Isa Olga Suman
Isa olga suman
"Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show."
Vital statistics
Alias Monster (by her aunt), Sissi (by her sister Helga)
Nationality German
Species Human
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Birthday August 15th, 2000
Age 16
Schools & Clubs Tsukuba Academy Tenth Grade

Writing Club Member

Resident Berlin, Germany (formerly)

Tokyo, Japan (currently)

Status Alive
Isa Olga Suman is a foreign transfer student that attends Tsukuba Academy who was born with the ability to control snow and ice.


Being a member of a politically influential family in Germany, Isa was trained to behave like royalty from a very young age. When approached by others, she's seen as calm, reserved and regal while possessing grace and poise. When she was younger, she was a much happier person and was known to being quite playful, especially around her sister Helga whom she was very close to before her untimely demise. Together they were always causing mischief as well as playing games together and despite being born with powers, Isa remained happy as well as protective of her younger sister. However, once she died, she became quite a complex person to where she was highly troubled and was prone to distancing herself from others. Isa believed that by staying away from everyone, this would better help to control her powers. For the longest of times this has worked along with keeping her powers from turning anything that she touched to ice which is why she wore gloves all the time.

Being older, Isa believes she has maintained some control over her powers but still tries to keep them a secret from others out of fear that they would attempt to attack and try to kill her. As much as Isa wishes to make friends, she knows that she cannot as her past still haunts her to this very day. Despite her insecurities, Isa is a kind person that cares about the well-being of others. She was very close with her family before they all died and she'd been left in the care of her father's brother and his wife. Let it be known that she does have a parchment for chocolate which she occasionally eats when she's nervous. Isa also thought up on her own to start keeping a journal to be able to write down how she's feeling and everything and everyone she comes into contact with. This she also believes helps to keep her powers under control to where she doesn't have to think so much about her troubles.

The death of her sister Helga was an indirect accident that Isa still blames herself for. While her parents didn't fault her in any way for it and they knew it was an accident, it didn't help Isa fell any less guilty about it. She began to hate her powers because they caused her sister's death and started to live in fear of ever using them but as she grew older, they got stronger and she was unable to control them. It is this, that it'd been decided that all contact with other people was removed and while her parents were in the spotlight, she remained confined to her room as well as home schooled. It was when they died in a car accident that Isa was sent to live with her uncle in his wife and it was his wife that she disliked the most because she was always ordering everyone around, much to Isa's dislike. Isa also disliked it when her aunt tried to set her up with suitors because the woman believed that it was unhealthy for someone of her age to always spend their time alone that and Isa knew that the woman was in her own way trying to get rid of her. An argument between the two of them is what caused her to be sent away because her uncle had stepped in to stop them from yelling at one another.

Unintentionally, she struck him out of anger and frustration (though this was originally directed at his wife). She thought she'd killed him but he was still very much alive, only wounded. It was hence forth she'd been called a monster by her aunt and had it ordered for Isa to be sent far away from them. A lot of her suitors came from different parts of Germany and other countries, though the majority of them were Japanese and it'd been thought best to send her there. Isa was against it but at the same time, she believed that her powers would only keep hurting those that she cared about, so she welcomed the isolation despite her desire against it, to be around others, however her fear and hatred of her powers as well as her fear of hurting others is what holds her back from doing so. Isa has so many walls that need to be broken down that it's nearly impossible for anyone to get close to her, mainly because she doesn't allow anyone to do so.


Isa is 5'7 and known for being a strikingly beautiful and elegant tall young girl with a slender figure with b cup sized breasts, platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She has obvious pale skin with a light dusting of freckles (a trait she shares with her younger sister Helga). She bares a strong resemblance to her mother, which is why she was fixed up with a lot of suitors, none of which she liked or bothered to get close to. Back home, she wore dark and somber colors that matches her emotions and they normally involved a lot of colors such as black, blue and teal. She was known for wearing a dress she found to be her most favorite which was a teal dress with a sweetheart bodice with bronze lacing, black sleeves and a magenta colored cape. Her hair was always kept back in a French braid elaborate bun. Ever since the death of her sister Helga, she always wore gloves that matched in color with anything that she wore. Isa is starting to wear more casual clothes but much like with her wardrobe back home, she wears her gloves with anything that she wears now. As a student of Tsukuba Academy, Isa wears the girls uniform that she actually feels quite comfortable wearing but only because of the colors and not so much the exposure of her legs. Her uniform entails of a long sleeved white oxford shirt with a blue ribbon neck tie, she wears a light blue vest over her shirt along with a blue long sleeved uniform jacket and a blue plaid pleated skirt with with black socks and black suede shoes.


Isa was born in Berlin, Germany into a fairly wealthy family. She is the older sister to Helga Suman, the daughters of Rupert Suman and Elena Suman. Rupert and Elena were known for being very talented politicians that were good at what they did and it is through their job that the two of them had met and fell in love with one another. However, their families didn't approve of them being together but even with their disapproval, the two had ran off and gotten married anyway. Much to the dismay of their families. Both of them came from respectively well off families but being that out of both families, Elena and Rupert didn't care about money or appearances. Rupert's family cared about these things and wanted nothing more than the best for their son, that included the best and appropriate wife for him and as such, they often arranged for many suitable females to attempt to woo him over but it didn't work as he wasn't the least bit interested in them. His parent could've cared less whether or not he was in love with them, so long as he was with someone that could continue their family's wealth and achievements.

Elena's situation was completely different. Her family did care but at the same time they were worried. This is because Elena was born with the abnormal ability to control ice and snow and always had trouble controlling them. For the longest, they kept her isolated from contact with other people but eventually Elena became tired of isolation and wanted to get out and do something with her life. She knew it would be a great risk to be around others but she won't know just how hard life would be for her having such abilities if she didn't get out and at least try. Her powers always acted on their own will depending on her emotions and her parents were worried that if anyone found about about them, it would tarnish their family completely. They would be shunned from society as well as judged and feared by them. But they respected Elena's choice to go out and start her own life but like parents do, they constantly worried about her, especially since she'd chosen to become a politician which is a profession that required a lot of face time with important political figures, especially in a country like Germany.

Elena hadn't expected to fall in love with Rupert but she had but the first thing had done was be honest with him. She felt it best to tell him about her abilities because if he were to find out later, it was possible that he would not only hate her but she'd also hate herself in the process for not being honest from the beginning. It was a little hard for Rupert to accept such an idea and she had almost lost hope in herself that there was no one that could possibly learn to love her because of her powers but she was proven to be wrong when he'd come to terms with the fact that her powers were a part of her and they always will be. However, the both of them agreed to keep this from his family because he knew how they would react and so they married and appearing to be a happy and perfect couple. Later on, the two of them eventually had children, two daughters that they named Isa, the oldest and Helga, the youngest. Isa was the one that'd been born with the same powers as her mother and while this did frighten her mother to know that Isa had inherited the same powers as herself, she tried not to show her worry so much to avoid frightening her daughter because she was young and unable to control them and therefore would only cause them to act on their own.

Elena had control over her powers but Isa was a different story. Rupert would tell his wife for now, not to worry since they'd agreed that if any children they had developed her powers, they would not isolate them or tell them not to use them at all as it would not help. Isa and Helga befriended a lot of children their own age and Isa was careful not to use her powers around any of them as she knew they would not react in the same way that her sister did. Helga found it to be an amazing gift and being that the two of them were so close to one another, Isa often used her powers to play tricks on the house staff or turn the foyer into a skating rink where she and Helga would always build a snowman. Elena was all fine with Isa being happy but when she used her powers to play men tricks on their staff, she did scold her so she stopped doing it as "often" whenever Helga coaxed her into it for the sake of laughs. The two even played winter adventures together even though outside it was less than winter but their backyard was built to where no one could see what was going on, which allowed Isa to freely use her powers as she chose to. Of course, the winter adventures between the Suman sisters would come to an end.

When Isa was only nine years old, Helga only being seven, the two of them were playing a game outside in the snow that Isa had created. Helga suggested they pretend to be mountain climbers, a game of which they both enjoyed. In their backyard was this beautiful and tall tree that the girls liked climb but Isa was always worried that Helga would get hurt so she would make little soft snow mountains for Helga to jump about. This time, instead of listening to her sister to not climb the tree, Helga went and did it anyway, much against her sister's protest. She got very far, but along the way to reaching one of the branches she ended up losing her grip and falling. Isa tried to use here powers to save her but unfortunately, it'd not been good enough as it'd only added more injury to her sister than she realized. Helga had broken her neck and died before the paramedics could get their to do anything to save her. Since that day Isa lost her sister, is the day her powers had gone out of control as they were fueled by her grief and guilt as she believed she caused her sister's death. She unintentionally froze everything in the backyard, nothing was left untouched by Isa's ice. Before they got to out of hand, Elena did her best to calm her daughter down to avoid anyone else getting hurt. Helga's death was ruled as a tragic accident and instead of going to her sister's funeral because she knew it would be too hard on her, Isa stayed in her room, isolating herself as she mourned the death of her sister.

Her entire room was literally frozen as they were starting to act out based on her emotions, the same thing that had happened to her mother. However, Isa's powers were becoming more and more difficult to maintain and Elena was at a loss on what to do for her. Isa became so withdrawn from others that her parents began worrying about her, on top of that, her powers were getting stronger too. Rupert had game up with the idea of gifting her with a pair of gloves to help conceal her powers so that anything she touched wouldn't become frozen instantly. They were able to suppress them as he taught her through different means to conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show and this made life much easier but Isa still felt heavily fearful. Despite having a tad bit of control, Isa still refused to have contact with others out of fear of hurting them. All the friends she did have, she never went out to play with them, much less talked to them. She stopped going to school which resulted in her having to be home schooled by the best tutors that money could by. She turned out to be an exceptionally smart young girl but this did nothing to help her stop isolating herself from others, which Rupert and Elena swore that they wouldn't do to their child. But it was through Isa's choice and not theirs and therefore, they respected her wishes.

It would be three years later, Isa being thirteen years old when her parents had to leave to go on a campaign trip. She didn't want them to go, believing that she wouldn't be able to get through a single day without them but, they had to do their job as politicians or it wouldn't look good for them. They did take a break for awhile just to give them some time to mourn Helga's loss but they eventually had gone back to work and was given an assignment that required them to travel outside of Berlin. They'd only be gone for a few days at the longest but they both promised to call and check up on her. Despite not wanting them to go, Isa bid them farewell. Though this farewell would be for good as both of her parents were killed before they even made it to where they were going and they were died upon impact with another car that wasn't paying attention to where it was turning and hit the vehicle Rupert and Elena were in. This incident left Isa completely and utterly alone and for about a week, she refused to come out of her room and her powers had spun out of control yet again as she felt she had no one now. She was placed into the custody of her father's brother and his wife who had agreed to take care of her. Since none of Rupert's family new about his wife's or his daughter's abilities, this new living environment with her uncle wouldn't last for long.

Rupert's family saw this as an opportunity to raise Isa in the same manner as her father and grabbed the chance as taking custody over her before Elena's parents could do it. Isa was placed in the care of her uncle whom was surprisingly not like the rest of her father's family whom she came to dislike upon meeting them and all the orders they were giving and instructions on how she should be. Many a time she could've unleashed her powers out of frustration against them but she didn't because the gloves her father had given her helped her to suppress them. At least, psychologically, she believed this. Living with her uncle wasn't entirely horrible as he was a very nice man and seemed to take an interest in Isa's life and worried about her habits of isolation much like her parents did. Her uncle's wife, however, was a different story. She hated Isa, mainly because the center of attention was drawn away from her and onto Isa who bore a large resemblance to her mother who was also just as beautiful as she was despite being so young. As such, the woman concocted schemes of trying to get rid of her which Isa had already figured out that's what she was doing and sought to avoid being tossed to the side by a jealous woman who had no confidence in her own appearance that she had to go through such devious means of getting rid of her niece.

Her aunt had attempted to have Isa married off, therefore she was set up with many different suitors as she refused to allow Isa to close herself off from other people. That and she was trying to pry into the reasons as to why as she knew it was more than just to loss of her family. Her uncle tried to tell his wife many a time not to push Isa into things she didn't want to do, but like always, the woman didn't listen. And like always, Isa showed no interest in any of the suitors, let alone at the idea of being married off at a young at to someone she didn't even love. She found the idea to be ridiculous as well as intrusive and told her aunt verbally to back off before running off and hiding in her room. Isa still felt alone despite the kindness that her uncle had shown towards her. However, because he didn't know about her powers, she couldn't talk to him like she wanted to, tell him how she was truly feeling, which was scared of her own self. Her aunt, however, was tired of her behavior and took matters into her own hands at purposely picking just one suitor out of them all for Isa to marry and arranging a wedding for the girl. This set Isa off completely and the two of them had gotten into an argument with her aunt attempting to hit but she failed but succeeded in taking one of her gloves off her hands and holding away from Isa out of refusal to give it back unless she did what she was told. Isa pleaded with the woman to give her glove back but she steady refused. It is when her uncle had finally jumped in to stop them from arguing that Isa accidentally out of anger, she revealed her powers by causing shards of ice to come up out of the floor and one of them stabbed her uncle in the leg. Despite her anger, Isa was hoping this had happened to his wife and not to him but fate had not dealt her a good hand that day.

With her powers revealed, her uncles wife saw her niece as nothing more than a monster. Isa apologized to her uncle and swore that she didn't mean to. She wasn't trying to hurt him and she fell down to her knees and cried while her powers had released from her feet and began to freeze the floor entirely which caused her aunt to slip and fall and ordered for Isa to get out of the house and not caring at all where she went. Her uncle didn't do that to her though. Instead of allowing Isa to just run off in fear, he knew that what she did was an accident but with his wife temperamental ways, he thought the best solution was to send her to a boarding school in Japan. Most of the suitors his wife had gathered were from there and he also knew that their educational system was exceptionally good. Isa pleaded with him not to send her to a strange place she'd never been before but his reasons were doing it were not only to avoid his wife from doing something to his niece but also to help Isa not isolate herself because of her powers. He didn't understand them and didn't have much of a chance to because of the situation that'd happened that caused him to be unable to do so.

But he felt this was best and he would do what he could to keep in contact with her and make sure that no matter what she decides to do with her life in Japan, she was well taken care off. After all, she was left with quite a large sum of inheritance when her parents died but that money belonged to Isa only and was aware of what the rest of his family would do with it if they got a hold of trying to take care of Isa. She'd be in much worse shape. He'd also gotten in contact with Elena's parents to get a better insight of what's going on with his niece. Isa didn't know he'd done this but the moment she'd left his home, he'd given all rights of taken care of her over to them because they knew that Isa was more special than others and there was nothing that he could do about her powers but for the first time in awhile, she was allowed to have contact with them when she'd left for Japan. Isa had been enrolled into Tsukuba Academy, a school in Tokyo that was quite well known for being quite difficult to get into because of not only the high tuition costs but also the entrance exam to get in. It wasn't easy and not many that didn't pass was even bothered to allowed to be in the school despite having beginner courses but students had to score at a certain level to be accepted.

Isa scored at a very high and advanced level when she took the exam and got accepted despite her fear of being around a lot of people. What she expected of this school was not something she had envisioned. Everyone appeared to be normal but the moment she stepped foot onto the grounds, she felt a dark presence that as she personally describes it, 'physically probing through her body from the inside', therefore her powers would come out on their own. It is with this new fear that she constantly hides away in her dorm room, only going to class to retrieve her assignments but not staying long enough to endure the boring lectures. Literally, Isa has become afraid of herself, her powers and hurting others. Therefore, she's come to terms with her self induced isolation, even if it means that she can't find anyone that would never have the same sort of love that her parents had or any friends. She would truly be alone with no one to understand how she's feeling. To keep from going into a complete and total state of depression, Isa's started to keep a journal that's been writing in every day since she came to Tokyo. It's helped someone along with the gloves that she wears and has even bought gloves to go with anything that she wears, including her school uniform. She still keeps the gloves that her father gave her, not willing to throw them away as she feels she needs them to keep from hurting people.


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Helga SumanEdit

Since the two were young, Isa and Helga have always been the best of friends and loved each other dearly. The two enjoyed playing together, and Helga loved it when Isa used her magic to create a winter wonderland. It was when Helga had died playing during one of their pretend mountain climbing adventures that Isa had became too scared to use her powers and therefore she isolated herself from not only others but her parents as well. Isa blames herself for Helga's death and believes that her powers are nothing more than a curse rather than a gift. Isa feels that she could never forgive herself for Helga's death and misses her sister dearly. It is to this day she's not been able to let go of the fact that her sister is gone.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Cryokinetic & Frigokinetic MagicEdit

Isa possesses the power over the elements of ice and snow, otherwise know as ice and snow magic. With these abilities that she'd been born with, Isa can conjure up and shape various things from snow flurries to blizzards. Most of her powers are unleashed through her hands and feet as well as being controlled based on her emotions. If she's happy and at peace, her powers would be under her complete control, however if she's stressed or afraid, she'd lose control and cause great harm to those around her but this is unintentionally. For a general idea of what Isa is able to do with her powers is being able to turn a single room into a winter wonderland, create enchanted snowmen (whether they're large or small), ice structures, deadly blizzards and much more. She's also able to move structures of ice at will. She can also control transitional forms of snow in gaseous forms, an example of this would be snow clouds. Isa's entire being can conjure ice and snow, such as if she stepped onto a large or small body of water and immediately freezing it the moment her foot touches the liquid. Despite not having any sort of formal training, Isa is a capable and fierce fighter with her powers as she can control them enough to be able to protect her against attackers. This also plays a part in her powers acting on their own in order to protect Isa when she's truly frightened. This would hint that it is possible that her powers have a will of their own to some extent as they respond to however Isa is feeling. Isa uses the temporary way to conceal her powers by wearing gloves on her hands that negate her icy touch on other objects and on top of that, she tries to avoid close contact with other people out of fear that they would act on their own and hurt some them. Her powers also have the ability to protect her from the cold as well so no matter how harsh the temperatures are during times of winter, Isa isn't bothered it at all.

Isa Suman GalleryEdit


  • Contray to most adaptions of the Snow Queen, Isa is not a villain, since the Snow Queen in the original faritytale was not intended to be evil. It is really that Isa is misunderstood by many who fear things they do not understand or believe that shouldn't exist in a society that they themselves consider to be "normal".
  • Isa is mostly seen wearing blue, which represents her powers over snow and ice and her sorrow when she is isolated.
  • In retrospect, Isa can be considered at deuteragonist type character.
  • Isa is largely based off the character Elsa the Snow Queen from the Disney Franchise Movie, Frozen.

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