Motoko Aoyama Guard


Kendo, Kendo Girl, Motoko-chan






December 01st, 1982


Tsukuba Academy (Graduated)


Freelance Romance Short Story Writer


Seven Years


Girls Door > First Floor > Room 20


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Sombre and athletic, Motoko Aoyama Guard at the start of the Love Hina series was introduced as a fifteen year old high school sophomore and a martial arts practitioner that lives in the Hinata Girls dorm. Now she is a freelance romance short story writer in her thirties and is still dubbed 'Kendo Girl' by many of the female residents and a few male residents. She is born into the head of the Shinmei-Ryu School of Martial Arts, which was a school of swordswomen who act as demon slayers and exorcists in Japan. She is next in line to inherit ownership of the school. She is also the wife of Kye Guard, a member of the Circle of Sev.


Motoko is an excellent swords woman that has become so skilled that she has mastered the Shimei-Ryu’s style and over the years has used it proficiently to where her skills can match even the strongest of swordsman out there. However, she has been known to use her skills against many people, mainly the tenants of the Hinata Sou Inn, whether they are female or male, just to make sure that they’re kept in line. She has successfully managed to perfect the style to wear she can hit her enemies without harming them in the process. To keep her skills up, Motoko trains frequently every day, often sparring with fellow female residents or even Keitaro sometimes, though it is known that he is the only one that has beaten her despite her excessive training.

She’s also a collector of swords, having become quite fascinated with how many swords throughout the years have been made, admiring them for their blade work and efficiency use. When she’s not training, she does protect the female tenants from any of the male tenants they feel who have or are being perverted as she will not tolerate such a thing to happen while she is around. In her spare time, she secretly writes romance short stories and turns them in to be published in magazines and book collections, which has surprisingly become her source of income because she is quite good at it. While Motoko still harbors her dislike of perverts, especially perverted men, it is not as deep as it was before at a point where she showed deep hatred for them and the male race as a whole. She always believed men to be weak as well a distraction but managed to overcome this way of thinking after meeting Keitaro Urashima and later husband Prince Kye Guard.

Overall, her dislike of perverts still remains but it is of equality, both of men and women if any of the female tenants who are straight feel they’re being sexually harassed by a female that isn’t and won’t take no for an answer. She will attack them to get her point across to cut it out but at the very least will not cause them much bodily harm. Motoko is of course still deathly afraid of turtles, even being an adult she still becomes irate and tries to attack Tama-chan anytime he gets close to her. She also struggled with trying to be feminine even though deep down, she never believed herself to be pretty like the other residents and often hid her womanly figure behind her school uniform and regular somewhat baggy like clothes. Pretty much, she did anything to keep the wandering eyes of men off of her. She has accepted the fact that she is beautiful just being herself and doesn’t have to dress a particular way just to prove that she is. Another thing is that she harbors a great fear as well as respect for her older sister Tsuruko to this very day despite having finally managed to face her in a battle to prove to her that she is strong and she will do her best to become stronger everyday.


Motoko is 5'7 with originally long black hair that was worn straight in a traditional cut but would sometimes pull it back into a ponytail during training. She also has small shaped dark brow colored eyes. However, she’d cut her hair to where it is neck length. Over the course of a few years since she'd cut it, it regrew to where it stops just below her shoulders. Principled, ethical and tolerant, she was brought up to follow traditional Japanese morals of the warrior class. Her appearance and clothing resembles that of traditional Japan, often only seen wearing her school uniform, sports uniform or her training hakama. While she has become an adult and wears more casual clothing.


Motoko Aoyama was born into a family of legendary demon slayers and she was brought up to one day take over the family business. From a young age, she looked up to her older sister, Tsuruko Aoyama and frequently trained with her and learned how to be a noble woman of the sword. When Tsuruko began leaving for missions, she gave her, her favorite sword, the Shisui, as a parting gift. Years later, however, Tsuruko had become engaged to a fellow warrior that she had met, causing Motoko to become upset with her sister’s decision, left the dojo to live elsewhere during her days at school. She arrived at the Hinata House where she settled in and commuted to her school on a daily basis. She attended an all-girls junior high school but later attended Tsukuba Academy during her high school years. During her first few weeks of staying at the dorms, one of the tenants that lived there, Kaolla Su, a young foreign girl immediately latched herself onto Motoko as her play partner, a job Motoko stoically tolerated.

Upon Keitaro Urashima’s arrival and uninvited presence in the Hinata House, Motoko joined the other girls in capturing him and she also mistakenly believed him to already be a Todai University student and agreed that he could stay. However, she maintained an aggressive watch onto him during his first few days, threatening him with her sword if he seemed to step out of line. But after discovering that Keitaro wasn’t in Todai University yet, Motoko led the movement to evict him and later participated in the girls’ attempts to get him to leave on his own free will. While the other girls gradually grew accustomed to Keitaro being around, especially after his grandmother sent a letter to his Aunt Haruka Urashima that he was the new landlord, Motoko continued to remain cold towards him as his personality and perverse actions contrasted greatly against what she believed an ideal man should be. Her irritation of him grew to a peak when she came down with a cold and challenged him to a kendo duel in order to be rid of him. Due to Keitaro panicking and Motoko’s illness, they were both knocked out during the match. However, despite her opinion of him, she assisted the others in searching for him when he ran away after receiving bad scores in his Christmas mock-test and attempted to help when he received ‘Worst Luck’ in a temple fortune draw.

When Naru and Keitaro decided to travel Japan after having failed their entrance exams, and after Kaolla and Shinobu went after them, Kitsune convinced Motoko to team up and go after them as well. However, instead of searching for Keitaro and the other girls, Kitsune began sampling the different foods along their travels and used Motoko as her source of income by having her demonstrate her martial arts skills in public shows, much to her annoyance. Eventually, the two of them bumped into Kaolla and Shinobu in Kyoto where the four of them ventured to Okinawa to find Naru and Keitaro. Upon returning back to the Hinata Girls Dorm, Motoko’s phobia of turtles had been displayed when Naru and Keitaro was given a hot springs turtle from Mutsumi Otohime and ended up causing Motoko to faint or attack the little turtle out of panic. One time, Motoko while Motoko was changing, Keitaro had walked in on her and for that, she challenged him to another duel with the stakes of either him attending her claims training regime to ‘beat some spine into his spineless body’ or have her obey his every command. This was a duel that she unfortunately lost and as a result, she was requested by Keitaro to act more feminine. However, the many times that she tried to do so, she failed. Keitaro shows her compassion and understanding that she had never shown by him retracting the command and tell her that it was okay for her to act the way she always does.

Motoko’s opinion of him began to change somewhat and joined in with the other girls to prevent Naru and her former tutor and ex-crush Seta Noriyasu but this attempt failed as Naru didn’t show any signs of being interested in Keitaro at all so Motoko ceased her meddling in Naru’s personal life. During the Beach Café Hinata’s rendition of The Journey to the West, where Motoko played the role of Gojou Sa, the water demon, Motoko issued a martial challenge to Seta. Though the duel was extensive she was ultimately defeated by Seta and became surprised by his knowledge of the Shinmei-Ryu school. After that, she began to think that her skills here deteriorating when she was ultimately defeated by Tama-chan who caught her sword in mid-strike, thus concluding (at least to her), that her skills had deteriorated due to her losing her seriousness and assumed the distractions of the Hinata Girls Dorm were at fault and she left to train in the mountains. However a small party of Kaolla, Sarah, Tama-chan and Keitaro followed after her, momentarily causing her to blame Keitaro for her distraction until she realized that the key to improving her strength was not in cutting herself off from the world but by taking in the experiences around her. She returned to the dorms after becoming stronger due to this revelation. Her new skill was called into use to dispel Mutsumi’s bad luck but the combined bad luck of her, Naru and Keitaro together proved too much for her to overcome.

After awhile, things had begun to calm down around Hinata except for when a boys dorm was built right next door to the girls dorm and all of the tenants had to share the hot springs but had to be respectful of anyone that was already in it. Motoko disliked the idea, feeling that the last thing they all needed was more guys like Keitaro so she distanced herself from associating with the male residents of the boys dorm. There were little problems here and there where Motoko had to rescue some of the female tenants who felt they were being peeked in on but they were overall misunderstandings. She grew to accept the fact that the boys dorm was not going anywhere but deep down, that didn't necessarily meant she had to like it so long as the guys in the dorm new their place.


Meeting Kye GuardEdit

During a time when Motoko decided to take a bath in the hot springs, she ended up being unintentionally assaulted by Tama-chan only to be rescued by Kuro, the cat in which belonged to Keitaro's sister, Kanako Urashima. Kuro had asked if she was alright only to freak out at the idea of a talking cat but after everything that she and the other girls have dealt with thus far, she got over it pretty quickly. Soon after, she was set up on a blind date with a friend of his that turns out to be Kye Guard. Motoko was not fond of this idea because of her overall dislike of men, with Keitaro being the only exception. However, she decided to agree to the date only to end up hitting it off with Kye after the date ended. Before long, the two of them became an actual couple. It wasn't revealed to Motoko until later that Kuro and Kye Guard were one in the same. He tells her that he is a Guardian Angel and a Prince from the Guardian Homeworld that many refer to as Heaven.

His powers are Psychic in nature. A long time ago, before even the main storyline of the manga/anime, he was patrolling the Hinata Sou District; as per his job. He normally resembles a young adult with purple eyes, but when patrolling he likes to take the form of a cat; which is inconspicuous and can go anywhere. While in this form he came across the crying form of a young Kanako. Around this time, Kanako was concerned that she’d never find someone to be with in her lifetime; especially Keitaro who she wanted above anyone else. Kye revealed himself, partially, to the young girl and did his best to comfort her. In the end he decided to stay on with her, as her pet cat, and watch over her until she indeed found a mate to do so in his place. It was then he took the name, Kuro. Motoko was surprised to learn all this, but it didn’t change the way she felt about Kye. After another year or so of dating, they got married and they're still together to this day.

Life After the WeddingEdit

By that time, she'd graduated from Tsukuba Academy and decided upon a new look for herself and cut her hair shorter to be a little more manageable. Over the years, many stranger things have happened around the dorms such as the arrival of Sailor Senshi and evil people trying to harm the innocent, other residents who have special powers or skills which doesn't come as a surprise to Motoko anymore. On another note, she has become more open to men but she doesn't attack just them but females as well who act perverted and sexually harass other tenants and only does so to get her point across to knock it off and to keep them in line. Before Kye's long time disappearance, he'd changed her into a turtle against her will in order to help her get over her fear of them, however, this didn't work and she is still very much afraid of turtles. At one point he even bestowed Motoko the power of the Guardians only to have it turned down and request that she be changed back to normal. But since then, she's not seen Kye all that much, knowing quite well that he is a busy Guardian but that doesn't stop her from feeling lonely.

To help her over her loneliness, she writes short romance stories that are published in magazines and book collections and it allows her to be compensated in the process. Her inspiration for her short stories are the female residents that live in the girls dorm. There are a few male tenants that stay there as well but only upon special request and even then, Motoko keeps a strict watch on them. Two years ago, the dorms had been renovated from the dumpy crumbling look that they had inside to appear more apartment like with new appliances installed as well as new furniture. This was done out of the kindness of a frequent visitor's heart by the name of Mokuba Kaiba. Generally, Motoko was fine with the dorm room she had but that doesn't necessarily mean she dislikes the extra space. She continues her daily training to perfect her sword skills and help to keep watch over the Hinata Grounds.


Keitaro UrashimaEdit

Motoko immediately dislike Keitaro after finding out that he lied about being a Todai University student. After that, she came to dislike him more, finding him to be nothing more than a weak and spineless man that was nothing more than a distraction to her training. It took ehr awhile but she dislike the idea that he became the new landlord over the Hinata Girls Dorm but came to accept this and him but won't hesitate to put him in his place.

Kye GuardEdit

She didn't treat Kye in the same manner that she treated Keitaro when meeting him, as he'd saved her from being assaulted by Tama-chan. It was then the two of them had gone out on a date together only to realize that the feline named Kuro that saved her was also Kye, making them one in the same. Surprisingly, Motoko hit it off with Kye since she really didn't initially click with any other male and the only thing she felt for Keitaro was friendship and annoyance from time to time. Eventually, the two of them got married after Motoko realized that she was in love with Kye. Note: Kye is a character from the anime adaptation.

Swordsmanship SkillsEdit

Zanganken (Stone Cleaving Sword)Edit

Motoko infuses her ki into her sword and uses it to cut a boulder in half.

Zanganken Ni-no-Tachi (Stone Cleaving Sword, Second Strike)Edit

A second version of the Zanganken move where she performs it in the same manner but instead of cutting a boulder in half, she cuts an object behind a person without injuring them in the process.

Zanmaken (Evil Cutting Sword)Edit

Exorcises demonic spirits from the body of humans.

Raimeiken (Thunderclap Sword)Edit

A slashing attack with lightning energy infused into the sword.

Raimeiken (Thunderclap Sword, Second Strike) Edit

Performed in the same manner except this attack cuts a possessive demon without injuring the person it has possessed.

Shin Raikoken (True Lightning Sword)Edit

By infusing lightning energy into the sword, when slashed, it causes an explosion in the area in which it is aimed in.

Samidarekiri (May Rain Cutter) Edit

Instantly cuts into a falling object.

Zankusen (Air Cutting Flash)Edit

Motoko releases ki in a circular fashion in order to cut her enemies.

Motoko Guard GalleryEdit

  • Motoko w/short hair
  • Motoko in old school uniform


  • The name “Aoyama” translates as “Blue Mountain” while her first name, “Motoko” tentatively translates as “Origin Child”
  • Motoko participated in her school’s Kendo Club and also helps out in the Temple shrine during festivals such as New Year’s Day.
  • Out of all the Love Hina Girls, Motoko is the first and only female to get married.
  • Motoko is a fan of anything related to traditional Japan, this includes books, items and even samurai movies
  • It is not known exactly what caused Motoko’s fear of turtles as she may have been attacked by a turtle demon as a child and carries emotional scars from that event, however her sister thinks that her fear originates from when she once caught her and her boyfriend in an “intimate moment” together.

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