Kosuke Uta


Japanese American




December 21st, 1991




Todai University 01st yr.
Singing Coach at T-A Private Girls Academy


Three Years




Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Kosuke's greatest talent is her singing voice. She has managed to find some work singing and she loves to put on shows whenever she can. She constantly works on her voice and she's waiting for the right opportunity to make it a a big singer, even though other big breaks have failed before. In addition, her work in singing has landed her a job a a part-time singing coach for students at T-A Academy for Girls as well as a student-teaching job there. Kosuke is one of the closest and most loyal friend people can have, and there's many people willing to back up that statement. She keeps in close contact with many of the friends she's met over the years and has people always there for her to keep her company, making sure she's always got something to smile about, and she's there to return the favor if they need.

Two years ago, her first girlfriend was forced to leave Kosuke, and she hasn't contacted her since. While Kosuke has moved on from that, given that the circumstances were beyond her control, Kosuke has a feeling of loneliness that makes her time alone a little hard to handle. Whenever she sees her friends having fun with their significant others or out in public and spotting couples, Kosuke has to hide the pain she feels inside. While Kosuke likes to go out and have fun with her friends at parties, she is a comically cheap drunk. As soon as one drop of alcohol enters her body, she is already drunk and out having the time of her life. Not an alcoholic by any means, she has, however, woken up plenty of times with a hangover and a "what happened last night?" feeling after one beer. This is a point of making fun of her with many of her friends.


Kosuke Uta was born to her mother Hitomi Uta and a man who she thought was her father, Junichi Tetsuo. Her home life was always a bit strange, she thought, as her mother and father didn't really seem to love each other very much. While they both cared for Kosuke, the two parents were rather formal with each other, which always made Kosuke a little sad. While never really close to her father, she was, and still is, very close to her mother. At the age of six, her mother asked for a divorce when her husband was having an affair with another woman. While Kosuke was sad at the time, she was happy that she lived with her mom and the feeling that everyone in the house loved each other was finally there.

In school, Kosuke developed a somewhat famous reputation as being the school tomboy. No one to this day can ever remember Kosuke wearing a skirt or dress of any kind, even going as far as to avoid her school prom to avoid wearing a dress. She also had a long track record of going to the disciplinary office for the many fights that broke out, whether it was boys making fun of her or trying to get fresh with her or with girls making fun of her for various things. The many fight she got into is the reason she wears the gloves she does, to hide the scarring between her knuckles. Though she did get into plenty of fights, she had friends as well, such as her friends Ayako and Maya, who were as wild as her, and Chika, who was a bit less crazy physically, but was still out to party, and the quiet bookworm Hiroko who helped her get through school with decent grades.

After graduating from Juuban High, she had a rough time trying to get her feet on the ground. She didn't want to live with her mom forever and eventually sought out the Hinata Sou for a place to stay. This turned her life around as, shortly after arriving, she met Lei Sora. The two were fast friends and eventually Kosuke found herself in love with the girl. Kosuke almost found it a bit hard to believe that she had fallen in love with another girl, but it felt right to her. In the years since, she's found herself quite comfortable with who she was. The two were happy together for the year they were there. Even going so far as to adopt some animals, of which Kosuke still owns her golden retriever Roger.

Though, that was as close as normal the two got. Lei was an Esper, meaning she has psychic powers. She regularly found herself being hunted by others of her kind. While Kosuke tried her best to protect her, Lei was forced to leave Japan for her own safety. The man who helped Lei leave was a rather mysterious American government agent, Paul Reed. in questioning what was going to happen to Lei, Reed revealed to Kosuke that he was, in fact, Kosuke's real father, making her half-American. Kosuke trusted her father to keep Lei safe, but after that, the two haven't seen each other since. After meeting her father, Kosuke asked her mother what really happened when she was born. Hitomi revealed that, as a young woman, she was confused of her own identity and thought she might be a lesbian herself. To test, she found an American sailor and slept with him, getting her pregnant. While a bit much to take in, her life made a bit more sense.

The two years since then has been relatively uneventful for Kosuke. She's been helping her friends stay close and when she can, put on concerts at small venues around Tokyo. She's also become close friends with the resident building manager, Kaede Urashima, and helps out with various things around the dorms. Recently, her musical career has found a bright spot, as two teachers at T-A Academy for Girls, Jillian Arthur and Janetta Watson, hears Kosuke singing at a nightclub one night and offered to work with her to help produce an album. She thanked the two teachers for their help and, as a favor, is working with students after school as a singing coach for those who want it. Shortly after her work with Watson and Arthur, she asked them if she should study education as a profession as her work with the music teachers gave her inspiration to want to become one as well. After intensive study with her friend Hiroko, known to her friends as a notorious bookworm, Kosuke was able to scrape by into Todai University in her first entrance exam and has applied to be a student teacher at T-A Academy for Girls with her mentors Jillian and Janetta.


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Lei SoraEdit

Lei Sora is Kosuke's exgirlfriend.

Ashley ReedEdit

Kosuke's younger sister.


Kosuke's current girlfriend.

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