Rules, rules, RULES!!!

1. Any and all posting must be positive and not offend members. No making hate threads in regards to certain members because they pissed you off or any other type of thread. It's childish and you will be given a warning or punished for it as all stuff like that does is cause problems. Also, if there's anything going on like a member abusing the forum rules or at least trying to, please report them and the situation to a staff member. Do not sit back and hold it in, not saying nothing and don't pester staff with boy cried wolf nonsense just to get someone banned on purpose or you will be blocked from sending us PMs. No matter the situation or problem, it will be dealt with accordingly. Do not spam any of the other boards. Spam is to be eaten naked or placed on bread. Not to be plastered all over the board.

2. Content in normal threads must be PG-13 and no higher. If you really want to or joke about something inappropriate not suitable for members of a younger age group then take it to PMs or over instant messages. Don't bring it here.

3. It is required of ALL members to post an introduction thread when you first join the forum. This helps everyone, staff included know that you're new to the board and didn't just appear out of no where. It's the first thing you do before registering a character. If you have not posted an intro thread, your character will not be approved until you do. And when leaving the board whether it is temporarily or for good, post a drop out thread. We know a lot of members will be inactive because of RL so it is mandatory of those members to post a drop out thread once a month or once every other month saying they're still around and wish to keep their accounts. If you don't do that, your account will be subject for deletion and characters will be recycled. You're allowed to rejoin when you have time to be online.

4. Everyone can make more than one account to the board but in doing so, if you make more than one, you have to be an active member on all of them. Just don't waste board space by making another account but stop using your other ones. And also if you're a new member signing up at the forum, don't register more than once on other accounts in one day. That is a big no-no. If you have not been on the forum long enough, then you don't need to be making other accounts right away. You need to wait. If you make more than one account when you first sign up, they will be deleted depending on however many that are made. (You can download 'Flock, FireFox, Opera, and Netscape Navigator 9.')

5. You’ll only be labeled ‘Forum Traitor’ only if you’ve broken a forum rule. And if you have, you will have this label on you for two weeks or longer depending on the rule broken and how many problems it caused. You will not be able to role-play on the board until your sentence is up. And no bugging me and the rest of the staff about is there something you can do to lift your sentence early. There’s not so don’t ask.

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