Jasmine Emi Tsukino Ryuuga Lawliet
"I just want my life back."


Jazzy-chan (by Mutsumi)
Jasmine-Hime-sama (by Mizuki)


(Present-Day) Japanese American
(Past-Life) Lunarian




June 30th, 1990




Juuban Municipal Academy (formerly)
Todai University (formerly)
Walmart Associate (formerly)
Teacher at T-A Private Girls Academy


Domino, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Jasmine Tsukino known occasionally by her married surname Jasmine Ryuuga Lawliet is the civilian identity of Sailor Star Moon. She is also the fraternal twin sister to Usagi Tsukino who is also the civilian identity of Sailor Moon. Her existence is fan made as Usagi only has a younger brother in both anime and the manga adaptions of the series.


Jasmine has always had the gift to be able to sing, doing so for many years and even has had many dreams to become a singer someday. She'd also taken up dancing over the years, adding onto her dream of becoming a professional singer. This is a talent that she'd gained from her mother, which her older sister Adachi also has and has a tendency to compete with Jasmine to see who sings better which Jasmine does not get involved in such competitions with her sibling because she finds it completely dumb. Jasmine learned martial arts from her mother, being taught how to defend others and protect herself should she be challenged to a fight. In her own right, Jasmine was strong considering she is able to take down Adachi, Usagi and her cousin Ryoko and doesn't make a point to brag about it afterwards.

She's beaten Ryoko so many times that it's gotten old. These days, she doesn't hear much from her cousin. As she got older she gained other talents such as song writing, which she hasn't done in quite some time and always loved cooking. Just about anyone would prefer to eat her cooking over her twin sister Usagi's, much to the latter's jealousy. For the past three years, Jasmine has indeed grown up a lot from how she used to be in school. She is a very responsible young woman, doing everything she can to provide for the family that she has, refusing to make the same mistakes as her parents but will always love them dearly. She's never had a problem with academics, always studying and turning her work in on time when it is due. Jasmine's quite intelligent but doesn't like people to know this about her sometimes. Though now, it's not so much of a problem since she's made it into Todai University as a first year going into her second.

Ever sine Jasmine became a Sailor Senshi, she always hated being one because of the simple fact that she'd been given a destiny that was thrust upon her without so much as even being asked if this was something she wanted to do. For the longest, she hid her identity as Sailor Star Moon from her sister and the other Sailor Senshi until they eventually put two and two together and figured out on their own. While they wanted her to fight alongside them, especially after they found out, she refused. Fighting alone and thinking that by getting things done by herself, would make the powers go away, but no matter what she did, enemies kept on coming. Jasmine warmed up to the idea of working with the others after awhile, it becoming a regular thing. She accepted her fate as being Sailor Star Moon but that doesn't mean she was thrilled about it. Mainly because she had to hide who she was from friends and family until she realized that being a Sailor Senshi was hardly a family secret. She'd begun to hate her powers even more when former Queen Venus Lolita had gotten involved into her life when she was trying to start fresh after the incidents that occurred in Domino City.

Because of that, she'd been afraid of hurting those close to her, whether it was a friend or family member. But she got over this fear for the sake of the new family of her own that she was starting. Thanks to her pregnancy, she was able to evolve into her final fuku form but has decided come next year, that she will approach Setsuna and ask her to remove her powers because she didn't want to be burdened with them anymore. She wanted to be a normal human being again, like she was when she was a teenager. Jasmine has always had issues getting along with her family and felt more closer to her older brother Daichi and her mother Diane than her father Kenshin, Usagi and Adachi. She hated her father because he committed adultery while still married to her mother, she couldn't stand Adachi's Pre-Madonna attitude and found Usagi to just be lazy and wasting her life by not trying to do better in the things she FAILS so hard at. Though their relationship has gotten better since the Queen Ria incident. Jasmine doesn't like being called by any nicknames and much to her dismay Mutsumi Otohime still prefers to call her 'Jazzy-chan'.


Even though Jasmine and Usagi were twins, Jasmine is taller than her sister. She has dark blue eyes and wears her raven black hair in two pigtails topped with buns known as odango. As for her clothing, she'd always wear something more Gothic related, preferring to wear darker color clothes. Occasionally Jasmine will wear casual and non revealing bright colored clothing though now that she's getting older, she's wearing clothes that cover her body up more. She mostly wears jean shorts, skirts, one in awhile a dress, tennis shoes, black Gothic steel toed boots and sandals, pants and Capri jeans. Now that Jasmine has officially evolved into her final form, her outfit has taken on a permanent look. The design is a layered frilly like outfit that is entirely one color: Dark Blue. She wears blue translucent above the elbow gloves on her arms, she also has a blue bow around the front of her neck, matching eyeliner and her lipstick is pink. Her wings have been replaced with fairy type wings and are both blue outlined and speckled with dark blue decorative jewels. Her hair grows several inches in length in a more elegant style. It becomes more straight but curls at the bottom and is only this way in Senshi form. She no longer wears boot for they're replaced with barefoot sandals decorated with three hearts and she also wears a set of two blue heart shaped barrettes on either side of her head, in addition to earrings of the same color and shape.


Early LifeEdit

asmine was the second tallest of the teenage Sailor Senshi next to her twin sister Usagi who was Sailor Moon and much shorter than her, also making Jasmine Sailor Star Moon. Jasmine is different from Usagi in many ways. She is not selfish, a crybaby, lazy, clumsy, and always scored high marks in school, which made Usagi a little jealous at times and from time to time she’d be nicknamed ‘study nerd’. She was also a very good cook and the other siblings would rather eat anything she cooks than what Usagi cooks. But even though that most of her family is a pain in the ass, she still cares for them very deeply and wouldn’t let any harm come to them whatsoever. She was very trusting, and believed that everyone had a better nature except when it came to evil villains. That is the difference that her and Usagi do not share. Usagi believes that ‘everyone’ had or has a better nature about them no matter if they were good or evil. Usagi did not believe in killing innocent humans, even when they had been transformed into vicious monsters, and always sought ways to heal them instead while Jasmine, when she first because a Sailor Senshi was entirely the opposite however she learned that later on as she began to accept her duties as a Senshi.

Over the course of going through many ups and downs, Jasmine matured a great deal but she still has a bad habit of thinking low of herself from time to time when she’s been put in a situation to where it cannot be fixed. Jasmine lived at home with her family in the Azabu-Juuban district of Tokyo. Her mother, Diane, who had a good relationship with her all of her children except one which was Ruka Anastasia Kaiba, but could be quite the disciplinarian when it came to studies, and was often disappointed in Usagi's poor school performance and impressed with how well the other siblings were doing in school. Her father, Kenshin Tsukino, was a magazine editor but now works for a lingerie company due to his new wife business, and to some extent still viewed his daughters as a little girls but Kenshin is very terrible at being a father. He had five children with Diane but left her while pregnant with their last child, which was Shingo. And ever since Jasmine found out he left their mother pregnant and alone to take care of five children on her own, she hated him for it and never forgave him no matter how much he tried to make up with her. Daichi is the eldest of the five children who pretty much had to step up and help their mother when their father wasn’t around. He’s very over protective of his sisters and was horrified when he discovered that they were dating. Adachi is the second eldest child and always had a habit of bothering Jasmine about how she wasn’t being very lady like towards boys and hated the fact that she’d rather play really rough childhood sports than to hang with her and Usagi which at the time was that whole ‘dress up’ phase.

Jasmine’s hobbies listed were always singing and dancing with her friends Carmen Adams and Brittany Collier. Jasmine also enjoyed reading manga, while also thinking about working on a manga of her own one day. Thus how she developed the like for writing and got into it a lot and began to write songs for her and her friends to sing in hope of becoming famous singers one day ever since they were young. And martial arts skills was something Jasmine learned from her mother but she always used those skills to beat up the boys mostly and anyone else who was stupid enough to challenge her to fight. Mostly their cousin Ryoko Kajimotou as those two never got along at all for they always fought, bickered and argued a lot of the time. Jasmine mostly enjoyed hanging around Yoh, which is Ryoko’s twin brother who is also much nicer than Ryoko is.

Being a Sailor SenshiEdit

Though being a Sailor Senshi took up most of her life that she hated but never really told anybody about it until later. Of course that’s when she finds out that like Usagi, she too had a future child that was Sakura Motou. Yuugi Motou was her future father and knew Jasmine ever since elementary school but it wasn’t until she became a Jr. High student when she found out she was a Senshi just like her sister. And at the time Jasmine adored being with Yuugi and even come to like the idea that they had a future child together and yes he knew she was a Sailor Senshi.

Relationship with Yuugi MotouEdit

But their relationship was mostly long distance considering that Yuugi and his grandfather moved to Domino City and has lived there for about five years now. Until recently, Yuugi called for Jasmine and the others to come down to where he lived because he kept hearing that people were randomly getting attacked by something unknown which of course, he didn’t know what it was. So, upon agreeing, Jasmine, Usagi along with their good friends and Senshi as well, Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno, Ryoko went as well to be a tag along all went to Domino. Immediately the girls enrolled into the Domino High school to rule out the suspicion of any students there being the cause of the random attacks. Of course, Domino City is where Jasmine also met Mutsumi Otohime who is originally from Okinawa and was gonna try for the Domino University seeing as how Todai University was becoming a little hard to get accepted in. Though Jasmine, even though usually striving to gain high marks began to start getting grades like Usagi after awhile. You see, everyone had met some of Yuugi’s friends that he’d made while living in Domino for so long. Well, they met a few of them. Honda and Jonouchi weren’t around at the time when everything happened. But Anzu Mazaki, Mokuba Kaiba and a guy that Yuugi considers a friend even though he thinks otherwise is Seto Kaiba, Mokuba’s older brother. Jasmine worked under Kaiba as his secretary to earn a bit more money to put through the house so they could be able to afford to stay in it.

Seto Kaiba & Ami MizunoEdit

However, Jasmine at first wasn’t aware that Ami was in love with Kaiba and even though she didn’t like him because of how he treated Yuugi and his friends. She warned Ami to stay away from him and stop pursuing this crazy idea to be with him which they did end up dating but didn’t last long thanks to what happened between Jasmine and Kaiba one night at a local bar. Though she didn’t remember what happened and he did but decided to tell her later about it and also confessing his feelings to her when she tried to leave for home. And poor Ami found out about it, the devastation causing her to turn evil. That’s when the battle between good, evil, friendship and love collided all into one. Both girls turned evil, one to save the other and one to kill the other.

Senshi vs Senshi: Both Turned EvilEdit

In the end both girls were turned back good but unlike Ami, Jasmine was the one that paid the price with her own life and to be reborn without memories of what happened which she slowly gained back and calculated everything that happened into the result of being her fault. And so, when Mutsumi suggests they all go to Tokyo for a little vacation, considering it is the hometown of Jasmine’s and a few others, it was her who decided to stay behind when everyone else went back to Domino. Jasmine’s feelings for both Yuugi and Kaiba were not love at least on Yuugi’s end since due to her rebirth, she didn’t love him anymore thus now making Sakura fatherless in the future. So Jasmine stayed behind and Mutsumi stayed with her, using her personality of happiness and friendship to help Jasmine mend and heal her heart.


Return to Tokyo, JapanEdit

There is also the issue with the little girl named Chibi-Chibi, now named Airi Ryuuga Lawliet, appearing in her and Kaiba’s life before and after the whole ordeal was over. She was not sure why this little girl had an attachment to her but she took her end anyway considering the child thought of her as her mother and hated the idea she thought Kaiba was her father. But that changed when a young and oddly looking young man by the name of Hideki Ryuuga, a current Todai University student. Strangely enough, she ended up becoming close friends with Hideki after their first meeting which at first she was able to open up to him a little bit about what happened before she came back to Tokyo and he’d even taken a liking to Chibi-Chibi. Eventually, Jasmine began to develop feelings for Hideki which most would find a little weird but Jasmine did not care about that and she did tell him that she was a Senshi with powers and surprisingly he believed her story which in a way she figured he wouldn’t. That’s when Sakura, showed up at the Hinata dorms a month after both Jasmine and Hideki had started dating. Despite the fact that she was used to Yuugi being her future father, Sakura did become rather fond of the idea of Hideki taking that place for at least she thought he was better than Kaiba which she would’ve hated that idea. But Jasmine assured Sakura she had no feelings for Kaiba even though he’d felt that way about her. She was moving on and he needed to do to the same as well as Ami getting over Kaiba who for the time being she found out went into a coma.

A New Love & A BabyEdit

Soon after, Jasmine became pregnant with Sakura, making Hideki her father now, but with that being good news, bad news came with it. Since Sakura would be the first Senshi child born into a whole new generation, her birth will be the cause of every magical beings powers not being able to work for a short amount of time. Thus, making her easy pray for a new evil that will come to claim her and use her powers to do harm to Earth and its people or take it over. This was told to Jasmine and Hideki but one of the Crystal Tokyo Council members Setsuna Meiou, also know as Sailor Pluto, an already evolved Sailor Senshi that is an exception to Sakura’s birth for the time being for she’ll be able to use her powers to stop this evil. But knowing she can’t do it alone, Setsuna tells Jasmine that she will start training the other girls so they can be able to evolve. Shockingly, even though Jasmine knows she only has one future child, two other little girls appear into the picture. Their names are Sen and Eishōin Ryuuga. And of course Chibi-Chibi, who came back from being returned to the future as a teenager going under the name Chibi-Chibi Tsukino until Hideki and Jasmine decided to adopt her, her name now being Airi Ryuuga Lawliet. They’ve also taken in two girls by the names of Nutmeg and Mizuki who was sent by former Queen Venus Lolita, another former Crystal Tokyo Council member, to attack Setsuna while she was training Airi in the forest on the Hinata grounds at the time.

Setsuna's RescueEdit

But during the quest to try and help change the laws of Crystal Tokyo, Setsuna ended up being kidnapped thus Jasmine in the others try and figure out ways to save her. Eventually the older Senshi was rescued and brought back to the dorms safely but she was without any memories of anything before the time she was held captive. She didn't regain them back until much later when things between her and a man named Rico Sanchez had left the picture.

Ami & Queen RiaEdit

Ami, of course, became evil again, turning against her friends due to Ria preying on the blue haired woman's emotions of jealously and depression towards those she cared about. In the end, she was saved and turned back to normal, however, she was still depressed and angry about everything while Jasmine and Hideki were taking care of their now two year old daughter Sakura. It's been three years since the Sailor Senshi's last enemy has been defeated. There were quite a few that didn't participate in the battle, feeling left out because they were unable to use their powers to do anything so they're trying hard to train so that next time, they'll be able to help.

Moving on with LifeEdit

But for the time being, Jasmine is continuing her education at Todai University, going for an Associates Degree in Performance Arts like Minako to pursue a career in music as it is still her dream to become a singer. She also works at Wal-Mart whilst taking care of her large family of girls while at the same time keeping them out of harms way.

Jasmine Tsukino (Lawliet) GalleryEdit

  • Princess Sailor Star Moon

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Star Moon Prism Power, Make Up - Used her Transformation Brooch to transform into Sailor Star Moon.
  • Moon Power [disguise] ni nare ("ni nare" (になれ) means "being changed into") - Used the Disguise Pen to transform into whatever she wants.
  • Star Moon Crystal Power, Make Up - Used the Blue Star Crystal to transform into Sailor Star Moon.
  • Star Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up - Used the Star Moon Cosmic Compact to transform into Sailor Star Moon.
  • Crisis, Make Up - Used the Holy Grail along with Usagi to transform into Super Sailor Star Moon.
  • Star Moon Crisis, Make Up - Used the Star Crisis Moon Compact to transform into Super Sailor Star Moon, along with Sakura, who transformed into Super Sailor Chibi Star Moon.
  • Star Moon Eternal, Make Up - Used the Eternal Moon Article to transform into Eternal Sailor Star Moon.
  • Princess Star Moon, Make Up - Used the Dark Blue Gem Broach to transform into Princess Sailor Star Moon.


  • Star Moon Beam - One of Jasmine's old attacks that required her to use her hands to launch a large ball of extreme power at her enemy. Now, this attack requires her to use her Star Moon Tiare, which she spins it around her in a circular motion to charge it up, then fires her attack. The force of this is much greater than it originally was. If hit by it, it could knock an opponent out cold if not careful.
  • Star Moon Electric Twister - A new power that Jasmine received while she was pregnant. By holding her Star Moon Tiare like a baseball bat, a power of blue electricity is created in the form of a twister which she hits it hard to immobilize her opponent. This effect lasts for at least ten to fifteen minutes, enough time for her to deliver the final blow.
  • Martial Arts Skills - She still has her skills of knowing how to do martial art techniques that she’d learned from her mother when she was younger so sometimes she would be seen either fighting physically or with a sword since she was also taught how to wield one.
  • Senshi Dust - This ability is what evolved Sailor Senshi gain when they evolve. It is a special power in their wings in the form of fairy dust they’re able to use just by simply flapping them lightly but at a rapid pace to create the dust. This allows them to be able to remove any dark power from the body of another, return a person’s memories only if they request it, heal themselves and others of wounds as long as they’re not too severe, heal only certain types of disabilities like blindness and being unable to walk. Basically any illness that isn’t life threatening to where it violates the laws of letting nature takes its course. There are only a few Sailor Senshi that are forbidden to use this power along with any new ones they obtain, that requires certain conditions for them to be used. Jasmine is not one of them, therefore she is exempt from punishment.

Weapons & ItemsEdit

  • Star Moon Tiare - An upgraded version of Jasmine's Eternal Tiare that looks exactly like Usagi's but only differs in color, length, and the attacks it can do. The handle of this Tiare has shortened instead of being extensively long. The color of it is still blue, however instead of a dark blue version of the Holy Moon Chalice being attached to the top of it, it is now in the form of a star shaped blue crystal with wings at the bottom of the handle that is still white.
  • Star Moon Sword - A new weapon that Jasmine has received that allows her to be able to deflect attacks, absorb them and send them back at her opponents. She is also able to create a five-pointed star patterned energy field to send out blue electric and powerful destructive energy. Unlike the Princess Sword that was once used by Queen Serenity, hers does not transform into any other weapon that can be used.


Unlike Usagi, Jasmine did not have multiple crushes on guys, therefore, she remained absolutely loyal to Yuugi Motou, the only boy she actually had feelings for. Until that night she'd unintentionally had with Seto Kaiba that caused him to fall in love with her but she did not love him back, never returned his feelings and found him to be a triffling man who led her friend Ami Mizuno on since he didn't really love her. No part of Jasmine was ever in love with Kaiba though in alternate stories, it has been indicated that when she breaks up with Yuugi, she falls in love with him and the two of them start a family together. However, this is not canon therefore, Jasmine is now only in love with Hideki Ryuuga Lawliet, her husband and father of her children.


  • Jasmine was created to be the opposite of Usagi, though so many argue that she's still a Mary Sue but it can be argued that there is nothing perfect about Jasmine that would consider her to be a Mary Sue and is now more of a background character than a frontline character.
  • Jasmine will always hate her father, Kenshin Tsukino for being a womanizing and perverted idiot.
  • Jasmine has gotten over her anger and has agreed to be friends with Seto Kaiba, apologizing to him for how she acted towards him.
  • Jasmine does not show a fondness for sweets. While she will eat them, it is rarely and prefers to eat other food that won't make her sick.

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