Mitsu Sanyu


Koi-chan (by Mokuba)






September 21st, 1992




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly)
Todai University 01st yr (currently)
SOS Brigade Club Vice President (currently)


Works part time at Gemini Club clothing store


Tokyo, Japan



Energetic, Fun to be around, Good friend. Hopeless stereotype, Unreliable at times, Thinks every guy is gay.


Mitsu is a bit... Different than the other students at Juuban High. First off, he's gay, and prod of it. He embraces his homosexuality and uses it to make him unique. Other than that though he is a good and normal student. He's active in the school's acting and singing departments. (He also tried out to be a cheerleader, but something about... Not normal for boys to wear skirts. Pft, as if!) He is also a dedicated staff member of the high school newspaper staff and is a very... Persistent (annoying) interviewer. Because of this involvement in the paper, he knows one other school reporter, Rie Saotome. Outside of school though, well a lot of the time in school too, he's been called a "living stereotype" and often bullied for how openly gay he is, but he never lets it get him down for too long. When the school bell rings though, he is done holding back and is highly energetic and tends to do some very active things, like dancing, working out, and chasing the occasional hot guy for a few... Miles, but hey, what can you do? He hangs around Rie a lot and the two are known as quite the mischievous duo.


Attack of Queen RiaEdit

Mitsu only had a minor role as he never became a target of the evil Queen Ria but he did participate in trying to help his friends to fight her whenever she appeared from time to time.


Mokuba KaibaEdit

Mitsu has been dating young Mokuba Kaiba for the past three years, the longest of many relationships he's ever had. At one point, the two of them were having problems in their relationship where Mokuba believed that Mitsu was not being attentive enough but the two of them had reconciled their differences in regards to their relationship and have been going strong ever since.

Mitsu GalleryEdit

  • Mitsu wearing a school girl's uniform


Coming Soon!

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