Usagi Tsukino encounters the Constellation Knights for the second time while also earning access to some new powers to defeat a new enemy known as the Princess of Disaster.


The plot begins with as a normal and typical day with everyone going about their daily routines as they usually do. It begins with Usagi getting ready for school who wakes up late as she always does for school and starts to rush to get ready for the last thing she wants is lower marks than she already has in her classes at the junior college she attends. After all, she promised herself that she would try harder in school but still has quite a lot of doubt about herself that makes it hard for her to concentrate on practically anything these days. As she finishes getting dressed she quickly heads downstairs of the girls dorm in the elevator while thinking that she will get something to eat on her way to school and on her way down, she ends up bumping into her twin sister Jasmine whom is shocked to see her still at the dorms and not at school already. She then proceeds to ask her sister why she isn't at school yet and Jasmine simply tells her that it was a day she didn't have to go into her classes until much later and asks Usagi does she have to be to class early and if she does, she doesn’t have time to chit-chat and should hurry on up. With that being said, Usagi looks at her watch, freaks out about the time and quickly runs out the door. Jasmine proceeds to sigh and shake her head at her sister, while saying that some things never change and smiles, glad that her sister hadn’t totally changed and that she remains relatively the same person. While rushing to get to school, she decides to take a shortcut to get to the Toyotama Station much faster than going the long way from the dorms so she cuts down into a nearby alley and unexpectedly red snow begins falling from the sky which causes Usagi to stop and gaze in amazement and confusion as to where such snow was coming from.

During that same morning, the Constellation Knights, the younger ones, Mannen, Shin and Hajime discovered a dark evil youma seed that was more than likely planted by the Princess of Disaster in a construction site but it has yet to hatch and turn into a full youma creature. Mannen comments that his hunches are never wrong because he was the one who discovered the seed while Hajime adds on to that by saying how awesome Mannen is for it. As the three of them look down at it, Shin states how nasty it looks. It is then Mannen tells the two boys to stand back as he prepares himself to destroy it but Hayate shows up and stops him while sighing in relief that it hasn't hatched into a creature yet. Mannen scoffs, then complains saying that he found it first and wants to be the one to take it out while telling Hayate to move. All the while, the dark seed makes an attempt to hatch and Hayate tells them to stand clear as he began to generate his wind powers to return it to its neutral state and that’s when Sasame, Kei and Goro show up. Hayate tells them that he put it back to sleep before it could manifest and Mannen mutters that Hayate is a big show off. Hayate tells Shin to seal it, using his abilities and Shin does so. Goro then says that it’s a good thing that they made it in time and Sasame asks if Hayate is alright and he tells him there is no need for him to worry. Kei speaks up saying that he doesn’t believe that, that was just the only seed planted within the city. But there are more of them all over the city and Goro agrees with Kei. Sasame then states that they have no choice but to ask of the other Sailor Senshi for help after all because they and just Carla by themselves still aren’t enough to stop the Princess of Disaster.

Hayate says no, remembering the battle in the mall involving Sailor Moon and Sailor Gwaten, stating that they don’t need the others because of how Sailor Moon poorly fought in battle to where she didn’t do anything about fighting back when Sailor Gwaten had gotten hurt and didn’t put up much of a fight when the youma was about to kill her. Carla and the other Knights had to step in while Hayate watched from a distance on the second floor to observe the two Senshi. Goro gets mad and asks Hayate what’s he’s saying and Kei states that Hayate should know that their powers are not strong enough to fight those planted evil seeds the moment they manifest and turn into youma creatures that steal the energy out of everything in the area. But Hayate is deadest against asking Sailor Moon and the other Senshi for help. It already took him awhile to get used to working with Carla, he had no intentions of working with other Senshi.

Sasame just looks at Hayate and says his name … knowing full well why he’s acting this way. Goro groans in annoyance while patting Shin on the head, saying that their struggle with those creatures is only the beginning and they’re going to need all the help that they can get. Merging with a Senshi is what makes their powers stronger and says that Shin’s power can’t hold them off for too long. After saying all of that, he says he’s going to look for them. Mannen tells Goro to wait and that he and Hajime will go with him. Kei just quietly follows behind them, also going to look for the other Senshi, seeing if he could get Carla to help him out. Left behind are Hayate and Sasame and Sasame eventually leaves Hayate alone, leaving as well. As he does, Hayate wonders will history repeat itself. In the meantime, Mannen cooked up with this idea to use Shin as bait to see walk up to girls that look as if they’re either in high school or in college and touch their hands to see if they have powers of a Senshi, which would make them a step closer to finding the rest of them and talk to them. Mannen hopes to stumbling across the two that were fighting in the mall but that’s a long shot and the city is incredibly huge it would actually be a miracle if they found her. So Shin goes up and touches the hand of a random high school girl and a group of them all fawn and fall in love with how adorable he is and asks if he’s lost. One of them asks what his name is and he touches her hand as well, no sighs of power coming from that girl either. Mannen’s not surprised they took the bait and Hajime says that Mannen rules for coming up with such an idea. Mannen says that with such a large group of girls, at least one of them should have a reaction to Shin’s hand and Hajime says then that would mean that one of those girls would be a Senshi.

The girls are still fawning all over Shin, pulling his cheeks and rubbing his head and eventually he becomes agitated and runs off back towards Mannen and Hajime crying and Mannen calls him stupid and not to run where they are and the girls chase after Shin. But they end up turning back around and running the opposite way screaming when Goro unexpectedly comes out of nowhere telling them to wait while asking them why were they running away as he only wants to hold their hands and swears ‘what the hell’ in annoyance asking why won’t they let him and at the same time gets distracted by the uniform skirts. It cuts from there to Hayate walking down a neighborhood, repeatedly thinking about the battle in the mall as well as how it would be a bad idea to involve the other Sailor Senshi here into their affairs. Then more red snow begins to fall which sucks the energy out of a flower in the tree he’s standing by, while simply stating ‘Even here…’ Then that’s when he hears some rustling noise coming from the bushes and prepares himself to attack, thinking that it may be a youma seed that has awakened. He shouts ‘a youma seed’ and rush still keeping his guard up and immediately Usagi comes flying out of the bushes shouting for him to watch out and crashed into him, causing them both to fall onto the ground with her landing on top of him. She apologizes profusely then when she takes one look at him, her heart starts to pound, she blushes while thinking that he is a very good looking man, then mentally swearing at herself for thinking such a thing.

Hayate starts to say something and Usagi does too as she continue to stare at him in a dreamlike state but before long Hayate rolls her off of him while shouting that she is fucking heavy and thought that he was going to die. He also says there are limits even to stupidity, saying she jumps out of a bush; lands right on top of him and expect him to mind the inconvenience. Usagi is rolled off of him and formed herself into a ball, twitching about before she stands up on her feet in anger at Hayate for picking at her weight and asks him doesn’t he have any manners at all while demonstrating a scenario involving him asking if she was alright and so on and so forth and then says before he tossed her aside. Hayate gets up, brushing himself off while saying that he should be saying the same thing to her as she nearly crushed him when she flew out of the hedges. He also states that it’s not her fault that she’s fight and need to lay off the junk food. Usagi tells him to shut up and swears that she doesn’t pig out on junk food.  Hayate says again that that’s a lie because she’s very fucking heavy and she comically deflates and falls to the ground. She gets back up and asks why he was snooping around this area if he doesn’t live here. She accuses him of being a peeping tom, which Hayate denies and says that he is no such thing and that he was minding his own business before she stupidly jumped out of a bush like a moron. He states that he doesn’t even want to know what she was doing in there and asks why she jumped out of the bush like that. She tells him not to change the subject and he says that she’s the one changing the subject then Usagi shouts out to the neighbor that she has a peeping tom around her house watching her and Hayate gets angry saying ‘Why you’ and Usagi thinks that he’s about to put his hands on her and subconsciously balls her hand into a fist in an attempt to punch him. Hayate grabs her fist and she’s instantly shocked, falling back on the ground while stating that was a lot of static electricity.

Hayate became alarmed at when he’d touched her hand, immediately deducing that this woman was a Sailor Senshi and when he took a really good look at her, he began to wonder was she the same woman who is Sailor Moon, the very same Sailor Moon at the mall the other day. Usagi’s wristwatch beeps and she again freaks out about the time and how late she’s going to be for her classes. She tells Hayate that he’s lucky she has to go and for him to get out of her way. She calls Hayate stupid for making her later than she already is. As Usagi runs off, Hayate stares at his hand and then off at her while thinking that she’s definitely the same woman from the mall. While running Usagi talks out loud to herself wondering what was with that guy and thinks that his face is the only good quality about him and that the rest of him is rotten to the core. Her watch beeps again and she shouts out loud how much this sucks, referring to how late she was. Meanwhile at Tsukuba Academy and we can time skip here some a little bit to where it’s not morning anymore but the afternoon and Asuka is sitting at her desk in the Music Room putting her things away as class has finally ended. She and Rei Flannigan have Music 2 together around this time and Rei energetically runs up to her senpai’s desk and asks if she would like to go shopping with her after school. Asuka smiles at Rei and says sure she doesn’t mind going shopping with her and asks where. Rei tells her that she needed to get some more things for the Duel Monsters Club because in two days it’ll be Halloween and she wanted to throw a Halloween Party for the club and invite other students not part of it, to it.

They can dress up as their favorite duel monsters and what not so she wanted to go to the store to pick up some items like plates and pick out what food they might need. Before Asuka could answer her, her name is called by one of their neighboring female classmates who are hanging around the doorway of the room with two other girls. They asks of her to come here for a moment for which Asuka says okay and tells Rei that she’ll be back in a moment and Rei nods and says sure and waits. These girls are unfortunately judgmental and the one that called her over tells her that its best that she shouldn’t hang out with someone like Rei as people might think they’re friends. Asuka says they are friends and wonders why they’re even bothering her to begin with. The other girl states that Rei’s name and asks of Asuka did she know of Rei’s story that involved her mother and how she ran off with another man while leaving the husband and child that she had to be with him. And to top it off, she’s cousins with Kaku Sakuma, a girl whom she feels sorry for and doesn’t understand why she’s taking pity on her cousin when she’s only trying to get close to her because of the simple fact that she’s rich and wants to be in the spotlight too, believing that was why Rei created the Duel Monsters Club, to sucker people like Asuka into it just to be popular. She also states that the girl’s father is nothing more than a whore who threw her life away and while this girl is saying all of this, Rei overhears it all while hanging her head low in anger while gripping the sides of the desks with both hands.

The third girl thinks that Rei has a cocky attitude now that she’s hanging around her rich and famous cousin Kaku. Rei becomes so angry that while squeezing the desks so hard, it begins to lightly crack where her hands are, causing them to bleed. She feels bad for Kaku to be family with someone like her and anyone whose friends with Rei and that should be humiliated for hanging around an American girl with no manners. The other two girls have stopped talking and are gawking at the damage done to the desks caused by Rei while the first girl is rambling on and on about how Asuka should stay away from Rei because her reputation for being not only rich herself but she came from a well-known family that owned a gaming company that she would more than likely take over someday and hanging around riffraff like Rei would only hurt her image. Asuka is angry with these girls and before she could say anything, Rei walks by them with her eyes hidden behind her bangs, waves and smiles at Asuka and says she’ll wait for her outside. Asuka says Rei’s name softly in a saddened tone and sighs. Now all three girls are staring at the desk that Rei had ruined and are in a state of shock and fear. Asuka had also noticed the blood on Rei’s hands as well. She takes her leave of the room, leaving the three idiot girls where they are to catch up with their friend. In the meantime, Rei is outside walking through the courtyard while throwing her bag behind her shoulder, huffing in annoyance while saying what do they know anyway and wanting to be popular her ass as all she wants to do is make friends and the she came here to get close to her older half-sister as well as spend time with her favorite cousin. She didn’t think that was so wrong and didn’t understand why people were making such a big deal about her background that she never divulged to hardly anybody. This leaves her to believe that someone went digging into her background without her permission. If anything, her mother was a kind woman who’s hard just strayed away from her half-sister’s father. Things like that happen and she shouldn’t be the one to suffer for it. And besides, her parents are madly in love with one another and she and her cousin Kaku are very close as cousins.

None of them knew anything about her family and Rei hated people like that. Being at Tsukuba Academy and listening to that was starting to remind her of back home when she would see other kids get bullied and picked on for stupid things that made no sense and that they had no control over. She sighs and believes in her heart that one day that they’ll all be a great family and then wonders if anybody’s bothering her sister Rina about the same thing. And speak of the devil, she spots her little sister Rina and happily calls out to her since she hadn’t seen her for practically half the day anyway since they didn’t have the same classes due to them being in different grade levels. Rei felt that seeing the sister was the highlight of her day. She calls out to her sister again while shouting for her to go shopping with her but Rina continues on walking. A couple of students are whispering saying that, that’s Rei’s younger sister and laughs that she’s being ignored while stating that the girl probably feels embarrassed at the fact that they have such a scandalous family background and that she doesn’t want to hang around her sister because of the rumors. Rei, hurt by hearing those words, sighs again and walks off to the girls’ bathroom, finally realizing that her hands were bleeding to go and clean the blood off of them. She wonders if Rina does feel that way and what does Kaku think about all of this. Is she embarrassed too and just not saying anything like Rina or was it something else. She’s thinking this while in the girls’ bathroom cleaning her hands and decides that she’ll catch up with her sister later to find out what’s really up with her. Asuka reappears on scene, glad that she finally found Rei and apologizes for those idiot girls from earlier and asks if she’s okay. Rei lies and says she’s fine and that she’s used to all the judgmental people around her and that it was no big deal. Asuka tells her that she shouldn’t be used to anything like that and that those girls were wrong. She knows Rei is a kind person who only wants to make friends and have fun and she is lucky to have Rei as a friend because for the first time in years, she’s made her feel like she truly belongs at this school and that she could be her own person and not someone that everyone wants her to be.

Rei is grateful to hear Asuka’s words and thanks her for saying that. It’d made her feel somewhat better and it’d made it easier for her to want to go and find her sister who’d left campus earlier and didn’t even answer her when she called out to her. Asuka then states that that’s fine and all but she need to get her hands checked before she go running anywhere to talk about looking for somebody. Rei sweat drops and then laughs, saying that Asuka’s right and that she’ll go to the infirmary right away and says they’ll go shopping in a little while once she finds her sister to make sure she’s okay. Later on that day, Usagi is strolling along by herself while yawning, stating that school is still boring, whether it’s college or not. It will always be boring to her. She had a long day, not only was she late but she had ran into some guy along the way. Who she thought was very handsome but his personality was garbage. She starts talking to herself, wondering what it is with the guys that she meets are always mean to her. She can never find someone that’s nice to her and it’s sad that the only people that can tolerate being around her were her friends somewhat and other girls.

Granted she had a few bisexual moments in her life but she really preferred guys to them. Sighing she starts thinking that maybe the best thing for Chibi-Usa is to be born through artificial insemination. At least then she won’t have to worry about having a kid the regular way with a guy that could care less about her. Not like they would anyway. Then she would have to explain to them about her being a Sailor Senshi and she doubt she’d be as lucky as Ami, Minako and Jasmine to find a guy that is actually willing to understand their lives and what they have to do and go through. Things may be back to a sense of normalcy where she was going to school and had a job along with a place of her own but none of it made her happy. It made her independent and a tad more responsible but it’s not as if it was a life changing experiences that she been completely happy about. Sure she was happy that things were getting better with her family and they weren’t so distant and always fighting anymore but deep down, she still felt that that she was battling her inner worst feelings.

The park is nearby and she decides to take a walk through there for a little while to think some more. She doesn’t want anyone to worry about her so Usagi doesn’t say much about how she’s feeling. She would sometimes talk to Mokuba whenever she had to work at the mansion or her sister Kayla whenever the two of them were alone together on a day out to just relax and what not but it’s not as if she were around them now. She spots an empty bench and takes a seat, putting her bag down beside her. She looks over toward the playground where there are two girls that looked like they could’ve been in middle school sitting on the swings, talking and chatting with one another. These two girls are Rei and Rina of course and Usagi notices just how close they appeared to be. She didn’t know if they were friends or sisters but from where she was sitting, they looked almost alike and decided there that they were sisters. She began to wonder if it was nice being that close with each other. They certainly seem to have it better than she did when she was there age.

They didn’t have to worry about growing up with the responsibility of being Sailor Senshi. They were just regular teenagers living their lives freely and having fun. Sure they probably had their usual teenage troubles but nothing beyond what Usagi had to go through. She looked away from them and went rummaging through her bag for a snack that she’d packed, something that wasn’t considered fattening at all as part of her was still fuming from when Hayate had called her heavy. That’s when out of the blue Makoto pops up behind the bench that Usagi is sitting at and says hey to her and asks what she’s doing out here alone. Usagi jumps in surprise at her friend’s sudden appearance then laughs and tells her that she was just taking a break from walking and decided to just eat a snack before going home. Makoto laughs and says that’s just like Usagi to always have a snack on hand to eat and Usagi laughs too and then tells Makoto about this guy she ran into earlier today and how he called her fat and accused her of pigging out on junk food. She states she doesn’t do it as much as she used to back then and that’s she’s been eating much healthier snacks that still taste good.

Makoto says that’s a good thing and that guy was nothing more than a mean jerk that was probably having a bad day and Usagi agrees. Then asks what’s Makoto doing in the park for which she tells her that she’s on her lunch break from her job and decided to chill here in the park during that time. She also states that she’s glad that nothing about Usagi has changed since she’s been away and Usagi looks at her in confusion when she says that, wondering what she meant and Makoto just tries to change the subject immediately and says don’t worry about it and that she’s only saying that she likes Usagi the way she is and is glad that she’s returned to her normal self after everything everyone told her about what’d gone on since she’d been away. Usagi simply says that she sees and frowns a bit, while thinking to herself that she’s not completely back to her normal self as she’s still moping around wondering just how she was going to get through each and every day while keeping up the persona that she was happy when she wasn’t.

Just then, more red snow begins to fall as Usagi holds out her hand and some of it falls in the palm of it and disappears. Makoto states that she’s seen this stuff today too and warns Usagi that it’s not considered a good sign and that something was evil was near and that it could have something to do with that incident at the mall and all those powerful youma that she and Kayla fought. She also asks if there will be a meeting to discuss that and this strange red snow and Usagi says that there should be but no exact day has been set to have it since everyone is so busy. She then begins to wonder what if she disappeared just like the red snow in her hand did and because she got so quiet, Makoto asks if she’s okay and Usagi jumps up from the bench and assures her friend that she’s fine and puts on her usual happy go lucky attitude, all the while tripping over her own feet and ends up falling back against the ground. Makoto calls out Usagi’s name in worry and asks if she’s okay. Usagi’s a bit dazed and that is when Sasame appears and asks Usagi the same question to which she says that she’s fine and realizes a second too late that she’s wearing a dress today and immediately gets up off the ground and brushes herself off. Makoto, not immediately suspicious, wonders who he is while thinking that he’s a nice looking man. Sasame says that he’s glad that Usagi’s alright and that’s when Kei and Goro jump down out of a tree and land on opposite sides of Sasame, Makoto now becoming suspicious and wondering just who they all are. Kei and Goro say hello to both of the women and Usagi, confused at their sudden appearance stammers, not being able to completely say hi and how pleased she was too meet them. They didn’t seem dangerous, least of all not to her anyway. She also couldn’t shake the feel that she knew them from somewhere and Makoto asks just who are they.

Mannen, Shin and Hajime announce themselves as the Constellation Knights and Carla appears beside Hayate with her hands on her hips as she calls the three of them silly and then laughs. She also looks to Usagi and says hello and that it’s nice to see her again and apologizes for how they departed the last time. Makoto is confused with that what the hell look on her face as she’s never heard of the Constellation Knights before or why they seem so familiar with Usagi. Usagi, on the other hand, then remembers that these are the same guys from before but were dressed differently. She told Makoto that these were the guys from the mall along with the woman that all defeated that youma and they had some weird power that she’d never seen before. Hayate calls her an idiot and says that this isn’t the time to be playing around for which case Makoto gets mad and tells him he has no right to call her friend that. Upon hearing Hayate’s voice, Usagi became enraged, grabbed her bag, walked towards him and hit him hard with it right dead in the face which knocks him down onto the ground, all of them, including Makoto surprised that Usagi could have such strength like that.

Makoto sweat drops and laughs nervously while saying that Usagi may have been hanging around Jasmine a little bit too much if she’s going about hitting people at random like that. Hayate sits up and asks just what in the hell was that for, and Usagi accuses him of being up to no good and stalking after her which Hayate calls her an even bigger idiot. Sasame steps in and says that he’s pleased to officially met Usagi and her friend Makoto. He and the others all introduce themselves and start explaining that energy is the source of life for all living things in this world. Carla asks them both have they been seeing the red snow that’s been falling and the two women look at each other and nod their heads. Goro then says that an evil woman known as the Princess of Disaster is seeking the energy of this world in order to increase her evil powers. Makoto states that it sounds similar to what Queen Beryl was after, one of their old enemies but she was not only after energy but the Silver Crystal as well. Usagi becomes worried and holds her hands close to her chest and believes that this new evil that has been officially confirmed by these people might be after the crystal. But Carla speaks up and says that the Princess of Disaster is not after the Silver Crystal, she is only seeking energy and her great desire to kill the Constellation Knights. However, she then states if the evil woman knew about the crystal, she might want it but it is highly unlikely at this point. And Mannen says that if all the energy in this world is gone, then everything would completely die, that includes humans too. Usagi says that’s horrible and immediately wants to help the Knights and Carla. Makoto isn’t so sure about this and wonders just how much else did they know about this Princess of Disaster and why was she here of all places. Sasame explains that each of them have their own powers to fight against evil but when merged with a Senshi, not only do their powers become stronger but the Senshi’s does as well and their attacks switch from their original element to the Knights elemental powers and they have access to a weapon of theirs while strengthening any weapons that a Senshi already possesses. In other words, their power has limits by themselves but with the help of other Senshi, they can save the world from the evil princess.

Makoto says that this all sounds nice and all but how does she know that they’re telling the truth and just why do they know who is actually creating all those youma and taking energy. Usagi says that while it is hard to believe but it would explain the strange red snow they’ve been seeing. But then also throws in that it’s that feeling of being needed again that’s throwing her. She feels that if she agrees, they might just ditch them later and take all the credit for saying the world. Goro says that’s not true and Hayate tells him to leave them both be. It’s obvious that they possess the power of Sailor Senshi but they will never be true Senshi. Makoto becomes angry, raising her fists and asks Hayate what’d he say and dares him to say it again. That’s when Hajime speaks up to get their attention by saying that something’s wrong. He’s sensing drainage of energy in this park and that’s when screaming is heard. The screams are coming from none other than Rina and Rei who are tangled in the swings chains while being zapped and drained of their energy from a youma seed that had awakened in the park.

Usagi shouts oh no and Makoto swears, taking out her broach, Carla also doing the same thing while saying that it’s started, the youma seeds that are planted all over town by the evil princess have begun to awaken. Makoto asks just what the hell a youma seed is as it’s something she’s never heard of before. Carla explains that it’s a servant of darkness sent by the evil princess in order to absorb the energy of people and offers it to her while it grows in size and power itself. She says there’s no time for any more explanations and that they have to fight now to save those girls. She transforms immediately and the Knights also switch from their civilian outfits to their Knight attire. Carla flies towards the playground, the youma having already begun to form into a creature representing a swing monster. Goro is flying beside her and she looks at him while holding out her hand asking of him to merge with her. He chuckles and does so, taking Carla’s hand into his own and she merges with Goro while changing into a new outfit as well as her powers becoming fire based.

Carla attacks by blowing fire through her fingers to attack the monster with to get it to release Rina and Rei, which it does and the other Knights fight to keep the creature at bay. Usagi and Makoto are amazed at what they’d just seen when Carla merged with Goro and transformed into a new outfit. Makoto then states that it’s not time to be standing around in a daze, they have to fight too and so she transforms and Usagi does so as well, the both of them joining Carla and the Knights on the battlefield. Sasame asks of Shin to activate the containment field, which is a small void world that traps the monster and themselves in it to keep from destroying the park. The swing formed monster is strong as it gives the unmerged knights a run for their money. Carla’s able to attack it with ease but not enough to completely destroy it without finding its weakness. Jupiter launches one of her own attacks to slow it down, it does so temporarily but attacks in retaliation and she immediately flies out of the way in time to avoid getting hit. Usagi, on the other hand, tries to destroy it using her healing attack with her Tiare but before she can, its arm transform into a chain, grabs a hold of her and slings her to the side like a rag doll. She screams and Hayate manages to catch her in time but she also drops her Tiare and is pleading with Hayate to let her go so she can get it. He tells her that stupid thing won’t work, as these are the same youma creatures from a long time ago. These are much stronger and her powers are more not effective. Then she asks of him to do the same thing with her that Carla did with Goro and he says no because it won’t work since her powers more than likely don’t match his elemental powers. Only Carla can merge with them all because she’s a Constellation Senshi and not a regular Senshi. Usagi shouts that he won’t know unless he tries and that she can’t just sit back and do nothing as those poor girls are counting on them to save them.

Hayate scoffs and takes Usagi’s hand into his own and shockingly to the both of them they’re able to merge with one another, she becoming Princess Sailor Moon of Wind, her entire outfit changing completely and she looks at herself in amazement that that actually worked. Then Hayate speaks to her and she becomes confused and wondering where the heck he is. He tells her that he’s within her body and that the two of them are able to communicate with one another like this whenever he’s merged with a Senshi. He is surprised as she is that the two of them were able to merge with one another and he tells her as the Constellation Knight of wind, she’s able to use his powers as her own. Usagi becomes embarrassed at this fact and asks what kind of strange power is this. He tells her that this is no time to be embarrassed and that a Constellation Knight is able to fuse their soul with a Senshi's to become one for which she starts blushing furiously. Distracted, the youma is about to attack again but Makoto and Sasame both block its assault on Usagi while Sasame says that the Knights and Carla will assist them and Makoto, having used her flower shield looks back at Usagi, though amazed at such a discovery, she tells her that she can't keep getting distracted and needed to do something. Kei yells that they need to finish it off quickly before it tries to escape the containment field and tries to suck up more energy. Usagi says that she has no idea what to do or what to do exactly now that she's became one with Hayate. Carla steps in after destroying the creature's chains that she has taken on the form of the Senshi of Wind and that she's able to use Hayate's powers as her own while combined with her attacks that have now switched elements.

Usagi still confused tries to make an attempt to use a wind attack and ends up creating wind up underneath her feet that causes her to fly around in a circle and she screams while flailing her arms about. The youma fires multiple chains at them and one are heading straight in Usagi's direction, the attack is blocked by her subconsciously invoking the power of Hayate's shield, and because the chain had hit it, he yells in pain for which case Usagi asks if something's the matter and he tells her that it's nothing and not to drop her guard and to use the power of wind. She becomes annoyed and tells him not to yell at her because she's still learning how to use his powers since she's never had wind powers before. Using her newly equipped wings isn't much of a problem since she's gotten used to the idea of flying with the wings that came with her own new evolved transformation so she's able to fly around and dodge the attacks the youma throws.

She then holds out her hand to see if anything will work and it does as she fires a gust of wind at the creature for which Carla tells her that's it and keep at it while attacking it from her side using her fire powers. Hayate tells Usagi that she has to concentrate and feel the power within her as the Senshi of Wind and summon the Wind Sword. To defeat the youma, she must find its weakness and being merged with a Knight, she has the same ability as Carla to be able to see it. But considering the type of youma that it was, it was hard for Carla to pinpoint its weakness exactly because it kept covering its openings. Makoto says that she got that covered and gathers electricity in her hands and throws it at one of the youmas chains, succeeding in causing electrical damage to it to stun it from attacking, allowing Carla and Usagi to be able to spot its weakness which was the core hidden in its left leg. Usagi yells that she sees it and flies over beside Carla who sees it as well. Carla says to Usagi for them both to attack together and Carla summons the Fire Axe weapon and Usagi summons her Princess Sword, which transforms into the Princess Wind Sword thanks to Hayate’s powers. Both Carla and Usagi attack together, destroying the youma completely and Shin deactivates the containment field.

The battle is over and Hayate separates himself from Usagi, annoyed that he was able to merge with such an annoying woman while the other Knights congratulate Usagi on a job well done. Even Makoto goes up to Usagi and says how amazing that new transformation of hers was for which Carla states that for with each Knight, comes new powers and a transformation outfit but overall, it’s fairly easy to get the hang of it. Carla still transformed but having separated from Goro goes and uses her Senshi Dust to heal Rei and her sister Rina saying that the two of them will be okay now. Usagi’s still in a shock that she was able to use her powers along with someone else’s but glad that the battle is over but is very much confused on everything still. Then she sees blood dropping from Hayate’s side and asks worriedly if he’s hurt. He just scoffs in annoyance and says that he got hurt because she can’t fight worth a damn. He states that she’s no ordinary Senshi and that the Knights have never been able to merge with one that didn’t match their element before unless they’re Constellation Senshi. He also says if she’s and her friends are willing to help contain and defeat the Princess of Disaster that’s their choice as no one is forcing them and then teleports off. Makoto becomes annoyed with Hayate’s attitude and Carla tells them both not to worry about him. He’s always been like that and that you get used to it after a while. But she says she hopes that they can all work together to defeat the evil Princess once and for all and holds out her hand for Usagi and Makoto to shake it. Makoto’s still a bit skeptical but if there’s an enemy out there trying to take over the world then they were going to need all the help they could get, especially if these people knew more about what’s going on than that do. But Makoto gives in and agrees to help and introduces herself to Carla and the rest of the Knights officially. Usagi also agrees and attempts to shake Carla’s hand until an attack came flying out of nowhere that separates them from doing so. It is none other than Michiru aka Super Sailor Neptune that threw her attack as she’s standing on the branch of a tree with her arms folded, telling Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter that because these people are further out from the solar system, that they shouldn’t be trusted.

Carla was about to attack but Sasame stops her from doing so. Usagi says that they’re not bad people and that they know what’s going on and that they should all work together. Makoto agrees but Michiru disagrees and tells them to watch their backs before leaving the scene. Goro goes what the hell was her deal and Usagi apologizes and Sasame says its fine and if there’s ever a time they wish to get together to discuss things they can always find Carla at Tsukuba Academy. The Knights say goodbye and teleport off. Makoto says that she’s never seen Carla at Tsukuba and Carla says that’s because she’s too busy teaching dance. She lives in the faculty dorms and just like Sasame said, come get her when they want to all sit down and talk and to tell their friend to check herself because if she attacks again like that, she won’t hesitate to return the favor and then walks off. In the meantime, Rina and Rei finally wake up and wonder what happened, as they don’t remember anything. Rei stands up, energetic as always and lends her sister a hand to help her up while saying they probably just nodded off and apologizes for making her sister feel like she can’t make any friends since she’s been here. She really wants her to fit in and to ignore all those things that everyone’s been saying about them and Kaku. Rina nods and tells her sister not to worry and that she’s fine and also apologizes for ignoring her and not talking about it to begin with. Rei grabs her hand and says for them to go and find Asuka so they can start shopping for the club’s Halloween Party tomorrow and the two leave the playground together. Usagi and Makoto are both watching this and are glad both girls are okay but after what happened today, they have no choice but to call a Senshi meeting. Usagi agrees and it can just end here.

Thread TriviaEdit

  • This thread was based on the first episode of the anime series Pretear with major differences and character interactions and meetings.
  • Go's name was changed to Goro.
  • Usagi at this time is attending school at an all women's junior college.
  • Usagi merged with Hayate and became Princess Sailor Moon of Wind while having access to the Wind Sword which was combined with her own sword, the Princess Sword to make it more powerful.
  • Usagi meets Hayate the same way that Himeno Awayuki met him in the Pretear series.
  • Michiru Kaiou makes her first appearance in quite awhile in this thread only to state her mistrust of the Constellation Knights as well as to tell Usagi and Makoto to be careful.
  • Carla has more of a talking role in this thread than in the Mall Lockdown thread.
  • Usagi's twin sister Jasmine Tsukino (Lawliet) also makes an appearance in this thread.
  • Demon Larva in this plot is replaced with Youma Seeds that form into Youma creatures that can talk.
  • The Princess of Disaster in this plot has minions working for her whereas in the series of Pretear she did not.

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