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Lympha is covered with a very thick vegetation.


The people of Lympha are very connected with nature and they live high up in the trees. They seem to also not afraid of heights, as they live up so high. There is also a Council of Ancients on Lympha, and Lympha is ruled by royalty, Princess Belladonda being the princess of  Lympha.

City of TreesEdit

Like it name suggests, it is built high in the trees. Since technology is forbidden in the City of Trees, giant leaves are used as transport. Since the winds coming from the mountains are opposed to the direction the leaves must take to reach the city, the leaves must move very quickly, which can even cause a fairy to have dizziness.

Village of FlowersEdit

There is a village made entirely of flowers on Lympha. Since it is made of sticky flowers, the ladybugs that are used as transport on Lympha do not go near them.

Stairway to WaterEdit

The Stairway to Water, a waterfall which flows upside down since its water flows upwards instead of flowing downwards like other waterfalls. Its water has the ability of reversing time.

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