Misaki Ayakane
Misaki ayakane






Unknown, presumed Bisexual


September 25th, 1980






Ishiko Katsuragi


Five Years


Hokkaido, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory




Misaki was raised in the same temple as Ishiko, but the pair only met when they were three. They soon formed a strong friendship, the quick-witted and amiable Misaki balancing the strong willed and headonistic Ishiko. While her parents were members of the temple, their status was lower than that of the Katsuragi family, and it is perhaps a testament to Ishiko that she has never seen Misaki as anything less than an equal. However, others in the temple were not so forgiving. Though a great academic student, Misaki never displayed great prowess in the physical aspects of the training, until the day she picked up a bow. Taking the path of Kyûjutsu, Misaki soon excelled in it, becoming undisputed champion of the temple at the age of just 18, since then, she has been working towards mastering the art, hoping one day to establish her own Dojo.

When Ishiko chose to leave the Temple, Misaki was the only one who stood up for her right to do so, but because of her lower status her protests were shouted down. In the duel that followed, which ended with Ishiko accidentally killing a fellow student, it was Misaki who dragged her away before she was killed herself. Since then, the pair have traveled Japan, preforming services and purification where they can. Misaki is a kind, and often friendly person. She chooses not to hide her emotions as her companion does, and is much more amiable in general. When not concentrating, she's often clumsy. However, this shouldn't be mistaken for actual ditzyness, underneath the cheerful exterior exists a woman with a will of iron and a spirit to match. She also has an uncanny habit of attracting the attentions of young men, something which she constantly uses to tease Ishiko about.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Misaki chose to study Kyujutsu, the way of the bow, from and early age. Highly proficient in the weapon's usage, she is regarded as a higly skilled marksman.

Ki ChannelingEdit

Misaki, even more so than Ishiko, has trained in the ways of channeling her Ki to augment her abilities. She often uses this skill to create specialized arrows for her purpose.

Miko SkillsEdit

Just like Ishiko, Misaki is a former miko of the Shôden Katori Shintô, and so has trained in exorcisms and demon hunting. Unlike Ishiko, Misaki does not focus on binding spirits, choosing instead to use Natsuin tgs to seal them away.


Through their travels, Misaki has picked up several healing techniques which she uses sparingly, as they are a considerable drain on her stamina.


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