Joshua Teiraa
Vital statistics
Alias Josh (for short), Teiraa-san, Joshua-san
Nationality ¾ Egyptian & ¼ Japanese
Species Human
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Birthday February 14th, 1989
Age 27
Schools & Clubs Juuban Municipal Academy Teacher (currently)

Britannia Research and Development Team (formerly)

Resident Cairo, Egypt (formerly)

Britannia Kingdom (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Sou Inn Boys Resident

Status Alive
Joshua Teiraa is a former student of Tsukuba Academy and the older cousin of Yume Nagase and Ume Nagase. He is currently a new teacher that will have just started at Juuban Municipal Academy.


Joshua is an extremely intelligent individual that was always at the top of his classes at Tsukuba Academy when he attended, meaning he never missed and/or failed an test let alone an assignment. If he tutored anybody it was only whenever he was in the mood to do so as he technically wasn’t fond of the idea of being used for his intelligence and he usually could tell when someone was actually going to listen to him and apply what was taught to their work over someone who wasn’t going to go do anything at all. He was also into experimenting in other fields like robotics, deciphering old texts and languages and even trying to attempt to perform magic spells but with much fail when it came to magic. He has deciphered many different ancient magic spells, mostly dealing with destroying locks but his cousin Ume is the one that had the ability to perform magic while he did not. He could decipher spells but he couldn’t do them very well.

Since he came from Cairo before migrating to Japan, he already knew how to read and understand Egyptian hieroglyphics. But Joshua didn’t stopped there. He learned to do the same with other cultural languages, making him bilingual. So far he’s translated languages such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Japanese and that’s just the beginning. He mostly translates old prophecies, texts and manuscripts. This also causes him to be quite interested in people who possess special abilities so to find out of anyone around him had any, Joshua wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. In fact, he’d be more interested to know more about them than anything as he wishes to learn more about people like this and non human beings too. He is aware of the dangers involving his research but he figures that if it can somehow help others out, he doesn’t mind using what he discovered for that purpose. He’s also gotten much better in terms of robotics having been in the Britannia Kingdom for as long as he had and therefore he learned the inner workings of machines known as ‘knightmare frames’.

Even someone like Joshua has flaws. One used to be about his sexual preference because in the beginning, he never really thought such a thing was a big deal. The only person who did was his own father, Akito. The reason behind it was because his father found out about an incident when he was much younger that caused him to react in the fashion of once his son graduated they were moving back to Cairo because he felt that Tokyo’s school system somehow corrupted his son. Though Joshua never complained about it, deep down he was bothered by his father’s reactions and thinking that by leaving it would make him change when it wasn’t. And so he pretty much closed himself off to the idea of trying to form any sort of romantic relationship with anyone because he didn’t want to upset his father. However, he wasn’t able to fool his friends or his cousins for that matter but it is not as if any of them made it out to be a big deal.. It is just Joshua doesn’t really focus so much on things like that as his mind are usually on his experiments and research.

He technically has no time to look for a relationship, feeling that no one would want to put up with him focusing so much on weird things anyhow. Eventually, the small fear of his father that he had, Joshua overcame it and told him that he wanted to stay in Tokyo and live his life the way he wanted to and without yelling at him. It was because of his time he’d spent in the Britannia Kingdom that he came to see the emotions of everyone from all sides and how pained people deeply were. How much they longed for something they truly wanted even if they knew it would never come unless they fought for it. While he stood up to his father, in the end, the two of them don’t speak to each other, which was the price in the end. By looking at him, one wouldn’t be able to tell if he was depressed or upset about anything because he’s always wearing a smile and rarely shows or expresses how he feels as often as he should. It is for this many have considered him a partial sociopath.


Joshua is 6'2 with short reddish brown hair, brown eyes, he wears oval shaped glasses with a black rim. However, he has grown accustomed to wearing contact lens and rarely wears his glasses anymore, causing people to almost not recognize him. As for his attire, he usually would wear suits over casual men clothing but over the course of the year, he has learned to dress down when not going anywhere. He'll wear t-shirts and jeans w/tennis shoes.


Joshua was born in Cairo, Egypt to parents Kaia Teiraa and Akito Teiraa. Kaia was a stay at home mother while Akito worked as an archaeologist in the field that went on frequent expeditions with his two older half brothers. His work often caused him to hardly be home and whenever he did return, he’d tell his son stories of his trips, teaching him what he learned. Joshua was already an intelligent young boy for his age as it wasn’t common for anyone in Cairo to be naturally intelligent that didn’t grow up to basically want to rob tombs for possible riches. While Joshua was a curious child, he wanted to learn a lot of things. Therefore what he didn’t learn from his parents, he learned on his own through reading books and doing his own research. His mother was happy that her son was happy learning new things so she encouraged him and many times she was surprised by how much more he knew than she did. Kaia being a native of Cairo while she wasn’t highly intelligent, she knew some things as she did attend and finish school and while she worked it was normally odd jobs that paid very little but it was enough to keep food on the table for them to be able to eat. Joshua’s life though, isn’t as picture perfect as it sounds. While Kaia and Akito loved each other in the beginning, their relationship over the years took a down turn the older their son became and Joshua basically ended up witnessing his parents arguing all the time over different things. Mainly it was about his line of work that kept him away from home and Kaia wanted her husband to be home and threatened many a time that she would divorce him if he didn’t find a different job so he can be home to help her take care of their son. Even though Joshua didn’t need taking care of but Kaia was developing that loneliness syndrome for her husband because of his job. Akito got tired of the threats by his wife and filed for divorce but also filed for custody of their son, forcing him to leave everything behind to go and live with his father who got a job promotion in Tokyo, Japan to teach at Todai University.

As for Kaia, she was left heartbroken by her ex-husbands actions that he would take her son away from her. Though she didn’t have much of a way to take care of Joshua aside from what Akito brought in from his job, she wouldn’t have been able to take care of him on her own. Akito knew this, which is why he did it, mostly to be spiteful. Joshua was twelve years old at the time and he’d been indifferent about his parents fighting. It bothered him yes, but he never showed it. As for schooling, Akito enrolled Joshua into Tsukuba Academy as a seventh grader and from that point on he had been attending the academy ever since. Despite the move though, he didn’t keep his son away from him like the people he knew and including his younger cousins Ume and Yume Nagase. But being who he was, Joshua wasn’t the type to just show his feelings or express them. He kept how he felt to himself, being afraid to tell his father anything, that he really wanted to go back home with his mother. Joshua was allowed to keep in touch with his mother but not allowed go to see her and judging by the phone calls and letters he received, she seemed to be doing okay without him but he could tell that she wasn’t happy and despite the divorce, she missed Akito too along with Joshua. But his father showed his true colors around Joshua. He was prone to be an angry man that verbally abused his son as time passed but he put on a different persona whenever he was around others. In other words, he never had much of a relationship with his father and at school he would do other things to hide his pain from others so he wouldn’t have to think about it. While he tried to keep his grades up to not have to deal with his father’s ranting and raving, they ended up doing so anyway, invoking his father’s anger because of his poor grades as he wouldn’t accept taking care of a stupid son and if that was the case he could’ve left him in Cairo with his mother.

This abuse caused him to find comfort in an upperclassman student by the name of Yuichi Duenna. At first, being the introvert that he was, he didn’t warm up to Yuichi who was always so friendly to him and wanted Joshua to smile more often. But the more Akito put Joshua down, the closer Joshua got to Yuichi and their friendship developed into an unintentionally sparked love interest. That moment was when he’d realized he didn’t particularly show an interest in either sex but being in the vulnerable state that he was, he didn’t pay much attention to it or care for that matter. He liked Yuichi and didn’t care what others thought about the two of them. But things only got worse from there when he was sent to the principal’s office for almost having sex in the boys’ bathroom with Yuichi. Well, it wasn’t so much as sex as the moment between them was so heated that another student walked in on them and thought that’s what they were doing. When his father found out about this, he hadn’t taken it well obviously and forbid Joshua from seeing Yuichi. His father’s attitude about the only person that seemed to care about how he felt pushed him to a point to where he was not only unable to talk to the man about anything but it’d forced him to focus all of his attention on schooling and nothing more. He brought his grades back up, having made it to the top ten in his classes. Over time, Joshua took an interest in other things like the existence of empowered human and non human beings. His cousin Ume was the only know he knew that could practice magic as he had spent a lot of time with Ume and Yume when he lived in Cairo but unlike them, Joshua never got to go on any expeditions with his father. But that never stopped him from learning anything that his father discovered during his trips.

Knowing that his cousins both have powers Ume both magic and Sailor Senshi abilities and Yume just Sailor Senshi abilities, this didn’t bother but in fact, made him want to learn more about those who had powers. Therefore, anytime he learned about someone who possessed such unique abilities, he particularly centered himself around such people to learn more about them. Much like normal people without powers, he learned that they too have their fair share of problems, the main one is trying to fit in with everyone else. Not many of them focused so much on their powers and more or less just trying to live a normal life despite having them. But that also didn’t mean they made things boring for him either. Give that his father was an archaeologist, Joshua already knew how to decipher a lot of different languages. Egyptian was naturally in his blood from his mother’s side of the family but from there he learned from translating old Greek and Roman texts. He’s even helped Ume decipher old magic texts in languages that he’d never heard of before but he was determined to learn it because of his interest in it. He himself doesn’t possess any sort of powers but he has read spells that involve destroying locks, creating barriers and shields and nullification magic. Suffice to say, he hasn’t tried to do spells before but usually something ends up exploding and therefore he refrains from trying to do spells because of that. His talent for magic isn’t good but that doesn’t mean he’ll stray away from it because of that. He’d also dabbled a bit in robotics and promised to tell his cousins about any new projects he did successfully once he graduated from Tsukuba Academy. Since his father made it clear that he was going to send him back home once he finished his schooling since he couldn’t deal with the idea that his son was gay. Which Joshua found to be so stupid but he never expressed his feelings about it to his father since it would lead to them getting into an argument.


As for his promise to his cousins, that never came to pass since he had to end up having to travel to Crystal Tokyo to save them from being executed in a strange planetary kingdom known as Britannia. Crystal Tokyo was a world that exists parallel to Earth, this he’d been able to do through someone who knew the Sailor Senshi and was able to help him get there. Upon arrival though, the three of them were put under the watchful eye of Professor Lloyd Asplund, a man who they were forced to work for if they wanted to stay alive. They weren’t able to go back due to the war that was going on in the Britannia Kingdom so Joshua was forced to temporarily leave his life behind on Earth to stay there. Once again, neglecting his schooling and life and for the first time was able to learn about a new world without the help of his father having to discover this himself. Joshua was amazed that there was another world that existed alongside Earth and wanted to learn more about each kingdom that was tied to one another. At the same time, he became a student of Lloyd’s and began addressing the man as Lloyd Sensei. Being there in Britannia made Joshua feel as if he didn’t need to hide who he was from anybody. He felt as if he was comfortable being in his own skin for once in his life. He almost didn’t want to return back home but knew eventually he would have no choice. His father would be looking for him, not to mention he’d end up having to repeat his senior year. So when he was in the clear of not being a possible spy for the Black Knights army that worked for Zero who was their leader, he was allowed to teleport back and forth between going back to Earth and finish his school and to Britannia to keep an eye on his cousins while making sure they were safe while working under Lloyd.

All the while, he’s made friends with the other students such as Dakota Okuzaki and Euphoria Munakata, which he’s aware that both have a mysterious power known as ‘Geass’ and obtained it from another student named Raine. It was appear that the origins of this power lie within the Britannia Kingdom as Joshua had discovered but it would appear that this ‘Geass’ power manifested differently in each person that came to possess the power. It is pretty clear that Joshua is a partial sociopath because of the simple fact that he may bury himself in his research and other various projects but at the same time still has human emotions. To Joshua, this is more of a compliment rather than an insult. And while his friends were curious as to where he disappears to frequently and for the longest time wouldn’t tell them, instead keeping it to himself. He did this in order to protect them from being targeted by anyone from the Britannia Kingdom that attempted to follow him to make sure that he wasn’t a traitor of some sort. So he was very careful about what he talked about and with whom. Because he’d become wrapped up in the Britannia Kingdom due to his regular stay there, he came to learn about machines known as knightmare frames. He’d help assist Lloyd with the projects that required things to be done in order to fight against the Black Knights and Zero. Everyone believed that things were going to be fine when a young woman by the name of Euphemia Ci Solaris, also a resident of Earth as well as a Sailor Senshi, wanted to establish change to Britannia, but instead she was killed at the hands of Zero.

After the rebellion, Joshua used the spare time that he had since nothing seriously major was going on in the kingdom and things had quieted down to finish out the rest of his school term at Tsukuba Academy. While he graduated, he made no plans to attend Todai University because his father worked there. On top of that, he’d finally stood up to the man, telling him that he wasn’t going to be forced to home behind the reason of his father’s dislike of his sexuality. If he was going to go home, it was going to be because of his choice and his reason being to see his mother. His father disliked the idea of his son talking to him this way and though he didn’t argue back with his son’s decision, instead he just cut all ties with him like he’d done with his wife. Joshua didn’t want it to turn out that way but it had and there wasn’t much he could do about his father. He does keep in touch with his cousins as they would sometimes come and visit him at his new place of residence being the boys dorm at the Hinata Sou property. He’d gotten a job working at the Seijo Library while attending Kyoto University where he’d been working on getting a degree in teaching. He wanted to be a teacher at his old school to help out with the strange things that were going on that but it was Yume who decided that because of how things were turning out, that it was probably not a good idea that he do so right now. Joshua didn’t care so much about the dangers given that he took up partial residence in the Britannia Kingdom and worked for the kingdom’s research and development team so danger was hardly an issue. But he didn’t want to worry his cousin more or having her practically bus a vein in getting him to change his mind so instead he decided to temporarily teach at Juuban Municipal Academy.


Draco TanakaEdit

Joshua would frequently try to pursue lower classman Draco Tanaka because he found the boy to be cute, however Draco would always run away from him for reasons that could only be explained that he was not gay and probably believed that Joshua would try to attempt to sexually harass him any time he saw him. But he didn't. Joshua wasn't anything like Euphoria and actually respected Draco's personal space ... sometimes. He would sneak in and give him a case once in a blue moon only to see the reaction on the young boy's face. Having graduated from Tsukuba Academy, Joshua came to realize that Draco would never be interested in him no matter what and accepted being friends with him instead.

Lloyd AsplundEdit

While working under Lloyd Asplund as part of the Britannia Research and Development Team with his cousins Ume and Yume Nagase, Joshua developed a small crush on his mentor but unlike with Draco, he didn't make it obvious and was aware of Lloyd's strange obsession with exiled Prince Renji El Britannia. He is still friends with Lloyd to this day even though he is no longer working for him.


Supernatural KnowledgeEdit

Joshua has been aware of the existence supernatural humans and non human beings since he was a young child. While he was born in Egypt and lived there for part of his life due to his parents line of work, his knowledge expands further beyond what he learned when living in Cairo. He enjoys reading and translating all sorts of ancient texts from the past, magic spells that while nothing ends up happening when he first deciphers them, if he continues to try usually something ends up exploding because the spell was said or done the wrong way. On top of this, his cousins Ume and Yume were originally Sailor Senshi that possessed powers of their own to fight and protect the world from evil. Though Ume possessed magic powers at a young age, Yume didn’t develop any until much later. So in other words, he’s used to being around others who have powers. While most would be afraid, Joshua is actually intrigued by such things and devotes a lot of his research in regards to it. Joshua himself has no known powers of any kind. He may act like he does by saying that he sensed something unique about the person but it is usually just him making guesses until the blanks are filled in by the opposing person.


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