This lists the characters that are attending Todai University by year and non-graduate, meaning they're still attending Todai after the four year mark and characters that are still attending but currently taking a break.

First Year StudentsEdit

Name Year
Hayden YukiFirst Year
Suzue MazakiFirst Year
Ian KurosuwaFirst Year
Allison NesterFirst Year
Mio AinoFirst Year
Airi LawlietFirst Year

Second Year StudentsEdit

Name Year
Shirley FenetteSecond Year
Nira KoukiSecond Year
Miyako KurokaishiSecond Year
Chizuru NabaSecond Year

Third Year StudentsEdit

Name Year
Haruka TenouThird Year
Nina EinsteinThird Year
Miho NosakaThird Year
Xiahou KhanThird Year

Fourth Year StudentsEdit

Name Year
Ryomou MizunoFourth Year
Ami MizunoFourth Year
Ran TazawaFourth Year
Suzaku KururugiFourth Year
Minako AinoFourth Year
Raito YagamiFourth Year
Rebecca HopkinsFourth Year
Jasmine TsukinoFourth Year
Naru NarusegawaFourth Year
Mutsumi OtohimeFourth Year
Keitaro UrashimaFourth Year

Under Graduate StudentsEdit

Name Year
Matsui TaroUnder Graduate
Arisa YukiUnder Graduate

Graduate StudentsEdit

Name Year
Hideki LawlietGraduate
Nate RiverGraduate
Mihael KeehlGraduate
Adrian KurosakiGraduate

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