Meiling Ogata
"I will become stronger!"


Mizuki (still uses) & Mei Li (by her father) Mei Li (by her father)




June 01st, 1997






Tsukuba Academy Eleventh Grade
Book Club Member


Hong Kong, China (formerly)
Hiroshima, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Meiling Ogata is a native Chinese born young woman that migrated to Japan when she was younger with her parents. She lost her mother at an early age and since then has been known to be slightly anti-social and femininely awkward. As it turns out her mother was a witch and therefore Meiling inherited the ability to perform and use magic and has been training hard to become stronger since then.


Meiling is a very opinionated young woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind in an instant. She’s a skilled and strong fighter, learning quickly in her martial arts training with the Sailor Senshi as well as with some of the other residents around the Hinata Sou Inn. Since living at the inn, she’s become a much stronger combatant than when she first arrived there, in other words, Meiling’s packed with a whole bunch of new tricks up her sleeves that she doesn’t mind using against anyone that attempts to push her buttons. Originally, she wasn’t very respectful of others when speaking to them but since living at the inn, she’s learned a little something about respect and despite her bluntness, she has learned when to hold her tongue in the presence of those she feels have a higher standard than others. It is their honor she will defend more than the honors of others whom she deems unworthy of recognizing, especially when they purposely portray themselves as weaklings to get attention. It disgusts and irritates her and she simply does not stand for it. Academically, she fairs well in school but she’s not highly intelligent. Just smart enough to pass her classes with grades that are at least higher than a C average. Making that and anything below she views this as a failure and will study nonstop the bring the grade up. Her social skills, while they aren’t perfect, they are somewhat better than they used to be. She isn’t as anti-social nor does she snap at the first person that comes around the corner. True Meiling has her moments where she’s annoyed but it’s only if someone actually does or says anything stupid rather than just being annoyed with the presence of others in general.

Meiling has water powers and yet she doesn’t know how to swim and because of this, she stays away from huge bodies of water such as lakes, pools, and even the hotsprings outside behind both of the dorms. She also seems to have a difficult time addressing specific Sailor Senshi members and Crystal Tokyo Council members as regular people, addressing them using honorifics even when they tell her she doesn’t have to. As for everyone else, she addresses them by their first names without using honorifics. While it doesn’t show her closeness towards these people, it more or less shows her detachments towards them if she isn’t fully sociable with said people. In terms of respect, this comes across as an insult in Japanese culture and while not many hardly get upset about it, there are those that do and those are the ones that Meiling tends to ignore. She has no time or patience dealing with people who wish to start an argument with her and she will go off alone to be by herself just to get away from them. Meiling is also femininely awkward, not really knowing how to act more like a proper lady but more or less a kung-fu tomboy type of girl. She never shows an interest in anyone in a romantic sense and those who attempt to hit on her are usually sent flying somewhere due to being thrown by her. Thus no one will see her flirting with anyone and most guys have given up on trying out of fear that she would physically harm them without warning. Meiling has also grown accustomed to using her real name around those that she knows but she is weary of others and therefore still uses her alias Mizuki when she feels it is necessary.


Meiling is now the height of 5’6’’ with long black hair that is parted in the middle and warn into two pigtails on the sides of her head. Originally she sported the same odango hairstyle that the Moon Princesses wore but eventually grew out of wearing it and wore her hair in her own way that she felt more comfortable with as well as felt it was easier to manage. She has a pale skin complexion with small rounded eyes, rounded cheeks and a pointed chin and is almost always normally wearing a serious demeanor on. Her bust size actually grew out from the small A cup size they originally wear to a standard C cup. Despite her tall stature, she does wear casual attire such as shorts and once in a blue moon a skirt or a dress even though she holds a dislike towards feminine type clothing as she views it as making her feel weak and vulnerable. She does wear the girls uniform at Tsukuba for her grade level with white knee high stockings and black suede shoes.


Meiling was born in Hong Kong, China but raised in Hiroshima, Japan by both of her parents Su Li Ogata and Shun Liu Ogata. Both were happily married and lived together in Hong Kong with their only child but moved a year later to Hiroshima due to Su Li landing a job there. As fate would have it. Su Li came down with the disease known as Leukemia and it didn’t take long before she eventually succumb to it and died. Meiling was only one years old when she lost her mother. Since then, Shun Liu raised his daughter all on his own, working odd jobs to put food on the table for the both of them and keep a place for them to live in. He was no longer able to keep up with the payments on the house that they lived in and so he moved him and his daughter out and they moved in with his parents. Meiling, being as young as she was, didn’t understand what was going on but she didn’t question her father’s decisions. Not until she became older. This move with his parents required him to uproot his life from Japan and move back to China.

The stay with his parents lasted for about two years until Meiling turned three years old and they moved out yet again, returned to Japan as Shun Liu was able to afford a small apartment in Tokyo just big enough for the both of them. Since then, they’ve been living in it for about six years. Unfortunately, over the course of those years, strange things had begun happening to Meiling. An example being on some occasions she’d get a glass of water and in an instant the water in the glass would reshape itself or turn into ice. On others, when she and her father would sometimes get into an argument, she’d go into a deep long trance and a dark dome of energy took form around her for however long she stayed in her depression or anger phases. Shun had walked in on her a few times when Meiling was protected by this strange shield. Eventually, he finally decides to tell his daughter the truth about what she really was. He’d hoped to keep this secret from Meiling for as long as he could but it was turning out to be an impossible feat.

Meiling’s mother was a powerful witch and during her younger years, she fought alongside young women known as Sailor Senshi as she’d been friends with them, however they no longer have their powers anymore. In other words, Meiling was born with the gift of being able to use magic. Shun thought it was better to tell her when she was old enough to understand but her powers were starting to come out on their own bit by bit as they reacted to her emotions. He knew it was time to tell her before she’d begun asking him questions herself. Left to her from Su Liu was a picture of her with a group of the Sailor Senshi she was friends with (detransformed and dressed in regular everyday clothing I might add) and a letter left to her from her mother telling her not to be afraid of what she was but to do her best to become strong to protect the ones that she loved the most. Meiling was unable to say nothing except but to cry. Deep down, she always knew that she was different from other girls but she didn’t think that she was this different. She felt like a freak and hadn’t known what to do about her situation.

She kept a hold of the picture of her mother and her friends while feeling a strong desire to seek out these Sailor Senshi in hopes that she will come to terms with her abilities as well as form a new path in her life that would involve them in it. As for her powers, Meiling’s magic was completely unbalanced and unattainable and therefore it wasn’t until she’d made a pactio contract with someone that they became more balanced and not reacting so much to her emotions. However, because of her powers, they did make her quite distance from others. The pactio contract she’d made was with a young man by the name of Subaru Fuji whom she’d only met just that one time but it was only that one time that was enough because it’d allowed her own artifact to awaken which was a broomstick artifact and when the pactio was activated, her broomstick would appear as well as her clothes also changing into traditional Chinese type garbs with a water symbol on the front of it. Personally, her father hadn’t wanted his daughter to follow in the footsteps of her mother but it wasn’t his choice to make, but hers. When she was thirteen years old, she’d been approached by former Crystal Tokyo Member and former Queen, Lolita su Britannia.

Meiling didn’t realize this woman’s intentions were less than good and but believed her words as the woman explained to her that she had a gift that could be put to good use if given the proper training. Lolita was aware of her mother’s deeds alongside former Sailor Senshi that she helped and exaggerated a lot of things in order to get Meiling on her side to work against the current Sailor Senshi. Shun was worried about Meiling and also didn’t trust Lolita but before he could protest, Meiling immediately accepts the idea of training from Lolita since she knew about her mother and from this point would be the last time she actually saw her father as she spent most of her time in the Venus Kingdom training alongside another girl name Yui Hinoka who was already there training as well. Neither girl is from the future but because of their families ties to the Sailor Senshi, they were given permission as well as access to travel between Earth and Crystal Tokyo whenever they needed to. Meiling is known to be respectful of her elders and those with a higher honor and positions than others. Those who are not, she is known to be rude and blunt with them, being a highly opinionated girl and not so soft spoken like Yui was. Meiling doesn’t hesitate to snap at someone if she deems them stupid or annoying with no sense of dignity for themselves.


Setsuna Rescue MissionEdit

Meiling’s first mission from Lolita was to go back to Tokyo and ambush Setsuna’s training session with Airi and the others while trying to figure out who the Sailor Senshi’s new enemy was without giving away too much information that would allow themselves to be used as pawns. As a precaution, she along with Yui went under different names just in case they had a run in with the new evil. Meiling chose the name Mizuki while Yui went by Nutmeg. Things didn’t go exactly as they originally had planned and the tables had been turned on them instead. They ended up being the ones ambushed but Meiling managed to get free but left Yui back in Tokyo at the dorms with Jasmine and Hideki. She’d gone back to the Venus Kingdom where Lolita was and Setsuna had been held captive against her will. That is until the Senshi had finally decided on who was going to help rescue her. Meiling returned to Tokyo along with Lolita and was told to fight Yui who refused to join back on their side. She was unable to do that and sided with the Senshi and went on the mission to rescue Setsuna while Lolita stayed in Tokyo only to challenge Jasmine. The rescue was a success and Setsuna was brought back safe and sound though she was without some of her memories before she’d been held against her will.

Queen Ria's DefeatEdit

The whole ordeal left Meiling depressed for she had seen her mother again after so many years. Luckily she hadn’t forgotten what her mother looked like as she continued to hold onto the picture that her father gave her. It hurt her to leave her mother and not be with her like she wanted to but Setsuna came first. Since the rescue, instead of going back home to her father, whom she was unable to face, Meiling decided to stay at the Hinata Sou Inn even after Jasmine’s daughter Sakura had been born. During that time, the battle against the new enemy came and she was able to help participate in the fight due to owning one of the two rings that Lolita had given her and Yui. Though she’d been knocked unconscious by Queen Ria and the evil woman stole the ring from her in order to be able to fight against the Sailor Senshi and their allies. It was later destroyed while the villainess was still wearing it so now there is only one ring and that is the one Yui has. Since then, things had returned to a sense of normalcy. Over the course of the five years, there were a few left over enemies here and there that came out of no where but they were immediately defeated. Meiling felt bad that she allowed the ring to fall into enemy hands and swore from that day on to train to become stronger, just like the Sailor Senshi as it was their strength and courage that inspired her to form a new path in life for herself.

New Path FormedEdit

She’s changed quite considerably as well as grown but not so much that she still doesn’t speak her mind. She’s just not overly annoyed with the presence of others like she used to be but in a sense has a toleration for them. She only uses honorifics with those who she feels are worthy of them and others she addresses them by their first names which comes across as insulting in the Japanese culture but many at the dorms are not bothered by this. Others outside of it are. Setsuna is the only one that she adds the -dono honorific at the end of her name because she shows great respect towards her and anyone else in her position and the titles they are given, so long as they’re not abusing them. Originally, she wore her hair in the same odango style as her way of recognizing Usagi, Kayla and Jasmine as the three Princesses of the Moon Kingdom. However now, she’s dropped the hairstyle, allowing her hair to grow out longer and wears it in two long pigtails on the sides of her head. She attends school at Tsukuba Academy with Yui even though the both of them are less than pleased about the things that go on at the school but Meiling feels that not many people are caring enough to make a difference and therefore stays in order to help out.

Thus, because of Chibiusa’s guardian cat Diana’s childish carelessness, she took students Judai Yuki and Chazz Princeton under her wing and began training them in how to use their new found pactio powers properly. Whenever she sets up a training day, it is at the dorms in the large forest area on the grounds where they train at. She feels this is much safer than Tsukuba campus because everyone is always being watched whereas the dorms are not only protected by an invisible three layered barrier to keep those with evil intentions out, but it also keeps the entire property the grounds are on protected from any outside effects of evil as well. Meiling also trains with the Sailor Senshi as well, learning martial arts fighting styles from a couple of them along with other new skills. Her magic has actually gotten a lot better though she uses it a lot less as she prefers not to rely on it unless she really has to. Meiling still has yet to confront her father so instead, she decides write him letters, letting him know how she’s doing but she’s yet to decide whether or not she’ll return to Hiroshima where he is and go and visit him as she is unable to tell him of her failures and disappointments at being tricked.

Meiling GalleryEdit

  • Meiling's former pactio outfit
  • Meiling's Pactio - Virga
  • Meiling at her current age of seventeen years old
  • Meiling at fifteen
  • Meiling Updated Pactio - Virga

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Virga is the name of Meiling’s broomstick pactio that allows her to transform into her new Chinese garb outfit. Originally, the uploaded outfit that she had that came with her pactio was a light purple garb dress outfit she wore with shorts underneath. Now it is a traditional long Chinese dark magenta colored dress with a flower pattern on it. She is able to call upon her pactio artifact to battle against opponents by reciting the incantation ‘Adeat’ and it’ll instantly appear in her hands along with changing into her artifact outfit. To return the artifact back to its original card state, she would say ‘Abeat’ which means ‘return’. When activated, she can use the broom as a means of transportation as well and not only just to use to perform magic spells and attacks with.

  • Water Mirage - An attack that she can use when her pactio is activated. All she would do is twirl her broom in a circular motion and she instantly creates a globe of water that splits into several smaller water globes that shoot toward her enemies. When the globes make contact, the target in question that is hit is engulfed into a larger globe of water that forms around their entire body, temporarily holding them until Meiling releases the spell. While said target is inside, they only have a small window of being able to breathe before they drown as the globe itself is made up of nothing but water. Therefore, anyone trapped inside could die if she keeps them inside of it for too long.
  • Dark Silence Dome - But flipping her broom upside down and slamming its handle onto the ground, Meiling is able to create a large dark dome of energy that has two ways of working: one is that she can create a shield around herself and others to block against all attacks from all sides and the other is to trap enemies inside so they are unable to go anywhere. This dome is known to be difficult to penetrate with weak attacks but it can be destroyed by a combination of a much stronger attack or combined attacks.
  • Spellcasting - Meiling has perfected her skills in being able to perform magic more efficiently than she had been able to when she was younger. She may not be skilled enough to do much more dangerous spells that are in a more ritualistic manner but regardless, she has gotten a lot better. She has many offensive and defensive spells in her arsenal to fight with besides what she has when using her broom artifact weapon. She is very careful when casting spells and does so without being careless. This being something she has been teaching to Judai and Chazz who have managed to best her a few times during their many training sessions.

Martial ArtsEdit

Meiling is much more of a hand to hand martial artist type fighter when she doesn’t feel like relying on her magic when pitted against someone. In which case, she uses a lot of efficient punching, kicking, sweep kicks, pressure point, and flipping moves that she’d already knew how to do but became a lot better at them during her time with training both Judai and Chazz. She more than likely isn’t expertly skilled like those who run dojo’s and have a large variety of students that they teach but in her own right she feels she is a decent fighter that can handle her own up until the very end where she is unable to fight anymore.


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