Kaoru Yukimi is a young boy who attends Juuban Municipal Academy and like most teenagers, he has very unhealthy and abnormal habits who was the former lover in a one sided relationship pure blood vampire Teivel Zahn.

Kaoru Yukimi
Vital statistics
Alias Yukimi-san
Nationality Japanese
Species Human, Vampire (formerly)
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Birthday December 15th, 1998
Age 17
Schools & Clubs Tsukuba Academy (formerly)

Juuban Municipal Academy Twelfth Grade (currently)
Cooking Club Member

Resident Tokyo, Japan
Status Alive


Kaoru is a kind boy that is always willing to lend a helping hand to others, especially when they don’t want it but he tries to help anyway. He wishes to make friends with everyone and does his best not to get on the bad sides of others but sometimes it’s rather hard avoiding that. He’s quite well-mannered, using honorifics with everyone that he encounters. Due to being raised by his mother, Kaoru is domestically skilled in cooking as he’s able to prepare anything that tastes good and offer it to others and he also enjoys cleaning as he is a bit of a neat freak with it comes to his own things. They must be neat and tidy as it is how he prefers it. Kaoru’s also good at sewing but he is unable to sew clothes all that well but he can make plush toys of just about anything and gives them away to people as a symbol of friendship despite their super deformation. In his spare time, Kaoru likes to take long walks or bike ride to clear his head on the weekends or whenever he has the availability to do so. He also would enjoy it more if he had the company of others but that's been a tad on the scarce side given his past affiliations.

Though Kaoru isn't someone that doesn't care much for violence, he has been known for putting himself in the middle of it, especially when he was with his former lover, Teivel Zahn. His obsessive love for the vampire caused Kaoru to shun wanting to associate with regular people, finding them to be too much trouble along with the fact that none of them wanted him around. This feeling and shunning deepened when Teivel had broken up with him upon the return of his memories of what happened to him. He now lacks the interest in wanting to form any connection with anyone, believing that it would be a waste of time. Though he makes the effort to smile, Kaoru believes he's lost the ability to truly smile because of the love he had for Teivel, which is what made him happy as well as smile. He doesn't cling to anyone like he used to, avoiding physical contact with others. He still desires to be part of something to where he can make a difference somewhere in the world but he has many personal demons of his own to work on. But it is clear that Kaoru is mentally and emotionally unstable, which is why he has been placed on anti-depressants and they make him more aware of things and people around him more than he likes to be as well as used to be. He hasn't realized this but this feeling may be temporary if he can force himself to be the person he used to be without feeling like he's pretending just to make others happy.


Kaoru is 5'5" with neck length raven hair with a fringe parted to the right side and narrow reddish brown eyes. He is mostly seen wearing a frown on his face now given the things he's gone through. Casually, he does wear clothing that is meant for a boy like t-shirts and shorts or long pants and sneakers on his feet. He attends Juuban Academy so he wears the required uniform for his grade level despite his test scores making him more of a dropout student than anything. The uniform itself is all over black with gold trimmings and buttons on the jacket, a long sleeved white oxford shirt, white socks and black suede shoes. As he's gotten older, he doesn't carry the appearance of a girl and is easily recognized for being male by others. His facial expressions have changed considerably for while he does smile, he no longer feels he has a reason to smile. So he only smiles to get himself out of situations that he doesn't wish to be in. Most of the time, he is found to be frowning a lot, even if nothing is wrong. He has a pale skin complexion and although he does still own the feminine clothes he used to wear all the time, Kaoru doesn't have the desire to wear them anymore. Not because he can't but rather, he feels deep down that he should dress like a boy so he won't be bothered by others.


Kaoru Yukimi was born to parents Kumiko Yukimi and Hiroki Yukimi, in Tokyo, Japan. Both Kumiko and Hiroki were living parents to their only child and son Kaoru though now they are both within their mid-thirties raising the only teenager that lived within their home. Home life for Kaoru was that of your typical average family who had a beautiful healthy baby boy. In the beginning, it was hard for Kumiko to have children given that she was told that she didn't have enough eggs that would allow her to be able to have a baby in the future. Kaoru was in fact, her little miracle baby however, as he grew, he began to look more and more like a little girl than he did a boy but his parents didn't love him any less for that, considering that at least one of the parents if not both start to become rather distant from their child because of the features they develop much later as they age. Kaoru's parents didn't do that to him and in fact, this just made Kumiko love her son more because while she did want a little girl but didn't get one, she uses Kaoru as a little dress up doll, putting him in girls clothes even though he was indeed a boy. Since he was young, he didn't understand why his mother was doing this but didn't complain and found the clothes to be rather nice on him. His mother had dressed him up so much to a point that even when he started to attend school, he wore girls clothes.

Since his parents had average jobs to be able to take care of him, his mother, a worker and a housewife took to caring for her son while Hiroki worked long hours. At an early age, she'd began home schooling Kaoru, teaching him how to read, write and how to speak when interacting with others so that when he was left on his own to attend school, he wouldn't have too many problems making friends with the other kids. Her teachings helped him to become a well-mannered little boy that's full of life and always wore a smile. This smile of his diminished when he'd attended school for the first time. Things started out well on his first day until other kids found out that he was a boy wearing girls clothes, this might have had something to do with the fact that he had gone to school wearing a dress and hung out with mostly girls, which is unfortunately who he had a lot of things in common with minus playing with dolls of course. But they enjoyed doing his hair and he allowed them to do the same to them but when they found out his real gender, they steered clear from him, calling him a weird little boy that wants to be a girl. Even boys didn't want to hang around him and thought of him to be a freak of nature. This is how his trouble in making friends with other kids began. He'd always go home crying about how the other kids were mean to him and his mother would comfort him and tell him that they're only being mean because they're jealous of a special boy such as himself.

His father also played a hand in trying to encourage Kaoru to stand up to the other kids, it's then he realized that he didn't like violence and didn't want to harm them, he just wanted them to stop picking on him because he wanted to be their friend, not be treated like something that shouldn't exist but does. Hiroki accepted this but tried his best to pass on good morals to his son because he did have his best interest at heart. He did feel that if Kaoru stopped wearing girls clothes, maybe the bullying would stop. So he suggested to his son to do that for awhile and see what happens. It worked … but for awhile. But it was very obvious that he was much different than the other kids. He didn't understand why at first because he believed that everyone had their own quirks about them but that didn't really do much of anything. The bullying persisted to a point where he would actually be physically beaten or shoved by kids that were older than him. His parents were at their wits end with the school system not doing a damn thing in regards to the safety of their students so they pulled Kaoru out of the school he attended and decided that for awhile he would continue to be home schooled. Up until he was ten years old, he'd spent it home being taught academically either by his mother or his father when he had the time to teach him something new. Kaoru was able to find new found happiness in staying home with his mother for she'd taught him such things such as cooking and cleaning, two things he really enjoyed doing.

She'd also taught him how to sew as well because sewing clothing was a side project and business of hers to make a little extra money so her husband wouldn't be the only one in the house working. She was quite good at it and taught Kaoru the basics of the art of sewing. Though he wasn't very good at sewing clothes but he seemed to find his own talent in making plush toys. Starting out with small ones before moving up to much bigger sized toys. Kaoru still wishes to learn how to sew clothes but it is something that will take him and awful lot of time to learn since he would like to make clothes for his plush toys instead of having to buy clothes to put on them. As for school, he didn't go back until he was eleven years old, his feminine features standing out more around his junior high peers. He'd spent three years of junior high at an all boys school that his parents thought would be better for him but sadly it was just a continuation of his early days of elementary school. Being around just boys was harder for him since he didn't understand why a lot of them liked things that pertained to violence or physically trying to feel up on girls from other schools or peek under their skirts, something he found to be rather distasteful. However, it was at this school that he discovered that he had no interest in the opposite sex but only an interest in the same sex as himself. He liked boys and wanted so much to dress like a girl because the clothing is what he felt most comfortable in wearing.

But he couldn't do it at a boys school without getting possibly shoved in a locker for being a weirdo so he kept wearing the uniform there. But his girlish features didn't stop boys from teasing him. In fact, it was a misunderstanding at this school that was the cause behind him transferring to Tsukuba Academy. There was a boy there that he had a crush on so much, a boy named Mahiro Onizaki because he was the only boy in a higher grade level than himself that was actually nicer to him than everyone else had been. They'd spent a lot of time together, hanging out and just being teenagers. Unfortunately, since it was his first crush, Kaoru had no idea that telling someone 'I like you' would make things awkward and uncomfortable. He'd done this to Mahiro, having read too far into the signals that he'd gotten from the boy and having admitted his feelings to him while he was around his own group of friends didn't help. In fact, Mahiro just stood there while his friends basically berated, belittled and humiliated Kaoru for being such a little freak in trying to hook up with straight guys. This incident caused him to stop trusting people in general, not wanting to have anything to do with them as well as not wanting to go to school anymore because he knew if he did, he’d see Mahiro again.


Time at Tsukuba AcademyEdit

His parents didn’t know what to do so they thought that by enrolling him into Tsukuba Academy, things would get better for him. In fact, they only got worse. At least to others it did. Because people were always so cruel to him, he’d begun hanging around the non human students that attended school there once he found out that there were some trying to get an education too. He became intrigued by them and in fact found and believe that he could befriend them much easier than he could someone normal. But it wasn’t much of a difference. While none of them ever bullied him, they did find Kaoru to be unbelievably stupid and his presence unwanted. His strange habits to them they even found to be quite unhealthy such as clinging and hanging around them as if he was one of them when he wasn’t. There were times Kaoru thought of himself as being really connected to these people since none of them could reveal who they truly were to others without being shunned by regular people.He’d also pretended to be an unhealthy sickly boy in order to seek attention from them but none of them were buying into it. The first day he got to Tsukuba, he’d begun stalking a teacher named Gin Ichimaru who had no interest in the boy whatsoever. Yet this didn’t stop him from trying to pursue the man knowing that he too was not human, but a demon. That didn’t matter to him. He just wanted someone for a change to want him around and thought that this would be a way to get it but it didn’t work.

Meeting Teivel ZahnEdit

Then a pure blood vampire named Teivel Zahn came into the picture. Immediately the boy hated Kaoru for how he was portraying himself while at Tsukuba and wanted no part of being associated with him. Kaoru kept trying to figure out why Teivel was always so angry so he stopped stalking Gin and took an interest in Teivel. This interest turned into feelings of love, genuine feelings but even the average person who falls in love with someone don’t make it seem like one needs to be put in a straight jacket behind it. He’d fallen so head over heels that he would put Teivel high on a pedestal above everyone else. He’d gone as far as admitting to Teivel that he had fallen in love with them and the two performed intimate acts with one another. There was no love on Teivel’s side but Kaoru was too blinded by his own feelings for the vampire to see this. He’d attempt to try and comfort Teivel when he felt the need to feed even though he’d only been bitten by Teivel twice. The first time he’d ended up temporarily turning into a vampire until he’d been changed back human by Thunder Copiel (younger version of him from the past the year 2001) by drinking his blood. Though that scared him becoming some sort of monster, part of him wanted Teivel to bite him again so that he could turn and learn to control his thirst because he wanted to be on the same level with Teivel. He wanted to be part of something since he couldn’t be part of anything being human.

No one wanted him around except for his parents but he’d already felt as if he’d let them down enough already. In fact, before the end of the summer, he’d been transferred out of Tsukuba to Juuban after being forced to retake the entrance exam, proving that he scored way too low and stayed too low to be allowed to stay in the school. He ended up losing his room and board at Tsukuba and had to find a job and pay rent for a place to stay at the Hinata Boys Dorm. His parents wanted him to come home but he refused to do so since Kaoru knew they wouldn’t approve of the life that he’d been leading by sticking close to Teivel like glue. He wasn’t sure how to break the fact he was dating a vampire (in his own brain anyway), to his parents so he kept it a secret from him. Unfortunately things weren’t as happy as Kaoru believed them to be. His idea of a once fairy-tale life of being married to someone he loved came to an end. Because he’d been used by Teivel (without being aware that he had been), an uproar started with the vampire council and a hit was put out on Teivel’s life. Though Kaoru ended up getting involved as he always did and he shouldn’t have been but he was devoting his life to Teivel and wasn’t going to let anyone hurt him. The only way to call off the hit was for Kaoru to give up his life with Teivel by having his memories erased of him. He didn’t want to do it and found it unfair and had secretly planned to voice his opinion before the council at how it was cruel that such a thing had to be agreed upon just for Teivel not to be killed.

Before he could say much of anything or say goodbye to Teivel, he’d been unexpectedly stabbed severely by Teivel though without being aware of it, Teivel was actually being control against his will by Tutock. He used the fact that Teivel represented that which was considered an element of darkness to do this because he disliked the idea of Thunder’s blood being in the body of a worthless human being. With his memories still in tact, the only thing he could say weakly was why before losing consciousness, hearing only the sounds of Teivel’s dark laughter. When he came too, he’d woken up in the Jurojin Hospital covered in bruises as well as the area in which he’d been stabbed stitched up. He’d been out for over a little of two months just about and his parents had gotten a call about their son being in the hospital. They asked him what happened but Kaoru was unable to remember what happened to him, let alone what he’d been doing that led him to be in the hospital. He possessed no memories of Teivel or remembered being stabbed by him. They’d been erased and replaced with memories of him meeting someone else briefly that hated him but that’s all his mind could muster.

Release from the HospitalEdit

However, since being awakened and released, he’s over exaggerated what happened to him only because he is unaware of what happened to him. Not much about Kaoru has really changed and a prime example of this is him continuously having talked about his injuries that he'd received despite having been released and no longer in the hospital, not following the doctors orders as well as still having trouble making friends with him having really no idea how to talk to people. He had his memories of being rejected by Mahiro from his former school and Gin Ichimaru, the demon teacher from Tsukuba Academy for in both situations the attention was taken away from him and onto someone else or other various people. It is clear that Kaoru dislikes being ignored or looked over by someone that he has a deep affection for but his idea of affection or even love itself is unhealthy and he has yet to see that his decisions are what's causing him so much grief right now. All of the experiences that Kaoru has gone through have shaped him to be this way and he's yet to start working on his demons so he can move on with his life but instead he's warped and unhappy.

Even after he received his memories back from that night in which he'd been stabbed by Teivel, his idea of moving on is basically putting himself in more danger. Though he doesn't think of it like this but rather by trying to associate with non human beings, he'll try and be accepted by one of them because he has lost faith in actual people. He doesn't think he'll ever find true love and doesn't express the desire to allow anyone else to get close or give his heart to anyone. The only person he ever wanted was Teivel and since he can't have him, he feels there isn't much of a point or reason to move on as he can see for himself that no one wants to be around him no matter how hard he tries to be friends with them or talk to them. He still doesn't get what he's doing wrong to turn people off from wanting to be his friend and just doesn't bother to try anymore. His aloof and happy personality has left and been replaced with a rather cold and indifferent one. Millie is the only one that tries his best to keep him motivated as much as he can but with Teivel no longer in his life, he has lost a reason to exist.

Love InterestsEdit

Mahiro OnizakiEdit

A young older boy at the all boys school that he used to attend that he befriended and later had a crush on. This didn't last long since Mahiro never expressed nor returned his feelings and just allowed his friends to humiliate and belittle Kaoru because he'd confessed how he felt to him. Since leaving the school, he hasn't seen him since and made it a point not to.

Gin IchimaruEdit

A fox demon that is a teacher at Tsukuba Academy that Kaoru took a liking to automatically and much like the incident with Mahiro, he'd expressed his feelings to Gin saying that he liked him but the only difference is, he didn't or really doesn't know anything about him overall. He just liked him because he thought his face was cute. But him being a very powerful demon that could in many ways kill him if he wanted to does scare him just a bit. Kaoru does still harbor some small feelings for Gin but knows that Gin would never return them thanks to another boy who has his attention. Kaoru inwardly doesn't like this boy, in fact feeling jealous that he not only has the attention of Gin but the attention of another as well and doesn't understand why he can't get anybody to fight over him or feel genuine love for him. His obession with Gin is mild and if given the opportunity, he would pursue him again should Gin be available.

Teivel ZahnEdit

Kaoru's relationship with Teivel was one sided as he was the only one that was in love in the relationship whereas Teivel was not. Without realizing it, Kaoru was being used by Teivel in order to get out of his engagement with his ex-fiancee. The truth of the matter is, Teivel felt no love for Kaoru and always hated how he the boy potrayed himself when he used to attend Tsukuba Academy. There was nothing interesting about Kaoru that Teivel liked and it is possible that the only thing Teivel felt for him was pity and nothing more. Kaoru wanted so much to be with Teivel that he was willing to risk his own humanity to be with him even if he spoke otherwise about it. Now that he has no memories of Teivel, part of him is feeling an emptiness in his heart as if something is missing. That desire to be loved is returning and he is trying to fill it by once again seeking attention from others in hopes that someone would be willing to love him. With his memories returned, Teivel still never admitted to loving him and later told him this, thus officially breaking off their relationship which broke Kaoru's heart completely and made him believe that he has no chance to find true love at all.


  • Kaoru is a hypochondriac liar who likes to seek attention from others as he believes it's the easiest way to get friends if they felt sorry for him.
  • When Kaoru is nervous or confused, he scratches the side of his face a lot.
  • Although he has not admitted it, he is quite jealous of the boy (Aichi Sendou) that Gin Ichimaru took an interest in because he was originally the one interested in Gin and finds it unfair that the fox demon wouldn't love him no matter how many advances he made.
  • Kaoru finds it hard to trust people so he thought that by hanging around non human beings he would be accepted more easily however his misinterpertation of that was inaccurate.
  • It is possible that Kaoru's unhealthy habits could be related to a medical syndrome know as Muschausen as much like a person who has this mental disease are always in the hospital frequently and using it to gain attention from others, Kaoru has a tendency to bring up his past incidents and over exaggerate what happened or often claiming to be too weak to do simple physical activities or going as far as taking prescribed medication that he should only take at home but takes while he is out and about and it makes him feel sick, dizzy, or tired and he expects someone to look after him. He clearly shows signs of having Muschausens, possibly to a lesser degree.

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