Naru Narusegawa


Onee-sama, Naru-chan, Na-chan, Naru-yan






March 25th, 1981




Nine Years


033, shares w/Mei Narusegawa


T-A Private Girls Academy Teacher


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Naru Narusegawa is a character from the Love Hina series that desired to enter Todai University to fullfill a promise she made to her tutor, Noriyasu Seta. While she has fullfilled her promised as she made it and graduated from Todai, she has given up her interest in Seta. Reliable, kind, caring, and responsible, Naru is characterized by her signature hair antenna, short temper and physically aggressive nature when irritated.


Naru may not look it but she's highly intelligent as she's been able to pass her mock entrance exams with ease and eventually make it into Todai University along with Keitaro and the others. She also has an extreme temper which when fueled makes her incredibly strong to where she uses her infamous 'Naru Punch' move to knock anyone's lights out and send them flying. Because of this, she's been admired for her strength by a lot of the female tenants, old and new and some even warn others, especially males to be weary of her and Motoko Aoyama. Overall, Naru is a very kind and gentle person when she wants to be and tries her best to make others feel welcome and right at home at the dorms. And if there's one thing she tries to do is keep her life as private as she can, considering that nothing is a secret anymore around the dorms. Technically, she is a romantic at heart and wishes to find love for herself someday but doesn't place much focus on it like most women her age would. Naru's temper can cause her to immediately act without thinking when she hits someone that pisses her off or has done something perverted that they shouldn't have. This mostly pertains to Keitaro who she deems a perverted beast along with some of the other male tenants next door.

She cannot stand these types of men and will not hesitate to sock them in the jaw if they attempt to harass her or any of the female tenants. This particular nature of her causes others to be intimidated by her, not just intellectually but in a physical sense and this is mainly guys who show the slightest bit of interest in her. Also, because she tends to study for long periods of time without taking a break, she has short-sighted vision when she isn't wearing her glasses all the time. Plus, she's not the most domestic female either. Sure she cleans and does other various chores but when it comes to cooking, anything she fixes doesn't comes out tasting right and Shinobu Maehara is the one that does all the cooking. Another thing about Naru is that she isn't also on good terms with her family and the only one she does seem to talk to is her stepsister, Mei Narusegawa. She despises her stepmother because she often talks bad about her and treats Naru horribly because she's named after her mother. They've not been on any sort of speaking terms since she's left the house to live at the dorms. And she only hated her father because he married such a cruel woman who didn't give a damn about her and he's yet to realize it. As such, she doesn't make it a point to visit home all that often during holidays or any other days unless she's asked to by her stepsister.


Naru is 5'4, has long light brown hair that goes all the way down to her back, and dark brown eyes. She is mostly seen wearing outfits such as dresses, skirts, shorts, long sleeved shirts (depending on the weather), sleeveless shirts, tennis shoes or sandals. On many occasions she is violated by Keitaro where she is either groped, he sees her naked or he accidentally pulls on part of her clothing. She only wears her glasses when she really can't see something for she's always mistaking a person to be someone else. And they're usually these big bi-focal glasses.


Narusegawa Naru is college graduate living on the Hinata Sou Inn property as a resident of the girls’ dorm. Other tenants describe her as 'one fuse short of a canon' because of her extremely fiery temper and tendency to be physical against men. She's been this way ever since she was a young child. Born in Tokyo, both of her parents were of Japanese heritage. They lived in a poor neighborhood, Naru's father Juriko Narusegawa worked as a janitor in a local restaurant where he was given barely enough pay. Her mother, Naruru stayed home to take care of their only daughter. Things never got better for the Narusegawa family. Naruru fell ill and Juriko eventually lost his job and the only home they had, forcing them to have to stay with Juriko's parents for two years. During that time, all they did was criticize their son about losing his job and marrying a woman whom they felt was unworthy of being given their name. His family wasn't rich but they did have the income to support themselves and their son's family until they were able to get back up on their feet. By the time the third year came around, Naruru's condition took a turn for the worse. It was then she'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the brain.

She passed away after a few months, leaving her husband to take care of their daughter. Naru was only six years old at the time. His parents didn't waste time finding a woman who they felt was suitable enough to be with their son. Juriko didn't bother to fight them feeling that it would give him more grief than he already had to deal with. He would be raising Naru alone with barely any income to take care of them both. It was when Naru reached the age of nine is when he decided to remarry another woman. Naru pleaded for him not to do so, given that she was a little girl, she believed that her father being another woman would make it seem as he was being unfaithful to her deceased mother. But the marriage was sealed and a woman named Harumika McKenzie became the child's stepmother. She also had a daughter of her own who was only three years old name Mei McKenzie. The woman was in fact a wealthy woman, who was not only a widow but a jealous friend of Naruru's. Her reason for marrying Naru's father is an obvious one. She originally wanted Juriko for herself, also feeling that Naruru wasn't good enough for him, having brought him down from where he was up to now. And because his daughter was named after Naruru, she purposely treated the girl badly.

She wasn't on board with the idea of her father marrying a woman who she knew secretly hated her mother. Harumika was a very rude woman who talked to the man any kind of way. She basically forced Naru to get up and do the chores around the mansion, cleaning up after her, her daughter and her father. Mei was young but she was a very sweet little girl and treated her stepsister and stepfather with respect and kindness. So it was hard for Naru to hate her when it wasn't her fault that their parents were screwed up in the head thinking that her mother was a real bitch. But being married into a rich family did help make things easier for her. She was able to go to school at Tsukuba Academy at age eleven, preferring to take the room and board over staying with her mother and her father's mistress. While she was a little behind when she first started, she quickly sped right on up. Her grades were the highest in her class, many of her classmates asking her to help them study for tests or helping them with school and homework, which she didn't mind doing. On holidays, she went home to send time with her family but maintained a relationship with Mei. As for Harumika and Juriko, Naru hated the both of them. She hated Harumika for obvious reason and her father forever marrying such a cruel woman in the first place.

They constantly argued over things, Juriko was forced to come between the both of them to make them stop, and in the process Naru received a direct slap to the face from Harumika for talking back. And for some reason none of it at least that's how it appeared to Naru, bothered Mei. She'd just smile and brush it off like it was nothing. There were times when all of it didn't seem to faze Naru at all but it did. Only on some occasions she'd outwardly express it. So to keep her mind off of it, pretending that none of it was going on, she kept her head focused on her studies. Pulling all-nighters to the point her eyes got bad on her. Because of her intense study regiment she became short-sighted and has to wear thick "coke-bottle glasses" when not wearing her contacts. She is very short sighted, causing her to mistake a person for someone else as if she was meeting them for the first time and that’s only when she's not paying really close attention. Naru occasionally tutors students who are having trouble with their grades. A girl named Mitsune Konno being one of them who she also became friends with. For some reason, the girl loves to drink sake despite being underage. Often convincing Naru to drink with her and study later which of course she automatically refuses. Naru is an exceptional student, the 'top in the nation' in her mock exams and because of this she is expected to pass her entrance exams for Todai University easily. But the exam test for the college is hard and it is rare that a young student such as Naru would get in at her current age, which would’ve been thirteen.

After a while, she gave up her room and board at Tsukuba Academy and took it upon herself to announce to her family that she wanted to move into the Hinata Sou Inn, which was where her friend Mitsune lives, anything to avoid having to pretend to tolerate going home to a fake family. Mei and Juriko didn't want her to go. Harumika on the other hand was glad that she was getting out of the house. She considered her to be nothing but a freeloader. As much as she wanted to slap the woman for her mouth Naru held back. She asked if it would be okay if they supported her in paying the rent for a little while until she found a stable job to be able to do it herself. If it got her out of the house, Harumika was more than glad to do it. Housemother Haruka Urashima of the inn was more than happy to give her a room as long as she paid her rent on time. As a result of this move, this is when things began to get a little crazy. Because Mitsune likes to drink so much, she tends to invite over some of her male friends from school. Perverted ones I might add. This causes Naru to have a disdain dislike towards perverted men, not hesitating one bit to sucker punch them from trying to harass her or any other girl.

It was a few months later when her nephew Keitaro Urashima came to live with them. She mistook him from Mitsune when he first arrived which ended in an embarrassing result. The only reason it happened is because she didn't have her glasses on. From that day on, she became a victim of Keitaro's clumsiness all the time. Any time he did something perverted or stupid, she socked him for it. Whether it was accidentally groping her, seeing her naked, stripping her clothes off, scaring poor Shinobu, instantly became angry and sent him flying in the sky. Of course while she stayed there, the life she lived with her parents she kept a secret from the other girls that lived there except for Haruka who couldn't care less either way just so long as she got rent payments on time. Naru gradually warmed up to Keitaro after he became the landlord and also forgave him when he lied to everyone about already being a student at Todai. Since he is hopeless at studying, failing all of his tests miserably, she helped him study. The both of them eventually pass the entrance exam, along with Mutsumi Otohime and a few others and began their first year as college students.

Naru's reasoning for wanting to get into Todai University so bad is because of a promise she made to a man by the name of Seta Noriyatsu who used to tutor her in her studies in school for Seta was a Todai student at the time himself. She’d fallen in love with him during their time together but when he had to leave, she vowed that she’d study hard and get into Todai University. She’d fallen in love with him during their time together but when he had to leave, she vowed that she’d study hard and get into the school. While she had, Seta ended up falling in love as well as marrying Keitaro's Aunt Haruka, which kind of crushed Naru's dreams of wanting to be with the man. Being the hopeless romantic she was, she was willing to do almost anything to prove that she was a smart enough woman to be with a man like him. But she'd lost out to Haruka and although it'd hurt, she eventually accepted their relationship. She just decided to take the time to focus on her studies.


And over the course of the years, the dorms had begun to expand, welcoming more new people with pasts that are much more traumatic than her own. What was worse, they came off to be a bit strange as well. From talking felines and other various talking animals to people with powers and well-known heroines and heroes that have saved the world for many years that decided to take up resident within the dorms. Naru was never one to involve herself in the affairs but would do her best to keep the trouble out with Motoko's help. Unfortunately, she'd fallen victim to being prey by one of the Sailor Senshi's former enemies that'd manipulated Ami Mizuno into taking her star seed. She was for the longest time out of it and it'd been up to Setsuna Meiou to keep her body from disappearing until they returned her star seed to her. While she was saved in the end, Naru from that point on and held distrust towards the Sailor Senshi because of what'd happened to her. She feels that because they're around, the dorms have been far from normal. They weren't as bad when the Guardians were around but more and more strange people continue to talk up resident within the place. Though the Sailor Senshi weren't at fault because of what happened to her, she had been blaming them but has finally let go of her anger from it, apologized and welcomed them and their friends who don't live there to the dorms. Having dealt with all of this, nothing surprises Naru anymore.

Well the strangeness of things continue, she kept herself busy with studying and keeping up her classes in college where she finally became a Todai University graduate and earned her degree in teaching. Now, Naru no longer works doing paper routes five days a week. She instead has decided to apply for a teaching job. Originally, she was going to apply to work at her old school Tsukuba Academy but a lot of the residents in the girls dorm go there and have frequently talked about a lot of things that have happened that's detoured Naru from wanting to do so. Not because she is afraid to but because she wouldn't know who to trust in terms of faculty that works there as she'd been told that many of them could not be trusted. Until whatever is going on there is over and done with, Naru had decided that she would try to apply for a job at Tsukuba later when someone else is running the school that is not the current headmistress and vice headmaster. For now, she's accepted a teaching job at her sister's school, T-A Private Girls University. She finds it a lot easier to teach at an all girls school than a co-ed one or an all boys school where she knows she'd be constantly hit on. At least this way, if she was hit on by other girls, it wouldn't be as frequent.


Keitaro UrashimaEdit

Initially upon meeting him when she realized in the hotsprings that he was not Mitsune, Naru immediately disliked him, considered him nothing more than a pervert and wanted him gone despite that he was Haruka Urashima's nephew. Despite his accidental perverted ways, Naru did eventually warm up to him, especially when he did everything he could to try and make Shinobu Maehara fit in along with the other tenants and didn't hesitate to punch him if he made her cry at all for any reason. She'd hinted that Keitaro may have feelings for her but has no interest in men like him and hates it when Mutsumi Otohime tries to play matchmaker with the two of them. Overall, Naru sees Keitaro as someone that is compassionate about the feelings of others and has come to accept him as he is and as her landlord.

Harumika NarusegawaEdit

Harumika is Naru's stepmother whom Naru finds to be such a cruel woman that disrespects her birth mother Naruru who has passed on from this world. With Naru being as highly opinionated as she is as well as someone who doesn't like to see others get treated wrongly, she despises her stepmother for her cruel ways towards her.

Juriko NarusegawaEdit

Juriko is Naru's father and the husband of Naruru. When his wife had passed away, he remained Harumika whom Naru had come to despise. Her relationship with her father is not a good one because he married Harumika and does nothing when she starts bad mouthing his daughter and her mother. As such, Naru doesn't return home all that often to check on her family. If she does, it's to see Mei and that's it.

Mei NarusegawaEdit

Mei is Naru's stepsister and though they're not related by blood, they often worry about each other. Just because their parents have their issues, doesn't mean that they have to be unkind to one another. Naru adores her sister and watches out for her whenever she's in trouble. When she moved away, she was unable to see Mei all that often but now Mei takes trips and sometimes stays with Naru in her dorm room whenever she comes for a visit.


The Naru PunchEdit

The Naru Punch is the signature technique of Naru Narusegawa. This move allows her to hit people into far off distances. It's been known by the female tenants of the dorms that this punch can send people flying to the sky and fall back to Earth in a collision course. Naru's mostly used this on Keitaro Urashima because of his accidental perverse nature as well as the male tenants from the boys dorm next door. She won't hesitate to use it on a female either but it depends on the female.

Naru GalleryEdit


  • The name Naru means "to become", while her surname Narusegawa means "to become a raging river".
  • Naru owns a Liddo-kun doll that Keitaro gave her when she was two years old; it was originally Mutsumi Otohime's but she gave it to him to give it to "Na-chan" as a love gift.
  • Because of her aggressive yet caring personality, Naru is one of the best known examples of the tsundereanime character archetype.
  • Personality-wise, the main heroine for Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Asuna Kagurazaka, is very similar to Naru. They are both attracted to older men (Asuna likes Takahata Takamichi. Naru likes Noriyasu Seta). They also both act very violently towards the main male leads (Negi and Keitaro respectively) but eventually warm up to them and generally care for them.

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