Mihael Keehl
"I will be the new Number One!"


Mello (uses this name more)






December 13th, 1992




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly)
Todai University (formerly)
SOS Brigade Club Member (formerly)


Tokyo, Japan



Though he is much less intelligent than either Near or Hideki, Mello does hold a very good ground in that field, though he gets angry every time Near beats him at something. Unlike Hideki and Near, Mello actually have somewhat good social skills, able to make friends and communicate ideas much more easily than either of his two friends. He can eat hordes of chocolate without getting sick. He also is much more willing to get physical with foes rather than try to use his head against them. A chocolate addict with a very short fuse for a temper, Mello isn't exactly good at keeping his cool in aggravating situations.


Mello is 5'6 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Mello is usually seen wearing dark leather clothes.


Mello was born into a very poor family, much the same way Hideki was. He was left on the doorstep of the same Orphanage Near was... and, coincidentally, the same day that Near was. From that moment on, the rivalry/friendship between the two would begin. Near would always get some major breakthrough (i.e. walking talking) very quickly, and Mello would just catch up to him as Near would go onto another skill. The only time the two weren't like this is when Hideki would come to visit. Hideki was just as much an idol to Mello as he was to Near, however Mello refrained from being overly formal with Hideki, and referred to him as just Hideki, while Near called him 'Hideki-sama'. After Hideki left, the two began focusing greatly on their studies, both hoping to get into the Todai University Law program like Hideki, and become detectives. When Near left for Juuban Municipal Academy to be closer to school (he skipped and became a senior) Mello went into overdrive, quickly becoming a senior as well and following Near to Tokyo.


Attack of Queen RiaEdit

Upon arriving there he began running into fellow classmates, and began making some new friends (though, you could only loosely refer to him and Airi Lawliet, Hideki's daughter and Near's girlfriend, as friends). Also unknown to Mello (for a while anyway) two girls from his class developed a crush on him, one of them Mio, a Sailor Senshi like Airi, and Samantha, one of the few normal people Mello and Near have become acquainted with. During a party at the Kaiba Mansion, in which all the party became drunker than a pack of skunks, Mio and Samantha began actively competing for Mello, something the blond chocolate-addict took quite well. However, as the weeks went on, the competition between the two began to wear on Mello, who is still trying to decide between the two. During an attack on the school from Queen Ria, a woman who had been threatening Hideki's girlfriend/lover, Jasmine Tsukino, who was pregnant with hers and Hideki's child, Mello along with Near achieved a set of powers through a strange technique Minako used on them, the effects of which helped the two boys at least seemingly drive off the witch. Ever since then, however, Mello has been unable to re-use that power. However, Mello has also been training quite hard in order to try to achieve that power, in order to help his friend Hideki when the time came to stop Queen Ria. The time in Tokyo certainly hasn't changed Mello from his old self too much, however the chocolate addict has certainly become more and more focused as time has gone by, though that certainly hasn't stopped him from occasionally poking fun at Near and Airi for their little stint during the party, or just having a good time in general. Mello's loud and can sometimes be obnoxious, but is fiercly loyal, and in a jam can be rather useful in a fist-fight.


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Former Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Given PowerEdit

During Queen Ria's attack on the gym at school, Mello gained a power from a technique Minako used on both him and Mello. The power for Mello was a black, skin-tight outfit, the frabric of which could shapeshift and transform into various shapes.


  • The only food Mello has ever been seen eating is a chocolate bar.
  • Amusingly, Mello's birthday, December 13, is on the National Cocoa Day in the United States.

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