Hideki Ryuuga Lawliet
“I just can’t sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%.”


Deks, L


French Japanese American




October 31st, 1986




Todai University (formerly)


Tokyo Police Task Force


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



With an amazingly heightened IQ, Hideki's mind is capable of solving a huge array of puzzles and mysteries, his minds able to do mental loops around most other intellects of his peers. In addition, Hideki does have some martial arts abilities. Though having improved his social behavior around close friends and family, Hideki's attitude and habits can come off as either distant or nonplussed when it comes to strangers. In addition, due to his odd diet and high metabolism, Hideki's physical form, while hardly defenseless, isn't exactly resilient or especially tough, despite what training he might have.


Hideki is a  is a very slim, tall young man at 5'8 with black hair and dark eyes. One of his most noticeable features is the shadow below each of his eyes, a result of sleep deprivation. L is always shown to be wearing blue jean pants and a long-sleeved, white shirt. He almost never wears shoes or socks, preferring to go barefoot while even in public. 


Hideki Ryuuga was born Tokyo City on Halloween, into a family of very poor, lower class citizens. His family, in order to feed themselves, and to help their child get a better life, put Hideki up for adoption when he was very young. Over the next ten years, Hideki would show amazing mental talent, easily the most intelligent of the children in the orphanage. Hideki was adopted my an immigrant family originally from France, his name being changed them to Hideki Lawliet. His intelligence was groomed and enhanced by his new family's wealth, Hideki easily becoming one of the most intelligent kids in his class. He graduated from high school at the average age, despite offers for him to get out early, Hideki saying he did not wish to leave friends behind so early. These friends, only three, were younger ophans: Mihael Keehl, Nate Rivers, and Mail Jeevas, otherwise known as Mello, Near, and Matt. These three young orphans were quite the energetic bunch, each having their own consuming habits, Matt having an obsession with video games, Mello with chocolate, and Near with toys. Hideki had shared much of his time with these three orphans, enjoying the time he spent with each of them.

He left for Tokyo, hoping that the other three would follow in his footsteps. Then, without breaking a sweat, Hideki got into Todai University, starting to study in the law enforcement field, interested in becoming a detective, the career especially appealing to him with his amazing deductive and reasoning ability. Despite his intelligence and skill... Hideki has some... rather odd habits that he does day to day. A large portion of the foods he eats are sweet tasting foods, either fruits or sweets, and normally sits with his legs crouched up close to his chest on whatever surface he sits on. He also tends to chew on one of his index fingers when in deep thought. Despite his eating habits, Hideki consistently stays at an average height and weight of 5'10"/110lbs, making the young man severely underweight. The reason Hideki gives for this rather odd development iis that the brain uses more calories than any other organ in the body, and since his in such constant use, it uses almost all of the calories he consumes. He sits in the position he does, saying the since his legs are so close, his heart does not have to pump as hard to get blood into his legs, and will leave energy for his mind to use. 


Meeting Jasmine TsukinoEdit

He's spent the last few years studying at Tokyo, meeting, within his last year, at a fair, two very nice individuals who would be close friends later on, such as Taro and Mutsumi Otohime... and the third person he met with his group would later become his girlfriend, and lover, Jasmine Tsukino. He also met the little girl who he would later adopt to be his oldest daughter, Chibi-Chibi Tsukino. When Hideki first met the girl, she was somewhat emotionally troubled. He tried to council the girl with his normal logic, that it was an event out of her control and that she was somewhat manipulated by the man who caused her pain, Seto Kaiba. However, as he spent more time with her, he developed a somewhat softer touch, trying not to force her towards the 'logical' idea, but instead supporting her as she walked towards her own conclusion. Of course, this conclusion took months to finally reach, going past even the point they started dating.

Discovery of the Sailor SenshiEdit

They began dating with something rather uncommon in the beginning of a relationship, an accident. Hideki was pulled on top of Jasmine when she slipped in the rain. Within the next few moments, they kissed, and a relationship was later sparked when they admitted they did have a crush on each other... this was, however, after Hideki learned of Sailor Senshi, and Jasmine's position as one.... which he, surprisingly, believed, and trusted. They would spend the next few months dating each other, Hideki learning more and more about Sailor Senshi, and about Jasmine.

The Daughter that is SakuraEdit

After a little while, Sakura's destined daughter, who she was supposed to have with a young man named Yugi Mutou, Sakura, came to tell them about the stresses that the Crystal Tokyo Council would try to force them apart. Hideki reassured Jasmine, who was stressed by the comments, and assured them in order to help her. Hideki's relationship with Jasmine continued to grow, until, one day, they consumated the relationship. This led to two things, both would be reasons to make Hideki incredibly happy. Sen and Eishoin came to the past, two twin girls who would be his future daughters that he would have with Jasmine... and Jasmine ended up pregnant, with Sakura.

Queen Ria's Attack & DefeatEdit

Though initially good news, they realized that trouble was brewing on the horizon. Since Sakura would be the first Senshi child of the new generation, the powers of all Senshi would be stopped for a brief time. In that time, a new evil would come, and try to take Sakura after she was born to do great evil in the world. This was told to Hideki and Jasmine by a member of the councill, Setsuna Meiou. Hideki, though initially daunted, quickly overcame his shock, promising to put forth every ounce of energy he had into helping to figure out who this new evil was, and where they would come from. So far, Hideki was not too close to finding out who this person is, and if they've gotten close. All he has are bad cell phone picture, and a vague description of her from Airi (the new name of his adopted daughter, Chibi-Chibi (came from further in the future than she intially did). However, this certainly has not stopped Hideki from trying. Eventually he managed to figure out that around the same time Queen Ria made her appearance, a singing sensation by the name of Riana Amane had made her debut in Tokyo. Putting two and two together, he came to the conclusion that Riana Amane was in fact Queen Ria. After this discovery was made, that's when she'd made her move to attack but was ultimately defeated by the Senshi. At the same time, his daughter Sakura had been born.

Hideki's FamilyEdit

Hideki had continued to add to his already large family, as stated earlier, adopting Chibi-Chibi (who had come from a further point in the future to search for her real parents) and then renaming her Airi Ryuuga. He's even taken in, whether temporarily or for the long run is unknown, a young girl known to him as Nutmeg and later her friend Mizuki. He'd also discovered that he had two daughters from the future that were twins named Eishoin and Sen. Two of Hideki's old friends also returned, those two being Near and Mello. Hideki finished his schooling at Todai University, and finally becamee a full-fledged detective, under the alias of L. Despite his change in last name, Hideki still strongly prefers to be called by his original families last name, wishing to keep his own Japanese heritage intact. Hideki gives a good amount of money he earns to his biological parents, keeping in contact with them. 


Jasmine TsukinoEdit

Hideki's wife that he unintentionally began to date. Their friendship started out rather oddly as he'd met her during one of the annual Tokyo Festivals as she had attended with friend and fellow resident of the Hinata Girls Dormitory, Mutsumi Otohime. He'd met her when she was going through a really tough time in her life but after everything that she'd been through and apparently blamed herself for, Hideki managed to comfort her during her time of need, the two of them later feel in love with one another as well as promised to guard her secret of being a Sailor Senshi from others who didn't need to know about it.


  • Hideki can tie two cherry stems in a knot with his mouth.
  • Upon being told by Jasmine that she was a Sailor Senshi, he immediately believed her. Whether or not that this was because she was so willing to tell the truth and everything in her story to him wasn't a lie or any other reasons for believing her is unclear.

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