Here are the list of Ashford Private Academy students by grade level:

Pre-Kindergarten & KindergartenEdit

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First & Second GradeEdit

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Third & Fourth GradeEdit

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Fifth &Sixth GradeEdit

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Seventh & Eighth GradeEdit

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Ninth & Tenth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Shingo TsukinoNinth Grade
Kyoichi TagawaTenth Grade
Alexander MyersTenth Grade
Ryoichi KishinoTenth Grade

Eleventh & Twelfth GradeEdit

Name Grade
Ren HiroEleventh Grade
Raven NightwingEleventh Grade
Ryoichi KishinoEleventh Grade
Leslie TresorEleventh Grade
Kae BlackhartTwelfth Grade
Kaisuke KusajishiTwelfth Grade
Tsume TsuchiyotoTwelfth Grade

University Freshman thru SeniorEdit

Name Year
Edward ElricFirst Year
Gentaro TenshiThird Year
Kimihiro WatanukiThird Year

Also SeeEdit

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