Leslie Michael Archlight
Leslie tresor


Leslie Tresor (adoptive name), Les (for short), Terrifying Little Boy, Butler in Debt


Former Human, Shinso Vampire


British American




November 16th, 1935


78 (appears sixteen years old)


Forks High School (formerly)
Ashford Private Boys Academy Tenth Grade
Music Club Member


England, London (formerly)
Forks, Washington (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (Currently)


Alive (Undead)

Leslie Tresor is a shinso vampire that was formerly human and adopted into the Tresor Family of shinso vampires. Although he is seventy eight years of age, he appears younger to be the age of a sixteen year old boy.


Leslie is a very selfless and generous person who always tries to help others in need even if he has to go through great lengths just to do so. He's quite independent as well as skilled in many things such as cooking, gardening, playing the piano and violin, working on cars, being able to identify fake works of art with just one glimpse and swapping out the real art with fakes (though he'd been able to do this thanks to one of his father's con jobs in the past) and many other things. Before he became a shinso vampire, Leslie already possessed super human strength, tremendous speed, retaliation and endurance that allowed him to do so many things without becoming tired or complaining like most people would or to put it specifically most humans would but the moment he'd been changed, these increased for him, which is why Jace and many others among their kind and other vampire breeds consider him to be a frightening little boy because he displays a rather blood thirsty and brutal opponent when fighting enemies.

Throughout his life he acquired other skills when he was hired as a butler in the Ashiya Mansion such as ballistic weaponry, sword fighting, skilled usage in firearms (despite his fragile appearance Leslie can wield an HK MG3 single handed) and protecting the head of the Ashiya family, Sarah Ashiya from anyone who tried to harm her. Aside from this, Leslie also displayed having possessed some musical talent as he can play the violin and the piano quite efficiently. Such things he'd often used in order to get money from people when he needed it in order to help pay off his family's vast debt. Despite his wide variety of skills, Leslie does possess a good and kind heart that's always in the right place when he tries to help others or befriend them. Now that he is part of the Tresor family, he's made it his obligation to protect them as they're now his new family and anyone else that he and the others hold dear.

When it comes to love, Leslie is rather dense in regards to it and oftentimes he ends up misunderstanding the feelings of people around him, especially if anyone were to be interested in him romantically. This is more than likely due to his innocent personality and inexperience with the entire concept. This goes without saying, he somehow ends up attracting the attention of other females and it is mostly because of his kind, considerate and attractive personality but beyond that, he feels nothing for them. He didn't understand this for the longest time, even when he had a former fiancee of his own years ago. While he felt something for her it took him too long to realize that what he felt for her was nothing beyond the level of either friendship or a sister like level. This causes him to end up in a lot of misunderstandings with girls who take an interest in them. He doesn't realize it at first that they are but when they do admit their feelings to him, Leslie is unable to return them. He's no particular taste in a person, be they male or female so it is quite obvious that Leslie displays bisexual traits as he takes an interest in both genders romantically but if he feels nothing for someone, he will tell them that. He's not particularly picky per say but he would prefer someone that he is interested in to not be disgusting, lazy and god forbid weak and cowardly.

If there is one thing that Leslie cannot stand is cowardice in a person. That they would rather use others to solve their problems rather than solving it themselves or cowardly people who basically subject themselves to bow down to others, basically having no self regard for their pride as a person. He deems it pathetic and has no trouble beating the hell out of someone for it or giving them a slap across the face, telling them to man up and grow a pair. This had put him at odds with Bella for awhile but only briefly when she'd at least tried to fight for her own life before the rest of his family came to her rescue. She proved herself in his eyes that she didn't need someone to always come and save her because if she were to have continuously acted like such a person, he'd be repeatedly thrashing her about on a daily basis. Family wise, Leslie is closer to the Tresors and would do anything to protect them from harm should anyone dare to attempt to make threats in regards to killing them. As for his own birth family, he dislikes them greatly because of what they'd put him through and the only person out of it he did show great respect to was his older brother Lucas Archlight. Leslie also has an extreme weakness to water because of the purification properties that it has that he has to add herbs to the water to avoid his vampiric powers being locked for three hours if splashed with it or longer if swallowed since the water would have to be completely out of his system for them to come back. In short, he'd be rendered to that of a human being though hardly powerless just that he'd be more vulnerable to attacks and would not be able to easily regeneration any wounds he would sustain in the process.


Leslie is 5'6” with short neck-length pink hair and emerald green eyes that sometimes appear sea green in different sades of lighting. When feeding or fighting his eyes do tend to change colors, this trait being shared with all vampire kind. His skin complexion is quite pale despite not being sickly in the slightest. He wears formal red and white attire as he prefers brighter colors that reflect his more caring personality. There will be times Leslie would be seen wearing suits as part of his attire too but they will be have some bright color in them and not being overly too dark. You would hardly catch him wearing something dark unless of course his sister Angela feels like using him as a dress up doll for some random outfit she picked out for him to try on. Leslie's overall appearance gives him a very bishounen look because of his effeminate outlook. Therefore, if he were to put on a dress, there is no doubt that he would be mistaken for a girl. This has actually happened many a time for him despite always wearing male clothing. The only dark clothing he wears is his school uniform since he attends Ashford Boys Academy and wears the following uniform that consists of an all over black long sleeve jacket, black pants, light pink long sleeved oxford shirt and the entire jacket itself has a white dotted pattern on the front and back with golden yellow buttons. To finish the look he wears brown suede shoes. Because of his dislike of the entire uniform, he wears the jacket open rather than closed.


Leslie was born in London in the year of 1935 and it was at the age of eight, that he'd met someone dressed as Santa and this person had told him in the exact words “Work hard, for those who are honest have the last laugh” and this became his way of life. Not that he had it easy growing up. One day during school, he was accused of stealing a classmate's lunch money, causing him to feel depressed and run away only to find out later that it was his father who stole the money. While running away, he'd fallen down into a large garden that belonged to a wealthy Towner family. He'd fallen into what was known as the 'Royal Garden' and in this garden, he'd met the family's daughter Alora Towner who'd been out on an afternoon stroll through the garden alone. Leslie remembers this day as if it was yesterday because of Alora's smile, along with offering her hand to help him up. Back then, not everyone in London was as judgmental against commoners and Alora was one of them. She, in fact, took pity as well as an interest in Leslie and offered him a job as her butler. At that time, Leslie was only thirteen years old. While he was too young to work, considering his age, Alora overlooked this and allowed him to work as her butler. However, there was more to Alora than Leslie had realized.

Such things were known to be blasphemy, hogwash even but Alora managed to keep the fact that she practiced magic from everyone except from those that lived within her home. In fact, she was the cause behind Leslie's superhuman strength, for she used magic on him to release his body's full potential that she knew he had deep down. She's also the one that taught Leslie how to become a proper butler, teaching him how to do chores properly. Eventually, she taught him how to fight using swords. The more they worked together with one another, the closer they became. However, an argument between the two of them later resulted in the two of them being separated from one another, since he, for awhile lived in Alora's home with her. But because of the fight, he'd gone back home to his family, hoping that his parents would change their ways for the better. This was Leslie's blind belief about them. Alora knew this was not possible for his parents to change. On top of that, the fact that Alora technically had no family and lived with a bunch of maids and butlers and knowing that Leslie wanted to go back to his family after telling her about them caused her to lose control. It was as if something took possession of her mind and body during their fight, though back then, he didn't fully realize it. Their fight ended in a draw, and Leslie apologized to Alora before leaving but promised her that he would keep everything that she had taught him to heart.

For three years, Leslie made no contract at all with Alora and on Christmas Eve, his parents had managed to rack up a large gambling debt only to pay it off by selling him off to supposedly a group of a good men for a sum of 156,804,000 yen, proof that his parents ways had not changed. They were still doing things they shouldn't be doing such as stealing, gambling, playing all sorts of con games in order to get money from people and they ended up owning more money than they realized. It was their bad habits that always caused him to be the one to have to bail them out when they get themselves in trouble. Taking on jobs, no matter how little the pay was only to be fired only after a good few weeks of working them because his bosses would find out that he was underage. Leslie had regretted his decision on going back home but he did manage to outrun the men that his parents sold him to and ended up in a nearby park. It is in this park he met Sarah Ashiya, stumbling upon two guys and their attempt to seduce her and he saves her from them. Originally, he was going to try and kidnap her for ransom but when he tried to tell Sarah his intentions, she ended up taking it as a confession of love. After a failed attempt at leaving a ransom call, Leslie soon meets up with one of Sarah's personal maids on her bicycle who asks him of Sarah's whereabouts. Feeling guilty by his intentions from earlier, he tells the woman that he'd seen her being thrown into a car by two unknown men.

He decides to make amends for his own attempt at kidnapping her and borrows the bicycle from the maid and manages to save Sarah again by catching up to the speeding car. He fought the men and Sarah thanked Leslie for saving her. It's then she learned of Leslie's debt and paid it off but it resulted his debt being transferred over to her. Sarah hired Leslie as her personal butler in the place of her previous butler, with a very generous debt repayment plan. It was sense then, he'd began adjusting to his new life as Sarah Ashiya's butler alongside her maid, Marie. One of his first challenges was to gain the acceptance of the head butler Klauz and her pet white tiger, Libby. Klauz was against the idea of Leslie being hired because of his lack of credibility and only temporarily accepted him. Libby was also hostile towards Leslie, often trying to bite the poor boy but eventually warmed up to him. Sarah tested him again but this time wanted to see how he dealt with her cousin Suzie and her best friend Iris. Suzie, from the moment she met Leslie wanted him to be a comedian and put up with her numerous unconventional requests. As for Iris, she always would end up getting lost or getting herself into trouble that required him to help her out. Even though he worked for Sarah as well as lived in her home with her, he continued his schooling, by this time, he was just sixteen years old.

Leslie later reunited with a classmate of his Amelia who'd wondered for awhile while he'd stopped coming to school. The both of them attended the same co-ed private school called Kings College School and he explained to her his situation and why he had stopped for awhile but was glad to be back. Not realizing it, Amelia had been in love with him for the longest time and when they reunited, she ended up confessing her love for him. In a comical way, Leslie rejected her but Amelia didn't find it the least bit funny and still ended up hurt. However, she promised that she would continue on confessing her love until he gave her a proper answer. This led to a rivalry between Amelia and Sarah, since Amelia had been very present within Leslie's life. Amelia disliked Sarah because of her half breed heritage, despite being born native of England. You see, Sarah was a Japanese British American, from her father's side, hence her last name being of Japanese descent but it is also something that Sarah cared less about since it did nothing to damage her status in the society that she lived in. She still took care of herself and even attended school, which Leslie had insisted that she do rather than be home schooled by private tutors so she could learn proper social skills with others their own age. It actually turned out for the better that she did because her social skills with others improved though she and Amelia still pitted against one another for Leslie's attention.

Though equally, he cared for both of the girls but not in the way that they wanted him to. In fact, he was unable to figure out which one of them he cared for the most and anytime the two of them got into an argument with one another, he stayed out of it since he wasn't one for taking sides. It was also this way with some of his other classmates and friends that Leslie had. Leslie was never one to take sides, especially when he can tell that those involved are in the wrong no matter how the argument began. Though sometimes the arguments leave to fights in which case he steps in and automatically stops it, causing many to back away when they realize how strong he is. No one, not even Sarah ever questioned his enhanced strength and skills though it made Sarah want to test him even more. In which case, she'd asked of Klauz to teach Leslie how to use guns since he knew how to use a sword and can fright pretty well to defend himself but she wanted him to learn a new skill. So that in the future, he could be prepared for anything in the event that her life is in danger or the fate of her estate was in danger. Leslie never questioned what happened to Sarah's parents since in a way, her not having them reminded him of Alora and the time he'd spent living with her. But unlike her, Sarah had no knowledge of any sort of magic or magical ability and mainly just considered the boy to be a super human of sorts. But this didn't go well with his classmates who started to become scared of him and assume that he had been practicing some sort of dark arts teachings to become strong.

There were some students that had even attempted to attack him while they believed he was not paying attention or distracted but they failed in their attempts as Leslie easily defeated them. The very idea of fighting someone weaker than him actually bothered Leslie, but it bothered him more when people would cower in fear and get others to fight their battles for them rather than doing it themselves. He finds it to be nothing more than a disgrace to ones pride, a quality in him that both Sarah and Amelia admired. He spent the latter part of the year with Sarah until things took a turn for the worse. Sarah became struck down with an unidentifiable illness that left her so sickly that she was weak and often bed ridden. Leslie stayed out of school to take care and watch over her. Klauz told him that he didn't have to do that since as the head butler it was his job but Leslie told him that he needed to repay his debt to Sarah and if taking care of her until she got better was the way to go about it, then he was more than happy to do that. Being that it was during the time of the Great Depression that they lived in, illnesses were common. Leslie knew that eventually he would be soon sick from being around Sarah and taking care of her. She had the medical means more than he did to get the best help that money could afford, however, modern medicine wasn't all that great and poor Sarah continued to get sicker and sicker. She wanted to, with what little strength she had, go over her Will and who she wanted to leave in charge of who gets what of her estate.

Those that have attempted to kidnap Sarah before or have been associated with her tried to force their way onto the property in hopes of taking her estate by force so that a Will would never be completed and that anyone could get their hands on her home and her money but Leslie made sure that no none of them didn't get within five feet of Sarah. He took them all out with ease, thanks to the training he'd learned from Alora and what he learned under Klauz during his time working under the man. Sarah was able to finish the Will, leaving Klauz in charge of her estate and leaving Leslie with enough money to be able to support himself as well as wiped his debt clean to where he didn't have to pay him anything as she believed he'd done more than enough for her. She also left in the estate that in the events that Klauz had died, given that he was already old to begin with, then Leslie was next in line to take over everything. Leslie told Sarah she didn't have to do that but she wanted to because she knew how hard times were and didn't want to see him go back out there in the world only to die being unable to fend for himself, let alone live properly. He felt so indebted to her and thanked her for her kindness. While the Will itself had been certified and made official, Sarah eventually died of the illness that she had and that left Leslie and Klauz to take care of everything in her absence. Though word of her death had gotten out and hoards of people attempted to wander on the Ashiya estate ground and if Leslie didn't take them out then Klauz did. One intruder on the grounds had started shooting at them, both of them getting hit in the crossfire. Klauz died from a gunshot wound to the forehead, that being the second and fatal shot and Leslie though shot, was mortally wounded and was sent to a local hospital in town.

In this hospital he was treated but his condition didn't get any better, instead getting worse as more than just one illness was floating about, the most known one being influenza, cancer, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. It was unclear of what Leslie had but it is possible that it could've been between influenza and pneumonia, given that it was much easier for people of his age to get sick easily. A doctor by the name of Karl Tresor was called from overseas back to the country where he was originally born to look over many of the patients that'd contracted one of many known diseases and illnesses and was said to be an expert in such an area. One of the nurses there that had taken a liking to Leslie because she found him to be such a sweet and caring boy who had interesting stories of his life before he'd become sick and pleaded with Karl to save him. However, she nor was anyone else aware of what Karl really was and while he agreed to save the boy, he wanted time alone with him to be able to do so. He did his best to tend to other patients but most of them were too far gone in the stages of their sickness to be cared for. At the very least, Karl felt like he could save this one boy who was too young to die. Karl acted on the wishes of helping Leslie but took the boy from the hospital once it'd shut down, bringing him back to the country of the US where his home was only to make him what he was. A shinso vampire. A change that only worked by biting the boy and injecting his blood into him.

Karl wasn't entirely sure that Leslie would become a vampire immediately or turn into a ghoul but he kept watched over him until it appeared as if his condition was getting better. When Leslie came to, he was confused, slightly distraught while wondering just where on Earth he was. He knew he wasn't in London but somewhere incredibly unfamiliar to him. It was then Karl approached him after he'd wakened. Leslie wasn't sure what to make of him at first, considering the man was a stranger to him but after explaining to him where he was, why he was where he was and what he'd done to him, the boy had a better understanding of everything. Well, not everything but he knew and felt that he was no longer sick. Karl had expected him to be shocked about being turned into a vampire, which seemed to work without any complications but contrary to popular belief he wasn't. Leslie told Karl that he knew a woman from back home that had magical powers so this wasn't much of a surprise to him. Granted, he never thought he'd be changed into a vampire but it was something to get used to. Leslie thanked Karl for saving him from the brink of death though now he must contend with the idea of living for the rest of his life until killed through means that normally kill vampires. From there, he'd met others that lived within Karl's home such as his wife Esther, then Cedric and Ruby along with Angela and Jace. Darren didn't become part of the Tresor family until much later and Karl turned him at Ruby's request.

From that point on, the Tresors became Leslie's new family and he pretty much got along with them all, but had his moments of arguing with them as much blood relatives do but all of them were adoptive siblings but overall, treated each other like family. He especially became close to Karl because he was able to form a deep bond with him since he was a better father to him than his own father, Esther included whom he adored as if the woman was his real mother. The family also practiced their way of surviving without feeding on human blood, becoming vegan vampires, feeding only on animal blood whenever they felt the need to go hunt. Leslie had no problem with this since he'd found it strange that being around some humans, their scent made his stomach turn upside down. That and in the beginning, he had trouble controlling his thirst and to this day still does. He manages subdue it by eating fruits and vegetables, the only thing his pallet had a taste for since everything else tasted bland to him. On top of that, he'd also tried to learn how to use his new abilities to his advantage which becoming a shinso vampire seemed to only increase his strength and various other natural abilities. He seemed to taken a liking to weapons to which as times moved forward, Leslie had learned how to wield different types of guns, even down to machine guns and other weapons, which he found to be rather exciting, which Jace oftentimes says that he has a rather sadistic side to him, especially when it came to fighting.


It is during their time in Forks, Washington that Leslie along with the rest of the Tresor siblings had met the new girl Isabella Stradford. Like Ruby, Leslie did not take an immediate liking to Bella. He actually found her to be a slightly annoying girl with nothing better to do than to have Cedric save her whenever she was in trouble. At least that's how it'd appeared to him anyway. It seemed for awhile like she had her sights set on him, which he disliked but despite that, he remained nice to her to not appear rude. While he was used to girls that were forward and confessed their feelings as he had seen as well as experienced, at least back then, some women were more subtle in their affections but he had to realize that this was not England anymore and American women, especially girls were much more bolder and forward in their affections than women of England. But he wasn't necessarily putting women down or anything, just believed that some could do without putting more unnecessary makeup on their faces than needed. There was no need for that to be told to Bella since she didn't wear any but honestly, Leslie believed she could use it. Even Angela thought so who seemed to take more of a liking to her than the rest of them did.

Eventually, he did warm up to Bella after they defeated Joseph, a nomadic vampire that had became obsessed with her scent and wanted a taste of her blood, kidnapping her in an attempt to kill her which Leslie and the others had prevented him from doing. After that event, came Bella's seventeenth birthday party that Angela had thrown and decorated herself. Leslie helped out while wishing Bella a happy birthday while being welcomed to the home of the Tresor family and it was during this party that Jace, Angela's husband had lost control of himself and attempted to attack Bella because she'd been cut. Darren and Leslie had to hold him back since Jace didn't abstain from drinking human blood, but not from actually biting someone, but from packets of blood. It was because of this incident that the family all thought it best to leave Forks in order to keep those that they cared about safe. During that time while they were gone, Bella apparently managed to have a normal teenage life where she started to socialize more and hang out with her friends. Though in the event that she'd fallen off a cliff, caused Angela to have a vision of it, believing her to have died. Leslie had thought she had but not out of spite, he did show genuine concern for Bella and hoped that she was not dead. Or at the very least stupidly tried to commit suicide just because she couldn't see any of them anymore. Turns out that she was very much alive and kicking and it'd revealed that she'd been pulled out of the water by a shifter from the Black family pack. Angela was unable to see this which is why she'd believed Bella to be dead but went back to Forks to make sure. However, because of Ruby's personal grudge against Bella, she lied to Cedric, telling him that she was dead and he had convinced an entire coven of Italian vampires, the Volturi to kill him.

This was stopped just in time before he did. Leslie was thankful for that because he hadn't wanted anyone to get hurt. However, he was pretty upset with Ruby for what she did and wanted her to apologize. The order to kill Cedric may have not gone through but it didn't mean that the Volturi was going to let him off easy. They had planned to kill the Tresor family and Bella but Angela swore to them that she had a vision of Bella becoming a vampire. The head of the coven wanted to make sure of this and wanted to see this vision for himself. Once he did he believed Angela but told her, Cedric and Bella that if Bella did not become a vampire like in her vision, they would kill her, them and anyone else they hold dear. It is because they were considered a threat to their very existence and killing them would be one less powerful vampire family in the way. When they returned to Forks, they all gathered around and discussed the situation at hand. Though Ruby was merely joking, Bella was not at the suggestion of becoming a vampire. She agreed to do it only if it meant keeping everyone safe. Otherwise, she would be giving up her humanity for nothing. All but Ruby agreed upon this while Leslie himself was indifferent but at the same time, they didn't have much of a choice in the matter. It was either be killed or turn her.

So they turned her but not before allowing her to say goodbye to her father whom she lived with in Forks and they all sought off for Tokyo, Japan. It's in Tokyo, they started to build their new lives in a new home. Leslie even returned to school, enrolling into the newly opened Ashford Private Boys Academy school. He actually finds living in Tokyo to be quite an interesting one. More interesting than any other places he and the others have traveled and lived in. At least the Volturi couldn't bother them anymore, not that they should have a reason to. He keeps his skills sharp by sparring on a regular with either Cedric or Angela and has quite a custom gun collection in his room along with a grand piano and a violin since he does have a small taste for music and often times played music on either of them for Alora years ago. He's even growing his own fruit and vegetable garden out in the backyard of their new home. So yes, Leslie's pretty content with this new life though despite the many things he likes about Tokyo, there are a lot of things that make him quite unsettled about it. All and all, he's adjusted quite easily to his surroundings and adapted well to being a vampire, more than anyone else would've if they were in his situation.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Blood CravingsEdit

Leslie still has a little trouble controlling his thirst for blood but subdues it by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables because of the simple fact that he retains his taste for them unlike with other foods and is often seen tending to his vegetable and fruit garden in the backyard of the Tresor home. He does his best to abstain from drinking human blood as he does not wish to harm anyone or cause trouble to the family. He shares a similar trait with Ruby who finds the smell of blood from certain humans to have a disgusting smell to it. While Ruby becomes and feels severely ill from the smell, Leslie, while the smell is unsatisfying to him, he would actually blurt out and tell someone that their blood smells really bad while wearing a smile on his face (though this is only towards humans that have been bitten by a vampire whether it's once or numerous of times). Leslie only shows traits of anemia when he's been doing too many things at one time without any sort of rest and will have a tendency to collapse without warning, this not being related to having lack of blood. Leslie will drink blood even if it's animal blood. His particular taste when it comes to human blood is those of stressed humans.

Sunlight ImmunityEdit

Leslie isn't incredibly sensitive to sunlight like his sister Ruby is and in fact can tolerate being in it much longer than she can because he keeps his skin covered a lot whereas Ruby prefers to wear loose fitting and clothes that show off a little more of her skin to an extent anyway. He does complain about feeling hot if standing directly in it. In fact, it'd actually be about a few hours before Leslie even starts to feel any side effects from being in it for too long. In which case he'd start to feel weak and even sleepy but not at a severe level.

Vampiric SensesEdit

Already possessing strong qualities, the physical abilities that Leslie already possessed had been increased when he became a shinso vampire, making him the second strongest vampire in the family, the first being Ruby's husband Darren. Leslie possesses increased speed, strength, agility and high level regeneration properties that surpass the average vampire even for his particular breed. In fact, he would probably be at the level of a well s class shinso vampire Moka Akashiya whom he's heard of and desires to fight in a spar someday. Instead, he settles for sparing with Cedric, Angela and Darren from time to time when bored but also to keep his skills up. Leslie is able to summon bat familiars which are normally perched near him on a tree branch above him if he's outside in his garden tending to it. He doesn't summon them inside the house unless it's just one of them. He also possesses the ability to erase memories but unless he deems it necessary to use, Leslie doesn't use it. Leslie's quite careful in not allowing anyone to drink his blood nor does he inject his blood into someone's system because it's highly dangerous not to mention the consequences of doing it that would occur afterwards.

Fighting StyleEdit

During his time training as a butler in the Ashiya home, he was well skilled in the practice of martial arts, sword fighting and using firearms which he displays using experienced gun kata when fighting enemies. He fights in a very focused and disciplined manner, choosing his moves carefully and reacting quickly when he gets into trouble. Most of his moves are combined with graceful back flip maneuvers that allow him to get out of the way quickly to avoid being attacked but he will throw in a powerful kick and/or punch or two if need be. That happens only when he have no weapons at his disposal and even without them he's a versatile fighter.

Vampiric WeaknessesEdit

Leslie is the only one in the Tresor family that displays the weakness to water because of the purification properties that it has that renders his vampiric abilities useless to him should he bathe in it or be splashed with it. Should either happen (or by some odd means he becomes wet) he loses his vampiric abilities for about three hours and his increased power level drops considerably to that of a normal human. He'd still possess the skills he already had before becoming a vampire and he'd still be able to fight but the effectiveness of attacking his enemies would be dropped by at least fifty to thirty percent which means he can be easily thrashed about and become injured along with his level of being able to endure pain without feeling it would also drop too. Instead of taking showers, Leslie takes baths that he has to feel with herbs in order to not lose his powers and be render more vulnerable to attacks. Leslie is unable to touch blessed objects such as crosses and blessed weapons as they will deliver a powerful electric shock to him should he touch them.

Leslie Tresor GalleryEdit


  • Leslie possesses similar weaknesses to water in the same fashion that Moka Akashiya from the Rosario Vampire series does.

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