Maxwell James Blackwell
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Max, Maxie, Maxie-Pad






February 17th, 1997




Tokyo, Japan


Tsukuba Academy, 10th Grade


Duel Monsters Club Member


To become a great duelist.



Max was one of the top-ranked amateur duelists in America before coming to Japan, where competition is much stiffer. His dad being a former vice president for Industrial Illusions meant many powerful cards were easily accessible and it's the one thing Max has kept from his dad's time at the company. His deck is powerful enough on its own, but the true gems of his deck are his three Five Gods Dragons. While not exactly the greatest competitor in the octagon (though better than a 15 year old in an 18 year old's division has any right to be), the combat training has come in handy when protecting his friends from attacks from various creatures on campus.

Max's family's fall from grace could largely be attributed to the backstabbing executives at Industrial Illusions. This act has lead Max to have a hard time trusting anyone he's suspicious of. If Max has a reason to hate someone, mostly them being rich, he's going to be cold to them. Max likes to make jokes with his friends. Gay jokes, though meaning no harm, sometimes go too far with him and he's been hit by friends like Judai multiple times for not shutting up. He's trying to get better, though.


Max is 5'8 with spikey black hair and green almost sea-green eyes.


Max Blackwell is the son of James Blackwell, former vice president of card design for Industrial Illusions. Working out of their American office, he oversaw a large part of Duel Monsters' early growth in America and was influential in creating new cards, dragons being a favorite. Unfortunately, his influence over the growing game made other company officials see him as a threat and they pinned the habit of giving his cards to his son as accusing him of stealing from the company and had him fired. He eventually found work later, but his family had lost substantial amounts of money by then and life was never the same for the Blackwells.

Max was still young then, but he was young enough to remember the trouble his family went through. Since then, he's immediately been distrustful of anyone rich and has trust issues with anyone he feels he has a problem with. Though he's still good to his friends, such as longtime friend Eve. The two met when Max moved to the poorer neighborhoods of Chicago and she's been a source of happiness for him.

Max has always been competitive, this being evident in his common activities. Needing an outlet for his anger, he took up kickboxing and was a Youth Gold Gloves winner in Chicago for his age group. He since took up the popular Mixed Martial Arts since coming to Japan, though knowing no actual martial arts or wrestling, the transition has been tough. In addition to that, he's also an avid gamer, especially of Duel Monsters. Depsite the cards being limited print, his FGD's have helped him win numerous tournaments and he prides himself on his dragon deck.

Max has wanted to get a way to achieve the level of success his dad had before getting fired and so strives to be an excellent student. Though he's not a genius, he's intelligent, and the combination of his intelligence and determination, he eventually won a scholarship to Tsukuba Academy by writing them an essay and showing that he's an excellent student outside of academics as well. Since then, he's met plenty of new friends like Daniel and Judai, and even his old friend Eve managed to tag along. Life's been hard for Max, but it's starting to look up.


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  • It is apparent that Max has a track record of picking the worst girls to date.
  • Out of all the girlfriends he's had so far only two of them, Ashley Reed and Rosanna Eisenberg are the only ones that his friends tolerate.
  • All of his friends hated Max's recent ex-girlfriend, Trixie Diaspro.

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