Lunar Eclipse


Luna (by Niijima Sakura)


Juuban Municipal Academy Twelfth Grade


Tokyo, Japan



Lunar is a young man with a demon scythe partner named Niijima Sakura. The both of them are partners that fight to protect not just the students at Juuban Academy but those within the city from harm. Lunar is someone who takes his job very seriously and can only tolerate Niijima's childish and silly antics on a daily basis. Niijima's also the only one that can get away with calling him "Luna" whereas anyone else he tends to give them a death glare as if he wishes to slit their throats. Besides being able to wield Niijima in weapon form, Lunar also possesses other abilities that helps him to be able to fight more proficiently. He leaves no room for error and dislikes seeing others that have powers not use them for the right purpose. Besides Niijima, the only other people he has been seen talking to are the Headmaster and Vice Headmistress that often employ him for a job that needs to be taken care of. This is done discreetly to avoid anyone thinking that something else is going on. Lunar is a twelfth year student.

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