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"If you can't win the game, If you can't solve the puzzle, you're nothing but a loser."


Near (uses this name mostly)






August 24th, 1991




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly)
Todai University (formerly)
SOS Brigade Club Member (formerly)


Tokyo, Japan



Near is highly intelligent, though his appearance gives off that of a child which causes many to question this. He's quite observational, often seen piecing together a puzzle that was almost entirely colored white. He is proficient when it comes to multitasking, and is able to look and work with multiple computer screens at once. Near also appears to be ambidextrous, playing darts with his left hand and stacking dice with his right. He is also a little more sociable than his old friend, Hideki Lawliet. He can have a sense of humor when he wants to as it has been known that he's made his girlfriend Airi laugh quite a bit since they've been together. Near also seems to have a love for dice.

Although Near is always surrounded with toys, none of them are electronics. All of his toys are the types that need to be moved manually such as the action figures, darts and dolls (except for the remote-control rubber ducks powered with batteries, and a battery-moved train). Despite his genius abilities and being more sociable than his friend, Near still has a low social knowledge and is bad at interacting with others. Near has also been known to be distance from others due to being sensitive, however, has surprisingly managed to have a girlfriend before Mello which aggravates him greatly. Although a seemingly straight faced individual, Near will often smirk when getting something right.


Near is 5'4 with white hair and gray eyes. Near is only seen wearing a white long-sleeved pajama top, and white pajama pants.


Near lived at the old orphanage that Hideki once stayed at. His parents were both very young when he was born and, in the 'interests' of 'Near', they placed him at the orphanage when he was a baby. As he grew up, he got to know a fellow orphan named Mello and a friendship, however unsteady, began between the two. Near was an amazingly intellectual young person, however, even to Mello, he came off as emotionless. One day, however, he met someone who could completely relate to him. Hideki Ryuuga. The two shared a lot of things in common, when it came to beliefs and goals, intelligence, and after Near imitated Hideki, sitting posture. Hideki would commonly visit the orphanage, though after he moved to Tokyo his visits ceased. Near, with Mello, continued his schooling, skipping grades until he finally reached his senior year at the age of fifteen. He was moved to an orphanage in Tokyo, to be closer to his wanted school, Todai University which he has now graduated from. Near loves puzzles, toys, and mystery novels, and will be commonly seen sitting like Hideki as he messes around with them. He's more friendly than Hideki, but, as repeatedly stated, he comes off as 'emotionless'.


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Airi Ryuuga LawlietEdit

Near met Airi during his first day at Juuban as it was also her first day as well. The two of them were bullied by older students and shoved in a locker together. Though they managed to escape, despite the strangeness of it all, they hung out together and managed to become fast friends. However, during a party at the Kaiba Mansion that Mokuba was throwing, both he and Airi had gotten drunk and ended up becoming intimate with one another. Airi had freaked out about it but came to terms with the fact that she did care about him and Near also cared about her as well. From that day forward, Near and Airi had begun dating one another and are still together to this very day.

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