Kuri Mazaki
"I worry so much about onee-sama. I want her to be the same person she used to be."


Kurisuchinu (full name), Kuri-chan






February 27th, 2000




T-A Private Girls Academy Tenth Grade
Band Club Treasurer
Music Club Member


Domino, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Kuri, although not intelligent, has managed to be able to keep her grades up despite having gone through so much hell living at home with her mother, Remi Mazaki. Unlike Remi, she is actually a good person who has a head on her shoulders and dreams big for a ten year old. She doesn’t let anyone persuade her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, for she is able to think for herself and knows what she wants. Under watchful eye, she mostly stays under her older sister Anzu, whom is the main one that raises her. Kuri’s come to enjoy some of the same things that Anzu likes, like enjoying listening to music even if it is mostly rock and other genres thrown in, dancing, for she’s watched her sister dance on many times and occasionally joins her, and she can sing a little bit. Or at least attempt to anyway, which many find to be very cute. Overall, she is quite a nice little girl, easy to make friends and get along with when she isn’t being judged by the ways of her mother. And when necessary, she’s also good at hiding in places where no one can find her.

Something that she’s had to do quite a bit. She’s also aware of the card game known as Duel Monsters and while it’s not her thing, she doesn’t knock it completely since her sister seems to play it on some occasions. She sometimes plays it with her and always, of course, loses. Besides Anzu, Kuri enjoys hanging around their close Choie Bunya whenever she is able to come to town to visit and while Choie, isn’t sick, Kuri is afraid that her cousin will die from the same illness that Choie’s mother did which was Leukemia. Their family has a history of relatives dying from incurable illnesses and she doesn’t want to lose anyone that she cares about. That’s one of many things that scare her. Another is she’s afraid of the men that her mother would bring home every night would try to hurt her as quite a bit of them has hurt Anzu, causing her to feel helpless that she can’t protect her big sister from harm, that she always is the one doing the protecting and allowing herself to be put in danger just to keep Kuri out of it.

That was even more depressing than the living arrangements and how everyone she went to school with viewed them. When attending Hosen Gakuen Academy, she was unable to make friends with others kids her age because of her mother’s reputation that’d seem to anonymously spread as word always travels fast in Domino City. She hated that everyone judged and assumed that she would turn out like her mother. Because of this, she would be beat up constantly as well as picked on, on a daily basis. Kuri hopes that it will not be like that now that Anzu has managed to move them out of that house.


Kuri only bares a small resemblance to Anzu. She is 4’11” with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes, just like Anzu’s. Her appearance is rather plain, pale skin complexion, since she’s ten, she hasn’t began to develop in the chest area so for the time being, she is flat-chested with a rounded face and eyes where her bang almost covers over her left eye. When attending Hosen Gakuen Academy, she wore the girls’ uniform that consisted of a white oxford shirt, white tie; black long sleeved uniform jacket, short white skirt, white socks and brown suede shoes. The uniform she wears consist of the following: a light gray uniform top that's long sleeved (short-sleeved in the summer and fall) with a red striped dark gray sailor v-neck collar with a small red bow that hangs below. The skirt itself is pleated and dark gray, going down to her knees, black socks and brown suede shoes. Her casual attire consists of darker Gothic colors such as plated black and red short skirts with black sneakers, along with different colored shirts with logos on them. She does wear brighter colored clothes, sometimes jeans, capris, shorts and regular shirts without anything on them.


Kurisuchinu (Kuri for short) is a very sweet and innocent young girl that was born in Domino City, Japan to mother Remi Mazaki and father Keisuke Mazaki. She also has an older sister named Anzu as well as an older half sister named Suzu. She was only a baby when Keisuke left and went back to his first wife during, which she’d become pregnant for him two years after he’d married Remi and had Anzu with her. He did love Remi and thought that she’d loved him in return, but once he found out that she’d only married him in hopes that he’ll land a decent job that would make them wealthy in a sense, he had eventually left her when Kuri was just three months old. Since then, Kuri has had to live in a dumpy apartment that she and Anzu have to keep cleaned constantly along with dealing with the fact that their mother loves sleeping with strange men that have money in hopes of trying to coax one into marrying her. She’s always been always afraid of the men her mother brings home and always hides out in Anzu's room or in some other part of the house where no one would think to look for her. She adores her older sister for she makes her feel safe, especially anytime their lives are put in danger.

She’s even fond of her cousin Choie Bunya who comes to town with Keisuke to visit. Kuri is aware of the fact that she has a half sister but has not been properly acquainted with her like Choie and Anzu have. Both Choie and Anzu make her feel safe and she likes the fact that their cousin doesn’t assume or judge them automatically like everyone else does, for they believe that the two of them, not just Anzu, but Kuri as well will turn out just like their mother. Kuri is nothing of the sort as she has a mind of her own for one thing, knows more about sex than she should, and has said many times that she doesn’t want nor will have sex. Not if it’s going to come with a reputation behind it. The only reason so many people know about Remi’s rep is because she’d had an affair with the father of a student that was one of Anzu’s classmates. That student’s father was willing to leave their family to marry Remi. It was that student’s outburst that caused everyone to know and rumors to spread. Not just at Domino High where Anzu attended school but Hosen Gakuen Academy where Kuri was eventually enrolled into school. This caused the both of them to not have many friends at school. Although Anzu managed to make some that overlooked the supposed rumors, Kuri was not so lucky.

In fact, she was consistently picked on as well as beat up by other students who called such cruel names like ‘whore in training’ and others. Kuri wished she could attend another school, a private academy of sorts where no one knew her but because the large amount of income that was coming inside of the household that Remi would receive since she worked at the Domino Memorial Hospital as a nurse was spent on herself, she wouldn’t have been able to get into a school that required a tuition fee that would have to be kept up each year if she wanted to stay in that school. The job that Anzu had at Burger World wasn’t nearly enough to cover the costs of what most private academies offered and then again, there was no guarantee that things would go better at a new school. She wanted so much to move away with her sister and find some place better. As she felt that it was unfair for everyone to judge her because of her family's history but she's no choice but to put up with it on a daily basis. And no matter how bad things had gotten, she remained kind and sweet towards others.

Kuri loves to listen to music, mostly rock but she has listened to other genres, but it depends on if the song is decent. She dances a little bit but it’s mainly for fun, the same with the singing that some other than Anzu have found it to be cute. She is also fully aware of the Duel Monsters card game but she’s not very good at it and then it’s not really something she’s all crazy about. But she does have a deck and has dueled against her sister many times, having lost of course. Remi, on the other hand, finds it to be a nuisance and a waste of time but her mother’s opinion doesn’t stop her from doing what she enjoys. As for her father, she keeps in touch with him. She has only seen pictures of her father along with Suzu. She wants to get to know her half sister more but knows that to do things like travel costs money, even if they don’t live all that far away. Keisuke sends Kuri and her sister letters when he can to check up on them to see how their doing but she has, in a way has an estranged relationship with him because of the simple fact that instead of taking her and Anzu with him when he left, he didn’t. Keisuke tried but Remi wouldn’t let him. In other words, she put up a front in front of family court that the girls have it made with her, she provides for them more than he ever could and saying things like he cheated on her during their marriage.

But she is, slowly, forgiving him on her own but she will NEVER forgive her mother for everything that she has put her and her sister through.. And despite living in a tough environment, she has managed to keep her grades up in school as well as join a lot of after school clubs that didn’t specifically ban her from them. She continued to attend Hosen Gakuen Academy up until she graduated from the fourth grade. Anzu was attending Daruma University at the time as well as working at a local CD Warehouse store. She was able to furnish her tuition for one year at Daruma but landed a better job offer in Tokyo. Kuri was happy for her and almost thought that Anzu was going to just leave her with their mom and take the job but she’d kept her promise to her that if she were to find some place better that they could live, they could live together in some place stable and comfortable. The job pays two dollars more than what Anzu was making where she was (office job with skills she picked up during her last two years in high school and first year in college) and that was just enough. Kuri immediately began packing her things and was raring to go. 

And what luck, because the job is in Tokyo where Anzu has enrolled Kuri into T-A Private Academy for Girls as a late transfer sixth grade student for she will finish out the rest of the semester but have to take summer classes to catch up with where she needs to be. But she is definitely excited about the move but they aren’t able to live some place with more space so all Anzu was able to afford was a room for the both of them at the Hinata Sou Inn girls dorm. It’s a start, not to mention Kuri would have to get used to the random loud noises and screaming but at least it won’t be anyone out to harm her, hopefully. And the both of them are out of their mom’s house (Remi didn’t like the idea but Anzu was old enough to live on her own and take her sister away to live with her if she wanted to legally with the proper paperwork having been done). What a start to a new year and with the move, Kuri hopes to make some new friends at her new school.


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Anzu MazakiEdit

Kuri's Deck ListEdit

Counter Fairy DeckEdit

Monsters Spells Traps
  • Archlord Kristya
  • Athena
  • Bountiful Artemis
  • Harvest Angel of Wisdom
  • Honest
  • Marshmallon
  • Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
  • Splendid Venus
  • Tethys, Goddess of Light
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh
  • Voltanis the Adjudicator
  • Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord
  • Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
  • D.D. Warrior Lady
  • Pot of Duality
  • The Sanctuary in the Sky
  • Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
  • Monster Reborn
  • Book of Moon
  • Dark Hole
  • Black Horn of Heaven
  • Chivalry
  • Dark Bribe
  • Divine Wrath
  • Drastic Drop Off
  • Horn of Heaven
  • Seven Tools of the Bandit
  • Solemn Judgment
  • Solemn Punishment
  • Solemn Warning

Kuri GalleryEdit

  • Kuri at six years old


  • Kuri is the non-canon younger sister to Anzu Mazaki. She is more of a background character as not much has been done with her other than Anzu keeping her out of harms way when they originally lived with their mother. Since not much is known about Anzu's family, Kuri being her sister could be plausible for an original sibling to a canon.

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