Micah Asakura
"A knight of excellence and grace as strong as the ocean, I am the Knight of Neptune!"
Vital statistics
Alias Asakura-san, Asakura Senpai, Micah-san, Micah Kohma (used rarely)
Nationality Japanese
Species Human
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Birthday September 06th, 1998
Age 18
Schools & Clubs Tsukuba Academy Twelfth Grade

Music Club Vice President
Art Club Vice President
Student Council Vice President
Knight of Neptune

Resident Tokyo, Japan
Status Alive

Micah Asakura is a student at Tsukuba Academy who is part of a few clubs and was in the beginning known for staying to himself. However, Micah has a secret he and fellow classmate Hanabusa Takashiro know both share the same secret. Micah is the awakened Knight of Neptune just as Hanabusa is the awakened Knight of Uranus. Besides having to keep his alter identity a secret from others, Micah is a very kind young man who's known for his high intelligence and friendliness towards others. This makes him quite popular among the female student populous.


Micah is known for being a very patient and caring person who always offers a smile or laugh to any situation. While he isn't the most social person, he is considerably popular with a lot of his peers, though this is not intentional, it somehow just happens. It's possible that it has to do with his extremely polite and calm nature but in reality, he only lets someone close enough to him unless he truly wishes to. The only person he's actually close to that isn't related to him is his friend Hanabusa Takashiro whom he's become quite close with and shares many of his thoughts and feelings with. Plus the two of them have awakened as Planetary Knights Neptune and Uranus and he feels it to be nice to share something like this with another person who would understand it. Micah is not only a sweet person but he's also a talented one as well. He possesses an impressive skill of being able to play the violin and trumpet well. He's also a talented artist but isn't someone who likes to gush and brag about his works so he lets his teachers do so if it makes them happy. When he has spare time to himself when he and Hanabusa aren't out fighting enemies and protecting the town, he fences and rock climbs. He doesn't do these two activities as much as he would like to but when given the chance, he tries to do one or the other, if not both. He also has domestic skills as well as he's helped to take care of his younger siblings and himself at the same time when their parents are busy. So that being said, he cooks and cleans. He's a very kept person so no one would find anything out of place.

Micah may not be a snob about his talents compared to others his age, but he does set himself with very high goals and expectations, meaning anything he does, he will not consider it acceptable until it is perfect. Others may say it looks fine but if he doesn't feel the same way, he usually tosses any type of work away and starts it over from the beginning. Out of the things he knows how to do, the one thing he isn't very good at is fencing. It is a sport in which his stepfather participates in and he is uncomfortable with handling such a weapon. Which is odd considering his weapon as a Knight is a fencing sword but unless he actually has to use it in order to defend himself, he solely relies on the powers that are produced from it and he himself can produce without it. Despite his unwillingness with such a weapon, he is training to become better at mastering it. He also has two younger siblings but it is only his youngest half brother Tsubasa that Micah isn't close to. He does his best to try and bond with his brother but he doesn't understand why Tsubasa is never interested. He has no problems when interacting with his half sister Tsubaki but it's different with their brother. He is concerned as to the reason behind it and without Tsubasa knowing about it, he does have a tendency to keep tabs on him to make sure he's alright. That being said, if someone close to him, be it a lover or a family member he truly cared about, if anything were to happen to them, Micah would truly be devastated. It's why he trains so much so that no one he loves ends up getting hurt because of him. This also explains his trust issues with others. It is due to him being a Knight that he purposely pushes others away by not making himself to be as open as others are. There are only a select few he trusts and Hanabusa is known for being one of them.


Micah is actually taller than Hanabusa as he stands at the height of 5'8" with short neck length light aquamarine colored hair and blue eyes. He has a well muscular build that stems from performing tasks such as normal exercising and rock climbing but it isn't something that is seen by others because he is usually found wearing his school uniform frequently. Outside of school, he does wear casual clothing like pants and shirts but they appear to be dress attire as he keeps himself prim and proper at all times. When attending school, he wears the required uniform for his grade which is a long sleeved white oxford shirt, a long sleeved dark green jacket with a lime green necktie, blue pleated pants with a matching belt and brown suede shoes. As the Knight of Neptune, his attire is quite elegant as well as his appearance. His appearance when transformed makes him appear to be more feminine than he really his with his hair growing longer, becoming darker and it goes all the way down past his back but he wears it up in a ponytail and he has a long protruding bang that hangs down in front of his face. His eyes also change colors from blue to the same shade of his hair which is a much darker aquamarine color and he has earrings in his ear shaped like small seashells. His jacket is navy blue with the symbol of Neptune on both of the sleeves and on the side pocket. He also has a light teal colored train attached to the back of it. He wears a white shirt underneath with white pants and white boots. That only thing that doesn't change about him is his pale skin tone. That remains the same.


Micah was born in Hiroshima, Japan and grew up in a wealthy family environment. He was groomed to be a well-mannered, sophisticated and respectful child prodigy. Mikasa Tachibana was a woman who was not only Micah's mother but was also a woman who was quite well known for her work as a painter that hangs up on display in many museums across Japan. Shiro Asakura was his father and was a musical prodigy who played the cello. When these two came together and started to have a family, Micah had grown up in a pampered environment since the day he was born. His parents saw great things for the future of their son as he was their only child. He wouldn't inherit any of his family's estate until he became the legal age of twenty one years old, although any money they made, they were very careful with how they spent it. A lot of it was given away to charities to help those in need, for Mikasa and Shiro weren't selfish people. Compared to most wealthy families, they believed in sharing their wealth with others rather than keeping it for themselves and their family. They didn't mind sparing a little extra if they knew they could afford to do so. That's just how generous these two were.

As for Micah, growing up as a young child, he started out having a weak constitution that made it to where he had to be watched on a daily basis while his parents were away. Though they were not neglectful parents and did their best to spend as much time with their son as they possibly could during the busy schedules. From his mother, Micah learned a lot of domestic skills such as cooking and cleaning and from his father he came to learn and adapt to the appreciation of music. He'd started practicing playing on many different instruments before it'd been narrowed down to two of them: the trumpet and the violin. He did learn how to play the cello but it was through learning how that he became more interested in the violin. Although he doesn't play it as often as the trumpet which Micah is quite fond of. He wasn't someone that allowed being sick frequently keep him from wanting to do things. As graceful and delicate as he was, he had an aura of sophistication about himself for a young boy. He was also highly intelligent as well, many of his talents manifesting from the tender age of six years old and developing more the older he became. He was taught how to paint by his mother as well and though he understands it, he also feels that his own artwork would never be as good as hers. But his parents loved the artwork he painted even if Micah himself didn't feel the same way about it.

His passion and interests in many things grew and he was only his way to being a child prodigy. However, sadness hit his family when Micah turned ten years old and Shiro had begun to fall ill and eventually dying from the illness that overcame him. Micah was close to both of his parents so to lose one of them was just devastating for him. His father produced great music as well as played alongside a lot of wonderful classical music musicians that he'd gotten the chance to meet. He was a man that would be greatly missed. Mikasa missed her husband just as much as her son did and no one could ever replace him. She would not try to replace him. But she didn't want to be sad or alone for the rest of her life and eventually remarried another man by the name of Masaya Kohma. By that time, Micah's body had begun to fully recover and no more did he easily fall sick as much. The man was kind towards Micah but appeared to be a bit indifferent towards him. It might have had to do with the fact that he had children of his own that he was taking care of and this man was in the same boat as Mikasa. He'd lost his wife in a car accident as she had fallen asleep at the will and ended up running a red light and getting hit by an oncoming car. The impact of the crash killed her instantly and leaving Masaya and his two children Tsubaki his older daughter and Tsubasa his youngest son without a mother.

The task of keeping an eye on Tsubaki and Tsubasa had fallen upon Micah's hands which he didn't mind but at the same time he was unsure of how to really interact with his new stepfather's children. Tsubaki was only a year younger than Micah himself and surprisingly, the two of them hit it off really well. It wasn't expected of the two of them to get along but they did. Tsubasa was a different story. He rebelled against the idea of his father remarrying another woman that wasn't his mother and immediately showed dislike towards Micah. That and he hated the idea of how he was so much better at so many things than he was. Micah was never one to brag about anything that he was good at doing. But he did develop a perfectionist side of himself to where anything he did had to be perfect or it was just not acceptable at all in his eyes. Masaya didn't keep Micah from doing anything he'd already liked doing and part of him wanted to bond with the boy but was unsure of how to go about doing it since he knew he looked up to his own father greatly. He did see that Micah was a great help with helping out with his two children and appreciated it. Micah didn't dislike Masaya but he'd never addressed the man as his father or changed his surname either. But he did support his mother's decision to move on.

Due to his unique skills and scores made academically, Micah had been accepted into the prestigious school known as Tsukuba Academy at the age of thirteen and he'd used the scholarship he'd received to pay for his room and board to live on campus grounds. He figured that this would give his mother much more space and time to bond with not only her husband but her stepchildren. Micah had wanted to focus his time and energy on the things he enjoyed but he still made time for his family. Tsubaki attended school as well but she went to T-A Private Girls Academy while Tsubasa attended Juuban Municipal Academy. Tsubaki remained at her school but it was Tsubasa who had transferred two years ago from Juuban to Ashford Private Boys Academy. Micah didn't understand the reasoning behind it at the time but as it turns out, in his own way, Tsubasa wanted to prove that he was just as good at something as Micah was. He'd told him many a time that no matter what he did he would support him but as always, Tsubasa pushed him away, much to his sister's dismay. Although he tries to make amends between the two of them, Micah has felt it best to keep his distance and let things fall into place on their own. To keep his mind occupied from it sometimes, he'd unintentionally gained a new friend. Another male student at Tsukuba Academy named Hanabusa Takashiro who also happened to be his roommate.

It was at the age of fifteen that Micah had discovered having something that made him a little more unique than he really wanted to be. He had powers and these powers had made them the Knight of Neptune. He didn't understand it or believe it but the discovery began manifesting in the form of dreams that came to him in the middle of the night and he would awaken dressed in different clothing along with his hair also being completely different. And yes, he did freak out about it and hid this from everyone. Micah became more distant from people than he already was. As fate would have it, he'd been given a friend to help for in his dreams, he would see Hanabusa assisting him during battles the two of them would partake in together. They were destined to be partners that fought the forces of evil and protect all of Earth from being taken over and/or destroyed. What convinced him is when he had been attacked while walking from school to visit with his family for a little while off campus. Micah had never fought anything or anybody before and while he had been injured badly in the process of the fight, he managed to defeat the creature that had attacked him. All on his own.

From that point on, he knew that he couldn't ignore the obvious signs that he was being given. He had to accept them, even if part of him didn't really want to. He continued to hide his abilities until he'd gathered up the courage to speak to Hanabusa in a lack of detail type of conversation. He was vague when speaking to him about his thoughts on things that normally didn't exist. He was answered honestly that he didn't believe in them and he found it odd and somewhat funny that Micah did. Micah was unsure of Hanabusa was being truthful or just avoiding the topic completely but he decided to keep pressing it. It wasn't that hard to always find Hanabusa since the two of them had a lot of the same classes together, specifically in music where Hanabusa not only played the cello, a similar instrument Micah's father played but also the electric keyboard. So again, wasn't hard to track him down, even if he was trying to hide from him. Micah did admire Hanabusa's musical talent but it also surprised him that the two of them were destined to fight as partners. Not that hearing strange things going on around Tsukuba would be odd for Micah since it was a regular occurrence when such rumors were spread.

If students weren't going missing, they were turning up dead or if they did return at all, they refuse to talk about what happened to them. It was as if they were afraid. Micah knew then that something was just not right about the school that he was going to. This showed more when many new students appeared and a lot of them were either not human or they had abilities of their own. He knew Hanabusa would be lying if he hadn't seen at least one incident where any of those students were seen fighting something or someone. And of course he denied it and Micah had caught him in the middle of the lie. He eventually just flat out told him rather than beating around the bush about it any longer. But explained that it wasn't something he'd asked for, it'd just happened but he trusted him enough to tell him and wanted to know if he would be willing to help him protect those who could not protect themselves from forces that were out there trying to harm them. Hanabusa flat out said no and told Micah to leave him alone and that he was also nuts. The only way he believed him is when their classmates had been attacked during a showcase practice for an upcoming concert by a demonic creature that had killed two teachers and injured many other students. There was no denying that the existence of things that should not exist did exist and while Hanabusa did his best to protect his classmates, he was unable to truly help them like he wanted to.

Micah reluctantly transformed in order to show Hanabusa the truth behind what he'd told him about himself and his own path to fight with him. Micah was still not the best fighter in the world and ended up getting injured again in the process of pushing Hanabusa out of the way from being attacked by the demon. He apologized to him for getting him mixed up into something he didn't want. He told him he didn't have to fight with him if he didn't want to and he was sorry for causing him any trouble for it wasn't his intention to do so. Hanabusa called him an idiot for apologizing for something that isn't his fault and thanked him for saving him. The creature had gotten away when other students had shown up and attacked it, making it run off which was a relief to Micah and Hanabusa both. But things between them were not finished. Micah allowed Hanabusa to attend to his injuries while admitting that he had been having strange dreams similar to Micah but he didn't understand them. He just knew that in those dreams that something felt wrong about the world and it needed to be fixed. But he was in no position to do it himself. He didn't want to think anyone was nuts but after seeing Micah trying to fight that demon despite failing pretty hard, he'd decided he wasn't going to fight against the dreams anymore but accept them. Micah was glad for this and upon Hanabusa stating that he was willingly accepting his duty as a Knight, the symbol of the planet Uranus had appeared on his forehead. The two of them from that point on became partners and doing their best to protect students at Tsukuba and others in the city in secret.

They have also gotten to meet each others family as well though Hanabusa's parents seems to have the wrong idea about him and Micah no matter how many times they explain that they are nothing more than just friends at school. Micah has also learned something new about his stepfather too. He dabbles in fencing, doing it as a stress reliever which Micah only became interested in, in regards to his powers since his weapon as the Knight of Neptune is a Sabre that's shaped in a similar fashion to that of a fencing sword. He wanted to learn how to be able to properly use it better and it is through this sport that the two of them have bonded in their own way despite Micah's dislike of weapons. He would much rather do something more productive with his free time. Which he does and he has taken up rock climbing in order to help him a little more in any future battles. Hanabusa is actually a pretty good fighter and it is also through him that Micah trains and learns some hand to hand combat while adapting an elegant style to it. Micah is also more aware of what's going on at Tsukuba now more than he used to be. He now knows that the problems the school has been having have something to do with those that run it and is determined to get to the bottom of as to why they're trying to use the students that attend the school and Hanabusa willingly helps him out. Although now, it is currently unknown if the two will decide to join with the others once they have awakened. Micah only focuses on the now and lets everything else run its course and what happens, happens. If natural disasters that involving innocent lives being at stake can be prevented, he'll do his best to stop it, if able.


Rumors of TsukubaEdit

Micah's involvement mostly revolves around him fighting mysterious creatures that appear around the campus of Tsukuba Academy, thus confirming the rumors that many news reporters have been trying to prove that something is amiss in regards to the school and the disappearances of many innocent students. He was discovered by Vincent Phantomhive, the student council president of the school who is trying to recruit new members to the student council whom all have powers in order to fight against the lingering evils that stalk the grounds of Tsukuba Academy.


Hanabusa TakashiroEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Micah is the Knight of Neptune and therefore that means his power is centered around water, specifically the ocean's water, making his powers of water much stronger than that of the Knight of Mercury. He also has limited lightning powers as well. He's able to summon this very power and use it to attack his opponents/enemies. He has no henshin pen that requires him to transform into his Knight attire. However, he is able to transform by speaking the following words, "Knight of Neptune, Transform!" and he will transform into his attire to fight in battle. His powers are listed below:

Neptune SabreEdit

It is Micah's primary weapon whenever he is transformed into his Knight attire. It's a fencing Sabre made of a seashell with the strength of metal to keep it from breaking. The hilt is donned in golden adornments and takes on a feather like shape. The blade itself is quite thin but has a coiled shell design to it and its length is about three feet. It not only has the ability to make deep cuts when used as a regular sword but the Neptune Sabre can also be used to perform two of Micah's attacks as well.

Neptune's RageEdit

By using the Neptune Sabre weapon, Micah twirls it in a circular motion which summons a coil of ocean water around the blade as he continues to twirl it. The more he does this, the large the coil of water becomes and this rush of water is sent raging towards enemies. This attack was designed to take out multiple enemies and if struck with it, it pushes them back and knocks them off their feet.

Neptune's Lightning RageEdit

A much stronger version of the original Neptune Rage attack except this involves Micah invoking the powers of water and lightning together. The move is performed in the same fashion as it is with the first version of the attack. The only difference is that water and lightning are both combined together, making this attack much stronger than the first and it has a more stunning effect that actually renders enemies being unable to move.

Neptune Lightning BlastsEdit

Through much concentration, Micah can generate the power of lightning from both of his hands and fire a blast of lightning energy at enemies. The effects of this attack knocks enemies out cold should they be struck with it. If they should be human but if not, the opposite effect would be burns of lightning blasts appearing on the skin of the body of a non human being or automatically killing them, depending on how strong they are to withstand the blast.

Neptune Wave of DestructionEdit

Micah is able to summon large volumes of water droplets out of the atmosphere or any other convenient water source and assemble them into a stream around him and then launching them in any desired direction, the effect of being blasted with this attack is similar to that of a high pressured fire hose.

Micah Asakura GalleryEdit

  • Micah as the Knight of Neptune


  • When he finds free time, Micah enjoys rock climbing.
  • Micah plays two instruments: the trumpet and the violin.
  • Micah Asakura is a male based version of Michiru Kaioh with similarities and differences between the two of them.
  • Like Michiru, Micah required no help in order to awaken his powers.
  • His weapon as the Knight of Neptune is a Sabre, a weapon which Micah wasn't very skilled in using, thus he fences with his stepfather in order to help him to be able to use his weapon effectively without fail.
  • Micah has step siblings named Tsubasa and Tsubaki, his only known siblings whereas Michiru has many sisters in her family.
  • Micah and Hanabusa, while classmates and friends, it is currently unknown if the two will become romantically involved with one another like Michiru and Haruka are. For now, it is hinting that this will not happen and the two will remain nothing more than helpful and close friends.

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