Here are the list of T-A Private Academy female students by grade level. Some have bios to them and others are listed playable characters that have no bios until they are eventually claimed.

Pre-Kindergarten & KindergartenEdit

Coming Soon

First & Second GradeEdit

Name Grade
Scarlett MandrellSecond Grade

Third & Fourth GradeEdit

Coming Soon

Fifth & Sixth GradeEdit

Coming Soon

Seventh & Eighth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Alice LagerSeventh Grade
Alicia LagerSeventh Grade
Yayoi KiseSeventh Grade
Yukari SendoEighth Grade
Rika NakaharaEighth Grade
Athena KusamaEighth Grade
Sharona PotterEighth Grade
Suzuna VelvetEighth Grade

Ninth & Tenth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Miyuki HoshizoraNinth Grade
Akane HinoNinth Grade
Charity HendersonNinth Grade
Anissa GranvilleNinth Grade
Alex DashNinth Grade
Tryphosa P. AkiyamaNinth Grade
Kuri MazakiTenth Grade
Akasha KusamaTenth Grade
Aina KujimotoTenth Grade
Ki Jeong SongTenth Grade
Zessica WaverTenth Grade

Eleventh & Twelfth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Raku TsuchiyaEleventh Grade
Nao MidorikawaEleventh Grade
Asuna KugimiyaTwelfth Grade
Runa KugimiyaTwelfth Grade
Ruka KaibaTwelfth Grade
Chibiusa TsukinoTwelfth Grade
Junko AizawaTwelfth Grade
Reika AokiTwelfth Grade
Katherine WinnerTwelfth Grade

University Freshmen thru SeniorEdit

Name Grade
Anya KururugiFirst Year
Lillian SummersFirst Year
Isabella StradfordFirst Year
Mei NarusegawaFirst Year
Jessica CaseSecond Year
Shizuka KawaiiThird Year
Angela TresorFourth Year

Former StudentsEdit

Gem Woods
Hayden Yuki
Shinobu Maehara
Evangeline Elstreim
Beatrix Diaspro

Also SeeEdit

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