Milly Ashford
"It matters not that we were born apart. Upon this day, we die as one."


Prez-sama (formerly), Milly-chan, Ms. Ashford (by students)






June 09th, 1991




Receptionist at Tsukuba Academy


Juuban Municipal Academy (Graduated)
Todai University First Year
SGA Member


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Milly Ashford is the second daughter of Masato and Miya Ashford and the granddaughter Ruben K. Ashford. She is also the younger sister of Miyako Ashford whom Milly hasn't seen or heard from since the day their parents arranged for her to marry someone. Milly is a character from the Code Geass series with a lot of major changes done to her character.


Milly just loves matchmaking her friends with their crushes all the time, much to their dismay. She's tried to pair off her friends Kallen and Lelouch together, much to their dislike as well as trying to find someone for Shirley to be with despite how greatly she dislikes it. However, she is unable to help herself because she just wants to see her friends happy. But that doesn't mean she won't tease and joke around with them as there are times when Milly can be quite perverted, her comments mostly directed at Shirley and Kallen and formerly Euphemia due to their large breast sizes. As the former president of the Student Council at Juuban, she was always in charge of coming up with things for the school to do but her ideas were some of the most craziest and yet students would participate in them for the sake of fun and she loved every minute of it. Milly also likes discovering her friends' secrets, not that she would ever use their secrets against them but rather she feels it would make them much closer if they knew more about each other.

She would never tell anyone else what she'd been told as it would be none of their business. She's protective of her friends and would do anything to keep them out of harms way. Which brings in the fact that she is not a stranger to the supernatural. While never being in any situations that were incredibly supernatural related, she has met a few people and even found out that some of her close friends are not what they appear to be. Despite that, she still cares deeply for them. Another known factor about Milly is that she's a great cool and besides herself Euphemia and Lelouch were the only ones that knew how, being the main three that prepared meals for student council club meetings and/or festival events. Her overall personality makes it easy for people to befriend her as she makes any atmosphere a welcoming one. Although she misses her high school days, she has and does hope to make more new friends.

While she may involve herself in the affairs of others, she doesn't talk much about her own life or try to get others involved in it. Her arranged marriage was a touch subject and there were times she didn't mind talking about it but it was obvious when she was annoyed during the discussions the more frequent the topic come up. But she tried her best not to show it and mask it with a smile and laughter. Before graduating from Juuban, she was to be married to Matsui Taro once she did graduate, which was hardly a secret around the school but in the end, she ended up breaking it off with him which she does ultimately feel bad about but she couldn't be with someone that she didn't love nor did they love her in return. She doesn't feel that marriage should be made an obligation but rather it should be fore two people who love each other very much, not be forced together. Her friends had their views and opinions about it, which she respected but they never knew how she truly felt and what she was going through.

Milly isn't on good terms with her parents since she broke off the engagement and because she did, they disowned her, leaving her with nothing to be able to take care of herself with. She keeps in contact with her grandfather and has no idea where her older sister Miyako is after all this time. At one point, she and her sister were close but now, she feels upset that she would refuse to at least keep in contact with her after all this time. With everything that was and has gone on in her life, Milly would hide her true feelings behind a smile and laughter because she doesn't want to worry her friends. She does wish things could've gone differently, then maybe her sister would still be around and she wouldn't feel as if she'd been left alone to deal with their parents, which she doesn't understand why they're still together when they're cheating on one another with different people. As such, she has no respect for them anymore and despite being a girl from a rich family, Milly didn't feel lost because she had no money, but rather she felt lost because she felt as if she'd lost the support she needed to keep her strong to avoid giving up when all seemed bleak.


Milly is 5'7 with short blonde hair that touches her shoulders, peach skin complexion, her bust size much bigger than Shirley's and blue eyes. For casual wear, she is seen in something more fancy like a simple dress with flat shoes. And when it comes to her crazy festival ideas, she's always seen wearing something wacky. Doesn't matter if it's a kitty costume, bathing suit, or a ballgown for any reason.


Born into a wealthy family, Milly Ashford is the second daughter of Masato and Miya Ashford, and the younger sister to Miyako Ashida. The Ashford family has always been known for generations because of their arranged marriages and luxurious inns and hotels around the globe, Japan included. The hotel business began with Rai Ashford, Ruben K. Ashford's father as well as Milly and Miyako's grandfather. It continued on from that time up to Masato's who is now running the family hotel business while his wife Miya was a stay at home mother before she got a job of her own once her two daughters were old enough to take care of themselves. She has her Bachelor's Degree in business administration where she works as a campaign manager, having worked with a lot of well known politicians. She also came from a wealthy family background just like Masato but her parents were in a rush to marry her off to someone because she was originally in love with someone else that her parents just did not approve of. So she and Masato got married.

And those two being together was no picnic either. They argued with each other constantly about what the other wanted. If not that, Masato was arguing with his father Ruben about having to marry some woman he didn't love. But there was not much he could do since what's done is done. Getting a divorce would do nothing but shame the Ashford family's name but both of Milly's parents did that themselves much later after they had their children. They were sneaking around on one other with other people, committing infidelity. Somehow, it got leaked to the press and because of it, they wanted to do everything in their power to erase the shame of their family's good name from the media. Thus the reason why marriage was thrust on Miyako and Milly. That tradition was supposed to end once Masato was married but it didn't happen that way. And Miyako didn't take having to be married to some random man that she didn't love. She already was dating someone out of high school that she'd been with since her freshman year. They had plans to get married to each other until her parents intervened in that. Instead she ended up having to marry a man by the name of Ryoushi Ashida, whom she fought tooth and nail with her parents refusing to marry him.

But no matter what she did it did not work. Milly and Miyako were very close to one another. They hung out together, told each other secrets, had their moments of getting on each others nerves but they loved each other unconditionally. However, once Miyako married, she left the picture for good without so much as a word to where she and her new husband was going. Not even her parents have had much luck tracking down their oldest daughter. She doesn't call, write, nor email her family at all. So none of them knows how she is doing or what she is doing with her life. This prompted their parents to force Milly into being the one to restoring their smeared good name. And they found the perfect suitor for her too. She was only a young child when he was picked out for her, his name being Matsui Taro. Their families knew one another and so this arrangement was planned out when Milly was only then years old, having only met Matsui a few times in her life since then. And while she finds that her life being controlled is depressing, she puts up with it nonetheless.

Over the years, her parents relationship with each other didn't get any better. They don't love each other but still continued to be married just to keep up appearances while they steady go and sneak around with other people. To keep from going insane, Milly put all of her focus into her doing good in school as well as having a little fun while she can because she knows that once she finally graduates out of high school, she would have to immediately get married to Matsui. She became the Student Council President at Juuban Municipal Jr. High when she was only twelve years old. It was there she'd met young Lelouch vi Solaris, his little sister Nunnally vi Solaris and much later his cousin Euphemia Le Solaris who were from wealthy family backgrounds that didn't believe in arranged marriages, owned a toy company and kept their identities hidden from the public. She immediately became friends with them. Later came Shirley Fenette, Nina Einstein and Kallen Stadtfeld whom she met when she enrolled into Juuban Municipal High. You know, before the announcement about the Juuban schools combining into one academy due to budget cuts and lay offs.

Milly's grandfather is the Superintendent of Juuban Municipal Academy and wants nothing more than the best for his granddaughters. He is most saddened at the fact that they had to be subjected into a hard lifestyle, regretting that he pushed his own son into it so much and now it's like he's not the same person he once was before having married Milly's mother. He's trying his best to help Milly through the trying tough times, while trying to talk his son out of forcing his daughter to marry someone she doesn't love. But all he gets is that he's being nothing but a hypocrite. On the other hand, Milly is trying not to think about any of it so much. She's content with being around her friends that have joined the Juuban High's Student Council. In her own right, she is very intelligent, currently in the 3-A class rank, making her the third highest scorer on the school exams where she is seen ranked third in her whole group.

And when her head's not in the books, she enjoys teasing her Shirley and Kallen, making such vulgar perverted comments towards them about their much filled out bust areas. She enjoys matchmaking he friends together with their crushes or teasing them about how they feel about a certain 'someone'. Especially with Kallen, who she believes deep down is secretly in love with Lelouch but she won't admit it. Though Milly can't always have fun with the girl because she's constantly absent from school due to being sick all the time. So, anytime she does come around, Milly catches her being dressed up in some wild outfit or anytime she sees her, she automatically gropes her chest. It's a secret that she wishes to discover as to why the girl is constantly gone from school but she's okay with a little mystery. The same with Euphemia too, for she's another one that does disappearing acts. Even if she found out, she wouldn't tell anyone for it's no ones business. And while she may like discovering secrets, she doesn't enjoy telling them.

And her job as Juuban's student body president, she comes up with the most crazy events for all the students to participate in. Much to the dismay of some of them. And she's also been put in charge of doing all the council's cooking and any other event meals because for one besides her, Lelouch and Euphemia, no one else on the council can cook very well. And despite the fact that Milly is an incredibly nice person to everyone, they are all aware of the fact that she is to marry a husband that's assigned to her once she graduates. Though she doesn't talk about it much or hardly at all. But deep down, Milly doesn't want to get married so soon after high school. She has plans for wanting to go to Todai University maybe starting to work on her grandfather's dream of creating an school under the Ashford family name or taking up a career as a reporter.

In fact, she was actually supposed to graduate with the first year students but she didn't because she failed her examinations, although she did so on purpose to remain going to school for another year to be with her friends. The second term had finally came and Milly had no choice but to graduate with them but at the time she hadn't decided on what to do about her arranged marriage to Matsui. Shirley and Nina have, a few times mentioned that maybe her parents would stop being 'anal', their words not hers, if she were to find someone else and fall in love with them. Though that method has already been tried. Her sister Miyako is proof that it didn't work, for she still had to marry Ryoushi. In the process, she'd ended up meeting three new people. Two were new additions to the Student Council. One a woman by the name of Usagi Tsukino whom she ended up finding out is actually Sailor Moon, and another named Shirou Narumi who she finds to be a funny observer that pays close attention to detail. Secretly, she's going to try pairing him up with Shirley who does not like him but that's not stopping Milly from trying.

The last one is a woman named Kagami Tenjoin whom she'd met off of mobile lounge on her phone. She goes to Todai University as a second year student. She finds her to be very nice and is already on her way to becoming fast friends with her. Milly had been debating on graduating early from school or waiting it out and graduating with her friends at the end of the actual semester but she'd decided on graduating early and even then her parents didn't show up and her friends were all busy. Well, except for Shirley who apologized for being late but she wanted to be there for the most important day of her friend's life. And you're probably wondering did she go through with the wedding with Matsui once she did graduate. The truth was, she didn't. Which was why her parents didn't attend her graduation. She'd finally told them that she wasn't going to go through with anything they wanted her to do and was going to live her life her way. Even if she made mistakes she was going to make them and then learn from them. And because of this, they disowned her, leaving her flat broke and having to fend for herself. For the longest, she'd been staying at the Hinata Sou Inn with Shirley, bunking in her room since she still had a little space despite gaining an extra roommate.

But since the dorms were renovated to have an apartment like style, Milly felt that she either needed to get a dorm room of her own or find some place else to live. But with out a job, there isn't much she can do. Luckily, because of her GPA, credits and grades that she'd earned while attending Juuban, she does qualify to receive financial aid having at least attempted to register as a student at Todai University. So that will help out tremendously. And her grandfather offered to help her as well, despite his son and wife disowning her. So no more is Milly the known school wide Student Council President anymore. She's finally being thrust into the world that is considered, hard life. But she is, however going to be starting college in the fall and while she is way far behind Shirley, she will do her best to go to school and do something that she can be proud of herself for. Since she now has the opportunity to attend Todai University, she'll explore her options, first starting with trying to get a Bachelors Degree in journalism but she's got a long way to go if she still wishes to become a news reporter.


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Matsui TaroEdit

Milly was originally engaged to be married to Matsui Taro however, she was not in love with him and only put up with the idea of the engagement to please her parents. At least for awhile but eventually wanted out, even at the cost of being disowned by her parents, her current relationship with them being strained because the two of them have a habit of sleeping with other people behind each others back and then coming home yelling at one another. Took take her mind off of her parents' infidelities, she'd bury herself in her studies and hanging out with her friends and making any new members to the student council feel welcome. Though, those days are over now as she doesn't have the luxury to do so since her parents have cut her off because she failed to go through with marrying Matsui whom she knew was in love with his robot maid, Akiza Izayoi. In fact, Milly was actually in love with someone else herself but has yet to reveal to anyone, not even Shirley or Nina just how that person is.

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  • Milly is ranked number one in breast size, of all the female characters on the former student council.
  • Milly found it to be hilarious and entertaining to grope Shirley, Euphemia and Kallen all the time because of their large breasts.

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