Gin Ichimaru
Gin yukimura


Gin-chan {Those to feel the need to piss him off}
Gin no Youkai/Oni {Meaning - The Silver Demon}
Fox Face Bastard {Those who generally dislike/hate him}


Kistune Youkai/Oni {Fox Demon}






September 10th


3564 {Real} 23 {Appearance}


Dance, Martial Arts & Piano Teacher at Tsukuba Academy


Kyoto, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)



Gin is well known for his sly mannerisms seemingly able to talk his way out of anything or annoy anyone he wishes to, simply with words; as he prefers this much more than fighting nowadays. Gin is always seen remaining calm and mocking no matter what the situation or even if he is on the brink of death. As a result of this including his mocking and sly personaility with this, tends to annoy and piss off others greatly. Gin seems to know the effect he has on others and uses it to full effect in battle, allowing him the upper hand when it suits him. This young demon turned teacher seems to even remain calm around idiotic students, instead of shouting or yelling at them. He tends to look over them with a sense of warning; and coupled with his appearance many students often get the hint and back away quite quickly. This Fox Demon also seems to be very good at sneaking up on others without being detected, having been told more than once that he is "too quiet" and that it's annoying when he scares others. Of course Gin just does this for sheer entertainment and amusement if he is bored; which tends to happen quite often lately.

Gin's worse nightmare when it comes to any kind of fighting it anything flame based. Due to his affinity with water and ice, it makes it very hard for Gin to avoid flame based attacks. As well as to Gin this is not only a large disadvantage in battle, he has a general disliking for fire and any kind of flames. He just hates them it's that simple, he is not scared of the by any means; he just finds them great unpleasent. When around fire he tends to want to leave or finish up what he is doing as quickly as possible. Another weakness is that at times Gin does tend to overthink things, but being a genius he can't always help doing so. This in fact sometimes leading to his downfall in life or anything really, when alone the demon tends to space out on the odd occasion when deep in thought. Gin also seems to hate it when he is proved wrong although most of the time he barely shows such emotion. Being considered a genius Gin has a tendancy to make sure he is right and always a step ahead before his next move. And if proven wrong it seems to annoy the demon greatly, however as a result this does seem to make him want to work harder; which is rare.


Standing at a very tall 6'3, Gin is known as a tall young man for his age. However his height does not seem to help his overall appearance. With unique silver hair that either people hate or are strangely drawn to, plus the small mocking smirk that always seems to remain on this young man's face; known to be quite wide such in fact that others have never actually seen his eye color. Although from glimpes most assume it to be a blood red type colour, or crimson; however no one knows the true color. Gin isn't overly toned for his age, but he's no wimp either keeping up with just above avarage. When compared to others in terms to appearance or relating to someone or something else, most say Gin appears to look most like a Fox or Kitsune; due to that ever present smile that puts people off. Gin is fairly ordinary in terms of clothing, and he doesn't wear any unique items. His overall appearance, however, is not as normal. He keeps his eyes constantly narrowed to slits, rarely ever opening his eyes enough to reveal their true bright sky blue-colour. Although he appears to be an early to mid twenty-year-old person, he is unusually thin and tall with very sharp features, giving him a skeletal appearance With such features and his height many are afraid of this demon teacher and rightly so; however he is normally not all bad even if everyone else thinks otherwise. Throughout all of his lifetime in the mortal or human world none have seen him in his true or even half demon form. Although it's said that when very annoyed or playful a pair of light silver fox ears will appear atop the demon's head. However this is only rumor as the only person to see these such ears was killed by Gin shortly after; it's also considered rumor that the young demon gains a silver foxes tail as well - but again this is yet to be proved.


Sly, mischievous, sarcastic and mocking are a few of the many words that best describe the enigma that is Gin Ichimaru. Known for causing trouble in any way he can, Gin isn't afraid to say what he thinks or do what he wants for that matter. He seems to take advantage of the fact that others seem somewhat put off by him being around. When speaking he is normally found speaking casually yet sarcasticly, meaning no one ever seems to know if he is being honest or not; nor what this young demon actually thinks about something or just thinking in general. If by some twist someone actually came to like this young demon and he in return, they would find that when he wants to and knows someone well he can become very protective {in his own way~} of that person. Deep down he is kind and will care for those important to him, however he never does {or ever will do} so openly. Yet thanks to his past, Gin is very unwilling to trust someone completely keeping everyone at arm's lengh so to speak, not wanting the past to repeat itself. However so far no one has ever gotten close enough to this young man for anything like this to happen.

On the flip side Gin does have a much darker side however having taken alot of punishment as a child, it takes one hell of a lot to piss off this demon. Even in most situtations were most if not all others would loose their cool he seems to remain calm. Anyone who pays attention to this young man would notice that the more annoyed or possible even pissed off he becomes the more sarcastic he becomes, as well as his accent coming out a lot more. However throughout his years at the school no one has yet seen this silver-haired kistune blow a fuse, not once. While during the school day, Gin doesn't care for respecting those senior to him, nor those younger than him either. He normally seems to go and do what he pleases with fellow staff members not seeming to care, why you ask? The answer is fairly simple. The last time someone tried to stop the demon from doing as he pleased, ended up in hospital thus people tend to keep away from him; if he is out and about wandering.

Despite this as a teacher Gin is quite strict indeed, not stopping to give out punishments or detention if he sees it fit to do so. This proving that most students dislike him, due to his at times harsh and demanding pace. He doesn't slow down while teaching, if someone can't keep up their either out of the class. Or if Gin is feeling a little cruel made to stay behind with him to go over what the student in question could not do. It's safe to say, he is not liked by most of the student body; but as long as students follow what he says - they should be just fine. Although this side of Gin contradicts his sometimes lazy self at home, but that's just how he prefers it. When alone be it out in town or in his apartment Gin tends to be slightly more quiet even more so in his apartment. Most at night will either find him there or lounging about on the roof of any building. He tends to have a strange habit of sleeping up there during weekends, which he has said he sometimes prefers to his own apartment. As well as this, thanks to his childhood Gin retains a Kyoto accent which is quite strong however he is always able to pick and choose when he wishes to let it out.

A Demon Is BornEdit

Gin doesn't seem to remember much about his time in the underworld or hell as a child. He does however remember being taught about the powers he possessed or would posses in the future. This silver haired demon seems to remember nothing of his parents, simply tutor's who trained him in fighting and general knowledge. The only person Gin truly remembers is a black haired male demon who at the time appeared older than himself; who to this day Gin cannot remeber the man's name. The black haired man trained Gin as much as his own powers would allow, or at least that is how he remembers it. However after the first few hundred years you don't really count things such as time, or how long you have been doing something. However when his supposed trainer was due to leave to head to the mortal realm, Gin foolishly followed without anyone knowing of his doing so. Having not being able to find his trainer and the only person who Gin remember's raising him, the young demon at the time soon set about creating a life for himself. Although that proved difficult to start with, being he had the appearance of a five year old mortal boy, still he didn't give up. Thus his life in Japan began.

Life on the StreetsEdit

The young demon soon found himself born into the lowest of the low family- well actually anyone would doubt you could even call Gin's childhood with him being part of some family. Raised alone by himself in the backstreets of Kyoto, Japan, he has known no other life. When only at age six this young man was stealing from food stalls off the streets just to survive. Other children didn't seem to help merely fighting the young boy for what food and little water he could find, it was the worst of the worst and for Gin he couldn't think of any place that was even less like a home. Even hell itself was better than this, and that was saying something. The young silver-haired boy lived like this for twenty more years roughing it on the streets not that he was counting anymore, everyone keeping their distance from someone like him. At just the mortal age of nine Gin met someone who stayed with him, a young boy who appeared the same age as himself by the name of Hayate. For nearly a year they looked out for one another as best they could, forming a small friendship and a slight rivalry on top of that. Yet being so young Gin trusted this boy far to easily and so paid for it dearly, as of yet he did not know the traps of the mortal world; or human behaviour either which would soon lead to his downfall.
Hayate soon after gaining his trust, betrayed him brutally just to get food. The boy named Hayate gaining food from some local gang in return the men got to toture young Gin, seriously injuring him. Being so young even with that certain black haired male's training, he wasn't ready at the time to face anyone in actual combat thus leading to this. His body beaten and bruised from all the hits the gang had rained upon him, the young man barely moved for two days it hurt so much. However on the third day of laying there someone found him, a young women only appearing to be in her mid-thirties or so at least in mortal years anyhow. Seeing a battered Gin she took him in, cleaning him up and taking care of him for a few days. He soon found out as he turned ten in mortal years that this young woman ran an orphanage for children who had been left to die, like he had. With barely any words between the pair the woman insisted that he live in the orhpanage instead of on the streets, to which Gin carefully accepted.

A Street Rat No MoreEdit

The years passed and he seemed to enjoy his time at the orphanage, teasing other children as he more fun nature came out to play. On top of this, Gin got three meals a day; an impossible feat to achieve when you live on the streets. On his thirteenth mortal birthday, quite a few things changed. That same time the year before a weathly couple had taken a liking to the young man who was growing fast and in more ways than one. When Gin did turn thirteen however the couple sponsored him; meaning that he would be classed as their child and gain the couple's surname however he was free to still stay at the orphanage, which he did. From that day everything needed for Gin was paid for without any hesitation, not that he minded. Being from a high ranking noble demon family, most demon's were given a surname unless of a lesser class like a servent; however due to Gin not remembering his parents. The only name Gin had ever had until that certain day was his first name. After all the years on the streets being just known as Gin he was finally given a surname - Ichimaru. Six months later, Gin was still living at the orphanage as he wished and liked. But was now tutored all the basics he was known to have missed being born on the streets and never having been to a school in his life. It seemed the young boy had a knack for studying and quickly passed everything needed within two months, when he was expected to finish in another six. 
Although that was what happend when you were taught and raised mostly in tended to pick up on things quicker than most; then again not everyone is a genius are they? As the years passed and Gin went from a young boy into what humans would call a "teenager" his now parents did however notice changes that were very different to normal humans. Given that Gin soon learned that his parents had not the faintest idea of anything supernatural caused quite the problem for him. As his parents were getting older, Gin didn't seem to age in the least which confused them. Even if they didn't believe him they would have to eventually. Gin knowing it best to tell his 'parents' to stop their confusion and worry in late life, one day Gin explained it all to them. About who he was, what he could do, why he wasn't appearing to age and roughly why he was here; although he did leave out a few details but that didn't matter. At first like any non-supernatural humans they did not believe a word of it, but after a small demonstration; they soon began to understand with Gin making them swear to tell no one - which they never did.

A New Life & Tsukuba AcademyEdit

Years passed, faces changed, everything...changed. After years of living old age gave out as Gin's 'parent's' died, his only thought of such was at least they didn't die of something horrible and horrific. Even after so many years, Gin didn't show any differance of personality or habbit, however thanks to his short life with them. They both had left a letter for him, as well as everything they owned; but Gin being the demon he was didn't really care for mortal possessions even if it was of someone who cared for him. Using the money given to him by his now deceased adopted parents, this young soon turning adult demon moved from Kyoto to Tyoko; thinking it best to leave the area entirely to avoid any further suspicion than was necessary. By the time the demon had moved into the area and gotten used to living alone another decade had passed and new mortals seemed to arrive every day within Tyoko. Even after all this years of living in hiding and acting like a human as much as possible such things still perplexed Gin. The fox demon soon found his answer as to why this was occuring - Schools....and quite a few of them no doubt. Well three if he was being correct with a University as well, interesting. At least that was what Gin thought at the time, as it turned out for half the time it ended up as a big annoyance to him. 
Always seeing and mostly hearing than anything else mortals go about their daily lives. However when he visited one of such schools, Gin was quite surprised with what he found. At this certain school, Tsukuba Academy as it was called was quite different then Gin was expecting; and in more ways than one. The academy and the others he had so far heard of not only taught hucmans or rather mortals to him. But any kind of species angel, vampire, werewolf, demon; you name it they had a person who was it. To someone like Gin it was quite a shock, he wasn't used to seeing species co-exist without tearing each other to bits. After looking into the other two schools and the university, he found that they were all like it. Odd....but very useful in his opinion. Seeing the schools continue to grow, Gin thought at the time it might be fun to see what would happen if he taught such people - and oh how fun it was. Over the next two years Gin became and integrated within Tsukuba Academy as a Dance teacher for the students, after all he enjoyed it as a hobby and it only took him half a year to graduate and have everything he needed to teach; although it was very boring learning all that. Still. Half a year later Gin is still teaching the students of Tsukuba Academy continously although he doesn't live in any of the dorms on campus, he much prefers his space. Even after all these years alone and wondering he hopes to in time find that black haired male demon who once trained him as a child; if only to thank the man. Although he doubts about anything, involving finding someone to spend the remainder of his days with; he's always up for something new. The chances never end and Gin fully intends to keep taking them. And while he's at it maybe play a few pranks along the way.


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Aichi SendouEdit

Shizuka SendouEdit

Gin's realtionship with Shizuka Sendou is quite a strange one. As the woman seems to treat him similar or almost as if a second son, which the said fox demon seems to deny utterly. He seems to trust the woman enough to share what he is thinking at the time, and admit it honestly - well most of the time anyways. Although she does tend to tease him, and has a habit of calling him 'adorable'. Both of which Gin seems to find somewhat frustrating, however rarely shows it as such around this woman. He tends to keep his distance from sharing anything too personal with Shizuka, and thus it almost appears as if he doesn't quite trust her. However the matter is that he does, the fox demon merely wishes to keep everyone within the Sendou family safe, wanting to involve them in his own problems as little as possible; sadly sometimes that isn't always the case.

Emi SendouEdit

This fox demon's relationship with the young witch known as Emi Sendou, is one of at least to Gin; one of content amusement. Gin is well known to easily wind the young witch up very easily, to which he finds it very fun to do; as she possess no means to fight back. Even if she tried to, it seems that the young girl knows she cannot hurt him, which simply adds to the fun of things. Despite this Gin seems to take her threats when regarding her older brother quite seriously, as he knows she simply wishes to care for her brother and keep him out of harms way; as he does which she seems to understand. Although she doesn't seem to be very accepting of him, or that he tends to linger around the whole family. But that normally ends up as a result of Shizuka forcing him to stay around. Yet considering all this, Emi seems to be not as understanding as the rest of her family. As even now she does and has stated to the fox demon before that she does not trust him, which Gin accepts as he doesn't expect trust from the young girl; as he knows she is still to young.

Aizen Soto
Aizen and gin

Aizen and Gin


This certain relationship between Gin and Aizen appears to be quite complex at first glance. Outwardly Gin is loyal to the man, similar loyalty that he would show before a master; but not quite. Aizen seems to accept this, sending him wherever he pleases; which Gin follows without hardly any questions whatsoever. It appears that his actions are more sinister around the man, as if trying to prove something to others; however as of yet Gin has shown no hesitation in killing anyone Aizen orders him to. Thus it appears as if Aizen trusts the young fox demon to do as he pleases with his 'victims' of fun. However underneath all that is the hidden facade of illusions, Gin loaths the man wishing to be rid of his existance; and only serving him as to help with his own planning. His planning to kill the male, as he has already shown himself as a threat to the Sendou family, to which Gin seems to hide his emotion of anger and annoyance about the matter. As well as various others. From all this, the silver haired maled seems to possess a strong hatred for the human male that he works for; however Gin is unsure if Aizen is aware of this or not. Regardless of it he knows or not, he knows that the man must die; he also knows that he will be the one to do it. And with that thought in mind, Gin couldn't be happier at the idea; when as a result all this pain and suffering that this male has caused will end forever.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced SensesEdit

Being a high level demon like any kind of demon, Gin possess enhanced senses. Considered to the point and beyond of a super human, or what humans would consider unatural; or very strange. He seems to be able to hear especially well, being able to hear something from miles away before any other has a chance to. Many assume this to just be an effect of being similar to a fox, which it is.

Enhanced EnduranceEdit

Like all low level demons and upwards Gin possess enhanced endurance much more than a normal human. Being a high level demon this is further enhanced, allowing him to even loose a limb and still be able to fight and get back up. Bullets and being stabbed doesn't seem to effect this silver haired demon at all, with Gin normally asking his opponent if that is the best they've got.

Enhanced Speed & AgilityEdit

Due to being not only a demon but a fox demon, allows Gin's senses to be enhanced to the point of an actual fox. Allowing him to avoid any possible threat that even some other demons would have a hard time avoiding. In every battle Gin has shown off the ability to dodge continuous assaults with the slightest of movements. Even within drawing range, opponents find it nigh impossible to get a clean hit on Gin, donning his trademark grin as every attack misses by a hair's margin. The frustration and impatience this stirs within the unfortunate enemy often gives Gin a mile-broad window to counterattack, although he may often decide to stretch out this unnerving process a little bit longer just to toy with his opponent.

Genuis IntellectEdit

Despite his appearances Gin is actually quite the genuis for a demon, a rare thing for most others. He is easily able to out-wit most people and those who had fought and won against him in a game of wits; will have no doubt earned this demon's respect - which is a very rare thing indeed. Gin in the past uses his intellect to stay on step ahead of his opponent be it in a battle or day-to-day life, as he never seems to like being behind.

Sadistic Grandmaster SwordsmanEdit

It seems as if to others even in his younger days that Gin was born with a blade in his hands. Always having a natural talent for weilding such a weapon from a very young age. Before being cast out of the underworld for work and other personal reasons that no one seems to know of. Gin was undefeated when using any kind of blade, against any kind of demon be it a higher or lesser ranking than his own. When using a blade in combat Gin seems to be fairly sadistic in it's use, prefering to use tactics and attacks that others will have never seen. As such Gin never follows a tradional technique or style set out by others, using his blade as he sees fit; thus making him very unpredictable in battle. In combat, he doesn't seem the least bit taken back by the abilities of his opponent, even when they seemingly have an advantage. He fights with seemingly no effort behind his attacks, as he always wields his sword with one hand. He is able to mix extreme speed with a calm composure and precise attacks, proving that even without fighting for long periods of time; Gin is still able to keep up with the best.

Hand to Hand ExpertEdit

Although Gin hates using hand-to-hand combat if the situation calls for it he will. Normally seen effortlessly adding in his manipulation of water to his advantage. He has been seen previously to take out a group of fully trained demons within three minutes; a feat not achieved by any other thus far. Despite his lack of willingness to fight hand-to-hand, Gin over the years and years of training has mastered a few martial arts; of course with his own twists added in. So even if the silver haired demon dislikes fighting without some kind of weapon, he is still more than capable of doing so.

Flashstep GrandmasterEdit

Although Gin hates using hand-to-hand combat if the situation calls for it he will. Normally seen effortlessly adding in his manipulation of water to his advantage. He has been seen previously to take out a group of fully trained demons within three minutes; a feat not achieved by any other thus far. Despite his lack of willingness to fight hand-to-hand, Gin over the years and years of training has mastered a few martial arts; of course with his own twists added in. So even if the silver haired demon dislikes fighting without some kind of weapon, he is still more than capable of doing so.

Kitsunebi (Fox Tail)Edit

A technique created from the basis of Shunpo by Gin over centuries of training. This is a technique that forces the energy left after a flash step to move outwards after at high speeds, creating devastating shock waves left in the user's wake whenever he flickers away. The greatest advantage is that this technique, when mastered to a level such as Gin's, costs no more than a standard flash step and can be activated on a whim.

Water & Ice ManipulationEdit

Being born from a higher demon family, Gin seems to inherit the ability and total control over any water in the atmosphere. From this he is able to use water from the atmosphere and from his own body to his will, able to turn it into weapons, simple/complex attacks or anything really. As a small sub ability from this comes the power to manipulate, control and create ice. In doing so Gin can lower the temperature of a room within a minute or so, like water he can form ice for a many number of things be it for fighting or otherwise. He has been known once in anger to freeze an entire town, although such a task had him unconcious for a day or two as it requires a lot of energy and puts strain on him. As a result of his powers and control over this, Gin loves the cold and winter more so than most seasons. When others touch him in any way it has been noted that he has a lower body tempurature than most, but Gin prefers it this way. It has also been seen once that, Gin tends to incorperate his maipulation of water and ice into his general sword combat; making him all the more deadly.

Shinso (God Spear)Edit

Gin's trump card and trusted weapon of choice. It appears to looks like an ordinary wakizashi. Gin is able to call the blade before him just from his own will, unless done so by him the blade remains unseen and not on his person; even if checked. The hilt is light-blue with a tsuba made of two slim swirls of metal looping around the blade to make an open oval, resembling an "S". The steel blade itself is 45cm long therefore sits nicely in between what one would consider a tano like wakizashi or something similar to a katana. This blade most of the time appears to be just a normal blade with no special properties. When saying the phrase Ikorose {Shoot to Kill}, Shinsô's blade glows white and extends at high speed to impale Gin's opponents from a distance. The phrase only needs to be said once throughout the entire fight and not everytime. The blade also carries tremendous force when extending, enough to penetrate buildings and reinforced structures with general ease. In addition, Gin can maintain the extension and swing the activated Shinsô in wide arcs, attacking multiple targets quickly and simultaneously. Shinsô is capable of reaching a maximum length equivalent to one hundred times its original length.

Sensōgatari (Thousand Spears World)Edit

Activated with the command Hanasu {Divide}), Gin can let his blade split in numerous smaller versions to circumvent any obstacle in its way, with such accuracy that it could hit a man holding a woman captive without harming her in any way. Gin has shown the ability to use this technique to hit multiple targets standing close to each other, although it seems the separate blades cannot part from each other for a long time before retracting again.

Kamishini No Yari (God Killing Spear)Edit

By uttering the word 'Bankai' {Final Release} Gin's powers over Shinso increase as well as the name of the weapon itself changes in this, what the young demon calls a form increase - to Kamishini No Yari. In its Bankai state, Gin's blade, does not change in appearance at all, retaining its small wakizashi form. However, as Kamishini no Yari, the blade is capable of reaching lengths equivalent to 13 kilometers {roughly 8.1 miles} at 500 times the speed of sound. The blade can also retract to its normal size at the same rate. The blade's tremendous cutting power is significantly increased, to the point where Gin is capable of swiftly cutting an entire town in half with a single stroke while standing a great distance away. Due to Gin's other abilities and skills, he has only ever had to resort to using this 'upgraded form' of Shinso once in his long lifetime.

Hypersonic Blade Extension & ContractionEdit

The deadliest aspect of Kamishini no Yari is not within its destructive potential, great length, or wide sweeping range, but rather within the speed with which it can extend and contract its blade. Gin's Bankai can achieve its full length at 500 times the speed of sound: exactly 171,500 meters per second in order to arrive at its full length of 13km in under 0.08 seconds, which makes Kamishini no Yari not the longest blade, but the fastest. Because the blade's extension and contraction speed is his Bankai's greatest ability, Gin tends to downplay its speed whenever he talks about his blade, and instead focuses on the length and range of the blade in order to gain a psychological advantage over his opponent.

Buto (Null Step)Edit

By adopting a stance where he firmly grips Kamishini no Yari with both hands and places the blade's hilt squarely on the center of his chest, Gin is able to utilize the tremendous extension and contraction properties of his Bankai to an even more terrifying extent than its normal state. This occurs in the form of a piercing maneuver where the extension and contraction of the blade becomes almost completely unseen to even the most diligent of observers.

Korose, Kamishini no Yari (Kill, God Killing Spear)Edit

Kamishini no Yari's true ability, as well as its deadliest aspect, is not based on its length or speed, but rather its ability to turn into dust for just a second when it expands and contracts. There is a deadly poison inside the blade that dissolves and breaks down cells. He can leave a sliver of his blade's steel in an opponent when he retracts Kamishini no Yari, allowing him to kill an opponent at any time he chooses to. He does so by uttering the technique name while placing his hand up to the target, which causes the target to completely break down and dissolve at the cellular level from the inside out. Once used the sliver that was used inside the opponent will reform onto Gin's blade within seconds; thus the blade will never become useless. Gin so far has never had to use this technique as he dislikes revealing this much power against an opponent.

The Silver FoxEdit

There seem to be very few Fox Demons living currently, but as any that live Gin has the ability to turn into that such a being. He mostly does so at night when alone, when as a fox his speed and reflexes are increased far beyond that as they would be when human. Unlike normal foxes, Gin possess three tails instead of one this not only shows his is different but also his ranking as a demon. Even while within this form Gin is able to talk normally, however he seems to not be able to use his normal accent which he finds quite odd. 


Another as Gin calls it 'handy' ability is that of telekinesis. With which he can move objects and some people with his mind. He prefers this method than actually fighting up close, having shown more than once of snapping someone's neck using this ability. As Gin says it saves him time and effort, plus he doesn't even have to move to do it. He is known for killing someone with this method, or if he needs them alive simply breaking an arm or leg.

Alteration ArmorEdit

Due to his 'protector' so to speak, Gin has gained this ability from what the boy has given him. After being given a small bag by the boy, Gin found clothing inside. Said to act like armor for him, although it showed no real signs of being armor, as such it most of the clothing seemed to be made of normal fabric. However when attacked by such things as fire or a blade of some kind, weaker attacks are repelled back. However the attacks seem to need to be very weak indeed, as these clothes tend to help with endurance and speed more than anything else. Gin dislikes using them, as Noctis has said it displays where his loyalties lie, with Hell. Yet when he has to, the silver haired demon will wear them. There are two different sets, thus the name alteration. Set One & Set Two.

Vocal ImitationEdit

Something Gin finds as quite annoying as this ability is quite troublesome to him. With this he can imitate someone's voice that he has heard perfectly, however the downside to this is that; well he can only do this through singing. As such he rarely uses this unless for fun or to trick others into doing what he wants them to. Although annoying to Gin at times, in the past this has proven quite useful.

Faustian ContractEdit

Being a high level demon like most. Gin is a higher level demon that is able to make a contract with any human who summons him and grants them his full services with the price at the end of the deal being him devouring their soul as payment. Seeing as for all of his life thus far has been complex. Gin has never seen the need to make a contract with any human as of yet.

Protector ContractEdit

After various meetings and tellings, Gin as of now is within a Protector Contract with Noctis Minamoto. Having been explained of it's terms and what was required of him. Gin doesn't mind having the contract although he seems currently to find it quite useful, not only for protecting himself but others as well.


Thanks to the Protector Contract, and extra side effect of that is that between Gin and others. He can now use telepathy allowing him to speak with others mentally be it with Noctis or anyone else as well.

Night VisionEdit

Like most foxes and due to his powers as a demon mixed with a kistune/fox, this allows Gin to see at night giving him a slight advantage when sneaking up on others.


Argentum Vulpes - Is the name of Gin's Pactio with Shizuka Sendou. Formed to help in any upcoming battles with a certain someone. To summon the power this Pactio grants, Gin must recite the one word command 'Adeat'. From this clothing similar to his two sets of armor will appear, similar more to the second set; however the gap in center is slightly larger revealing a small part of his torso. Along with this also appears his demonic weapon, Shinso (God-Spear). As part of the power increase from this pactio, Gin gains new abilities and increased general power overall. If he wishes this power to vanish or not be used, Gin must simply recite the command 'Abeat' from
Gin pactio

Gin's Pactio - Argentum Vulpes

this everything relating to the pactio including his clothing with return to normal.
  • Poison Manipulation -Taken from Shinso's natural and true ability relating to posion, this seems to have carried over to the Pactio's power itself. This allows Gin to manipulate and generate posion from any part of his body, even eat other forms of posion to regain strength and endurance; thus making Gin immune to any and all posions no matter how strong or weak. The posion Gin controls and produces is so corrosive that it is said to be able to decay all that it touches. The first visable effects of this is the slowing down of the user's body, after a short time the victim's body will soon start to become numb; making it harder to move, breathe and everything that would generall be second nature to any being; once weakend enough the result of this posion is death. It has been shown that any direct contact with Gin's body or blade, is enough to decompose a foes skin from the point of contact; making even being near the fox demon deadly. From this power, Gin is able to perform a large verity of poison based attacks, however they always tend to change depending on this demon's mood.
  • Doubled Power - While within the pactio itself, Gin's general power is doubled, strength, speed, endurance; everything. This includes his control over water and ice, as well as Shinso. Thus increasing Shinso's power to that of Gin's normal bankai form with his demonic weapon. If within bankai with this pactio active, the strength of that is doubled; making Gin even harder to beat than before. Most of all above the rest it seems to increase his reaction time to attacks, greatly, as well as speed; which comes in very handy for fast attacking and moving opponents. While in use of this pactio, Shinso's blade is covered with a thin layer of deadly posion, thus any contact with another blade will result in the foes blade slowly rotting away thanks to said contact.


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