This is a list of other characters that were part of the Code Geass arc.

Military Research & DevelopmentEdit

Members Image
Lloyd Asplund - Scientist for the Military Research & Development. Lloydavi
Yume Nagase - Scientist for Military Research & Development Yumeavi20
Ume Nagase - Scientist for Military Research & Development Umeavi1
Suzaku Kururugi - Pilot of the Lancelot Knightmare Frame. Suzakuavi

Geass OrderEdit

Members Image
N.N. - Leader of the Geass Order for she replaces V.V. as she killed him off and stole his code so she succeeds him and becomes the new leader. (Deceased) Nnavi

Eridian FederationEdit

Members Image
Empress Brooklyn Fe Summers - Empress of Eris Brooklynavi1
Cheyenne Fe Summers - Princess of Eris, Brooklyn's younger sister Cheyenneavi001

Other CharactersEdit

Military|Pilots|Warriors Image
Armin Herrmann - Third General of the Britannian Army Arminavi
Bryn Askar - Queen of Haumea Brynavi
Aeris Echo-Hohenzollern - Captain of the Elite Knightmare Company Red Wing, 2nd Royal Britannian Guard Echoavi
Duke Konrad Jaeger - Duke of Avallonia, Marshall of the Avallonian Legion Konrandavi
Kaya Ochake - Mercenary Kayaavi
Wilhelm Sebastian Galverstone - Britannian Renegade Leader, Leader of ‘Gawain’s Ghosts’ Wilhelmavi
Johann Van Owen - Wing Commander of Gawain’s Ghosts, Britannian Renegade Johannavi

Palace OccupantsEdit

Occupants Image
Anne Marie de Manchester - Britannian Noble Annemarieavi
Gentaro Tenshi - Second Prince Daisuke's former slave Gentaroavi001
Hanataro Tenshi - Younger brother of Gentaro Tenshi Hanataroavi01
Flash Michaels - Wife of exiled prince Renji El Britannia Flashavi
Kurogane Kagoshima - Childhood friend and current lover to former Prince Fai La Britannia Kuroganeavi

... Also SeeEdit

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