughout Crystal Tokyo, having visited such as Mercury, the Moon Kingdom, and Britannia. However her stay in Britannia was longer than it should've been and ended up meeting the former Princess of Haumea, Mikuru Inoue who goes by the name M.M. And because she met M.M., she became wanted by the Britannians and declared a terrorist but Raine managed to escape in time without being killed. But because she went to that kingdom she knows it's background history inside and out. However, the Britannians aren't the only ones after her to keep her from messing with the present.

Because of her immortality, she neither suffers from age nor is capable of being killed by conventional means. She has been shot fatally a number of times, been crushed by water pressure, and burned at the stake, subjected to the guillotine. She has the ability to bestow people with the power of Geass, which manifests differently in each person but generally carries the ability to affect the minds of those it is used on in some way. The Geass sigil glows on her arm whenever she manifests this power. When in close proximity to another person, Raine can afflict them with a hallucinatory experience of chaotic and ominous images, pertaining in part to the memories of the target involved; the content varies with the afflicted.

She has entered into contracts with hundreds of people over her lifetime, almost none of which could reach the point of taking on her immortality. Her powers caught the interest of a group of people besides those in Britannia (which will be found out in RPs), who imprisoned her for for awhile for experimentation purposes. Her individual experiences have led her to become a detached and lonely individual (though she usually tries to hide it, especially around those she does not know well), with little care for even those she has entered into contracts with, while in the past she was somewhat a spoiled and cheerful girl with family as well as friends even though she’s more alone and has because anti-social with an anger problem. And only the nun that gave her this power and Ichiro knows her real name other than that, nobody else does for Raine will never give it out to someone. Who is Ichiro? Ichiro Yamada is a young seventeen year old boy from Raine's time that she entered into a Geass contract with, giving him the ability to have a person he makes direct eye contact with relive their past.

He is basically the only one that she'll allow to get close to her because he himself is not from present day Tokyo either and because of the fate that awaits Raine when she eventually does go back to the future, he protects her. But for some reason he's always so nice and happy to a point it annoys Raine and makes her wonder if Ichiro is even capable of getting angry. Though she deals with it in her own strange way and their friendship is an odd one. Despite her nature and history of being mostly lonely. For this she basically just wandered for many years trying to find a place to truly belong.

Anyway, as for Raine's Geass powers, she uses it on those that she feels worthy of it being cast upon and those that she feels that she can get more information out of. Her power allows her to have direct eye contact with anyone over a distances of 120 meters which she commands them to do anything that she wishes. The only thing is if she makes a contract with someone giving them the power of Geass, they are not able to use their power on her for it will not work. Besides her Geass ability, she also possesses physical strength allowing her to be able to do some hand to hand combat moves as well as some athletic skills like running at a face pace without getting tired quickly and able to jump at least between five to seven feet in the air.

And aside from her other abilities, she also possesses logical intelligence causing her which she’s stayed at the top of her classes being able to solve problems as well is research and piece together considerable facts. Both her and Ichiro go to school at the Tsukuba Academies in Tokyo Japan, both trying to be careful not to change too much for it'll affect the future quite drastically. Even though she's going to school, she’s risking being caught by anyone that's traveled between worlds, that are after her thus she avoids as much as possible, getting involved with people around her for she knows once she does, she’d only end up alone like she has been for most of her life.

Going to school at Tsukuba Academy she's made other Geass contracted with some of the students but the main ones that tend to hang around her sometimes are Euphoria, Dakota, and Georgia. Like Dakota, Raine doesn't like it when Euphoria gets all handsy and starts groping her in strange places and doesn't hesitate to punch the girl out when she does. Also, she is aware that most from the past have been reincarnated in the present, making her weary of who to watch out for which she warns Ichiro to stay away from the dangerous ones for he is not immortal and any careless action could cost him his life. Even if Raine doesn't act as if she cares about the lives of those she makes contracts with, deep down she does but won't hesitate to kill them if necessary.


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Though Raine would never admit it, Ichiro has actually grown on her somewhat but she won't hesitate to clock him if need be should he do anything that she finds to be seriously annoying or does something without her commanding him to do so. Deep down she does care about him and has on few occasions been quite close to him in an intimate manner but she would never outwardly admit she loves him due to her own pride.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Geass PowersEdit

A mysterious ability that certain people can bestow upon others and is represented by a bird-shaped symbol that glows red when active. The power of Geass increases with use, usually starting in one eye. It can eventually spread to both eyes and become uncontrollable with repeated use. Raine's geass is a weaker version of Lelouch's geass that gives her the power of absolute obedience.

  • Commands: All Raine has to do is give a simple command to those she makes eye contact with directly and they do what they're told. However the victim must also make direct eye contact for the commands to work. The maximum effective distance is 120 meters. Commands may be issued as many times to any given individual, but any number of commands may be issued at initial application so long as eye contact is unbroken.
  • Memory: This geass affects the memory of the person that Raine has used it on for they will not remember what they were doing once the geass power wears off. The victim’s memories for the duration of command issue and execution are sealed and cannot be recalled, thus anyone affected by the power will not be able to remember anything they did while carrying out the command or who ordered them to do it. But while under the geass power, the victim will not perform any actions disallowed by their physical or mental capabilities but they will, however, try to carry out the command to the best of their ability. And example would be answering questions that are impossible for them to answer if they do not have the answer to it.
  • Time Limit: An action will be carried out for as long as dictated in its command, or upon the indicated conditional circumstance. Eye contact does not need to be maintained for command execution to occur. No upper limit has been established.
  • Resistance: Raine's power of obedience is weaker so there have been times where those she's come into contact with and used her geass on have tried to resist the command that she's given them. Only two people close to her were able to break free of the commands she gave them but they lost their lives in the process.
  • Healing & Immortality: Since the nun who gave her the geass power tricked her, she now has the geass code on her right arm and is now a geass bearer. She is able to bestow this power onto others and also being a code bearer makes her practically immortal. No matter how many times you kill Raine in every possible way, she heals quickly.

Physical ProwessEdit

Raine has often displayed superhuman strength, agility, and stamina. Raine is strong enough to lift someone that’s twice her size when given the chance to do so. She seems to fancy putting her opponents in what is called the ‘Wrist Lock’ maneuver and either back flip them onto the ground or kick them in abdominal area or lower. She's also immune to pain when it is inflicted on her (meaning she's gotten used to being hurt to the point the pain of it doesn't bother her anymore). Nagato has displayed unusual minor abilities, such as holding her breath for a very long time, not suffering sunburn despite her very pale skin, and being immune to the effects of alcohol. Because of her geass, she's also immune to human diseases because she has achieved immortality and cannot die through any means, so any time she does get ill, it's seen as a serious attack on her.


Related to her geass powers, she is able to sense other geass users and how many if they're in close range of her. This is a trait that geass users obtain once they achieve immortality, so this ability is quite common. However, Raine is not able to tell who it is without being extremely close to them. Her geass sigil starts glowing, giving her a mild headache but it fades. It works as an indicator letting her know that there are others around with either a given power or an immortal geass user that can grant wishes much like herself.


Raine has a limited precognition ability that allows her to foresee some knowledge of a possible future. She doesn't usually tell others (unless it is Ichiro) what she sees, keeping everything to herself. If she does, she in a bored manner lists possible but small predictions like someone obtaining an A on a test or someone spilling something on themselves or somewhere else. It is rare that she gains any knowledge of the deep future and finds it to be nothing more than a pain when she does. 

Logical IntelligenceEdit

Raine has a knack for logistics and her talent for problem solving, along with his ability to research and piece together facts is considerable. She uses this to stay at the top of her classes in school and keep her grades up.

Raine GalleryEdit

  • Raine and Ichiro


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