Makoto Kino
"Agent of Love and Courage, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I will punish you!"
Vital statistics
Alias Mako-chan, Kino-san
Nationality Japanese American
Species Human
Sexual Orientation Bicurious
Birthday December 05th, 1990
Age 26
Schools & Clubs Juuban Municipal Academy (Graduated)

Art Institute of Phoenix (formerly)
Todai University Third Year
Head Cook @ Cats Eye Cafe Member of Writhers House Faction

Resident Arizona, Phoenix (formerly)

Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Sou Inn Boys Resident

Status Alive
Makoto Kino is the civilian identy of Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon series and was the fifth Senshi to be awakened.


Makoto loves cooking, having learned how to from her mother before she died. Mainly she makes sweet treats and used to eat them all by herself, that is until she’d met Usagi Tsukino and the rest of the Sailor Senshi and from that point on, made more and more friends that she could share her cooking with. She’s cooked other types of dishes such as baked chicken, pasta, sushi etc. Anything she feels she can make and cooks it while at the same time hoping that others will enjoy her cooking and fell the warmth and goodness that she put into preparing it. Makoto dreams of owning her own bakery someday and if that doesn’t follow through, then she would enjoy becoming a florist, since she loves flowers and making floral patterns.

For such a sweet girl, not to mention incredibly tall, she has incredible physical strength, having been in many fights with others in her younger days as well as able to take down others that are clearly twice her size. Along with that she's also good at sports such as basketball and ice skating. She doesn’t back down from a fight if challenged or if someone is being bullied and will stand up for her friends no matter what. She doesn’t make the most amazing grades in school but thus far she has kept her grades up while attending the Art Institute of Phoenix to study in the Culinary Arts when she has excelled at exceptionally.

Due to Makoto getting into so many fights when she used to attend school in America when she was very young, she was transferred to Juuban Academy when she was only a teenager because of this and it'd bothered her, for the simple fact that she had to start over in a foreign country at junior high level along with adjusting to some place she'd enver been before even though she is a Japanese half-breed. That and she knew that others would give her a hard time about her height, especially guys who don't believe it's normal for girls to be so tall. In Japan it's not normal but in America it is. The idea of having to ride on airplanes still bother her because her parents both died in a plane crash when she was little and she gets a feeling of uneasiness when on one, something she's never mentioned to anyone, not even her friends.

Let it be known that Makoto has gotten drunk on some occasions where she has been classified as a terrible drinker, getting drunk only after a few drinks which causes her to pass out or becomes one of those emotional drunks and at best tries to stay away from alcohol, preferring not to drink or drink wine or wine coolers. Makoto is also romantic at heart and has a tendency to fall in love quite easily, confusing other guys she meets to be like her old senpai that broke her heart, which had to do with internally feeling constantly alone which is why she felt for ever cute boy out she came across. However, she's grown out of the old senpai trip but still falls very much easily in love.


Makoto is a very tall twenty two year old woman at the height of 5'7 with brown hair that is usually tied up in a ponytail with a hair tie with two little green balls and green eyes. From the time she was in junior high to high schoo, she always wore a different school uniform since when she attended Juuban at the time, theirs did not fit her because of her height. It wasn't until she'd gotten into high school that she was able to wear the high school girls uniform much later. Because she practice martial arts, Makoto is always in shape, considering she has a decent frame on her. She's very slender despite being a tomboy, weighing at least 120lbs but it is barely noticeable due to her height. She has a peach skin complexion, around face and chin, her eyes also rounded but more oval shaped. Makoto's known for wearing casual clothes like jeans, hoodies, shorts and other various clothing that makes her look like a rough and tough kind of girl. However, she does wear feminine attire occasionally. Such things like skirts, dresses, shorts, tank tops with sandals, sneakers, platform shoes or high heel shoes.


Makoto Kino is a girl with a strong and independent personality couple with her most striking physical feature – her unusual height. Makoto was born in Arizona, Phoenix to parents Abigail McBride and Montaro Kino. Abigail worked as a pastry chef at a high prestigious restaurant that only served famous guests. At least that's what the owner always drilled into everyone's heads. She was college student at the University of Phoenix who was barely making ends meet to stay on her own. No matter how much her parents tried to convince her that she could always live with them. Abigail just would not go back. Her family was seemingly rich but always felt that their daughter could do better than being a simple chef. They chastised her dreams so the minute she graduated from high school, she took it as her chance to prove both of them wrong.

She had a sister named Victoria who was two years younger than her but the both of them never got along. Mostly because their parents paid more attention to Abigail for they saw big things in her. In reality, she wanted to leave out of the state, maybe even the country to pursue her dream to be a well renowned chef. But of course, opportunities like that don't just fall in someone's lap just like that. No, she had to work for them. And that's what she didn't. However, she didn't meet Montaro until her final year of college for he was the type of person that loved plants, wanting to become a florist. He was a young Japanese man from Tokyo who's parents felt that what he wanted to become made him weak. Abigail never saw it that way. They began talking to one another, and before long, the both of them just clicked. They married right after college both achieving what they wanted to become.

Eventually Abigail's parents stopped pestering their daughter about her career choice and just accepted it. Congratulating her on the road to a new life and her new husband. Of course, they didn't like Montaro at first but they eventually warmed up to him. They had no choice since Abigail was pregnant with her first child, a girl they named Makoto Kino. Both parents decided to raise Makoto in America, deciding that it would be best for her and easier than adjusting to her father's life in Japan. By the time the child was five, she grew drastically. She was a happy and energetic little girl that loved to learn and do things that her parents did. Though, when she was enrolled in school, she had many problems with the other children teasing her about the fact that she was tall, calling her names like 'Granddaddy long legs' and 'Brunettezilla'.

Eventually after so much teasing Makoto took matters into her own hands and would just resort to fighting to get the other kids off her back. She'd fought so much to the point she had to be expelled from school, exchanging from one to another. Montaro and Abigail were tired of their daughter's brutish behavior, chastising her that there are other ways to resolve problems without having to fight someone. Granted the girl was strong, not necessarily a bad thing, but it'd made her parents look bad to have to be called from home all the time because Makoto got into yet another fight and ended up all bruised and sometimes bloody in certain areas.

At age ten Makoto got fed up with her parents yelling at her because she fought all the time, never being able to stay in school, she said she hated them and ran to her room. Those were the last words she spoke to them before they were scheduled to get on a plane. Abigail had gotten an amazing offer to work as a chef for celebrities in Hollywood and Montaro was going along with her. But because of severe storm, lightning had hit one of the plane's wings, causing it to crash into the ocean. Since that fateful day, Makoto's blamed herself for her parents' death, not even having the chance to apologize to them for what she said to them. Along with the guilt, she gained a fear of flying airplanes, never wanted to fly on one in the future for she felt if she did, the same thing would happen to her like it did her parents. Sort of like a punishment for telling them that she hated them only because she felt they didn't understand how much different she was from her classmates in school.

From that day, she's lived with her mother's sister Victoria for a few years, still getting into one fight after the other. She hated Makoto and would often treat her cruelly by hitting the girl when she felt she was in her way or yelling at her for being a waste of space and saying things like she should've never been born. Makoto didn't too much care for her aunt either but put up with living with her since for some reason her mother's parents didn't want her staying with them. They felt it was no place for a child her age. Though they did put forth some money for her to go to a junior high school that was well known, the only catch was, uniforms were part of the dress code. Which Makoto didn't mind at all. Things there went fairly well. She took some cooking classes, having remembered some of the things her mother taught her when it came to fixing food. She found out it wasn't really that hard and many enjoyed her cooking. She was often asked to participate in bake sales when fundraiser time came around.

At first, she didn't really get into plants and flowers all that much but decided to take an interest in it anyhow. A sentimental way to keep her father's spirit alive and fresh in her mind. Also, it was her way of apologizing to him. She found it to be very fun. She started out doing floral patterns and before long gardening came next. It didn't take long for her to join the flower arrangement club. Things seemed to be going well, despite how rough she had it at home. However, her stay there didn't last long when she got into yet another fight with some of the guys that were sexually harassing girls. Many told her it wasn't her place but she felt obligated to do something since no one else did anything. It was then her grandparents gave up and decided to have her shipped off to Japan where her father was from for schooling. They felt it may be the only thing to help their granddaughter.


She arrived in less than three days, her enrollment to Juuban Municipal Academy already squared away with a small apartment of her own to live in. All paid for. The school didn't have a uniform in her size so Makoto has to wear her old school uniform even though she will mostly be standing out. It has a long skirt to it and it doesn't help that for a girl her height in Japan, it is very uncommon and is considered to be a visual cue for a person that looks like a delinquent. Despite her tough appearance, she is very gentle, always wearing pink rose earrings to blend out the demeanor she gives off when around people. She practices some martial arts to keep up her fighting skills, participated in sports at her previous schools and for a very tall girl she surprisingly has a bigger bust line.

She dreams of marrying young like her parents did and wants to own a cake and flower shop. Plus she loves to read romance novels in her spare time. Her favorite subjects in school were home economics since she is good at cooking and her least favorite is physics for she’s horrible at anything related to science. Sometimes Makoto isn't really all that crazy when it comes to boys but she has had old flames before in the past but other than that, she can be an easy going person when she's not often mistaken for someone who likes to fight. Which was put to the test when she'd met a young girl named Usagi Tsukino, when she beats up a group of guys that were picking on her. It is then Umino tells Usagi that Makoto was thrown out of her last school for fighting which is why she transferred to their school and of course, she stood out because she was wearing the uniform from her former school. They both hit it off as friends and head to the Game Center Crown where they both meet Crane Machine Joe for which Makoto immediately falls head over heels while stating that he looked like her old senpai that broke her heart.

After departing from the arcade Makoto follows Joe long enough to witness him being attacked by Zoisite. Once Usagi shows up, Zoisite leaves and Makoto follows Joe and the two get something to eat. When they are attacked by Zoisite again. Joe flees, stating that he's not into tall girls like Makoto which causes her to become angry and run after him but Joe is found by Zoisite again and Sailor Moon. After Joe turns into Gesen, Makoto interferes in the battle and Luna recognizes her to be one of the Sailor Senshi and tells her use her transformation pen and say "Jupiter Power, Make-Up, " allowing Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter and help defeat the Youma .

From that point on, Makoto became part of the Sailor Senshi group as well as friends with not only Ami Mizuno and Rei Hino but later Minako Aino too. They all fought in countless enemies together. Their first being Queen Beryl and her Four Generals of the Dark Kingdom, then two aliens known as Alan and Ann, then the Black Moon Clan with their leader Wiseman and young Chibi-Usa turning over to their side with the use of his powers and becoming Black Lady, though only temporarily as she was returned to her normal self and came back to the side of the Senshi. Then later came pure heart snatchers that were created in the form of Daimon creatures to steal the pure hearts of people in search of the three Talismans that, once are together form the Holy Grail. That was when Sailors Uranus and Neptune appeared on scene, causing conflict between them and the others, feeling that they would interfere with their mission. Turns out that they were none other that Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou.

Due to an act of kindness, the other girls believed Makoto to have a crush on Haruka because she had a male appearance even though she was a woman. She assured her friends that she did not and thought Haruka was a really cool person. Until she realized in the beginning they only hung around her to see if her pure heart crystal would turn into a Talisman. It did not and they returned it to her. However, she was not the least bit happy at the fact that Neptune and Uranus stood by and watched the entire time that the Daimon was ripping her pure heart from her body instead of helping her. She and Uranus had a brief brawl that ended quickly with Uranus punching her in the stomach but Makoto too had injured her hand. Later their identities were revealed, the conflict between them all growing. Their new enemy had succeeded in awakening Mistress Nine by using a young girl by the name of Hotaru Tomoe as a vessel for this evil entity, taking Chibi-Usa's pure heart from her. Like Usagi and the others, Makoto was not for trying to kill Hotaru either, even if she was the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, she was still a Senshi and an ally.

The final battle between Mistress Nine and Pharaoh 90 ended with their defeat and Hotaru was reborn into that of a young baby. Later Haruka and Michiru challenged Usagi and doubted her power which Makoto stood up to them when they insulted her but could not join in on the fight since the differences of opinion were between Neptune, Uranus and Sailor Moon. They lost the fight and accepted Usagi as their leader and Moon Princess, which Makoto was glad for that but sad to see them leave. Her last battle with her friends involved Queen Nehelenia also known as the 'Dark Moon Queen' that was after the dreams of children and people in order to search for Pegasus to eliminate him. It was later discovered that he was hiding in Chibi-Usa's dream mirror but she was naturally saved in the end despite being captured temporarily. Though this was only temporary as Nehelenia was released from her mirror prison and waged an attack on Usagi and the other Senshi.

This causing Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru to return for this battle. Jupiter was captured when trying to protect Usagi from being attacked by a fake Nehelenia clone. For the second time Nehelenia was defeated however she was given a second chance thanks to Sailor Moon and from that point on, the Senshi returned to their former lives. Makoto, however, once she'd finished high school in Tokyo, she returned to her hometown in America where she was born to study abroad, attending college at the Art Institute of Phoenix to work on becoming a chef. She did not participate in the incident in Domino, Japan nor the Queen Ria battle as she was in America the entire time. During her time in America, she'd made many new friends, especially in her cooking classes.

And of course she had some crushes too, though only minor considering the guys she liked already had girlfriends or were gay. Makoto was not aware of the fact that the Sailor Senshi had a final evolution form of their transformations that allowed them to access their old powers and gain new ones. She didn't find this out until her classes was attacked by a stray youma which she achieved her final evolution form by protecting to her friends, allowing herself to be a shield for them to block the youma from attacking and trying to harm them, which allowed her to transform into Princess Sailor Jupiter. The first person she called was Rei whom she told what happened and was what happened normal. She said it was as it was something that Setsuna had told them that would happen but it was something that each Senshi had to achieve on their own and not through being given a new transformation item from Luna or Setsuna.

Makoto had then told Rei that she would return to Tokyo once she'd completed her second year in college to take a break and work for a little while. She still plans on becoming a chef but wants to have full hands on experience, thus she stumbled upon the Cats Eye Cafe, having not heard of it and asked if they were hiring. She showed her skills by preparing a delicious sweet treat, a strawberry shortcake which won over the owners' youngest daughter and younger sister. The plane ride back to Tokyo was not fun as Makoto still feels uneasy being on them because of her fear that she might die on a plane like her parents did but she dealt with it because she wanted to see her friends again. And to stay close by them, she got an apartment dorm room at the Hinata Sou Inn but doesn't realize that they landlord has mistakenly placed her in the boys dorm and not the girls dorm.

Before Makoto settled in, she'd got mixed up with an organization that deals with ridding the world of supernatural beings that have attempted to put the lives of others in danger. This organization is known as the Writher's House Faction. She'd accidentally gotten caught up in the mix, having one of her 'cute guy' spells and fell immediately in love with a guy that was part of the organization. He worked as an out of field agent, which she'd gotten curious and wanted to know more about him (to the point of it may considered to be stalking accidentally) and ended up biting off more than she could chew. The guy was fighting a hideously large creature that'd been eating out the hearts of humans for food. He was trying to extinguish it but Makoto stepped in as Princess Sailor Jupiter to help.

Though the creature was defeated, the guy yelled at her for interfering, stating that his work is not her concern and that she should stay away for girls such as herself couldn't handle the type of work he was in. Makoto was insulted by that and wanted to prove that she was just as good as any guy, refusing to be patronized because she was a female. That was when she'd found out that the church she'd briefly wandered into was an organization of skilled hunters. Though it is not something that would be considered for a Sailor Senshi to do, Makoto wanted to put that theory to the test. She knew that Sailor Senshi did not kill. Least of all not humans but non-human beings were fair game. She confronted the head over the Writher's House faction that she wanted to join, some of the other members not very fond of this idea, a few of them nicknaming her 'the fairy' which annoyed her to no end.

But it is not as if the existence of the Sailor Senshi were not known to them as they were once on the list of possibly being enemies thanks to Sailors Uranus and Neptune's disagreements in not willing to work with them and thought to be enemies posing as Sailor Senshi but this was nothing more than speculation that was later resolved. She told them of how many battles that she'd been part of that where her life was on the line and that if she could do that, then she can be part of an organization such as this. So, they tested her and trained her and she proved to be just as strong as they others, despite hints of jealousy from them. And so, Makoto, though still part of the Sailor Team, felt that her powers were needed elsewhere and she wanted to do this on her own and without the others knowing about it. Her experience already in the field already allowed her to be able to work out of field jobs when they come through though considering her abrasive nature when it comes to being challenged, no one wanted to partner with her.

So she was partnered to work with a young half fox demon young boy named Allen Walker whom she finds to be a kind and generous compared to the others. She also works out in the field on assignments when he is given any and both of them are currently stationed by Dr. Karen to keep watch on the Tsukuba Academy school with her and to go along with anything the school requires of students to do to make sure that it is legit and there isn't anything other than what is mentioned going on. Working with Allen has been fine so far as she has no problems communicating with him despite the fact that he is a teenager. She does her best to find time to balance working with him and her job at the Cats Eye Cafe. It is never easy when it comes to protecting and saving innocent lives but Makoto will do it because she knows it is her job. She also decided to return to school, picking up where she left off and will be starting classes at Todai University in the fall. The other Sailor Senshi still doesn't know about her side job working for the Writher's House faction and for the time being, she is keeping it a secret until she can find the appropriate time to tell everyone.


Makoto constantly referenced an "old flame" of hers. The phrase she used in Japanese was "shitsuren shita sempai". "Shitsuren shita" means broken heart or unrequited love, while "sempai" is a senior student (for school) or colleague (at work); in other words, an older boy she was in love with. Makoto has made constant references both to the boy himself, as well as an ideal of sempai for a romantic relationship.

Makoto GalleryEdit

  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter of Ice
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter of Sound
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter of Water
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter of Wood & Plants

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Jupiter Power, Make Up - Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
  • Jupiter Star Power, Make Up - Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
  • Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Crystal Change Rod to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter.
  • Princess Jupiter Transform - Used Green Gem Broach to transform into Princess Sailor Jupiter.


  • Sailor Jupiter - The  dominant color was green (tiara gem, choker, collar, center of front bow, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, and boots) and her accent color was pink (earrings, front bow, and back bow). Her earrings (which carried over from her civilian state) were pink roses, her collar had two white stripes placed close together, and she wore ankle-high lace-up boots.
  • Super Sailor Jupiter - Her choker had a yellow star attached to it, her collar had one white stripe, the center of her front bow became a green heart, the bottom of the shoulder pads was translucent, and the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened.
  • Princess Sailor Jupiter - As Princess Sailor Jupiter, Makoto having evolved into her final form, her hair has grown incredibly long, though still held up in a ponytail with a hair tie that resembles the wings on her back just about. The gloves from her original outfit are replaced with sheer light green colored gloves that go all the way up her arms, past the forearm and stopping a few inches above it. She sports a green choker around her neck with a jewel hanging from it. Her leotard and sailor collar are replaced with a different top being with lime green sheer sleeves with a more off the shoulder look, the lower part of it covering her chest with another shade of green and white layered ruffles underneath that stop above her stomach, showing off her midriff. As for the lower half of her body, it starts off with the same lime green sheer material that is attached to her dark green shorts which are partially covered over like a sheer half skirt and her ankle boots are replaced with dark green coils that have wrapped themselves around her legs.


  • Flower Hurricane - This attack is perform by Sailor Jupiter that is more of an defensive maneuver to blind opponents more than it is offensive. To perform it, she would lift her arms up to her wrists above her head, trailing pink flower petals behind her hands as they traced in circles in the air along the way. She then spins around and extends her left hand towards her opponent, sending a flurry of pink petals from the palm of her hand.
  • Supreme Thunder - This is her first attack that when performed, her tiara appeared to collect electricity from the atmosphere, allowing Sailor Jupiter to propel it in the form of lightning bolts toward her target. She starts by crossing her arms over her chest with her index and pinkie fingers extended. Then the lightning rod hidden inside her tiara extended, crackling with electricity. Lightning rained down from the sky, collecting around her rod until Sailor Jupiter extended her arms and sent it towards her enemy.
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon - Using her tiara she gathers electricity and fires it at her opponent. The electricity itself takes on the form of a dragon.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure - To perform the attack, Sailor Jupiter would bring her hands together and hurl bolts of lightning at the enemy. She can also gather electricity from her tiara and hurl it at her opponents.
  • Jupiter Coconut Cyclone - Another electric attack that is a blast of energy that Sailor Jupiter fires from her hand as wind surrounded her. It can also generation into an a ball of lightning that generates into an electrical storm upon impact with an opponent or the ground. Does more of a stunning damage more than anything.
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution - An attack from her Super transformation that is performed with Jupiter's Leaves of Oak and appeared to be a column of swirling leaves and energy that surrounded Sailor Jupiter before she sent the blast towards her target.
  • Jupiter Vine Wrap - By throwing two green balls of energy toward the grown, vines are formed and wrap themselves around an enemy, starting with their feet to their whole body.
  • Jupiter Summer Thunder - This is more or less used when Sailor Jupiter wished to make her plant and wood based attacks stronger just by saying 'Summer Thunder', then holds out both her hands, blowing green glittered powder to make them much more lethal and effective.
  • Jupiter Flower Shield - Sailor Jupiter holds out either hand and summons a shield in the shape of a large flower to protect herself and others against enemy attacks.
  • Retractable Wings - Sailor Jupiter has the ability of being able to retract her large transparent like wings at will whenever she doesn't need them. She is able to call upon them when she needs to take flight and it is known that this is an ability that ALL evolved Sailor Senshi gain with their new powers and fuku.
  • Senshi Dust - This is a power in the dust of Sailor Senshi wings that is gained when one evolves into their final forms. The form it takes is that of fairy dust which can lift any dark power, curse or spell from another person. This power can also return a persons memories to them that have been lost, heal their wounds as long as they aren't heavily severe and heal certain disabilities such as blindness, inability to walk, and anything that isn't incredibly life threatening that can easily be treated. Life threatening diseases cannot be treated. But not all Sailor Senshi that evolve are able to use their Senshi Dust without permission and a reason. Sailor Jupiter isn't one of these Senshi forbidden to use this power and is exempt from any sort of punishment


  • Makoto's school uniform was further representation of her tough girl status, that being the style for those girls at the time.
  • Amongst the Inner Senshi, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter was the strongest physical fighter (while Usagi/Sailor Moon would be the strongest in terms of magical power). However, in episode 96 during the S season, she and Haruka/Sailor Uranus engaged in a scuffle which indicated that Haruka was even stronger. However, Haruka's wrist was injured by a blow from Makoto, and she noted that Makoto was perhaps an equal match.
  • Jupiter, her guardian planet, is the largest planet in the Solar System. This cloud cloaked giant is also notable for its turbulent weather (e.g. huge storms, lightning, etc.).
  • A running gag in the series is that Makoto finds every boy she meets to look like "the classmate who broke her heart". In the manga and the original Japanese version of the anime, he remains unnamed, but in the English dub, she refers to him as Freddy.
  • Her hair resembles Natsuhi Ushiromiya's hair from the Umineko Series.
  • It is said that Makoto loves all foods, but especially cherry pie and meatloaf. Her most closely held dream is to get married and own an cake and flower shop. She loves romance novels, shopping and video games. Her favorite colors are pink and green (colors of her Senshi fuku) and her favorite gemstone is an emerald. Her favorite flower is a rose, and her favorite animals are horses and tropical fish. She hates cheaters. It is also said her favorite class is home economics, and her least favorite is physics.
  • Makoto keeps many plants in her dorm room.
  • She offered to participate in a blood transfusion to save her friend, Ken.
  • Makoto has blood type O negative.

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