Here are the list of Juuban Municipal Academy students by grade level. Some have bios to them and others are listed playable characters that have no bios until they are eventually claimed.

Pre-Kindergarten & KindergartenEdit

Coming Soon!

First & Second GradeEdit

Name Grade
Miki UsaSecond Grade
Aiko NakanoSecond Grade
Rachel KendricSecond Grade
Kusano YatogamiSecond Grade
Natsume KandaSecond Grade

Third & Fourth GradeEdit

Coming Soon!

Fifth & Sixth GradeEdit

Coming Soon!

Seventh & Eighth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Mokona ModokiEighth Grade

Ninth & Tenth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Niijima SakuraNinth Grade
Ranma SaotomeTenth Grade
Tairakawa TsubakiTenth Grade
Tatsumi TsugumiTenth Grade

Eleventh & Twelfth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Hikaru SagimiyaEleventh Grade
Mamiko MazawaEleventh Grade
Tami KanonEleventh Grade
Aichi SendouTwelfth Grade
Michel OtohimeTwelfth Grade
Usegi TsukishinoTwelfth Grade
Aoi MiyazakiTwelfth Grade
ValTwelfth Grade
Kisa ToukanTwelfth Grade
Tatewaki KunoTwelfth Grade
Satomi AwayukiTwelfth Grade
Kent CasterTwelfth Grade
Lunar EclipseTwelfth Grade
Kaoru YukimiTwelfth Grade
Millie SinclairTwelfth Grade

Former StudentsEdit

Usagi Tsukino
Jasmine Tsukino
Ami Mizuno
Anne Flourite
Mokuba Kaiba
Maura Kiyoko
Jessica Case
Minako Aino
Makoto Kino
Samantha Shizuma
Rie Saotome
Raia Chrisinger
Mitsu Sanyu
Milly Ashford
Shirley Fenette
Lelouch Lamperouge
Nunnally Lamperouge
Euphie Molaris
Nina Einstein
Suzaku Kururugi
Airi Lawliet
Nate River
Mihael Keehl
Suzue Mazaki
Chika Sachi
Kyo Zensen
Elizabeth Einzbern

Also SeeEdit

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