Here are the list of Tsukuba Academy teachers with their listed positions. Some have bios to them and others are listed playable characters that have no bios until they are eventually claimed.


Name Headmaster(s)
Izanami TakedaHeadmistress
Aizen SotoVice Headmaster


Name Class Taught
Kaoru MasamuneGuidance Counselor 1
Saito ShinomoriEastern History
Global History
Konoka KonoeHome Cooking 1&2
Shizuka AraideChemistry 1&2
Jake BarkleyFifth Grade Phys Ed
Carla SimmonsDance I & II
Gin IchimaruDance III, VI, V
Martial Arts I, II & III
Piano Keyboard I & II
Sebastian Michaelis09th Grade Government
12th Grade Government Law
Grell SutcliffFashion Design & Illustrations
Setsuna SakurazakiLatin
Phys Ed & Health I


Coming Soon


Name Position
Ryou AwayukiHead Nurse
Dr. KarenAssistant Nurse


Coming Soon

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