December 15th, 1988


Administrator & Site Creator

Alright, this is the Admin speaking aka Mutsumi Otohime. The rules, templates, mod app, staff team jobs, etc. have ALL be updated to fit this forum. Things will work differently here. I want everyone to learn to work together and tolerate each Mutsumi Otohimeother, no fighting, no back talking staff, no giving staff a hard time, and when it comes to series characters yes EVERYONE has to create a bio for them. That INCLUDES staff as well. Some of you think it's unfair, strict, stupid, I don't really care but the bios help me and the other staff make sure that you know as much about a character as you say you do and you promise to keep them IN character once they've been accepted.

As for your original characters, everyone is able to role play an unlimited supply of their own characters but the limit is still four for series characters. If you all abuse the OC unlimited rule, I'm removing it and it'll be back to 20 characters only. Now without further ado, a little about me is not much. I live in Florida, love to role play, have been doing it since I was in high school. I am very nice, but I will be strict and firm with anyone if need be. Overall, I'm generally a nice person to get along with, just don't take advantage of my kindness. Because I can't stand that.

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