Gentaro Tenshi
"Can I really make it without him?"


Nii-sama (by his younger brother sometimes), Gen (for short)


¾ Haumean & ¼ Tianian


½ Angel & ½ Human




April 20th, 1987




Ashford Private Boys University Second Year
Book Club Member
Cooking Club Member


Works Part-Time at Pizza Hut as a Cashier & Server


Haumea-Britannia Kingdoms (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Boys Resident

Gentaro was for the most part pretty smart when he attended school, maybe not with the IQ of two hundred or more but he made fairly good grades in school and while he was able to continue his education when living in the Britannian Palace at the time, after high school, he was not allowed to attention college and he is making an effort after three years to start back going to school to earn some short of degree because he wishes to set an example for his son and younger brother. He also has great domestic skills such as cooking and cleaning, things that would be considered a wife's job but he acquired the skills while taking care of his sick mother when she was unable to care for the house anymore and then and while also working in the palace for deceased Second Prince Daisuke. He's grown accustomed to taking care of himself, his son Hisoka and younger brother Hanataro all on his own. Considering he's had practice taking care of other people, this is pretty much no problem for him. In his spare time when he's not working and doing other things, Gentaro enjoys some occasional light reading, doesn't matter what kind of book it is. Reading is just something that passes the time and keeps him occupied.

Gentaro still has a problem when meeting new people for he doesn't know what to say to them but unlike years ago, he doesn't run away. Instead, he would be quiet and apologize and tell people that he has things to attend to. Since he's been living at the Hinata Boys Dorm, he hasn't made friends with any of the other male tenants. Not that he doesn't want to but he's spent so many years in Britannia that he is afraid that he might end up saying the wrong thing that would end up causing people to become mad at him, something he doesn't want. Gentaro's also a terrible liar and therefore avoids lying. Originally, he would be beaten or worse by Daisuke for lying but now, he does not have to worry about that. He considers himself to be a weak person because he allowed himself to fear someone who basically took half of his life away from him. He used to shoot refrain in his arm anytime he'd felt dirty after Daisuke would force him to have sex with him but he managed to beat that habit due to the fact that the drug was obviously making him sick. Part of him blames himself for Daisuke's death and he wished he'd said something years ago about how he was starting to develop feelings for him but at the time, he believed that the second prince thought of him as nothing more than a stress relieving sex toy. To this day, he still wishes that the man was alive and to see their son grow up.


Gentaro is 5'10 with short neck-length spiky dark brown hair with side bangs that cover his left brow and blue eyes and faded blue eyes. He has a peach skin complexion along with a small muscular build but nothing with bulging muscles and all that, a slanted face, a square shaped chin small eyes that appear narrowed all the time. He works at Pizza Hut as a server and cashier so his work attire consists of long black pants, blacks sneakers, a burgundy and black vest and a white short-sleeved shirt. When he's not working, Gentaro wears casual clothing like t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and sneakers.


Gentaro was born within Haumea, Namaka City, which has been renamed 'Area 11' after Britannia's invasion. His parents are Ai and Hiroshi Tenshi. Ai was a citizen of Haumea and completely human, whereas Hiroshi was an angel from the Tian Kingdom, the Kingdom of Angels. Most angels from this kingdom aren't allowed to travel or mate outside of their own world or kind but Hiroshi was one that, of course, didn't like the rules of his world and left without permission, migrating to another kingdom, Haumea specifically and meeting the lovely Ai Tenma who he eventually married and had two small boys with. One, the oldest Gentaro and the youngest Hanataro but only Hanataro was the one that inherited his father’s powers as an angel and his older brother did not. He is human just like Ai. And eventually his family had opened up a small restaurant to earn some money to bring income in the household. But when Britannia invaded Haumea, the business was destroyed along with a lot of other buildings within the crossfire, lives were lost and the two boys' father did everything he could to protect his family from being harmed during it all.

Angels from the Tian got wind of the fact that Hiroshi participated in the war against Britannia invading Haumean territory and immediately order him to leave and come back home for punishment awaited him because of the simple fact that he'd had a family with someone outside of their kingdom. So Ai, Gentaro and Hanataro were left all alone to take care of each other. But Ai fell ill with a virus that's attacking her body, making her unable to move so much or even work for that matter so all the work was placed upon Gentaro who was only fourteen at the time. While his brother went to school, Gentaro worked odd jobs to keep food in the small house they got since they were forced to move out of their old one. Now they live in a small rundown apartment complex that some Elevens live in. He was only able to keep three jobs that actually lasted longer than sixth months and the rest as long as maybe one to three months. Which frustrated Gentaro for it was making it hard for him to buy the medicine his mother needed for what little medical attention they could afford, told him that his mother had so many more years left in her and after that, her body will eventually give up, being unable to fight off the virus that making her body practically useless causing her to die.

But against all odds, he's managed to keep his family happy and together, despite the fact that their father had gone back to his home kingdom and isn't allowed to have contact with his wife or children. Hanataro helps out a little by using his healing powers on his mother but they aren't strong enough to free her from her pain and suffering. Gentaro didn't have much time for school or to make any friends like he really wanted to, he basically had to grow up at an early age and had responsibilities that very little teenagers and children go through. But they go through it. Whenever he did have a chance to rest his nerves and stay home after work, he'd read whatever books were around to his mother and Hanataro or Ai would gather up as much strength as she could to take them out of the house and just walk around for a little bit. Most of the time they'd just sit up on the grass top hill that'd become the Namaka Settlement. It'd made Ai feel guilty that she wasn't able to do more for her children because her illness had took over her body completely.

And eventually bed-rest had been forced upon her as the virus got worse. Yet, Gentaro steady continued to work to provide for his family. Their father wasn't doing anything, he'd left right after the war which made Gentaro feel that he didn't really care about him, his brother or his wife. But Ai always assured him that Hiroshi did and that one day he would come back to them. When he was seventeen, the battles between resistance members and the Britannians had later started, making it even harder for Haumeans to even be allowed to work in businesses where they were already treated like crap as it is. But one unfaithful night changed Gentaro's life forever as his boss had told him to work late, making him call home and let his mother and Hanataro know. He'd hoped that a short-cut through the Tokyo Settlement where Ai would take him and his brother would get him home quickly but unfortunately not. Gentaro had gotten caught up in the midst of a fight and him and other Elevens tried to hide in an old abandoned building. However, they all got caught and were arrested, thrown in a cell to be scheduled for execution the next day.

This was not how he wanted things to end but Gentaro knew that eventually he'd be arrested even if he was innocent. Though his life was spared, thanks to Second Prince, Daisuke Da Britannia who ordered the guards to release him and have him sent to his chambers. Shocked, Gentaro felt relieved to be alive and that he would be going home soon, despite the fact that he was curious as to why Prince Daisuke had saved him specifically. Upon finally confronting the boy he told him he was offering him a job to work in the palace, room and board free, reasonable wage, and in exchange for his generosity, he wanted Gentaro to be his personal sex slave. Devastated, Gentaro immediately declined the offer but of course, Daisuke's stated that he wasn't giving him a chance to agree. He had to either take it or be executed. And he didn't want that and so... he agreed. He figured that the Prince was joking and wouldn't really touch him and force him to have sex but after being raped forcefully, he'd pretty much realized then that Daisuke was NOT indeed joking around.


And for five years straight, this has been going on. Every day or every other night, he was forced to perform sexual acts with Daisuke, literally wanting to heave after wards. It'd gotten so bad to the point he'd stopped fighting the Prince and just accepted it. But his brother Hanataro eventually found out about what Gentaro was really doing and was horrified seeing his brother having sex with a man. It was that day he'd sneak onto the palace grounds to pay his old brother a visit but ended up being scarred for life in the process. Gentaro was confronted by Hanataro and made him promise not to tell their mother the truth. Lie to her and tell her that he was just working in the palace to provide for them a decent living. He may not like what he has to do to get the money but he didn't want Hanataro to be alone if their mother died hearing the news of her eldest son being executed. After awhile a new drug was invented that the Elevens have gotten addicted to had been distributed onto the streets. The Britannians have named it 'Refrain' a drug that basically gets anyone who takes it high and the after affects causes the taker to become extremely ill and either have a fever and throw up. Gentaro had gotten a hold of the drug from Hanataro, giving him the money to go buy it. Which he used the drug as a way to help him forget what all he's been going through for the past five years. He's injected that stuff into his arm so much that it's caused him to not even want to eat anything. Just go through each day starving himself. And the way Gentaro feels about it all is basically what Daisuke doesn't know won't hurt him.

However, Daisuke found out about it anyway, but decided against punishing him after Gentaro had apologized for using it. It was after that day, the relationship between the two of them had changed. For years, Gentaro had hated the prince for taking him away from his family and force him into a lifestyle that he never wanted in the first place. He decided for himself that instead of hating him, he wanted to really get to know Daisuke on his own terms. So he tried, in the process, he'd fallen in love with him. These new feelings had scared him so he kept them to himself because he knew or rather felt that the Second Prince didn't feel the same way and only thought of him as nothing more than a sex object. It wasn't until much later that the both of them expressed their feelings for one another, Daisuke telling Gentaro that he grew to love him over time. Gentaro felt that to be a lie, calling the prince out on it and said that he believed that he loved him the moment they met. He confessed that to be true which let Gentaro to tell him that if he felt that way, he would’ve just asked, even if he wouldn't be able to return his feeling, he would've been willing to love him on his own terms instead of how things turned out. While that was true, there was also the issue of the Royal Family already on Daisuke's case for being gay it would've only added more fuel to the fire to tell them that he was in love with his Eleven sex slave.

But none of that matter. So in secret, their feelings for one another blossomed into love. Unfortunately, while wondering around the palace on his own one day, he ended up in Professor Lloyd Asplund's lab where he and the Nagase sisters along with their cousin Joshua were working. Lloyd being his usual self and drinking to calm his nerves down offered Gentaro a drink, even though he wasn't allowed to drink anything alcoholic. Even while with Daisuke he wasn't, despite being of legal age to drink. At first he declined but caved in and took a drink of whatever the Professor had which unfortunately caused him to become quite intoxicated. By the time the second prince came looking for him, he was drunk and horny. For the liquor was making him run off the feelings he'd had for Daisuke, wanting to be more than just a sex slave to him. They did make love but in the process, this had caused Gentaro to become impregnated with Daisuke's first child. Mainly Yume's fault for creating some experimental P-Drug mixed in with salad dressing that allows anyone who ingests it to become pregnant the moment they become intimate with another person (though the drug only worked if there was semen present). By then, things had become worse with Princess Euphemia's Special Zone that she attempted to create failing and the two of them fleeing to the Moon Kingdom for awhile. When things had appeared to settle down, they had returned by a few weeks later, Gentaro gave birth to a baby boy that was given the name Hisoka. He hadn't expected the child to be treated like any sort of royalty or given a title and that is because of the simple fact that he was born from that of a Haumean, making him half Britannian. He knew immediately there was no way that anyone would view the child as anything more than a bastard with no title.

A year later, things seemed to be going quite well except for Daisuke being more and more depressed. Gentaro tried to comfort him as best he could but nothing worked. He had been forgiven the prince for everything that he'd done to him but it didn't seem to be enough. The prince's thoughts of suicide had returned to the point he'd recently went through on his thoughts, throwing himself into the palace furnace, having burned to death. The news of this was upsetting to those who actually did care about Daisuke, especially Gentaro who was given the news by the prince's younger brother Fai as well as a letter to read with Daisuke's last moments of how he was feeling about everything and everyone around him. But mostly about how he couldn't handle the pain of living anymore. For this, Gentaro was given the choice of either staying in the palace or leaving it to live elsewhere. He'd chosen to leave to live on Earth in Japan where his younger brother was living, working and attending school. Gentaro probably would've agreed to stay if there wasn't the inkling feeling that he and his son would be targeted by others within the palace to the point he was killed and he didn't want that to happen. Fai agreed with him on that and was willing to him get settled into leaving for Earth. But first, there was the funeral which unfortunately, everyone was forced to attend, even if they didn't want to. Gentaro stayed for a little while, his brother decided to accompany him to it (he had to teleport from Earth to the Moon Kingdom and then to the Britannia Kingdom to make it there). But he couldn't bare it anymore and tried to leave only to be ridiculed by the Emperor who didn't give a damn about his son from the way he'd spoke of him in his supposed Eulogy. He took his leave by telling the man that he was NOT his Emperor and Hanataro followed after him.

Because of this actions, Charles ordered him to be arrested which prompted Fai to quickly go after him and his brother to get them safely transported to Earth before any of the royal guards could get to them. So now, Gentaro has been given a chance to start his life freshly. Fai had informed him of the Hinata Sou Inn where the head of the Crystal Tokyo Council, Setsuna lives. A three bedroom room in the boys dorm was paid up for him for at least two years courtesy of Fai and Setsuna until he was able to save up enough money from his new job at Pizza Hut that he'd landed recently to be able to do it himself after two years was over. It was hard at first but he's been able to adjust to living on Earth on his own after depending so much on the Second Prince and is making the best of it. For the past three years, he's been able to keep his job working at Pizza Hut and next year, he's going to make an effort to get back into school, therefore having taken the entrance exam to Ashford Private Boys University and managed to pass, just barely but passed enough that he is able to take classes. His son with Daisuke is now four years old and he's getting bigger and able to raise him in a more sensible environment. And he's glad that he doesn't have to deal with the constant stupidity and antics of any of the Britannian Royal family members anymore.

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  • Gentaro's appearance currently
  • Gentaro when he was younger


Daisuke Da BritanniaEdit

Gentaro for many years hated Daisuke because of the simple fact that he only wanted to use him as his sex slave but he also begun to hate himself due to the fact that he'd started liking what the man did to him. This was the first sign that he had fell in love with the second prince but was not willing to admit this right away. Instead, he would ask Daisuke questions here and there on how he truly felt about him or did he mean anything to him besides just wanting to use him for sex. Daisuke had told him he grew to love him but Gentaro took that as he really didn't love him. At least for awhile. His feelings for the prince were admitted when he'd accidentally gotten drunk due to Professor Lloyd Asplund and Yume egging him on and giving him liquor to drink. Though Daisuke found him in this state, he was not angry and encouraged Gentaro to sleep it off but he didn't want to. Despite being angry at everything he'd put him through, including making his family worry about him, part of him didn't want to leave his side and admitted this to Daisuke, causing the both of them to make love to one another. However, sometime before that, Gentaro had eaten an experiment of Yume's in the form of salad dressing, not realizing it was a new drug that she was testing that allowed people who were unable to conceive children, be able to. At first, he paid no attention to it but realized that he began to put on a little weight and Daisuke immediately had him checked out by a doctor only to be told that Gentaro was carrying his child. A child that was later confirmed to be a boy they named Hisoka.


  • Gentaro decided to go back to school and get some form of a degree, at least to prove that he can do something with his life other than depend on people to help him.
  • In the beginning, he felt helpless without Daisuke but has come to terms with his death in order to raise their son.
  • It is unknown if Gentaro will ever fall in love with anyone else after being around Daisuke for so long. For now, any future relationships remain unclear at this point.
  • Gentaro is aware that Hisoka has powers but he isn't aware of the fact that they cause him great pain when he uses them.

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