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Jessica Case is the daughter of Edward and Elisabeth Case, her family owning the franchise of the Case Merchants Bank. She also had a younger sister named Jeanie whom she adored along with her parents. However, when all of them were killed by a mysterious woman, Jessica became a cold and uncaring person. She began taking pleasure in seeing others in the same amount of pain that she has gone through. She desires to find the woman who killed her family and believes she will achieve this by having sold he soul to a demon by the name of Raven as well as seeking the help of a dangerous enemy named Tutock. [Read more]

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Fall is ringing in as summer leaves us. You know what that means? Yes, that's right, SCHOOL! It begins Aug 15th for all schools. Get the classes you want before they're all filled! Make sure your characters dress according to the weather. There is also a possible revival of the Sailor Moon arc involving the Princess of Disaster so we will keep everyone posted on that. Another thing, if anyone is having trouble logging into the site and staying logged in because there are too many ads and it is kicking you off or freezing up your browsers, it is suggested of everyone to install Adblock Plus to your browsers and it blocks all ads. Hopefully that helps your experience on the site to be a little more fun-filled without ads getting in the way.

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